July 11th Bug-Fixing Build

Today, I tried to mop up the last few remaining bugs caused by the Unity 5 conversion. One or two minor bugs might still be lingering around somewhere, but now the Unity 5 build should feel identical – or superior – to the last Unity 4 build.

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build of the game, scroll down below this beautiful artwork by Tyuryo555!

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Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to continue performing the “turn off Radio” animation even if Yandere-chan had already picked up the radio.
  • Shrunk the size of character colliders so that characters can stand closer to parts of the environment, and be less likely to block each others’ paths.
  • Fixed bug that was causing strange-looking shadows to appear on the highest stairways and on the roof of the school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police to be unable to detect blood that was spilled during the murder-suicide animation.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Saki and Koharu’s hair to have outlines even before their Student Info was obtained.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to float above the ground while performing the murder-suicide animation.
  • “Talking” visual effects will now come out of a character’s head when they are sitting and talking.
  • Fixed bug that would cause one of the delinquents’ weapons to not have a texture.
  • Added new animation for Yandere-chan when summoning the Jojo easter egg.
  • Assigned a texture to a single fire extinguisher that was missing its texture.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Nemesis’ knife to appear with strange colors.
  • Fixed bug that caused male delinquents to lack a hair texture.
  • Added a texture to a hair model that was missing its texture.

57 thoughts on “July 11th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Still think those talking effects are stupid
    I’d much prefer ambient noise for immersion rather than visual spam

    • If you’re talking about him fixing it towards where the mods are compatible then he can’t do that. It’s Unity’s problem. The one’s who created the mods are the ones who need to convert their mods to Unity 5’s platform. Not trying to be rude, just correcting lol

      • I think they need to do more than update the mods, to be honest. Very few outside the cutscene and extended pose mod add much more than retextures and/or bypasses to view Osana.
        I suppose that has partial dependence on the game’s ever-updating state, but the ‘play as a rival’ mods are incredibly inaccurate.

  2. The Unity 5 build is great. My computer is kinda crappy so I still have to run it on pretty low settings but it runs much better now than it did.

  3. 3 questions im aware i might be jumping the gun
    1. Now that tiny build caught up what will they be doing now
    2. Osana when will her week be done estimated
    3. Will the kickstarter campaign mean we will not get anymore updates until the game complete.

    • 1) The Tiny build is getting assets that he needs
      2) Osana week almost done.. I think
      3) No you will still be getting updates even when osana is done but after the second rival you have to pay to get the new updates. After the second rival is done their will be a demo version coming out.

    • I think I have answers..

      1. Nobody really knows. They might be making animations, textures, and 3D models for him that he needs.
      2. Again, nobody knows. Earlier in the year, I was thinking that she would probably be finished in October/November based on the speed of progress, but now that he can work much faster she will probably be finished implementing her (if he has the required assets) by the middle of September..
      3. YandereDev said in the past that he was thinking of making the game somewhat like Hello Neighbor after the Kickstarter campaign. He will make an “early access” version that you would have to pay to get the game, because remember; he needs money too. The last build available to us will most likely be a complete first week with Osana, but we will have to pay to play the game past then.

    • There will be no updates after the kickstarter campaign, only bug fixing ones, if I understood it right, of course. The build with Osana will be the oficial demo of the game. They will focus on fixing the programming of the game first and then, they will work on the rest of the game, there might be progress updates like “Look, we’re at 40% of the game, have a sneak peek of it with this teaser like video”, but no new feature build.
      This is what I got from his posts about the kickstarter, but I remember he said that this could change.

  4. uhm why when i open yandere next to the new game load game etc i cant see yandere i cant see the fountain i cant see the ground and when i do new game i cant see senpai? someone happened too?

  5. I found a bug in the fountain scene where u try to make Riku and kokona fall in love, Yandere chan is backwards no matter where u face the camera, plz say im not the only one.

  6. Glad to see lots of bugs being fixed and that unity 5 is making things easier, just wondering, is there gonna be a bug fix for custom hair textures not showing when you go to school? on the side ponytails,pigtails, bangs on the drills,tritails and the super long hair? just wondering

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