YandereDev at Anime Expo 2017

I’ll be attending Anime Expo 2017! I’m planning to be there for all 4 days of the convention.

Last year, I had a fantastic time at AX! My most favorite part of the experience was meeting up with Yandere Sim fans. There were two gatherings; one on July 1st, and one July 4th. I’d love to meet up with fans again this year, too!

The plan is:

  • July 1st – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Site 4
  • July 4th – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Site 4

The Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay Gatherings document has been updated with this information.

Even outside of the meetup, I want people to be able to recognize me so they can approach and say hi. You can see what my face looks like in this video. To make it even easier for you to spot me at AX, I’ll show you what I’ll be wearing while I’m at the expo. Click “Continue Reading” to see!

Here are the shirts I’ll be wearing at Anime Expo:

Right now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Wait a second – where did these shirts come from?!”

Way back in December, a company contacted me and offered to sell Yandere Sim merchandise. We’ve got a few designs ready (more than just the ones you can see above) but I’ve decided against selling any merchandise yet, because I feel worried that it would be weird if I started selling merch during a point in time when I haven’t been able to show off significant progress with the game in several months. Of course, I’d like to sell the shirts and other products eventually, but not until I’ve been able to implement some awesome, kick-ass new features in the game.

It’s also possible that I’m worried over nothing. Maybe you wouldn’t mind if I started selling merch at this point in time. Maybe you’d be perfectly fine with it. That’s why I’d like to ask you for your opinion! Would you mind voting on a poll for me? Here it is:

Would it bother you if YandereDev started selling merchandise at this point in time?

There’s just one more thing to mention. In addition to the above shirts, I will also be wearing this shirt at Anime Expo:

This is a shirt that was sent to me by Sad Panda Studios, the team behind Crush Crush, as thanks for collaborating with them to get Yandere-chan into their game! I love this shirt so much! As far as I know, this shirt isn’t available for sale anywhere, and I’ve got the only one in the world!

Anyway, the point of this blog post is that if you see a dude wearing a Yandere Simulator t-shirt at Anime Expo, there’s a 99.99% chance that it’s me! You’re more than welcome to say hi and/or take a photo with me and share it on social media!

I hope to see you at Anime Expo!

Hey, wait! How is development going?

I’d like to make a detailed blog post about that subject, but I want this post to remain in the “top slot” for a few days so that a lot of people get a chance to see it. I’m going to release a new build on June 28th and make a post about the state of the game’s development sometime within 24 hours after that.

63 thoughts on “YandereDev at Anime Expo 2017

  1. I don’t know about everyone else…but me personally it would not bother me if you started selling Yandere Simulator merch, however that doesn’t mean I think you should just yet…maybe once Osana is actually implemented then you could start selling it. Either way, I know I’ll probably end up buying some eventually anyways. Haha.

  2. I think it’s a little early to be selling merchandise, but Stephen King’s Christine got a movie adaptation put into production before the book was even out. So why the hell not? Do what you will. If it helps you pay the bills and continue to work on Yandere Simulator, by all means go ahead. If I had your following for any of the books I write, I’d probably sell merchandise too.

  3. I wouldn’t feel bothered if you start selling merchandise, but it’s easy to lose focus. Start slowly and carefully. Changing the subject, I wish I could go to the anime expo! No doubt people would make funny jokes and call you like Midori “yandere-dev, yandere dev!”.

  4. Imo the poll’s choices are kinda strict so I’ll state my opinion here. I wouldn’t be bothered if you started selling merchandise as long as it didn’t take your time and attention too much. Anyway have fun at AX 🙂

  5. i kind of wonder if you will eventually join with someone who creates Yandere Simulator figures. I would definitely buy them all

    Everyone custom-order shirts exactly like the above three and go to Anime Expo so nobody can tell who the real YandereDev is >:D

  7. I think the selling of the stuff is good idea, it can bring in a lot of money, and it could potentially help with the game more. Like a part going to paying for new things in the game.

  8. The polls seem kind of…strict in my opinion. The questions are simple but could have a lot of meaning. I was sort of reconsidering answering the poll because there was no direct meaning to them. You could say, “Yes, I do mind. Please go back to developing Y.S.” but that would make someone seem like a heated fan. You could also say, “No. I don’t mind” but seem like a ‘too laid back fan’ (not a chill fan, there’s a difference) who’s not worried at all about how the progress would go and weather it would fail or not. I don’t know, I answered that I didn’t mind but I’m sort of reconsidering and not answering at all. Though, that’s a bit too late since most of the answers went towards, “No I don’t mind”.

  9. It doesn’t bother me at all if you start selling merchandise for Yan Sim at this point in time, because I’ve been doing tons of drawings (which are pretty silly because of my pitiful art skills) on Yan Sim characters and have been patiently waiting for some merch!

  10. Where is it at On Jun 25, 2017 18:02, “Yandere Simulator Development Blog” wrote:

    > yanderedev posted: “I’ll be attending Anime Expo 2017! I’m planning to be > there for all 4 days of the convention. Last year, I had a fantastic time > at AX! My most favorite part of the experience was meeting up with Yandere > Sim fans. There were two gatherings; one on July 1s” >

  11. I feel like he cares WAY too much about other people’s opinions. It’s good to know what your fans want of you but don’t let them dictate your every move. His last video was a huge red flag because he basically told us that he destroyed a character’s personality because he got bad feedback and is upset because he still has bad feedback for her lack of character. You can’t make a game or a series without bad feedback. People not liking a character is bound to happen because in real life it’s impossible to be liked by everyone.
    And so why do you have to ask if it’s okay to sell merch? That’s not up to us, that’s up to him. I dunno, I hope this doesn’t sound bitchy because I really do like Yandere Dev.

    • That’s why there are polls. I’d welcome some people to accept results instead throwing a trantum when their “feedback” (in reality it’s OPINION) isn’t on top.

      There’s always some unhappy people but because of that he shouldn’t stop asking for feedback and change the game according to it. He’s taking in feedback to change the character, I don’t see how this is suddenly bad feedback. Or is bad feedback because you disagree with the poll results? Well that’s a bit selfish but ok I guess.

      He didn’t change the character because backlash aka real bad feedback aka poor presented opinions. But he’s asking for feedback if to change the character because he noticed concerns. There’s a diffrence in that, the later one isn’t dictate. It’s listening to the community and a good way to do things.

      • Uh you completely missed my point. No I didn’t even vote so I don’t know why you’re calling me selfish. I said that he got too much negative feedback and yeah he could fix her character but instead he made her a blank slate because he didn’t want anymore negative feedback. And now he’s shocked that he’s still getting negative feedback. Yes he did change a whole character because of backlash, that’s what his last video is about.

        And sorry but obsessing over feedback and trying to do everything you can to please everyone is simply a bad idea. Of course you should take constructive criticism into account (Like the beat-em-feature he wanted to implement) but in the end remember the game is his and he has the final say. I want YandereDev to make his own game. I don’t know how that makes me selfish.

      • I apologize for using selfish, don’t know what context happend there in my stupid head. Aswell, I suck at english :/ Please forgive.

        Didn’t use the poll ok, ultimate lost all screening time to fill out the -additional notes- feedback field. It comes down to having time to make a post but doesn’t want to parcipate in the provided tools to voice your feedback. Bet he’d like people to just use the polls instead adding unnecessary bloat to a topic already being difficult.

        It’s a
        yes – change the character
        no – don’t change the character

        Put prioritiy first on things that count. Then add extra notes.

        So sorry but I don’t recon reading a “Please go soft on the polls because I don’t like the second choice anyway” Wow shocking people vote what they want when asked. When he can’t handle feedback then don’t ask for feedback. There’s a peace to that.

        “But in the end remember the game is his and he has the final say. I want YandereDev to make his own game.”

        Yepp I do remember, he can either listen to concerns or do his own thing. I don’t get why you moaning about when people then don’t always praise what he wants. It’s a mutual thing to happen. You’re fangirling way too much. Or say why he needs a yay sayers protective bubble when he one day decides to enter closed development?

        When he’s asking for feedback then he has to handle criticismn. Period. Big boys can do that, this is not trumpety trump town.

        Nope the point of the last video was “I heard the concerns and I reconsider changing it. Vote for whether to change the character or not” You missed the video entirely. Nothing is changing till the polls are done. Or what’s changed according to your claims? This doesn’t have much grounds.

      • In 1:35 of that video he said that he decided to make the story bare bones because he was getting negative feedback. That is what someone does when they look at feedback and instead of making a better story he just threw it out the window. 2:22 he said he didn’t want to hear people complaining about her personality. He should have known that any personality (and even a lack of one) is going to have people criticizing it. Take complaints of a personality with a grain of salt unless it breaks core issues of the story. 4:24 He said that he didn’t want to give a reason why she’s emotionless because he knew someone would complain. He wants to please everyone and that is a flaw. He thought that making a bare bones character would minimize the complaints (not even realizing that more people hate emotionless characters than a flawed one). 4:55 he said that it was ironic that her lack of a character caused complaints. I don’t call that ironic. I call that predictable.
        I don’t care about the poll that he made for her personality. The poll that I cared about was the merch one. I brought up that video as an example that he cares way too much about feedback then he should. Merchandise is his decision and his decision ALONE. I didn’t vote for it because it wasn’t my place to dictate what he does with merchandise. That was my original point. That was what I was trying to speak about.

  12. I think the most entertaining part about this blog post is that Crush Crush is a hentai game (a very, very low-key one. It’s possible to play without the scenes). I’m left wondering if he helped with the production, or just gave permission for them to use
    Yan-chan? :3

  13. The poll is not working for me which is unusual!!
    I would love to buy some yansim merch unless I knew the kickstarter would have merch as rewards for donating a certain amount of money, then I would rather wait. I am slowly saving up money for the crowdfunding campaign.

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  15. I don’t mind you selling mercy cause a lot o twirl has gone onto the merch. The only thing is in the shirt with sellouts at the bottom I can’t tell if hose are rivals or if it’s DLCs or something else but if it is rivals maybe it is a goodbye Idea to wait until the hairstyle of them all is final. (Like Kizana)

  16. Jokes on you… I’ll also being wearing a Yandev shirt(as I’m cosplaying Yanderedev)… *evil laughter*

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  18. I couldn’t get the poll to work (I’ve never had an issue with them before), but I am all for buying merch and supporting the game that way. I definitely understand where it would seem ‘too early’ but as a few other people suggested, I think its a great way to fund the game so you don’t have to lower your standards for the kickstarter being launched and launch it early. Even if, some how, Yandere Simulator never comes into fruition as a full game or the name gets changed (more likely), it has still been something I’ve enjoyed and supported for years and I wouldn’t regret owning merch from it at its current point in development (it would be kind of neat actually, to have ‘exclusive’ early development merch when the game finally launches in its entirety). The game has been in development for long enough and your fans trust you enough that I don’t think too many of your fans would feel this is a ‘cash grab’ or some nonsense like that. The fans who do feel that way could, you know, not buy anything!
    Selfishly, I hope if you do start producing official YS merch, patreon supporters get first dibs!

  19. I just started working on a podcast. Can’t wait for it to go live and see the effects.Your articles are always so helpful for newbies as well as for the professionals. I am really going to use all your tips for my blog. NBA 2K MT

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