The Reason Yandere-chan Lacks Emotions

I’ve made progress on Osana, but not enough progress to justify a whole video about the subject. It feels wrong to let two weeks pass without a video, so I’ve decided to make a video about a subject related to the game’s development.

Occasionally, I hear people say that they find Yandere-chan to be a boring character because of her lack of emotions. I felt a need to explain what led me to create that type of character, and that’s what made me decide to create this video. Over the course of this video, I also discussed related subjects, such as whether or not the other characters in the game will be simple or complex, and whether or not the statements in my videos are set in stone, or subject to change.

Spending so much time thinking about these subjects has made me wonder whether or not it would be appropriate to change Yandere-chan’s identity. It feels strange to suggest making significant changes to the protagonist after 3 years, but if the majority of the fanbase is disappointed in her, then it seems like the wise thing to do would be to change the type of character that she is.

In the above video, I proposed the idea of changing her identity from “a girl who can’t experience emotions” to “a girl who can’t experience happiness”. It’s tough to find the right words to describe exactly what I am imagining; I tried to phrase it a few different ways:

  • “A girl who has felt like something is missing for her entire life.”
  • “A lifelong sensation of having a craving that cannot be fulfilled.”
  • “Being unable to ever truly experience happiness.”
  • “A perpetual state of listlessness.”

It’s easy to summarize her current identity with one word: “emotionless”. But, unfortunately, there is no one word that adequately describes the new identity that I’m proposing for her. Terms like “something’s missing” and “perpetually craving” and “never happy” just don’t adequately describe it. I can communicate the concept pretty effectively with a speech in a video or with a bullet-point list, but not with a single phrase or word.

The condition that I’m proposing isn’t something that exists in real life, and it’s also possible that what I’m proposing is something that hasn’t ever been featured in fiction before, either. This would explain why there’s no pre-existing word for it, and no way to succinctly summarize it. It’s almost like we’d have to invent a new word just to describe the condition that I’m proposing.

The closest I can come to summarizing her condition is by calling her an “Empty Girl”. For her entire life, she’s felt hollow and incomplete – but she can’t even explain what’s missing, or what’s wrong. She craves something and yearns for something, but she can’t even explain what that “something” is. Then, on the day she meets Senpai, she finally feels “complete” and “whole” for the first time in her life. There’s no one word that accurately describes exactly how she feels before she meets Senpai, but “Empty” might do the trick for now.

You might be wondering, “Why go through the trouble of changing her identity into something that is difficult to define? Why not give her an identity that is easier to summarize?” Well, if it’s difficult to summarize or explain something because of a lack of comparisons, then it’s clearly something original. If I could summarize it in one word, then it would be something that’s already cliche. This is why I don’t want to take the easy way out and give her an identity that is easy to describe. Get it?

If you’re worried that it’s going to be jarring to adapt to a completely new Yandere-chan, I don’t think you should worry about it. What I’m proposing isn’t too different from her previous identity. In both cases:

  • She cannot experience life in the same way as other people.
  • She’s had an inexplicable, incurable condition her entire life.
  • She pretends to be normal around others in order to avoid negative attention.
  • She doesn’t realize what’s been missing from her life until she meets Senpai.

You might be wondering, “What’s the point of changing her identity, if so little is going to change?” The difference is that an “emotionless” character is like a machine; no personality, no desires, no reason to care about anything. This type of character is boring and uninteresting. But if she can feel emotions – but cannot ever experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness – then she can have a personality, have desires, and care about things, which gives her waaaaay more potential as a character.

Crafting a believable serial killer requires more of an explanation than just “she lacks emotions” or “she felt empty and then found someone who made her feel whole”. I think that Yandere-chan’s nature can be attributed to the way that she was raised by her parents – specifically, her mother.

Yandere-chan’s mother (Ryoba) has gone through the same experience as her daughter – feeling “empty” for nearly two decades. So, she is the only person who could possibly relate to Yandere-chan or give her more information about her condition. Yandere-chan would seek answers from her mother, who would tell her, “One day you’ll meet someone who will make you feel complete,” These words would become a point of obsession for Yandere-chan. She would obsess over the idea of meeting her “prince charming” for over a decade, which explains how she could “fall in love” with a boy after just one meeting, and why she’d be willing to commit multiple homicides for his sake.

Yandere-chan’s father, having knowledge of his wife’s true nature, would do everything in his power to raise his daughter into someone who wouldn’t dare to spill a single drop of blood, which is why Yandere-chan would be willing to consider the possibility of eliminating her rivals in non-lethal ways…but, ultimately, it’s up to the player how Yandere-chan decides to solve her problems.

I don’t want to make any decisions that would anger the majority of the fanbase, so I’d like to ask you to vote on a few polls for me. Please note that the outcome of these polls won’t guarantee my next course of action, so if an option that you dislike is “winning”, don’t freak out about it.

Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s current identity as an “emotionless” character?

Which of these two identities would you prefer for Yandere-chan?

In your opinion, is it too late to change Yandere-chan’s identity?

I’ll look forward to reading your feedback!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

291 thoughts on “The Reason Yandere-chan Lacks Emotions

  1. I was honestly expecting a video on Osana, but this is fine. I honestly don’t care too much about who Yandere Chan is but if I were to pick one thing, I think her being empty is much more interesting.

    • Firstly, I cannot get your poll links to work.

      I really like what you described for Kizana. For Yandere-chan I would love to see the back story you developed if that over arching plot is added, if it is not added the further character development would not be needed for gameplay. Reflecting your choices in how to play would be the second best idea, but you could have that and the listlessness story.

  2. Real talk. So I think Yan-Chan needing Senpai to feel happy is way more realistic than her needing him to feel anything at all. But I wouldn’t want her to be “too” emotional (except when it comes to Senpai). I think it would be cool if she was a combination of the Emotionless Girl and Empty Girl identities. Someone who doesn’t feel much, but isn’t completely blind to feeling. Someone who shows emotion, but only in rare or extreme circumstances.

    • This is a great idea! Maybe the explanation is that because she feels incomplete, she is extremely unhappy (almost depressed, but not) and is lethargic. She doesn’t feel the need to show any emotions like happiness, excitement, or even anger and sadness because she feels so incomplete. I can’t explain the depression thing, because she’s not depressed, she’s just experiencing something similar.

    • You could also combine the two identities by making her “empty” at first, but if you decide to kill your rivals she becomes more and more “emotionless”. In the end, if you killed everyone, she’s turned into the “emotionless” character identity. She could even have a few emotional breakdowns from remorse throughout the story 🙂

  3. What you’ve described Ayano to be sounds more like she’d be a Yangire than a Yandere for example:
    In order to keep the original definition intact, another term has arisen to describe girls who exhibit yandere traits but do not fit the true definition of what a yandere entails. This term, known as yangire (ヤンギレ), refers to characters who snap suddenly out of jealousy, irritation or something similar. Yangire is a combination of the two words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and kire or gire (切れ), meaning to cut, slice, or “to snap”. This behavior is different from that of a yandere character in regard to the motivation that sparked the change in the character. The yandere is motivated through her love for the male protagonist, while a yangire character is motivated through other characters and will not be connected with emotions of love or attraction, such as how you’ve referred to Ayano as being an emotionless girl perhaps not motivated by love, its just a thought.

  4. i think yan-chan is the perfect psychopath. She’s unable to feel empathy, guilt or remorse for her actions, ‘cuz she’s pursuing a “greater good”. i really don’t think it’s necessary to explain this particular condiction about her family (if is not for the sake of the story). yan-chan was rised by a psychopath mother, who fullfilled her head about “love” so yan-chan knows only one type of love and she doesen’t knows that type of love is sick and wrong. she feel complete “loving” sempai. have him means “happyness”. She can’t sense her father like the hostage he is. At her eyes, her mother is happy with her housband and this is the only thing that’s matter.
    so for her is just normal to get what is hers (from her pov, of course).
    Every obstacle between her and her object of desire DESERVES to suffer, DESERVES to be killed. so is “perfectly normal” being cruel, ‘cuz the rival is not just an enemy, but is a real life ruiner. Like is “perfectly normal” find an alternative way. She’s doesn’t mind to kill, but she does mind to be exposed and loosing Senpai for ever.
    I really think the chara is perfect like the way it is. is simple to understand and every choice of the player had an explanation. Plus, i think she is deep enough for the storyline.
    the real chara that needs to be deepen is senpai himself. why he is so popular? is nice person, but he is an average guy. What about him is so special for being liked by so many girls (i’d love to have a male rival btw <3)?
    Sorry for my english, is not my mother language, i hope you can understand me.

  5. Hey there

    I know the majority will vote for her to be an empty girl because thats more relatable and sounds deeper. However to me, the emotionless girl sounds ‘different’ and much deeper than the second one. I dont believe it’d be harder to come up with an interesting characterization and backstory than for the empty girl-variant.

    It doesnt need to be realistic, since its the Yan-genre we’re talking about here. I feel a character being ‘reborn’ (with completely new emotions and feelings) much more amazing and interesting and it gives hell of a lot opportunities, just imagine her turning face/becoming a hero and later not understanding why she did what she did in her moment of ‘positive emotions’, leading her to suddenly feeling deep depression for the first time in her life which in turn makes her completely uncomprehensible for other characters.
    “Hey you saved me! We’re best friends!” well no.

    Since you are working on a deep background story around her family and since she’ll probably have her own personal enemies and allies who shape her, it would feel weird if she got no personality at all by the end of it, especially since she’ll have to be close to Senpai from time to time. Maybe she can start blank and grow with the plot and players actions (you dont have to go too deep on this if its too much work), that’d be really cool. Having a moment with Senpai could be an arbitrarily (non native speaker, might use wrong word here) “LEVEL UP!”-System where the player gets to witness something changing in Yan-chan.

    But you do you, in the end its your game and the main character is very important. I dont know if its worth the risk swimming against the gut feeling of the majority, but I’d do it.

    Good luck and make a great game, am always following the updates

    • Personally, I think Yandere Chan’s current personality is better. The idea that she is totally emotionless, a machine of flesh and bone, and that she is totally dependent on another person to even feel human just feels more original, more unique than a person who just feels like there’s something missing. I don’t like the idea of her being more relatable, because while relatability can be a good thing for conventional protagonists, she is more of an anti-hero. Anti-heroes don’t care about right and wrong, unlike the average person, they are out for themselves and themselves alone. It feels like the new personality would push her closer to a textbook Yandere, making her less original. I know that’s not what you’re trying to achieve, but that’s how I feel that it would turn out.

  6. i have to say if you do change her into an empty character I’d really want you to change her environment to fit as she would be a girl obsessed about love without a target previously and that would be her reputation before the game starts and her personal space would have been filled with love paraphernalia (although by the time the game starts most of that would probably be in a bin by the front door to make way for senpia paraphernalia)

  7. Its better when the last words of Ayano (in the video ad the beginning of the story) is not ,,He don`t have a choice.”
    Better is when Ayano says to her self ,,How……how i can catch my Senpai away from the others?” and then the day beginns with that!
    So the people who playing this game, they can chose the own way, without the mentally problems like ,,Must i kill all the students ore rivals?“
    So its the players choice from that point. And Ayanos background story is much easyier to understand.

    (Sorry for my english im not thw best here)

  8. Senpai suffers from “being the Male protagonist in an anime” disorder. It’s a terrible condition where you find that you have every good looking female around you interested in you but are too mentally impaired to notice

  9. I’d like to talk about yandere-chan loosing sanity, her heart beating faster, laughting, etc. The whole thing with the sanity is an important gameplay relevant feature and i think the “empty” version would give a much better explaination for this than the “emotionless” version. When the original character is commiting murder it was like “Okay, I’ll just do this so I can be happy later.” She doesn’t care if these students live of die so why the high blood pressure? The new version however has been picturing this for all her life. Thanks to her mother she was possibly considering murder for a long time. Now that she met Senpai she doesn’t have to sit in a corner and pity herself anymore! She can finally do some thing to achive that feeling she’s always been missing! When this version is commiting murder she might be thinking “I’m doing it! I’m really doing!” Thinking about this moment for so mamy years has driven her insane, which explains her reaction to murdering.

    Also I personally would prefer if yandere-chan stayed closer to the idea of a yandere (actually loving senpai etc.), but since I don’t know what is planned as an explaination for the condition and why senpai is popular, I can’t really make a suggestion to what should be changed in that matter.

  10. Trending to act psychotic is “an mental illness”, also known as antisocial personality order. A long time ago I spend a lot of my time to investigate these topics. I may know a lot, but not everything. So what I hold in mind was… “psychotic things” are often a consequence from experience a trauma. Well, sometimes it’s just inborn, but most dis or antisocial behaviour comes from strong neglect in childhood. It’s a strategy of the brain (like multi personalities or other things) to protect the victim oft this huge pain (that’s where the feeling of death come from). The third area of the brain.. which is responsible for emotions .. is excessive or situational deactivated. Situational means.. there are some necessary trigger for that depending of the trauma.
    And so it’s for me. I.. for example.. am psychotic (situational). Something like this applies to me. So I can fortify this information about of this sort of “psychotic” people.
    In fact it’s a bit more complicated. I tried to make it short.
    Sorry for my terrible english knowledge
    every psychotic human is a little bit different and may differ from what I described

    • … i missed to add to something about that “strong deficit of the care from the mother in childhood thing”.
      Sometimes it can happen that the victim searches a replacement for that huge deficit.. in which normal childs would die. That’s that obcessive part of “Yandere”.
      If that deficite is not huge enough the victim maybe only become a stalker. I read sometime ago that many stalkers had also an childhood where they are ignored often by the parents, or different heavy influences. For stalker it’s most of the time enough to observe “there senpai/mother-attention-replacement-for-the-life-time”.
      But i have to mention that “Yandere” is not just a fictional type of a human. They exist also in reallife. More or less heavy. And it would be fatal if this sort of reflecting psychotic person in a fictional story would be less realistic.
      In fact these people don’t feel contriction, happyness or other things when they’re in psycho mode. They’re just able to feel adrenaline and fear.

      Probably I forget other important informations.. but that’s it in generel. If there are questions or remarks.. write me on twitter.. or even try to inform yourself

  11. First of all, I apologize if my comment is difficult to understand. English is not my first language, and my level is not exactly high, but I will try my best to explain my ideas.

    I personally don’t have any problem with Yandere’s actual personality, but what you suggest is a very good idea. But, if she’s going to be “human”, we need to make her look human to the player, even if it’s a sick, insane, corrupted human; and so, she will need to have human psychology. What I’m saying is that we need to show her reactions to what happens to her during the game.

    For example, it’s obvious that she will feel frustrated when she forgets to dispose of her victim’s body, and that she will feel happy when she gets any closer to Senpai. But, how will she feel about murder, for example? How will she react when she commits murder for the first time, or when she makes someone kill themselves because she tortured them? She has grown in a society that thinks, knows and teaches that cruelty and murder are unacceptable. So, will Yandere-chan feel regret when she kills someone? Or will she feel happiness, despite everything?

    I think that, like any other human, she will try to justify her actions to herself in order to avoid regret. So, does she have a justification for manipulation, bullying, torture, and murder? Yes, she does: Senpai.

    You mentioned in a previous video that you didn’t want to show Yandere as a good person, but as what she is: a monster. So, I think that a good way to do that would be playing short cut-scenes after the most relevant moments of the game (for example, her first murder), showing her reactions. Imagine Yandere-chan beheading a poor girl that dared to talk to Senpai at lunchtime while repeating “It’s for Senpai, I’m doing this for his love, this is for him, it’s all for Senpai!!”, like a mad scientist. Wouldn’t it be great?

    Also, I noticed that when Yandere-chan murders people, she looks happy. I know that it’s just the result of adrenaline plus a total lack of empathy, but if she isn’t able to feel happiness unless she is with Senpai, why does she laugh when she looks at her classmate’s corpse? Maybe she does it because that means that she’s a step closer to her goal: being with Senpai.

    You also mentioned the possibility of taking the “pacifist route”, and to eliminate rivals without spilling their blood. Of course, it would also be a good idea to show her feelings after doing a “good action”, as her father told her, if the player decided to take that path.

    In that case, the player would have three options: to make Yandere-chan follow her mother’s instructions and to become a monster that would kill someone in order to achieve her goals, to follow her father’s beliefs and trying to get to Senpai without causing any significant damage to anyone, or to follow a weird path between both options (In order to avoid the third possibility, Yandere-chan could become a bit independent after a few choices: for example, if you eliminate a few rivals in a violent way, she will refuse to do something as boring as matchmaking; or, if you eliminate them in a pacific way, she won’t be able to hurt or kill anyone as she feels empathy for them).

    Even if this game is still in an early development phase, I can see that it will become something MUCH bigger and much better than the current builds, and I look forward to help in any way I can. Have a good day!

  12. I really like the idea of her mother telling her that someone would come around. It would be a very interesting detail that explains why Yandere-chan can’t bare to see Senpai with someone else, or why she would do ANYTHING to have him. Maybe she can feel emotions before and actually follow them, but when she met Senpai, she just ignores the pain of guilt in having to do horrible things to the students. I really like the idea of seeing Senpai will give her happiness better because just having a blank slate for a character makes me feel like there’s no point in trying to get the girl we’re playing as, to get what they really wants. I feel like if there’s just a little backstory, it will intrigue me more to finish the story and see how the cut scene will be like, after knowing why Yandere-Chan did all those things, just to get a boy. It’s never too late to fix something or to do something new. The more you wait, the longer it’ll be to make changes. You can always make things better, and I think adding that little bit of backstory, can do just that.

  13. XD What if you need to have a point in language to be Kizana’s friend. So you understand one of the foreign words she says and impress her enough to consider you worth talking to.

    • OMG YES! This would be awesome. Like maybe you can get a dictionary from Info-chan. That could be the way of gaining her friendship if you want to go for the love pairing elimination method 😀 Or maybe you could even teach the potential suitor some words for him to impress her during the love mini game 😀

  14. I really like the way that Yandere-chan has a two-sides personality : a cute and shy little girl on a basis but she turns out a killing monster. During testplaying the game, she sometimes reminded me of the Joker and that is super cool. As you mention in the video, the player has the choice of getting rid of her rivals by using violence or not. I think the player should still have the choice anytime. This is going to sound very philosophical but I think this two-faced personality is a strong reflection of what people call their “demons” : when they wake up everything turns bad and can make you go insane. Maybe the cute Yan-chan has very strong demons sleeping deep inside her, though she’s still conscious of the impact of her acts (killing). And that’s what I love about Yan-chan.

    About backstory, let’s face it : everyone and everything has one. But maybe it would be a good idea if the player has to discover it through secrets, easter-eggs, references, enigmas, riddles, etc … The mysterious tapes is a very good idea for example. In the Arkham video games series, the player has to solves puzzles and riddles to find little pieces of information about some characters backstory. And sometimes the existence of those puzzles are never mentionned anywhere in the game : the player has to discover them, and make conclusion and supposition from what they find.

    Sorry for my poor english, I hope I was understandable.

  15. Why not, during character creation, give an option for the player to give her the backstory they want?
    That, of course, depends on how much said choice would impact actual gameplay and how much work it would be to implement all of them.
    There could be a quote to pick from that characterizes her — like “No matter how closely I imitate everyone else’s behaviour, I still can’t feel what they describe. It changes nothing.”, or “I read and watch and talk and it’s never enough. Not nearly enough. I need more. Something… *more*.”
    (My go-to solution: Both. Both is good.)

    There is a saying which roughly translates to “Making everyone happy is a skill no one has” — There will *always* be complainers, and if it’s just to complain about how you listen too much to your followers instead of just doing your own thing. I can understand minimizing the amount of complains, and taking feedback on things that are/seem to be universally disliked, but I also believe that there is a point at which you are very much allowed to go “No, this is (not) what *I* want and it’ll/it won’t be in there no matter how much you’re yelling and me about it. Not open for discussion.” (And then people will complain about that as well, because that obviously makes you a big fat meanie. Feel free to ignore them, because those are the people who feel entitled about their participation and contributions being what ends up in the game)
    (Why am I telling you all this, you probably got that far about half a year in. Uh, encouragement?)

  16. I see, I really like the “empty girl” scenario, but the fact that if YandereDev decides that she will have one unique personality kind of bugs me. The original character was supposed to be just a “vessel” for our actions: no emotions, feelings, personality. So, just giving her one personality seems kind of…”off”.
    I may have a solution for this: what if we could “control” or “influence” Yandere-Chan’s personality?
    We could select a pre-set personality at the beginning of the game trough character creation, each personality (or “acted” personality) giving different perks, for example: a shy personality could help her go unnoticed, an outgoing one boosting her popularity, a sadistic type enabling various elimination methods…
    Another option would be that our actions trough the games would change her personality and ultimately leading to a custom ending: slaughtering many students could make her a psyco type, leading to an ending where she wins Senpai’s heart by eliminating all her rivals and becoming extremely jealous of any person he has contact with, maybe killing them too; winning without killing anybody could make her a loving wife and let her live a “normal” life.
    Those are just some suggestions I have for the game, altought probably they won’t be included since YandereDev-Sama doesn’t accept new suggestions ç_ç

  17. I’m looking for the yandere simulator related game aren’t gore and blood or killing for the revenge. I want to see if someone can change from yandere to non-yandere simulator games. Means with a normal Japanese school life. But my dream is about the story is little the same compairing to yandere simulator somehow it needs to be more romantic relate and free roam around school. That’s the game!!! The game i am looking for with no blood, no killing or murder, maybe some bully or gossip, or horror. I hope this future game that i have been dreaming of it will coming true one day. I like yandere sim but not too much blood or killing or dark evil. It’s Raise a lot of concern for me a lot though. No offending! I’m just come here and telling you guys with respect about the game. Thank you for listening. This is my second reply in case if other page aren’t notice me.

  18. *warning: bad English*
    I really like the current personality of Yandere-chan and don’t think it needs to be changed.
    Anyway, I’m also not very into this “Empty Girl” idea. “A girl who can experience emotions, but is unable to experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness” – yep, that’s the definition for 99% of girls. Full satisfaction and happiness is not a common thing at all. That would just turn Yandere-chan into an ordinary teenage girl waiting for her special one. Is this the plan? I seriously doubt that an ordinary girl with emotions could ever bring herself to kill a person, even for the sake of fulfillment and happiness, no matter how obsessed she is with the idea of her special one. This is just too unrealistic. If a normal girl did kill someone, she would just faint or histerically cry over a corpse instead of getting rid of all the traces and going home like nothing happened. For an average teenage girl, there is no motivation strong enough to do cruel things Yandere-chan is able to do without being shocked or severly pshychologically damaged by what she’s done. Only a person with no emotions at all could think of, let alone do, anything like that.
    In my opinion, computer game characters are not the same as book or movie characters. Their depth mostly depends on the number of opportunities a game developer gives to a player, not on their backstories or anything else. Just as you said in the video: it’s up to a player whether Yandere-chan is bloodthirsty, or cunning, or peaceful, etc. Player’s choices and interpretation is what really makes a character interesting.

  19. Lack of parents, or bad relationship with parents, can make one emotionless, this is proven by psychological reasarch. Maybe her parents were just negligent, and this caused her to be emotionless, and lacking empathy. Or maybe she had bad childhood, and traumatic past. This also can cause psychosis… Or maybe it is all about that.

    Maybe Senpai, have saved Yan-Chan from girls mocking her (because she is standing alone, because she doesn’t socialize, etc.)… that would make only sense for her to fall in love in them…

    This would make more compelling storytelling.

    I am telling that from my own experience, bad relations with people, and others mocking you, can make you lack empathy to others, and make you treat them like worms. I was mocked in my childhood, and right now, I realy don’t have any empathy to other people. I am not a psychopath, but I just don’t feel anything towards others. Fortunately for me I had loving family, which made my personality less psychotic I guess.

    But combining those factors : Negligent parents, that allow you to do anything you want, lack of siblings, other people mocking you, and keeping you out of the society, can make you quite antisocial person. Maybe until High school, Yan-Chan had been mocked by her classmates, and once when it happened, Senpai intervened, and she fell in love with him because of that reason. It would make it very realistic story. Belivable, but plain, not requiring anything special in order to work.

    • I get where you’re coming from, but as Yandere Dev wrote in his post; an emotionless character has been done before and it’s not unique. Even if you give her a clear reason for being the way she is, it will still play into one of the cliche character tropes (if you go for emotionless). I think Yandere Dev has a real opportunity to make a great and unique character here, and his idea is brilliant in my opinion. It would make the game a lot more interesting if she felt conflicted about killing people and if he added some cut scenes or dialogue where she breaks down from regret it could be even better.

  20. I can’t leave a vote on the poll, since it’s just coming up as a blank page for me, but I’ll give you my thoughts: I don’t think it’s too late to make the change you are considering here. As you said, it doesn’t change a whole lot of what is currently established, or much of how Yan-chan behaves.

    That said, I think that there is a lot of room for the “emotionless” character we already know to actually *be* deeper than you’re giving her credit for. Going to your metaphor of being unable to feel warmth, see, or hear for your entire life, I remembered this movie scene I saw in a psychology class, where a man who had been blind for all his life had surgery to make his eyes work. When the doctors took off the bandages, he completely freaked out, because he had *never* experienced sight, and didn’t know how to handle it. It was painful, disorienting, and deeply alarming.

    Now imagine that Yandere-chan goes through life, just going through the motions. She’s not aware of any sort of feelings, and doesn’t really give a damn about anything, she just does what’s expected of her because it’s the easiest thing to do. Then, when she’s ~16, she meets Senpai, and he awakens these completely foreign feelings in her. Sure, she becomes addicted, but she also becomes confused, even terrified. Suddenly, she’s overwhelmed by these sensations and emotions that she has *absolutely* no context or point of reference for, and doesn’t know how to handle them, so she freaks out.

    Because she’s never felt anything for anybody but Senpai, she’s perfectly willing to kill people that get in the way of her happiness; after all, she might very well see everyone else as being like she used to be. If she does things nonviolently, perhaps it’s because she’s developing empathy. If she murders everyone who gets in her way, perhaps she just doesn’t feel that anybody matters except for her and Senpai. I feel like Yandere-chan as she exists today has plenty of room for growth, if handled properly.

    I wouldn’t be angry or disappointed if you decided to change her character like you said in the video/post, but I *do* like her as is, and think that there is opportunity to have the best of both worlds with this.

    (Also, I *really* like your idea regarding the new version of Kizano’s personality.)

  21. Hey yanderedev, about your confusion in yandere chan I really dont think you should stick on the poll you make. There might be expection for her to be like yuno gasai type. But Yandere chan is a perfect example for a yandere girl. The words Empty or Emotionless are almost the same thing and they are poorly made. Here is how it works, yanderes most likely to be intellectual so the people near by them or normal stuff in daily life doesnt pleases them but when they find a key, a passage to their idealized life which is most likely to be a guy (which is delusional) they never let it go if they want to live. And so the dullness in their life dissapears because other people are nothing more than objects and killing them is natural, the guy makes her to realize that, Like a trigger to her normal self and Im not talking about terms of yan or dere thing. This is what is realistic and if you change her persona even in the best way possible it ll look flat either way. If she is a yandere she already has this, it is not something deep. There is nothing to change. Whats wrong is most people dont get this too easily, most likely because you werent able to show it properly in your intro. You should make the video again and I highly suggest that you should change the character style and facial gestures. And if you want people to understand yandere chan’s true nature dont start on the first day of school. Or maybe add some stuff later. I belive the reason Yan chan seems boring in your videos is that you didnt make any reference to there is a good reason for her boring and apathetic reactions. So they are mistaken her for a flat character.

  22. The poll links don’t work-

    In my opinion, I’d love it if you continued to work on the backstory you had in mind! I never actually thought of Yandere-chan as an complete empty shell with no backstory. I always imagined there would be something more to her then what meets the eye. A backstory is what would make the game worth playing, atleast to me. Since it makes you look forward to see the ”plot” and continue playing the game since it grabs your curiousity. I like the idea that is up to the player to decide how you would prefer to play the game, maybe it would cause for different outcomes. At the same time I also like the idea that you have no choice but to kill the rivals, but that would make the game very ”shallow”. I think if you had different outcomes it would make the game worth playing again.

    Maybe the plot could be so ”detailed” that it makes it worth playing it again to find out more details about the game that are vital for the plot, details you didn’t notice at first. Details that make you go:”MY GOD- OF COURSE!”

  23. I honestly never considered yandere-chan “emotionless” exactly. more like she was “incomplete” or “missing something” and that my decisions as the player would define her. there are several endings planned based on many choices the player makes and if yandere-chan is emotionless other than her desire for senpai it may make completing the game an unsatisfying experience for the player as they may feel like those choices were not very significant in defining the protagonist. I really want my choices to matter and define yandere-chan. If I go a bloodthirsty route I want yandere-chan characterized as a vicious monster. if i go a cunning route i want her defined as an intelligent, creative person and if i go the nonviolent route i want her defined as a nice, loving, friendly person who peoplewill love and respect especially considering everythingfrom what eliminationto your reputationto other substories can make major changes to your ending and want to see various outcomes from this.

  24. So, I think it may be interesting to take a page from Greek myths, with two in particular. The stories of Sisyphus and Tantalus.

    A lot of people are probably familiar with Sisyphus to some degree. The man who forever rolls a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down as it reaches the top. It’s a story of monumental efforts in the face of failure.

    However, one that I think less people are aware of is the story of Tantalus. A man who is exactly as you describe Yandere-chan. Forever starving, forever thirsty, yet when he tries to reach the fruits of the trees, the trees themselves move their branches out of his reach so that he may never eat, and when he goes to drink, the waters recede out of his reach, so that he may never drink.
    What ties them together? Both are terrible punishments by the gods for the sins of these men. So why not Yandere-chan?

    Emotionless is not characterless. There are flat characters, but they’re not emotionless, right? It’s just their expression is badly written, badly presented. That does not mean that she is a flat character, though! Her blankness is interesting because it is so, eh, “unnatural,” let’s say. Even silent protagonists can have a sense of personality to them through their actions and the way other characters respond to them. Yet her personality is that she she does not show her personality. She can feel, but never “feeeeeeel,” you get me? Except for one thing.

    What I’m saying is, is what if this isn’t simply a “condition,” but a curse? A divine punishment for a sin that a member of her family committed long ago. Maybe something they did to their partner, or maybe it was something to a blessed couple, hell, maybe even against a divine themselves.

    Maybe finding “love” is simply part of this Tantalusian fate. I like the idea that she can feel emotions, but those emotions should be driven entirely by her own self-interests, and the “Empty Girl” comes from the inability to attain, to appease, to satiate those self-interests. She desires but can never have. She can feel but can not express. Her caring for things are only in relation to how they affect her. Even her obsession for senpai firmly revolves around that SHE feels the way she does. And that is the punishment, one that her mother never really conquered, and now one she, Yandere-chan, is being consumed by as well: she has no feelings towards others except one other person, and that is senpai. Externally, she is the “empty girl,” but internally, well, to use a quote as a metaphor, “I have no mouth and I must scream.”

    There’s a lot of interesting stories in the myths of the world. You should check some out, maybe it’ll give you inspiration or a new idea. I hope this gives you some food for thought!

  25. Actually an ’empty yandere-chan’ is a really good idea. It makes the game feel more personal and sandbox-like. It’s like you can mirror your own psychotic side in Yandere-chan. Though I think this would still be possible if she had a little bit of backstory.

    But I adore the part about ‘developing’ her character/personality through your choices and way of playing. It reminds me of the ‘playstyle’-thingy in Assassins Creed which changes depending on your style of fighting (stealth, brute force, ranged etc.) and would make the game worth playing several times to try out different styles.

    // Maybe these predefined ‘styles’ could also unlock special elimination methods/weapons?? //

    Also I thought about the idea of mum and dad raising her differently and thought that maybe there could be a ‘mum-way’ to play the game and a ‘dad-way’… like… something that affects the ending? Collecting mum- and dad-points maybe?

  26. with the size of the lore, maybe an emotionless protagonist isn’t a good idea.
    the idea is good, but for me it doesn’t really fit with all the game possibilities.
    the best example is all the secrets of the lore.

    there are so many secrets, this game could be for people who like mysteries, so Ayano should have a reason to like mysteries or at least to see an interest in them.
    if Ayano is emotionless, how could she even care of sayko secrets, the journalist situation, the familial madness, the secret of the ghost, the secret of the cherry tree, ect.

    most of your fans are curious about what will happen in the game, the little details you placed. if midori is always curious, it’s because we are. so, she should at least have the possibility to be a little curious. not necessary as curious as midori, but enough to be intrigued when she heard someone talk about a mystery

  27. I can’t seem to reach any of the polls, so I’m just going to post my thoughts here: I don’t mind Yandere-chan being emotionless, that’s actually pretty close to psychopathy, a documented psychological condition. However, the “hungering” backstory is pretty interesting, and I’d like to see that added in. And no, I don’t think it’s too late to make changes to the game’s protagonist.

  28. I think no emotion coming from ayano wouldn’t leave any room for interesting character development. I’d love to see slight emotions from her. It would also be interesting to hear her say something under her breath about certain topics.
    At the same time I wouldn’t want her to be extremely girly or ‘dere’. She is the protagonist after all, it would be unfair to see her as an empty husk killing machine but then see more interesting characters from the saikou family. To put it harshly I’d be quite bored with her lack of emotion, all we would know is that she’s obsessed with her senpai. Not saying that the idea should be scrapped (its the reason for the game after all).
    I just think another ending to ayano’s story could maybe be about her ending this “curse” in the aishi family line. I think instead of being rejected, or winning the game (peacefully or psycho-like) there could be a possibility of her starting to fill that empty whole she’s been missing her whole life without the need of her senpai. She could finish this on going aishi curse, and live life enjoying all the little things she never got to enjoy before or continue this feeling of emptiness in her family line forever, the choice would be in her hands.

    • I’d also like to mention that this shouldn’t change Megami wanting to get rid of you. Megami would still try to get ayano arrested but without any proof megami would start going crazy because she thinks you’re a killer but can’t prove it. If this ne ending did become part of the game, Ayano would realize she doesn’t need her senpai at the end of the game.

  29. I like the idea of her being able to feel emotions. It makes her character more interesting and also more logical. For example, why would she want to be liked by the rest of the school (keep her reputation up) if she didn’t feel any emotions? Yes, you could argue it’s because she wants a clear path to her goal, but I’ve always felt like she deep down wants to be liked and normal. She doesn’t like to be the odd one out and wishes to be like everyone else and experience life normally. If you go with the new idea then Senpai could be her “gateway” to a normal life, because he makes her feel like she belongs and gives her a true reason to live.

    It can be tricky to change the identity of a character this late on in development, but at the same time – if it makes the game better, then what’s wrong with it? What made me interested in Yandere Simulator was the new consept and idea, but what really hooked me was the rivals and their unique personalities. I want to experience the rivals unique story in the game and that’s a big reason why I’m looking forward to this game so much. If Yandere-chan also had a cool and deeper backstory, it would just make the game more interesting and fun to play I think. Depending on how you go about revealing her (and other character’s story) it could also give the game a ton more replay value.

    The most memorable villains are the ones that are fleshed out and relatable. Even though the player won’t be a murderer (I hope), they might still be able to relate to yandere-chans desire for happiness. Think about Light from Death Note for example. He was a horrible person that did a lot of despicable things, but he’s still loved by a lot of people because he was relateable and had a clear and even noble goal. It was just his means of achieving that goal that made him the bad guy.

  30. How about this? I think Yandere chan should be a happy and a nice girl in outside but feel nothing inside because that way everyone will be friends with her and not think she suspicious at all and about the encounter or how she will fall in love with senpai it’s easy yandere chan hear or meet senpai in a interesting way OR she have a friend that REALLY know senpai or some of her friends MATCHMAKING her with senpai but I think the one who should friends with yandere chan is Budo because he in the same classroom with senpai and you could make Budo yandere chan childhood friends BTW I think it will be nice to see yandere chan that everyone think nice and innocent is a psychopath and a murder Oh! and I think it will nice to have two endings like when you kill all the rival in a bad way it will be bad ending where when one of the rival confess they feelings towards senpai and he accept it yandere chan will be heartbroken and kill the girl and senpai after that herself and the happy ending is where she just talk nicely to them OR matchmaking them,with someone else will probably make senpai think she is nice and when one of the rival confess they feelings towards senpai he will reject it because he fall in love with yandere chan but it just my opinion ^w^ (I HOPE YOU READ IT T^T)

  31. Mostly because of what you talk about around 10:00, I would stick with the “emotionless” approach.If you give a more complex background to Yandere-chan in order to justify or explain why she is the way she is and the things she does it will most probably contrast with one or more playstyles.

    A good and well based explanation for her personality as a sadistic psychopath, for example, won’t probably work with a non-violent approach. It will seem like the character background does not apply to the one you created with your own actions.

    You could change it at this point or in the future, of course, but I would prefer this element of the game to stay the way it is. Maybe you could explore it a little more, give it a better background/explanation or add some story elements, but the “emotionless” character fits the premise perfectly.

    Ps.: also, the links for the polls are not working. 😉

  32. For some reason, the polls aren’t working for me, so I’ll say this. I like your ideas for the character and the story. The character’s background reminds me of a modern-day Tantalus, which doesn’t get explored that much in media nowadays. The story almost seems like a deconstruction of Shel Silverstein’s “The Missing Piece”.

  33. the poal link doesn’t work for me,, it is a blank white screen on my tab. i have the newest version of windows 10 and the site has worked before but nothing comes up so i can’t answer your poal but i believe the new identity is an easy change,, good for character,, and people have already done it for their fan videos before. like the epic rap battle fan video yandere chan experiences an emotion,, but not a really happy or “good” emotion

  34. Honestly, as she is now, yandere-chan is one of the most bland characters. I think what she really needs is to show some kind of facade of outward emotions. If you consider yanderes like gasai yuno or shion sonozaki, they’re deeply emotionally disturbed, but still maintain a facade of being normal and kind. I think it’s ok to still keep her as emotionless, only feeling things around senpai—I think she just needs more of a personality to be more likeable.

  35. Personally, I think it would be WAY more realistic with the ‘craving that cannot be fulfilled’ idea rather than the other ideas. I also agree that it would be better for Kizana to value creativity! It matches her better.

    • I agree! It makes the game more interesting to have detailed, thought-out and relatable characters and I feel like both of these ideas would make the game more enjoyable for the player.

  36. In my opinion, I feel it would make Yandere-Chan a stronger character if she had more personality. It feels as though she isn’t really a character sometimes; She doesn’t have any wants needs or anything that makes her a person. Although she has the desire to be with Senpai to keep her “awakened”, she has no traits, hobbies, interests etc. I feel she is more of a machine in fact, with nothing that makes her interesting or relatable to the player.

    Yandere-Chan is a simple character, and it feels like not as much thought or consideration has been put into her in contrast to the other characters. I don’t think Yandere-Chan needs much change, just enough to make her a character instead of just a way to carry out a motive.

    One last thing, I feel like something that would improve Yandere-Chan as a character would be to have her more involved with Senpai. If Yandere-Chan needed Senpai to truly be happy it would make sense that she would try to do as much as possible to be near him, instead of just eliminating those close to him. While Yandere-Chan strives to become closer to Senpai, she doesn’t actually do much to be with him besides killing off opponents.

    In fact, the game keeps you distanced from Senpai, as he gets weirded out by you when you’re near him. Would it not make sense to implement a strategy to more succesfully stalk Senpai? Nothing really changes with Yandere-Chan when she is near him, it just makes her shy. I feel like it would be helpful in character development to show how being around Senpai makes Yandere-Chan happier, or more alive. Once again, its one of those small things that makes Yandere-Chan a character instead of just a shell.

    I hope some of this has been helpful, or even constructive. Best Wishes in developing!

    • Here’s an idea to justify the distance from Senpai: she’s really shy and still adjusting to all these emotions, or else incredibly nervous about messing up her One Chance At Happiness, but at least once a week or during the weekend Yandere-chan has a chance to do some little things to get closer to Senpai, like leaving a note in his locker as a secret admirer. She’s waiting out to make her move but all these much bolder and more “normal” girls keep getting in her way, because they don’t understand how terribly she needs Senpai.

      It makes her an interesting character in that it means that the player has the chance to play out the Desperate First Crush taken to an extreme, and whether or not the player decides to go down this sympathy building path rather than pursue a more violent path (like using that time to get more money to eliminate future rivals or something similar) OR mixing the two in a “this week sympathy, next week murder” way can have impacts on the ending.

  37. How about you release a version of the game that includes the changes that you think should happen and then let the community decide which version we like best? Thanks! ^_^

    • more like a video. It should be like a quick demo of all the changes to the game that way, we could see what it looks like and we can give our feedback of the demo

  38. I actually really like the new concept. I wanna hear more about momma yandere and I’d love to hear more about her family. It kinda creates a sense of ‘lore’ in the game but the way you explain it, it kinda feels optional. so if you don’t wanna focus on the ‘lore’, you don’t have to.

    I would LOVE a ton of lore easter eggs and bits hidden around the game. I feel that would be an excellent way to build a story without forcing the player to take their eyes off of the gameplay too much. So if the player cares for the story, they can focus on it and really jump into it. Maybe have the opinion to trigger more lore heavy events? Just an idea from a writer and plot enthusiast.

    Also I’d like to see a combo of emotionless and empty. I also love using yandere’s mom to kinda explain that. It’s alluring to me cause I’ve never heard of the idea of a whole family line of yanderes… it’s usually mommy was schizo and then daughter was yandere kinda deal. Either way I love watching the development of this game. o/

    • I only get a white screen as well. I used both Google Chrome and a mobile browser, both with the same results.

  39. YANDEREDEV!YANDEREDEV!,i think you should make Ayano a deeper character maybe with some sorth of backstory.Like if some sort of event in Yandere-Chan’s past made her become an emotionless girl(I’m not a writer so i’m not good at stories).

  40. I love the idea of her being ’empty’. I’d love to vote on the poll, but for some reason the link isn’t working.

  41. I’d love to vote, but I can’t access the polls either. The links just lead to a blank page. 😦

    I don’t really care for Ayano being emotionless, I’d like her to be able to show emotion, and to exhibit emotions towards other characters rather than talking blankly to them and they don’t seem to notice. I like the idea of the player determining her personality with their choices. As far as her interests go, perhaps the player also determines those, since you already have the option of reading manga, playing video games, and choosing what clubs she joins.

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