July 10th Bug-Fixing Build

Thanks to everyone who downloaded yesterday’s build to hunt for bugs! Dozens of bugs were reported and fixed! Additionally, I made a lot of small adjustments and improvements throughout the game. Overall, there are about 34 changes in the latest build! That’s more changes than any previous build has ever had! The only reason I was able to make so many changes so quickly is because the compile times are down to 5 seconds from 90 seconds; the switch to Unity 5 has made all the difference in the world! I feel like I’m moving as fast as lightning now!

I’m aware of a few more bugs that I still need to fix, but it’s gotten pretty late at night, so I’m going to fix the remaining bugs tomorrow. I’m still uploading a new build anyway, because it’s a huge improvement over the previous one. To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by Mioki-Kanta!

Click “Continue Reading” to see what’s new in the latest build!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Adjusted the “killed by bludgeoning weapon at high sanity” animation so that it would be less likely to clip the victim into the ground and cause animation errors.
  • Adjusted the collider for one of the tables in the faculty room so that teachers would be less likely to get stuck on that table when trying to leave the room.
  • When changing Yandere-chan’s hairstyle, it is now possible to go back in the hairstyle list by holding down “H” and tapping the left arrow key.
  • Moved the basement camera away from the wall so that it wouldn’t act strange when Yandere-chan walked nearby to the basement wall.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s “Punished” outfit to look strange compared to how it did in the Unity 4 version of the game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause voiced lines to be heard anywhere in the school, not just within earshot of the character speaking.
  • Attached the “Deal With It” shades to the “P” button (eyewear set) instead of the “O” button (general accessory set).
  • Fixed bug that would cause “YANDERE PUNCH!” to fade into silence while Yandere-chan was performing the punch.
  • Fixed bug that would make Senpai’s skin appear strange when he first appeared at the Senpai Creation screen.
  • Fixed bug that was causing corpses to turn black after being punched by the Stand in Bad Romance Mode.
  • Students will now enter a “scared” animation when they witness Nemesis-chan murdering Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that made Titans’ skin appear strange in Titan Mode after a Titan changed their shoes.
  • Removed physics from Yanvania Whip (old Unity 4 whip physics were incompatible with Unity 5).
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to dump a bucket of weights onto Kokona from the rooftop.
  • Added colliders to the props in the nurse’s office (and re-arranged a couple of the props).
  • Fixed bug that would cause some characters’ hair to turn invisible after witnessing murder.
  • Yandere-chan’s face is now pure white in “Slender Mode”, as it was always supposed to be.
  • Decreased the compression on the credits theme so that you can hear it at full quality.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Saki and Koharu’s hair from being outlined in Yandere Vision.
  • Removed the “Custom Soundtrack” menu option since it’s not functioning properly yet.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Yandere-chan or Supana’s eyepatches from appearing.
  • Fixed bug that caused some hairstyles to disappear at the Game Over screen.
  • Fixed bugs related to picking up objects while carrying the heavy weight.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Nemesis from being instantiated properly.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the Occult Club chairs to not have textures.
  • Fixed textures that were displaying improperly on certain hairstyles.
  • Fixed bug that made it difficult to pick up the “THAT DUDE” glasses.
  • Now there are cherry blossoms falling during the credits sequence.
  • Changed the game over text from “EXPOSED” back to “HEARTBROKEN”.
  • Added collision boxes to the costume racks in the Drama Club.
  • Added textures to accessories that were missing textures.
  • Characters’ eyes are no longer visible in “Spooky Mode”.
  • Changed the textures that are used in the infirmary.
  • Fixed physics bugs with the red braid hairstyle.

25 thoughts on “July 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. umm does anyone have a bug in the new build that the camera keeps on spinning? before anybody asks i didn’t change anything in the files i started from the launcher as always. i’ll try to see if i can just download the game manually if it changes anything for now.

  2. Haha, I see some of the ones I reported 😀
    Although there’s still a bunch more like.. dumping bodies off the roof and the murder-suicide animation are both totally bonkered up XD
    anyways yay, glad this u4 to u5 switch is progressing so fast 🙂
    thanks for your dedication and effort

  3. Think about this yandere dev is able to make the game development speed faster, probably meaning that a faster development on Osana, he can make the animations smoother, textures, add stuff he probably didn’t get a chance to do since Unity 4 probably both work the same way but a bit differently.

  4. Now this website no longer will show only a few change about Yandere Simulator.

  5. “Students will now enter a “scared” animation when they witness Nemesis-chan murdering Yandere-chan.”

  6. That must feel so liberating to be able to compile the game much faster! Good job tinyBuild, and with this development progress will hopefully speed up 30-fold!

  7. Great job YandereDev and tinyBuild!! I can sense the happiness and motivation in the way you talk, and I’m really happy about that!! Please keep up the good work, we’ll always stand by you!!

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