The Reason Yandere-chan Lacks Emotions

I’ve made progress on Osana, but not enough progress to justify a whole video about the subject. It feels wrong to let two weeks pass without a video, so I’ve decided to make a video about a subject related to the game’s development.

Occasionally, I hear people say that they find Yandere-chan to be a boring character because of her lack of emotions. I felt a need to explain what led me to create that type of character, and that’s what made me decide to create this video. Over the course of this video, I also discussed related subjects, such as whether or not the other characters in the game will be simple or complex, and whether or not the statements in my videos are set in stone, or subject to change.

Spending so much time thinking about these subjects has made me wonder whether or not it would be appropriate to change Yandere-chan’s identity. It feels strange to suggest making significant changes to the protagonist after 3 years, but if the majority of the fanbase is disappointed in her, then it seems like the wise thing to do would be to change the type of character that she is.

In the above video, I proposed the idea of changing her identity from “a girl who can’t experience emotions” to “a girl who can’t experience happiness”. It’s tough to find the right words to describe exactly what I am imagining; I tried to phrase it a few different ways:

  • “A girl who has felt like something is missing for her entire life.”
  • “A lifelong sensation of having a craving that cannot be fulfilled.”
  • “Being unable to ever truly experience happiness.”
  • “A perpetual state of listlessness.”

It’s easy to summarize her current identity with one word: “emotionless”. But, unfortunately, there is no one word that adequately describes the new identity that I’m proposing for her. Terms like “something’s missing” and “perpetually craving” and “never happy” just don’t adequately describe it. I can communicate the concept pretty effectively with a speech in a video or with a bullet-point list, but not with a single phrase or word.

The condition that I’m proposing isn’t something that exists in real life, and it’s also possible that what I’m proposing is something that hasn’t ever been featured in fiction before, either. This would explain why there’s no pre-existing word for it, and no way to succinctly summarize it. It’s almost like we’d have to invent a new word just to describe the condition that I’m proposing.

The closest I can come to summarizing her condition is by calling her an “Empty Girl”. For her entire life, she’s felt hollow and incomplete – but she can’t even explain what’s missing, or what’s wrong. She craves something and yearns for something, but she can’t even explain what that “something” is. Then, on the day she meets Senpai, she finally feels “complete” and “whole” for the first time in her life. There’s no one word that accurately describes exactly how she feels before she meets Senpai, but “Empty” might do the trick for now.

You might be wondering, “Why go through the trouble of changing her identity into something that is difficult to define? Why not give her an identity that is easier to summarize?” Well, if it’s difficult to summarize or explain something because of a lack of comparisons, then it’s clearly something original. If I could summarize it in one word, then it would be something that’s already cliche. This is why I don’t want to take the easy way out and give her an identity that is easy to describe. Get it?

If you’re worried that it’s going to be jarring to adapt to a completely new Yandere-chan, I don’t think you should worry about it. What I’m proposing isn’t too different from her previous identity. In both cases:

  • She cannot experience life in the same way as other people.
  • She’s had an inexplicable, incurable condition her entire life.
  • She pretends to be normal around others in order to avoid negative attention.
  • She doesn’t realize what’s been missing from her life until she meets Senpai.

You might be wondering, “What’s the point of changing her identity, if so little is going to change?” The difference is that an “emotionless” character is like a machine; no personality, no desires, no reason to care about anything. This type of character is boring and uninteresting. But if she can feel emotions – but cannot ever experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness – then she can have a personality, have desires, and care about things, which gives her waaaaay more potential as a character.

Crafting a believable serial killer requires more of an explanation than just “she lacks emotions” or “she felt empty and then found someone who made her feel whole”. I think that Yandere-chan’s nature can be attributed to the way that she was raised by her parents – specifically, her mother.

Yandere-chan’s mother (Ryoba) has gone through the same experience as her daughter – feeling “empty” for nearly two decades. So, she is the only person who could possibly relate to Yandere-chan or give her more information about her condition. Yandere-chan would seek answers from her mother, who would tell her, “One day you’ll meet someone who will make you feel complete,” These words would become a point of obsession for Yandere-chan. She would obsess over the idea of meeting her “prince charming” for over a decade, which explains how she could “fall in love” with a boy after just one meeting, and why she’d be willing to commit multiple homicides for his sake.

Yandere-chan’s father, having knowledge of his wife’s true nature, would do everything in his power to raise his daughter into someone who wouldn’t dare to spill a single drop of blood, which is why Yandere-chan would be willing to consider the possibility of eliminating her rivals in non-lethal ways…but, ultimately, it’s up to the player how Yandere-chan decides to solve her problems.

I don’t want to make any decisions that would anger the majority of the fanbase, so I’d like to ask you to vote on a few polls for me. Please note that the outcome of these polls won’t guarantee my next course of action, so if an option that you dislike is “winning”, don’t freak out about it.

Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s current identity as an “emotionless” character?

Which of these two identities would you prefer for Yandere-chan?

In your opinion, is it too late to change Yandere-chan’s identity?

I’ll look forward to reading your feedback!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

291 thoughts on “The Reason Yandere-chan Lacks Emotions

  1. The poll doesn’t work for me unfortunately, but here are my opinions:
    I don’t really dislike the idea of yan-chan being emotionless, but I don’t really like it either
    I love the new idea for her personality. I much prefer it to the old one
    I don’t think it’s too late to change the personality

      • Yandere Chan should stay emotionless will b boring if u changed her to soft emotional character…she would not b yandere Chan if u change her

    • same (poll doesnt work)
      – New personality is good
      – yea boi
      – nope, it aint late. Even in the worst scenario, it is an improvement of the past trait

    • NOOO!!! IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO CHANGE YANDERE CHAN! She is perfect the way she is (emotionless) n if u change her then there is NO YANDERE CHAN!! U WILL NOT MAKE HER DEAD!!!! PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

    • Yandere chan should be changed little bit how she will be born with a family how can it be possible 🤔🤔🤔🤔😊😊😊😊


      • I mean, I’m fine (even enthusiastic) about him giving her a back story. I just wish he’d do it with the persona of a psychopathic character who suddenly feels emotion for the first time rather than a watered down version of that. The emotionless adds to her insanity and I love it.

    • Poll doesn’t work for me too.
      I don’t dislike the idea of yan-chan being emotionless. I really like it in fact.
      The new idea for her personality is even better IMO.
      Never too late for anything.

  2. Polls don’t work for me as well, so I’m gonna put my opinions here.

    1) I like the current emotionless yandere-chan. But I believe there are rooms for improvements (like the new design).

    2) I prefer the new one! It gives yan-chan more depth as a game character. I personally like the new one more as well.

    3) Not too late at all, considering the first rival is not even delivered at this point.

  3. The poll isn’t working for me either, so I’ll post here if that’s okay.
    I think the idea of a ‘listless’ Ayano is a great idea. It’s a wonderful backstory and I think it will help bring more ‘life’ to the game. (I also think it will help people who do fan-art get an idea on how to draw Yan-chan.)
    It’s never too late to change what you want in a game. As long as it’s something you really want and desire. If your heart is saying to do so than go ahead. If you are afraid of weary of the backlash you’ll get, maybe you should ask who this game is really for?
    ‘Empty Girl’ ‘Missing Girl’ ‘Listless Girl’ ‘Star Gazer’ ‘Rolling Girl'(haha) ‘MachiKoga’ <hyphenation and shortening of the Japanese word meaning 'to long for.'

  4. The polls don’t work for me either, so I’ll say my opinions here

    1) I wouldn’t say I really “disapprove” of Yandere chan being emotionless, however I think more could be done with her if she had emotions, and I know I would personally like her more

    2) I prefer the new one. I enjoy depth in characters, and seeing something else to go on for Yandere chan would be cool

    3) I don’t think it’s too late at all! I mean gosh, the first rival isn’t even all there yet, so anything could happen

  5. Ok, i don’t think it would be too late to change Yandere-Chans personality, but I do like the idea of her being what I want her to be, but at the same time, I do feel she needs to be a character in of herself. Make of that what you will.

    As for Kizana, I like the idea of her trying to act classy and encourage creativity because there MUST be a reason why Senpai would consider going out with her. Why her, of all girls? However, I think you can still keep some of Kizanas snobbish and self-important personality in there too. I think being in the theater club and knowing about how one expects certain people to act, she essentially, “plays the role” of a high class lady. Sharp wit, silver tongue, impeccable manners, etc. Which will provide an excellent challenge in making clever and cunning remarks, both positive and negative.

  6. I think that the idea of yandere-chan being emotionless is actually very interesting, it just need to explored. Maybe you can use show “Dexter” for exemple, where the main character is “emotionless” but interesting and even charismatic.

  7. So the poll Isn’t working for me either. So i guess ill post it here

    1:I don’t like the emotionless yandere idea
    Having some personal experience as the kind of person who essentially a somewhat tame real life counterpart to a yandere so i never liked the Idea of an emotionless Yandere-chan. If anything Yandere feel several emotions fare more strongly then most people. Love for example feels so good it becomes an addiction. Anger also can get out of control really easily to the point where even someone who normally cares a lot about how others feel and has no desire to hurt anyone just snaps. If she has no emotion the sanity system doesn’t make much sense.

    2: Use the new one
    The newer personality fits better but also it could have senpai does something Ayano finds attractive. Maybe its hes polite or something that stands out enough that she feels for him in a way shes never felt before. Also it’s more interesting to have her have been raised to avoid violence but have a natural tendency towards it.

    3: You’re the developer and it wouldn’t drastically change the premise.
    Its not too late to decide things if anything you could use different backstories as difficulty levels based on how much certiain things would damage your sanity an emotionless girl would get less sanity loss from doing horrible things because she wouldn’t care at all. Emotionless might as well be easy sanity difficulty default it at the newer story to have normal difficulty and a something like more influence from her father or she has low self esteem for hard. but those are just ideas. It certainly makes the sainity system make more sense because they typical psychopath doesn’t feel emotion and doesn’t have empathy.

    • I think that a interesting approach to the character that her emotions are much stronger that everybody else hmm im on the fence but i think it would make for some truly amazing cutscences. Anger, jealousy would be on another level cool idea

  8. Apparently isn’t working for anybody, so I’ll put my opinion here.
    I like the new idea for Yandere-chan, but I’m also not opposed to the current one.
    I think that the new one might open up more opportunities later on, so I prefer that one.
    The only way I’d think it’d be too late to change something like this would be if you had a significant amount of the gameplay/story specifically based off of the fact that she’s emotionless, and that’s just from a development standpoint! I definitely think it’s not too late.

  9. This is definitely going to get buried, but the “emotionless” Yandere-chan that’s been shown is fairly close to the real-world condition of psychopathy. Below is just one of many articles on the condition that could be of use to you, Yandere-dev, should you wish to make use of their contents:

    Click to access 58c07beed3924bfaf5e51ee8f404af7d2f5b.pdf

    • Sociopathy you mean. Psychopathy is what happens when a sociopath does something bad, but a sociopath is the emotionless husk that has a “clean slate” if you will.

      • I know this will make me look like a know-it-all, but I don’t think that’s correct. There’s actually some debate on what defines a sociopath and a psychopath, and whether or not the terms can be used interchangeably. They both refer to someone with a lack of empathy towards others and a tendency to act on impulse rather than logic. Neither term specifically applies to someone that is violent, though the term sociopath does tend to be used to describe the ones with less composure.

  10. Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s current identity as an “emotionless” character?
    No, It’s quite interesting and a very different approach of stating a character to be blank and emotionless with no back story.
    But mentioning / making a backstory to support the statement of her being yandere like is also important too. Could be narrative if you like.

    Which of these two identities would you prefer for Yandere-chan?

    let the player decide the identity based on the actions. It’ll be a nice touch.

    In your opinion, is it too late to change Yandere-chan’s identity?

    I guess so, Considering the development time you took to make it this far. Also, since the players are very used to this character.
    (Source : Exp in game dev)

  11. I wish I could vote on the polls, but here we go:
    1)I do disapprove, Ayano should have feelings. So that the player can connect to her in that aspect
    2)I like the new personality you brought up in the video for her! It seems more her and realistic
    3)It’s never too late for a change, it’s like she’s being reborn. After the style of the game is gonna change, so why not a change for the protagonist as well?

  12. So the poll dosnt work for me, so here are my opinions
    1) I like the idea of yan Chan having feelings personally.
    2) I feel like she should have the CRAVING for senpai for the reason you said in the video.
    3) It is never to late to change something in the game! It’s

  13. Yep, polls are messed up.

    1.) Rather than complete lack of emotion, I prefer the idea of being emotionless most of the time and completely overtaken by them whenever she’s near Senpai. That way she’s a blank slate, capable of gratuitous violence with no guilt, but can also sort of develop a ‘personality’ depending on how you choose to deal with rivals. Meaning she’s a bit like a different person if you play differently.
    If you look at it like this, she’s also not entirely unlikeable, lending her struggle with newfound emotions a bit of a tragic tone.

    2.) I like the new idea more than the completely hollow, unfeeling husk.

    3.) Considering her one defining trait was “I want Senpai safe and I want him for myself and I will do ANYTHING to get him”, it’s kinda hard for me to call her completely emotionless in the first place. And with this new personality, this trait remains exactly the same. You’re merely adding a bit of context, not taking her in some completely new direction.

    (oh and Yandere seems like a fitting term still. At least the first part of it, considering lack of emotion and sympathy, aka Psychopathy, is a real disorder)

  14. (The polls aren’t turning on for me either)
    “Emotionless” is the exact opposite that most yanderes are portrayed as.
    When I or most people I recall think of “yandere”, I’d normally think of a person with a state where he/she is severely mental and psycho, and a state where he/she is trying to be cute and happy and normal.
    “emotionless” would be a more depressed, kuudere, ptsd-like person…
    but that’s just my opinion.

  15. I’ll put my vote in when the polls get fixed (or at least reposted somewhere other than poal), but I just wanted to say that, while I don’t think it’s too late to change Yandere-chan’s personality, and don’t really have anything against changing it, I don’t really like the new idea. Needing Senpai like breathing was mentioned, and, being a person with respiratory problems, I wouldn’t kill anyone even if it made me able to actually breathe properly. While being emotionless explains why Yandere-chan would have no problem with killing people, being empty just isn’t a good enough reason for her to be violent towards anyone.

  16. Polls don’t work

    1) I have no opinion on this. There are people who exist in this state, myself included called sociopaths. A yandere can be psychotic before meeting senpai, but generally the trope is used for “went nuts for senpai”
    2) The second one seems more original, so I’m inclined to go with that one.
    3) It’s never too late to change something, it’s your game and ultimately you control it.

    Does that mean Kizana will now be a genderbend purple Tsukiyama? :3

  17. Poll didn’t work for me either.
    1) Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s current identity as an “emotionless” character?
    I never disapproved of her emotionless nature, mostly because I can understand what you were originally going for with being able to completely project yourself onto her. But as you got deeper into the game, she needed just a little something more than ’emotionless’.

    2) Which of these two identities would you prefer for Yandere-chan?
    I honestly love your new identity for Yandere-chan. It’s that bit of backbone she needs and can explain her obsession for Sempai. With this, she becomes a girl who is, in a weird way, relatable. There’s something more driving her than just the player.

    3) In your opinion, is it too late to change Yandere-chan’s identity?
    Of course not! Until the game is completely published and completed, you can change characters as much as you wish. It’s better to rip a character apart and rebuild their identity than fight against a character that sticks to the original script. Plus, as you said, this wouldn’t change the game much coding-wise. It enhances Yandere-chan and still keeps you moving the same direction.

  18. I always thought of Yandere-Chan as being a “hollow” person, not knowing any joyful emotion until she meets Senpai. It’s kind of like the intro as it is; she can only feel hatred towards others, and nothing else. It’s hard to fully describe it, but I feel that my interpretation of her is kind of a blend between both proposed personalities, so I’m undecided on which one to adopt. It’s never too late to change something, Yanderedev. If you wanted to completely change Yandere-Chan’s personality at the very end of development, i.e. the last change before release, I and many other fans would be just fine with that.

  19. Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s current identity as an “emotionless” character?

    I do agree with others when being entirely emotionless just doesn’t sit right with a Yandere. Perhaps when around Senpai, her emotions spark, being somewhat bright with a cheery undertone (perhaps shy at times and stutters her words due to her influx of emotions around him?), but away from him she’s distant to others, and shows little emotion, as she did for most of her life. Her mission is to make Senpai her’s right? That kind of devotion was sparked by her emotions though Senpai, so could they be considered sacred and only for him? She’s got a chewed up apple and toothbrush from him after all. Your call.

    Which of these two identities would you prefer for Yandere-chan?

    The new backstory most definitely fleshes out her character more. It has the clean slate you want, and the ability to expand on her character further the more she interacts with Senpai. Perhaps exploring her own personality through Senpai could teach her to broaden her cunningness to manipulate people to think she’s something she’s not?

    In your opinion, is it too late to change Yandere-chan’s identity?

    Absolutely not. I feel this is a good change to really get a more clearer understanding as to what’s going on in her life and what she is dealing with as a person who discovered the cure to her discontent. Also, the game is still far too early in development for you to say that my dude, but I understand your reasons behind it. Best of luck and I hope this helps.

  20. Because the polls don’t seem to work here are my opinions:
    1. Her being completely emotionless does make her a little unrelatable but it’s what I’ve grown accustomed to. So do whatever.
    2. I prefer Ayano to stay a true yandere. After all, if you constantly think about someone, they are a continuing source of happiness for you, you want to be with them forever, and you feel as though they complete you, then isn’t that “love”? Not to mention her having a condition that affects her emotions is the same as having a mental illness so you wouldn’t have to change that.
    3. I don’t mind a backstory or explanation for why she is how she is. The game’s still in development so it’s not too late to make changes just as long as they are no huge ones that affect the very foundation of the game (like taking the “yandere” out “Yandere-Simulator”).

  21. For me, I see Yandere-chan as a psychopath: She doesn’t really feel things, she sees people around her like a scientist taking note on a experiment taking place behind a glass…
    She sees people her age running around, taking about love and all kind of things she just doesn’t understand…

    A small idea about the “dead inside” side of Yandere-chan:
    You could set beginning of the intro in black and white, maybe with muffled sound,
    Then Sempai help her to get back on her feet, and instantly, for the first time in her life, colors explode everywhere and his voice “pierce the veil”.

    Then after that, she is afraid when she sees Sempai with his childhood friend Osana, the both of them being so close…
    She then realise that…
    This girl…
    And as a good little psychopath, Every way is good to get rid of that nuisance…
    ->As with anyone else, psychopaths have a deep wish to be loved and cared for.
    ->Some psychopaths are superficially adapted to their environment and are even popular, but they feel they must carefully hide their true nature because it will not be acceptable to others. This leaves psychopaths with a difficult choice: adapt and participate in an empty, unreal life, or do not adapt and live a lonely life isolated from the social community. They see the love and friendship others share and feel dejected knowing they will never be part of it.

  22. I think many of the successful games Ive seen all includes a well thought-out, deep story. A shallow story line will just make a shallow game. I also believe it’s not too late to change the game yet, because well, the game is still in development. It’s always better to change it than regret it later into the development, right? With more story and background it gives the player a complete feel rather than an empty stealth stabbing game. The unique part of this game should be the story and the circumstances, instead of pure gameplay. Just like you said, this game is taking inspiration from persona and hitman, to make it different from those games you need a good story, not good gameplay.

    Another thing is since this game already lacks the love part of yandere, since yandere chan never actually pursues senpai directly (could be different in the future), taking out the love-sick part and make her emotionless will just make her further from an actual yandere.

    In the end, it’s ultimately your choice of how this game will be run. There will always be people complaining, you cannot satisfy everyone. So if you want to change it, it’s not too late. Don’t let some haters ruin the entire game for everyone.


  23. I love the work you’re doing, and it’s absolutely fascinating to get to the see the development process! It’s never too late to change something you don’t like, in my personal opinion, but if there is a point of no return then I don’t think you’re there yet. The game is still in the debug phase, I don’t see why the story or characters would be any different.

    Personally, I find Yandere-chan current identity to be compelling. But maybe that’s because I don’t think of her as “emotionless.” Rather than lacking emotion, I always saw her as lacking empathy. She doesn’t appear to be concerned with what other people think or how they feel. She doesn’t love Senpai, as you said. Rather, she loves how Senpai makes her feel. Hence, she could justify killing his best friend or sister, even though their deaths would emotionally wreck him. She’s not killing people for him, not in the sense that it’s for his benefit. Yandere-chan is killing people solely for her own sake, in hopes of gaining the prize (not person), Senpai. Osana’s death, Senpai’s well-being, joining a club, friendship, school, Yandere-chan understands these things in terms of whether or not they benefit her. Basically, I like her “emotionless” personality, I just don’t think that’s the right word.

    The new personality you talked about is also quite interesting. The idea of a character with a mental condition that’s unique and undefinable is certainly worth exploring, and I can see why you would lean towards that as opposed to “murderous psychopath.” I don’t know how many games have such a character as the protagonist though, so I think there’s some unexplored territory there too. This “Lovesick” condition (or as you put it, “Empty”) is really interesting though, and puts the narrative in a different light, one that is possibly more akin to what it is to be a yandere. A disinterest or apathy towards all things that aren’t her object of affection, even before that person enters her life, is an interesting concept. It takes the idea of a kindergartener dreaming of her wedding day and takes it to a whole new level.

    Both options have a lot of potential. Perhaps what it comes down to is: what goes through Yandere-chan’s mind when her insanity levels drop? Are her actions becoming increasingly torturous out of bloodlust or catharsis? Does she find some sort of sadistic pleasure in killing, does she believe her victims deserve to suffer for getting in her way? Or does she, on some level, feel guilty that she resorted to murder and suppresses that guilt, telling herself that it’s okay because it’s for her Senpai, the only person that truly matters? When she snaps, is she expressing her anger at the world for making it so difficult for her to be happy? Perhaps a blend of emotions too difficult to explain? What is it that’s being released into the world, her inner devil or her inner torment?

    Well, that’s my two cents. I can’t wait to see what kind of character Yandere-chan turns out to be! I, like many, look forward to your next update!

    • Whoa you really thought this out😁. I like all thisr things you said about her emotional responses but to be honest i would prefer to chose her reactions for myself with gameplay verse it all ready being predetermined. Like a proper role playing game my choice affect my outcome

  24. Yea- the poal didn’t work for me as well so here are my ideas.

    I love that Yan~Chan is emotionless. It explains every aspect of why she kills perfectly.

    I absolutely love the “mom” idea. The fact that “Yandere’s runs in the family”. And it doesn’t change Yan~Chan’s personality.

    That’s the only backstory you really need. In fact- if there was any more of a backstory- it would ruin it.

    But I love both of the ideas!

  25. I think it should be good to add a pacifist route in the game like in Undertale, i don’t want to kill all the students in the game, it may sounds ridiculous but it would be a great feature to the game…sorry for my bad english…

    • I can get on board with a pacifist ending but there are no murdering routes befriending, expelled, and match making

    • Some endings will be pacifist. Matchmaking will result in an ending where Senpai thinks no girl will ever love him, sabotaging will result in an ending where Senpai hates women. I imagine befriending and expelling rivals will also get you different endings, but they’re not as pacifist as sabotaging and matchmaking, because they get people hurt.

  26. (I’m glad I am not the only one having problems with the polls…))
    “Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s current identity as an “emotionless” character?”: Honestly, no, but it could use a change as well.

    “Which of these two identities would you prefer for Yandere-chan?”: To tell the truth I believe I would prefer the identity of Yandere-chan that constantly feeling as though she has been missing something her whole life and that supposedly it runs in the family. So the newer identity is my choice.

    “In your opinion, is it too late to change Yandere-chan’s identity?”: Of course not. The game is still in development. Many changes are being made to it and currently and/or will be made to it in the future. It will give Yandere-chan a reason to her actions.

  27. i think for the sake of the game it’s better to have an empty vessel as main character so that the player can input it’s own personality in it. Most game work perfectly this way (think undertale, even pokemon). As yourself has said in the video, the npcs are the ones who need a personality and a backstory, to built the world around us. I would prefer if you kept Yandere-chan’s concept very basic, i get people wanting a backstory for her, but for a game like this is too much.

  28. Like a lot of other people, the polls did not work for me. My opinion is that I didn’t mind Yandere-chan’s personality before, but I prefer the new one that was shown in the video. I don’t think it’s too late for her personality to be changed. Also, I really love the idea of everyone having a backstory, specifically Yandere-chan. Personally, my favorite part of every video game is the story, which is why I love the idea of Yandere-chan having her own.

  29. I think Yandere-Chan should be changed because this is a small change to her personality and it gives her a more solid/relateable motivation. Characters evolve and change constantly, and it’s better to let them do so.

  30. Yeah, poll isn’t working for me either, but my answers are all pretty much the same. This may be a bit lengthy… I apologize for my diarrhea of the keyboard.

    Firstly, it is definitely NOT weird to change a character this late in the stage. As a writer, I have created a story and changed it and the characters to improve and polish them many times late in the writing stages. A change is never a bad thing if it can only improve the setting and characters. That’s what life and art is all about.

    Secondly, and this counts as the third answer as well, I do not disapprove of Ayano as an emotionless character. Being emotionless does not necessarily translate as boring. Its how you utilize the character that matters. Over and over I have seen the same cliche in a writer’s story in which an emotionless character can only be psychopathic, feels nothing but anger, or sociopathic, feels absolutely nothing and can go about their day like a normal person, but they never feel like everyone else. Their empty, which can be very dangerous. Its usually that these people can’t feel anything unless they are killing, or doing something equally taboo, or have a specific driving goal in mind. Rarely are they ever utilized any other way, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen anyone step out of this box and onto a more creative path. Honestly its because its difficult to see where a person like that can go that isn’t off the deep end, or even to understand it. Nothing is a difficult concept for humans to grasp. Neither of these really describes Ayano though from what you have said here, so I see your hesitance to use them as a descriptive word for her condition.

    Which leads me to my third answer. I like the direction your going, but I am conflicted on how I feel about it against the current Ayano. I like this more simplistic, animalistic girl with a twisted obsession with her Senpai. She is so deluded with fantasies of him, much like the extreme side of the otaku culture, that she can’t see the real him, and probably never did, and will do absolutely anything to defend it. Miku Hatsune’s “Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance” comes to mind. I love the extreme, sick, and twisted sides of these characters and I can’t get enough of it. In real life it would definitely be a mental illness, perhaps akin to schizophrenia. HOWEVER!

    ……..This is just my personal preferance. I do like the current Ayano and hope she would change too much, but I think you should pursue this idea you’ve come up with because I’m very curious about it. As you said, it won’t be set in stone, so I want to see where it leads. She could be just as sick and twisted regardless of whether she’s a true Yandere or an emotionless girl. This is YOUR story and I want to see this through with you. Don’t be afraid of blacklash, there are some selfish people out there. I’m glad your weighing the desires of the fanbase, it really shows that you care and I deeply appreciate it. Most developers don’t give their fans the time of day like you do and I see so many people in the comments being ungrateful. Thank you for the consideration!

  31. After listening to the video and reading over the comment section briefly, I’m questioning something very key to the overall game here. As you (YanDev) had mentioned, she may or may not fit the definition of a “yandere” due to how she’s currently characterised, but let’s look at this properly:

    Yandere simulator is about being a yandere. In essence, our protagonist as a yandere sabotages their senpai’s/significant other’s life, due to a developed obsession. This is while appearing sweet, cute, and innocent (or something of the like). In order to properly convey this, the game should have a cute/innocent outer design, while having potential to bring the game to a much darker level and conveying that throughout the player and protagonist’s choices.

    That much has been established, but the issue I’m concerned about is the matter of how we convey the game and our protagonist. I’ve recently have felt the game lacks the “cutesie” design and mood that originally seemed to be key to the game. In the beginning, I recall that the game was supposed to be “girly” in appearance to make it seem like an illusion, covering up what is beneath; the core of the game, and being a yandere. Correct me if I am mistaken, but it seems as if that is missing in action, and needs to be considered if we still wish to go with that idea and style for the overall game. I believe that this theme and mood is a strong part of the concept of a proper yandere, therefore since this is the game’s focus, that should dictate the game’s direction and be closely followed. If we were to do it where she has less of a cute yet violent – the essence of a yandere – persona, it is almost like we are disregarding the main concept of what the game is. It’s like as if someone was to make a game about a specific idea or thing, but altering the definition for the game/forgetting what it’s really about. Perhaps, I could be wrong but it’s still something to think about.

    It is possible to say that there is “no wrong way” to be a yandere. Maybe doing just as you suggested would be a better way to go, and that it would be fine whether or not the theme I’ve talked about is considered. Though, with the question of the female protagonist’s personality, there comes an opposing side of it. What about the male protagonist situation, if you choose to go that way? I think if we are to discuss what will be of Yandere-chan personality wise, we have to examine and think about what will be of Yandere-kun and his personality. I feel, even though he will likely be the same as yandere-chan, I think it’s important to give that some focus (and I believe if would be important to design some male rivals rather than just genderbending).

    Regardless, I think the new personality for yandere-chan is a good move, and would likely be good for building her up. Though, I remember someone mentioning that it would be nice if you could choose her personality (alike to the “hollow husk” where you shape her), and so it would be fine if you kept it as such. Though, going back to what I had brought up, I think if we aren’t going to follow the original name of being a “Yandere simulator” then the title might as well just go to being “Lovesick” since that has more room to be the proposed idea here.

    Sorry if that was confusing or incoherent, I hope that made sense, and thanks for considering.

    • I love this really well thought out and i do thinj things should differ playing with yandere kun vs ayano

  32. I cannot open the link but will give my vote this way if you happen to read though it.

    I like Yan-chan being emotionless. It gives the player a chance to determine how to play out the story. However, a back story to why she is emotionless would be an awesome addition. In fact the target community seems to be anime and RPG fans.

    To have a back story may boost its popularity exponentially. She can gain rewards to place in the shrine, accessories or other forms of payment.

    Minor characters added to the story would help feed this and even open up ways for Yan-chan to gain info Chan’s favor as a source of info that she may struggle to get from other sources.

    She would need a network to get info, the way it sounds, Yan-chan may have a bigger network and may be of value beyond eliminating rivals. Info chan favoring Yan-chan would be very beneficial if she is also a rival. Especially if Info Chan values gossip and clients more than Senpai.

    This gives players more options to eliminate characters and shape who they want her to be. Cruel, sadistic, passive/nonviolent, threatening, etc.

    Some of these can even benefit players.

    For example, if she is seen ass passive and soft she becomes less suspicious as a killer if someone dies there. Or maybe a martial arts student offers to help her defend herself. Playing the victim can be an advantage.

    If she is seen as threatening she may gain favor from the delinquents and be favored by there boss. Back handed threats help them gain what they need. A calm but threatening demeanor may be something they group lacks and she can provide.

    If she is seen as sadistic, evil students may find her appealing and offer tips or make request’s/task’s for something they struggle with. “Ex: such and such hurt my friend and is the school bully. I need someone who can put them in their place, can you help?”

    If she is seen as cruel she may be deemed an outcast and gain favor outcastes students. An occult club member may try to befriend her because she can help with blood sacrifice supplies. Aka the kitten or human sacrifice.


    * Larger fan base/more crowd funding

    * more elimination options can be available.

    * makes the character being played more appealing and the player more set to complete goals or use other method’s to the game for the greater good instead of randomly killing for fun.

    * Alternative ways to gain money, supplies, accessories and even easter egg’s can be beneficial in the long run.

    * Her back story gives reason as to why she is a blank slate which will help players determine how to “paint” the blank slate.


    * Possibly waiting longer for the finalized version

    * more game mechanics may be necessary and may be more costly in the long run.

    * It may disinterest a large section of the fan base who like it’s current state and mechanics

    * Past mechanics removed may need to be re-added if new characters are added. (Aka the town)

    * More thought may need to be put in place to eliminate plot holes of there is a back story.

    It comes down to Pro’s and Con’s. There is definitely more than I just mentioned but no matter what the final say is yours Yandere Dev. Either way the game is awesome and I can’t wait to see it’s final version.

  33. I actually really prefer the old idea over the new one. I love the little twist to it, the whole Senpai causing Yandere to experience emotions thing, because without him she wouldn’t just….feel anything. It’s not really love or romance, but a way more intense need that requires Yandere to protect Senpai from everyone else at all costs. See, that I could get, because if it was just a regular girl who had an obsession with Senpai, she wouldn’t have much motivation to eliminate anyone who gets close to Senpai–obsessions, you could maybe get over. But feeling no emotions without them? It comes across as way more important, a live-or-die situation. Comparing the old Yandere’s personality (or intentional lack of) to the new one, I don’t know….it just makes her too soft to me. I like the whole emotionless concept, because I haven’t seen many female protagonists out there like Yandere-chan and it really made me like this game. It came across as more original, more moldable to player’s ideas. After all, you are playing as Yandere–the game immerses the player in Yandere’s identity, and I think her emotionless concept really helps with it. Whatever you choose, though, is up to you–given the huge amount of votes for the new idea in the polls, I’m in the minority here, but either way this game will be fantastic when it’s released.

    • Same i like her cold and empty but wouldnt mind angery jealous and sadistic faces and even lust and happiness but i would like to experience these threw my decision making i how i choose to play the game it would up the replay value

  34. idea! offer story mode,challenge mode, and sandbox mode

    story mode offers the story for those of us. Who enjoy stories and lore. Offer back story to yandere Chan and allow us to get to know her.

    sandbox allows us to kill and destroy. an this can allow us to customize the character and have the Easter eggs. have her stay a blank slate.

    And then a challenge mode,is exactly what it means. Given you missions,that are more challenging them the story.

    also complaints will never disappear. so don’t let it get to you.

  35. As of now, I don’t see Yandere-chan’s personality as a very important factor in how people enjoy the game. But, it is true, that such a blank character is boring story-wise (kind of an Anti-Sue). Giving her more story and emotions would make her a much more interesting person, and her dialogue would sound WAY better. The idea of the emotionless girl always rubbed me the wrong way, but I never cared much about it. Making her an “empty” girl would make it easier to imagine her befriending their rivals.
    Speaking of which, and unrelated, shouldn’t we need more elimination methods like befriending and matchmaking? If it becomes possible for a “pacifist” route to happen, it would be a bit boring to do the same two elimination methods ten times, right? (I count the expelled method as kind of in between, but it’s not really pacifist either).

  36. First poll doesn’t work.
    Anyway, Yandere-chan has been my LEAST favorite character of all because I never understood who she was or anything. She was so bland it wasn’t even cool anymore. I think giving her emotions will give us (me?) a reason to actually like her. Strangely enough, Ryoba has been my favorite character even only if its because I heard a few tapes. Its because she has personality, she’s dark, creepy, and cruel, but she’s quite charming too. She maintains both a giddy and dark personality, so much that the giddyness contributes to the darkness. I think Yandere-chan will obviously be a little different than her mother, but I am so glad he finally realized a character with no personality isn’t going to do well, and her new personality will definitely help.

  37. The first poll doesn’t work for me but the rest do :/ But my answer would be that I don’t disapprove of Yandere-chan’s emotionless personality, though the second personality idea for her sounds more appealing x3

  38. Polls don’t work unfortunately for me either..

    Here’s what I think.

    1) I don’t disapprove, but I think some improvements could be made

    2) Honestly I prefer the “She’s been missing a piece of herself until she met him”, it sounds a lot more interesting to me.

    3) no, it’s not too late to change Yan-chan!

  39. Poll won’t work for me on my pc or phone so sorry;
    1. No and Yes. While Emotionless doesn’t translate to boring to me I feel like she need a better mask to hide her true self. If she comes across a quiet blank slate to her classmates it might make her more suspicious. There’s an old saying when it comes to crime “its always the quiet ones.” This is a weird idea but what if you had an option in the settings to adjust her expressions? Or you could go the jrpg route and give her dialog that reveals her personality like in the persona series. Where despite the protagonist being silent and blank they all have there unique feel due to others reactions and they’re dialog choices.

    2. I like the idea of something missing vs being a blank slate. I feel like the aspect of having one thing she just can’t have and that hunger just motivating her to go further and further is more on point of a yandere. Like you said currently she isn’t quite a yandere and I think a big part of that is )Yandere-chan. She’s missing something vital and while I can’t quite explain it has to do with her motivation and how far she would go. There’s a twisted innocence to yandere characters its brutal, selfish and ever so hungry. But there’s also a lonely vulnerability factor to them that makes you want to hug them. It’s a delicate tightrope and I don’t know it’s hard to explain but I know Yandere-chan is not there yet but I feel like this change might help

    3. no go for it ! Look at any game and there are drastic changes made to main characters in a much shorter time frame.

  40. Polls wont work.

    Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s current identity as an “emotionless” character?
    – No, it’s ok, if she is empty. This makes easier to fill her by own emotions and decisions.

    Which of these two identities would you prefer for Yandere-chan?
    – Old one was really crap and too boring, “empty” one is good placeholder for development time, but guess it should be something about her past anyway, but this should be something, that not makes us understand what kind of character she is. It should be on players side to decide how she thinks and how she does her job. So, guess you’re moving in right direction, but need polish it anyway.

    In your opinion, is it too late to change Yandere-chan’s identity?
    – No, it’s not to late. MAYBE it is to early to change it. Finish big gameplay part first and only THEN start to make “history” and things. In other way you can stuck again with your old trouble that you dislike so much. Also, during the development of gameplay you’ll find many new ideas for this history and found yourself with an assembled mosaic of all this thoughts (like that thing with tutorial in drama club, where YanChan founds idea of murdering). Will be better to change it once, but later when you’ll be ready to say that “this story is awesome and I love it”.

    (sorry if my english looks stupid, not my native)

  41. Sorry just thought of something else
    Another thing that might help is if we get some development from senpai after all what’s a yandere without her target. I feel like a few small interactions with him might speak volumes about yandere-chan’s character. Maybe optional missions for senpai that have to be carried out in stealth? Examples could enclude making him bentos, writing, love letters, or dealing with bullies… After all being invisible is one thing being forgotten is another. Just little things so he knows someone is interested in him but this might make him harder to deal with. for instance his aura or range of awareness could grow. Or even his attention on the current rival.

  42. yeah poal isnt working but
    i dont disaprove but i think that it should have some improvement.
    i think the later one, the listless will work best.
    and no, its too late only if the game is more than halfway done.

  43. Really enjoyed the new video. Oddly enough, and I doubt I’m the only one, I pretty much adopted as my headcanon the idea that Yandere-chan did have emotions on some level (it’s not really possible to be human without them) but that they were more or less dulled or nearly dead until she met Senpai. I had a “she’s using him to save herself” vibe from the start. I think that’s probably because my #1 favorite yandere, Yuno Gasai, was like that. At first, she used Yuki as emotions support but, over time, true feelings grew but she didn’t know how to deal with them because she was so broken and the situation they were in was horrible. I’ve always seen Yandere-chan in a similar way, someone desperately seeking the one thing that would give her life meaning and save her from the pit she was in. Then along came a Senpai. Also, loving the new ideas for Kizana. Regal and classy sounds much better.

  44. I would like Yandare-chan to be emotionless but I would still like her to have some kind of emotions and desires. The thing is I think the right way to say this is for her to have at least a small amount of emotions and such but she can just shut the emotions of, become stone cold and emotionless for a while. kind of, i don’t really know but thats what i would like 🙂

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