August 12th Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve finished implementing Osana’s Wednesday event! I’m so happy about this! Along the way, I fixed a lot of bugs, so I’ve prepared a new build that should have many less issues than the previous build.

To view a list of everything that is fixed in the latest build, please scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by Neronda!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Time will now pass at 50% normal speed during Lunchtime. This is because a lot of story events will occur at Lunchtime, and the game’s clock was ticking by way too fast for all of those events to occur within that phase of the day.
  • Attempted to reduce (or, hopefully, eliminate) the possibility of students becoming stuck on walls when trying to get into position to perform a group takedown on Yandere-chan.
  • Improved the animations that Yandere-chan and students use when students are gathering around Yandere-chan and preparing to perform a group takedown on her.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Kokona to stop what she was doing and walk to the girls’ restroom while she was supposed to be bathing in the locker room.
  • Added new debug command; the player can now stop the flow of time by pressing the “Pause” key (located above the “Page Up” key on your keyboard).
  • Fixed bug that would cause hearts to continue emitting out of an infatuated character’s head even after liquid had been dumped on them.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the Pass Time menu to make it more like the rest of the game (still probably not final, though.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause a button prompt to appear on the Task List menu that wouldn’t actually do anything.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing male students from wearing the proper school uniform during Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to freeze in place after bathing in the girls’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to put weights into a bucket that contained liquid.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to put liquid into a bucket that contained weights.
  • Fixed bug that would allow a student frozen by Pose Mode to react to a camera.
  • Attempted to fix the “Yandere-chan gets stuck on stairs” bug again.

127 thoughts on “August 12th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. “Added new debug command; the player can now stop the flow of time by pressing the “Pause” key (located above the “Page Up” key on your keyboard).”
    on what are we betting he just now realized that button exists and decided to put it to good use xD.
    either way it is great to see that progress on osana is finally going smoothly. can’t wait for more stuff.

  2. Now kokona won’t just stand in front of her locker, that’s good. Btw, that means that Osaka is halfway to be added, right?

    Keep up the good work, yanderedev!

  3. Added new debug command; the player can now stop the flow of time by pressing the “Pause” key (located above the “Page Up” key on your keyboard). You want me to turn off my laptop? ok

  4. OMG

    ”Fixed bug that would allow a student frozen by Pose Mode to react to a camera.”

    I WAS DOING A POSE FOR A GIRL,I worked REALLY hard on it,and when I wanted to take a photo,the girl reacted to camera,I make a ragequit and I never entered yan sim again!

    • Yeah. He changed the nurses model a few builds ago. The one before looked too much like the nurse rival. I like this one better as the main nurse. (She looks like am actual school nurse whereas Muja…Doesnt….)

  5. I cant play the game at all! every time i try to leave yandere-chan room or accept a misson in the mission mode this error apear: ”2017-08-12_182712”. is anyone having this error too?

  6. hey yandere dev I have an idea for the game I know you said that we shouldn’t leave suggests but just here me out what if maybe if all the girls he get close to dies he will lose his dive to love anyone and he will say no to yonder/anyano because all the girls he liked keeps dying or disappearing. so the player will have to sabotage at least of few of the rivals. I don’t know just thought it would be a good idea.

    • Uhh… this is already a planned feature. Senpai’s mental health will determine whether you get a good or bad ending.
      Like if you matchmake too much he’ll feel sad because he doesn’t feel good enough for anyone
      If everyone around him keeps dying (especially his sister) it’ll spiral him down into depression
      If you sabotage all his events he’ll dislike female company and so on…

    • Please don’t slow down the game’s development. People like you sending suggestions when he clearly did not ask for them is the reason why he made Midori in the first place.

      Whatever you have thought of the Dev has already heard from someone else, and either shot it down or has something similar in the works. Please don’t spam.

  7. “Added new debug command; the player can now stop the flow of time by pressing the “Pause” key (located above the “Page Up” key on your keyboard).”
    Me: *Looks at the button above Page Up and presses the right shift key* NUUUUUUUU I DON’T HAVE A PAUSE KEY!
    Anyway, thank you so much Yandere Dev for the time and dedication you put into this game. You’re making so much progress now and we all can’t wait for the final game! But could you make it so that another key could stop the flow of time as well, because some of us don’t have the ‘Pause’ key.
    *cough* B-BAKA! (Just kidding)

  8. It would be cool for multiplayer where someone could be Nemesis and try to kill Yandere-chan and someone plays Yandere-chan trying to avoid Nemesis. Or 2-4 Yanderes at once helping each other with murder, and everyone has to act like normal students, while in reality, the school doesn’t know they have Yanderes attending the school.

    • Or 1 person plays yandere, 1 person plays Nemisis, and one person plays the victem amd has to avoid yandere. Anyone else in the gamr would be a regular student or faculty member that yandere has to avoid being caught by. And also when you play you get to completely customise your character and no one knows who is what role, except for yandere who knows who the victem is.

    • fuck you i like to see you try using unity engine its not easy and if he was lazy why would he add a new school, more than 10 elimination methods, detailed animations and a cut scene and many more. I bet if you tried it you would give up in the first 10 minutes!
      If you don’t like how fast he is doing things then get the fuck out of the yandere sim community.

    • You’re crazy. His speed right now is amazing and programming is far from easy like you kids would like to imagine.

    • Lmfao, You’re are lazy nigga gtfo of here with that negative shit. YandereDev works constantly on this game and all you doing is sittin here on this website fucking waiting for new posts so you can say hes lazy when he doin more than you. Fuckin pathetic Layan.

      • jesus fucking christ , listen up you kentucky fried fuck , just because i have an opinion it doesnt mean you gotta shove yours down my throat , you can now successfully shove your sentence up your ass

    • I’d like to see you try to build a character for the game with so many animations, events, textures and elimination methods specific to her alone. If you can’t appreciate what Yanere Dev is doing, Then leave.
      Oh wait, sorry, actually the game was built for you, right? You are the sole person this game is for. (You’re not)

      • all these triggered butt hurt bitches lmfao , go get a life these stupid games dont stand a chance , no breaks? lmfao he spends countless hours streaming video games

        take those sticks out of your ass

    • Why are you even here? Are you so bored in the day or lazy to just come on here? Oh that’s right you do. Get your big boy panties on and make us a game so we can criticize you, sound fun? I thought so lol

    • Don’t call him lazy I wish comments like yours are just flushed out if you talk bad to yandere dev I will rip your fucking soul out of your body

      • Layan Jamhour123,Anyways i’m use a comment made by the user Chicachoo:”He doesn’t stream for 8 HOURS STRAIGHT. On average from the past 8 months, he’s only streamed 2-3 hours for almost every game or so. He works on the game for 10 hours. What ever is left, he’ll work on the game if he feels like it or he’ll be tending to his personal needs. Note: TENDING TO HIS PERSONAL NEEDS. Meaning: hygiene, mental, food/drink, and physical. All of the things you do! He also needs shower! He also need to think and collect for a moment! He also needs to eat and drink! He also needs to watch his physical appearance!
        HE IS NOT A ROBOT.

      • the only one who’s feelings are hurt is you since you are taking your very precious time to attack someone simply because they have a different opinion , go back to bed kid

    • Layan, have you ever made a successful game? do you know how hard it is? if he was following your path, Osana would be out but we couldn’t even play the game because it would be full of bugs. he hasn’t been working on Osana since day 1, he only started requesting assets around the time of the rival intro video. so what if it takes six months+ to make a rival, that rival will be amazing and will have a good story, good events and a good following by the fanbase. come back to the game when its finished and stop complaining cause Devpai is working more in one day than you could even hope to do in a week. i and hundreds of people all around the world thinks this ‘stupid game’ has a massive chance. Have some grace, shut up and leave Devpai alone

      • I’m really sick of these yandere Dev ‘lapdogs’ who feel it their sole duty to defend anyone who dares to say anything negative about their ‘Idol’ yandere Dev. The fact is that the 1.5 million YouTube followers yandereDev currently has are the people Who will make up the majority of the sales of the final game. With slow updates coming out and yandereDev repeatedly breaking his development promises people are getting impatient, losing hope and will stop following the games development effecting final sales.

      • If there is such a thing as constructive criticism. People should be alowed to share there opinions about the game without being shamed by lapdog ten year olds! I do like the game and Dev but only showering him with praise isn’t always a good thing and he needs to know a lot of people are losing hope. Yandere lapdogs, don’t shut down people’s valid opinions and don’t come for me.

  9. When do you think the game will be fully finished? Do you have a specific date in mind or an estimation for the future?

  10. Wow, I’ve been following Yandere Devs blog for a long time but only decided to make an account Now 😅. I like how fast he is with Unity 5 and it’s amazing to see him work this fast! I honestly don’t care when the game is finished as long as he makes even a little progress I am happy.

  11. Dear Yanderedev
    I understand if you don’t have the time for this but I LOVE yandere sim and I’d love to have an little Easter egg like an figure of me waving to the person that’s playing yandere sim it be wonderful
    your sincerely
    Yanderedayby Morgan

    Ps:I have an queston do you HAVE to pay for yandere sim or can you still use the launcher for when amai comes alive…

  12. Senpai: hey can I tell you something?
    Ayano: yeah?
    Senpai: I really like you
    Ayano: wait you like me?
    Senpai: yeah!
    Ayano: wait, why?

  13. I still hate Jon for stealing your Pokémon card and never giving you your digimon back.
    BTW you have the weirdest dream ever (I’m talking about the one when you did a crime perfectly and a guy didn’t so he killed himself but it ended up being a movie) xD and keep up the great work DevPai! I love you but you love Mai waifu and zero zuit samus 😦 and you look sexy wearing that zero zuit samus costume 7v7

  14. The game is interesting and all felt that the game is slowly improving but it is too poor, the equipment is not clear where gg gets weapons and stuff.

    • Honey, he’s doing the best he can with what he has now. Also, the weapons all have logical locations: Bat from the gym, dumbbells from the track area, katana from a display case, knife from the kitchen, so on and so forth.

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