July 19th Bug-Fixing Build

I’m back with another round of bug fixes! Most of these are not new bugs that were caused by the Unity 4 to Unity 5 conversion, but assorted miscellaneous bugs that were discovered and reported over the past few days, after I asked people to hunt for new bugs and report them to me.

To read a list of everything that is different in the new build, please scroll down past this super-badass illustration of Osoro Shidesu by Sarasenia!

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July 18th Bug-Fixing Update

Hey, remember that time when I said “the Unity 4 build is now a perfect match for the Unity 5 build” ? Well, it turns out that there were actually a few more differences lingering in the game! That’s why I’m here with a new bug-fixing update that will get the conversion closer to 100% completion…or 99.9%, at the very least!

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this cute and funny artwork by DancerQuartz!

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Development Update! Good News!

If you’ve been checking this blog regularly, then a lot of what I have to say in my latest video will be old news to you; it’s primarily about the JavaScript to C# conversion, and the Unity 4 to Unity 5 conversion, which I have already discussed on this blog. However, there’s also some new information that hasn’t been covered in any blog posts yet, so hopefully this video is still of some interest to you!

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New Build Now, New Video Soon

Good news – the next video will be an actual update about the game’s development! However, I still need some more time to prepare the video. It should be up on the 15th or the 16th!

In the meantime, however, I do have a new build to share with you! It’s mostly bug fixes and minor changes, but there is a little bit of new functionality, too. To see a list of everything that’s different in the new build, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by LynnTsunami!

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July 11th Bug-Fixing Build

Today, I tried to mop up the last few remaining bugs caused by the Unity 5 conversion. One or two minor bugs might still be lingering around somewhere, but now the Unity 5 build should feel identical – or superior – to the last Unity 4 build.

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build of the game, scroll down below this beautiful artwork by Tyuryo555!

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July 10th Bug-Fixing Build

Thanks to everyone who downloaded yesterday’s build to hunt for bugs! Dozens of bugs were reported and fixed! Additionally, I made a lot of small adjustments and improvements throughout the game. Overall, there are about 34 changes in the latest build! That’s more changes than any previous build has ever had! The only reason I was able to make so many changes so quickly is because the compile times are down to 5 seconds from 90 seconds; the switch to Unity 5 has made all the difference in the world! I feel like I’m moving as fast as lightning now!

I’m aware of a few more bugs that I still need to fix, but it’s gotten pretty late at night, so I’m going to fix the remaining bugs tomorrow. I’m still uploading a new build anyway, because it’s a huge improvement over the previous one. To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by Mioki-Kanta!

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First Unity 5 build now available!

In my previous blog post, I mentioned several reasons why the game’s development has slowed down so much. The two biggest problems were caused by JavaScript (slow compile times) and Unity 4 (limited to 4 GB of RAM). For the past couple of months, tinyBuild has been working on converting the game from JavaScript to C# and porting the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5. I’ve got great news! While I was at Anime Expo, tinyBuild finished the JS ~ C# conversion and the Unity 4 ~ 5 conversion!

Because Unity 5 has a lot of differences from Unity 4, I expected the game’s lighting/shading/physics to completely change, and produce countless problems…but, thankfully, the conversion did not result in changes to the game’s appearance or performance! The game looks good, and runs good! In fact, I’m even noticing an improved framerate!

Previously, it took 30 seconds to compile the code, 30 seconds to load into the school scene, and 30 seconds to reload the editor whenever it crashed for using too much RAM. Now that all scripts are C#, it takes 5 seconds to compile the code! Now that the editor is a 64-bit program, it’s no longer limited to 4GB of RAM, so the crashes are no longer happening! On a side note, it now takes 25 seconds to load into the school level! This means that it now takes a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds to test a change, instead of taking a minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds!

I can’t overstate how much of a big deal this is! Allow me to express how I previously felt, and how I currently feel, using a pair of images:



Because of the differences between Unity 4 and 5, some new bugs were created. I spent the past 3 days fixing those bugs, and now the Unity 5 version of the game is a 100% match with the Unity 4 version of the game! …or, at least, it should be! There might still be a few lingering bugs that slipped past me…and that’s where you come in!

I’m releasing a new build of the game today – Yandere Simulator’s first Unity 5 build – so that you can look through it and search for any bugs that I might have missed. There is no new content in this build, and there are no new features in this build! I’m releasing this build purely so that you can inform me if there are any brand-new bugs that didn’t exist in any previous builds of the game. If you want to see new content and new features, you’ll have to wait until July 15th, which is when the next build is scheduled to be released.

When I was at Anime Expo, I met with numerous fans who wanted to thank me for the time that I’ve put into Yandere Simulator, and wish me luck with the future of the game’s development. The kind words of countless fans, combined with the huge improvements granted by C# and Unity 5, have given me a ton of newfound motivation to work on Yandere Sim harder than ever before! It’s been years since I felt this excited to develop the game! I’m super eager to see what kind of progress I’ll be able to make now that I’m no longer being held back by the downsides of JavaScript and Unity 4!

As always, thank you very much for following the development of Yandere Simulator!