New Video Coming Soon

I’m sorry! While I was producing my next video, I felt extremely dissatisfied with it, so I decided to revise it. I removed lame sections, added new sections, re-worded awkward portions of the script, re-recorded disappointing parts of the narration, and requested some new artwork. The narration now runs for 15:35 total, and, so far, I’ve produced 12:48 of the necessary material. This means that about 3 more hours of work are necessary in order to complete the video…but I’m exhausted, so I will have to resume working on the video tomorrow.

In the meantime, I want to share something else with you! First, a bit of backstory:

In the second half of 2014, I started creating an intro cutscene for Yandere Simulator. I produced four videos in total:

Unfortunately, there was a very strong negative reaction to these videos. Many people complained that the protagonist didn’t seem like a yandere girl, and that Info-chan was playing too large of a role in the game’s story. People didn’t like the idea of the protagonist being coaxed into becoming yandere; they wanted a girl who was yandere right from the outset, without any influence from a secondary character.

A fifth video was planned, but was never made. This fifth video would have shown the protagonist’s obsessive, psychotic side, and would have made it clear that she was yandere way before Info-chan ever suggested the idea of murder. However, because of the negative reception that the first four videos received, I decided to just scrap that whole storyline and go with a completely different characterization for the protagonist.

Earlier this month, a team of people called “Sakura Media” launched the first episode of “Lovesick”, an animated series based on Yandere Simulator. The first episode is largely a re-creation of the original intro cutscenes that are linked above, but with better models, better animations, the addition of music, and different dialogue. Even though this storyline was abandoned three years ago, I think it’s sooooo cool to see those old videos from 2014 being re-created with much better production values!

I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to finish and release my next video tomorrow. I hope that “Lovesick Episode One” keeps you entertained until then!

Thank you for your patience!

35 thoughts on “New Video Coming Soon

    • It’s so good right? You know what! It will be AWESOME to make it as a anime cartoon series on TV!
      Anyone agree with me???

  1. I actually went back maybe a year or so ago and watched the introduction sequence you had originally planned. I wouldn’t have minded it if I knew that the fifth part would have shown she was really a yandere even before Info Chan tried to persuade her. It’s actually a really interesting plot if we got to see it to the end. I wish you wouldn’t have given up without sharing the entire story. Oh well. I’m fine with where it’s at now too. And the fan video was awesome!

    Can’t wait to see the video you produce tomorrow.

  2. I like YanSim’s initial concept much more than the actual. The designs; how Ayano was an adorable and realistic yandere instead of a edgy kuudere; and the story was like of one of those moe animes: cute, funny, but also had its serious moments. I don’t like how the game turned so serious and adult, I prefer when it was simple and fun

    • P.S. Ayano was already a yandere in those intros because she’s cute but have a sick sense of love. A yandere doesn’t need to be like those yanderes who are like weaboos. Info-chan just gave a push to Ayano take an action, Ayano felt better because there were someone by her side. If she wasn’t a yan, she wouldn’t hear Info-chan’s words.

  3. That was fun to watch.
    I’ve been a fan of the “Lovesick” game title since first mentioning of an alternate title, and hope that is what it remains come time for finalization. Keep up the great work, YanDev!!! *Two Thumbs WAAAAAYY Up*
    BTW – Love the Cantarella outfit!! (^.^)

    • Oh! I guess I should give credit where credit’s due, after all. So…

      “Nice work, Sakura!! If you need any male VO in any future installments, I’d be willing to audition.”

  4. Heh, I remember watching those ages ago but not really knowing where the negative response was attacking – I guess it was in some comment section I’ve never read.
    All the same, refreshing to see a reimagining of those old clips but those varicrose veins on the necks was kinda off-putting.

  5. That was great Yandere Dev! Can’t wait for part two! Thanks for showing us something that others had made for Yandere Simulator!

    Also, keep doing what your doing! It’s amazing to see such a great game, and it’s still in development!

  6. Lovesick is very accurate name for that video. Especially the “sick” part. The weird CG animation made me uncomfortable. But hey. They did facial animation better than Bioware could ever hope to achieve 😉

  7. mmmmm
    If you see all anime yanderes are not kuderes and whitout feelings. ( shion-higurashi- yuno-mirai nikki- …)
    It´s a simple girl who love a boy and gets angry when another girl is near of her love.
    I dont like the idea of “Yandere is a kawai girl and info chan can transform her in 1 hour from being a sweet girl to a murderess without feelings”, its illogical.
    Remember, she is a monster, but the story need more sense.
    I think that Yanderedev have a good history for us, but make a midpoint in the yandere character.

  8. It doesn’t really fit the idea that someone just influence another person in a couple of minutes to kill a bunch of persons because of their newspaper… It took a lot of things besides of that to get something like that, a bigger manipulation of someone… And with that, it’s even BETTER the actual idea of an empty girl that doens’t have any feeling until she see the colors for the first time.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I liked the video, but… The story just doesn’t work. It’s bettter the game how it is right now.

  9. YandereDev, a sugestion: create a two-ways story, when the player choose if Ayano is a psycho or Ayano is be manipulated by Info-chan to murder’ them all
    pleeeeaaaase, I do reeeeaaaly love the original route, and I believe this story has potencial

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