The Curious Case of Kokona Haruka

Sorry for the wait! Here’s the latest video.

This is another “tying up loose ends” video; a video where I discuss a lot of subjects that I’ve always wanted to talk about, but never had a reason to bring up in the past.

224 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Kokona Haruka

  1. YES, DO IT! @ 9:00 But MOST drama clubs have an “extra” or “super” that are lookalikes so that the lead cast member can take a break, or quickly come in for another scene in a different, more complex outfit after a shorter, less significant scene.
    I know that you don’t take suggestions, but this would add a touch of reality to the game, especially regarding drama clubs in school and in major broadway productions.

  2. [warning: friendly rant]
    Y’see, Yandev.. this is where the issue kicks in.
    A few of us don’t mind, a few of us like the hairstyle tons. Whatever you do, though, it’s probably a good idea to differentiate.
    What you showed there, though, bud.. was fanart from the kiddos. The kiddos too young to play a serial killer game. These kiddos, they’ve practically taken poor Kubz hostage. They’re aaaaabsolutely in love with Koko and Rival-chan and Osana.. and they’re the mostly vocal ones about Koko. I know there are a few of us, myself included, who DO like Koko’s hair, but the lil’ kiddos are the most persistent ’bout it. They’re gonna keep glorifying Koko as practically the main character.
    (..these are also 99% of the people who ship Ayano and Budo.. even though that defeats the entire purpose of Yansim.)
    Chu gotta find a way to, ehm.. *filter out* the kiddos a lil’ bit. They’re starting to flood YTer pages. I made a test video a while back titled ‘Budo X Ayano’ to see how many people I’d attract (20k apparently), and it’s getting annoying seeing these people take Yansim and turn it into OMG OSANA SIM LOL LET’S KILL PEOPLE AS A RIVAL BC RIVALS TOTALLY KILL PEOPLE i hate ayano umggg budo ❤
    You got this, though. I believe in ya. Good luck, bud. ^^

    • I totally agree. It’s getting annoying. I’ve hated Ayando since day 1 and these kids are going out of hand.

      I’ve seen NUMEROUS kids clamor into Yan Dev’s videos commenting any of those things you’ve mentioned or “Hi!! Im eight!!!” Or other comments of that nature.

      Even on Wattpad, too. I’ve been using Wattpad for nearly a year now and I’m getting sick of all those people who wrote on their profile bio “Hi!!! I’m (username) and I love Yabdere Sim!!!!! Im ten by the way!!” when Wattpad does NOT allow users who are below twelve or thirteen.

      Even Yandere Dev has expressed his annoyance towards those kids multiple times. A handful of which were in his videos, but is also expressed during his Q&A Twitch streams.

      I wish he could filter them out.

    • Yandere Dev doesn’t mind Ayando though? The artist of an Ayando doujin,”Tsubaki” was the artist for the male rival introduction. He also said he loved the comic. He also said on a stream he doesn’t tolerate ship shaming as he put it.

      • @Sylver never said that Yandere Dev didn’t like Ayando. But he did say once that he won’t implement a sort of “alternate ending” many Ayando shippers have requested where, as many want, Ayano gets Budo instead of Taro after being rejected.

      • Yeah, of course he won’t put an alternate ending. It defeats the purpose of the game. But my point was there’s no reason to hate the ayando shippers.

  3. I think that if you make Kokona change her hairstyle,it should return to her normal hairstyle once Kizana is eliminated. I like the tutorial idea for Kokona tho ^*^

  4. Just throwing this out there, how about a scene where a completely innocent Kokona gets accidentally killed by Yandere-chan under the presumption that she is Kizane? Of course, this could just be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a case of purposeful misdirection by an enemy…

    Any thoughts?

    • If what I hope comes true, that Kizana and Kokona are twins (I like this idea because it would show that Kizana does have a soft side for her sister buried under the bitchyness) Then maybe on one day they might, just for the fun of it completely try to switch places. Because of this you might accidentally kill Kokona. (Of course you wouldn’t know when this day is unless you were told previously, so you would have to test everyday to make sure your trying to kill the right person)

  5. What if you made them relatives? Like Kokona being the younger relative and wanting to emulate Kizana somewhat because of how popular she perceives her cousin to be? Cause tbh, I still like the idea of the Rainbow Girls being in the cooking club.

  6. I love the idea of having club members stick out apart from the rest of the school by having unique features like chokers and what not, but personally I’m not for the whole “drill-hill heirarchy” and “purple hair only” approach. The “drill-hair heirarchy” kinda defeats the purpose of Kizana wanting to bully Kokona for having a similar hairstyle. While one tactic may be used in place of another, it’d be a cooler move to showcase what kind of person Kizana really is by having her copy the hairstyle and bully Kokona to pick a different look. Like countless people before me, why not go for specific accessories to have the members stand out? For example, when Ayano joins a different club, she’s given a new accessory such as a hairclip or a neckerchief that obviously shows what club she’s in. Many people have suggested roses showcasing the heirarchy, which is a good idea, but another idea could be hairpieces or pins that they wear on their uniforms that show case that they’re obviously in the drama club, but also show their rank in the club as well.

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE the tutorial idea. It’s a lot more of a natural approach and incredibly clever! It’s not as jarring as having a stereotypical basic introduction to game mechanics.

    • Agreed. I wasn’t really a fan of the multi-drills, as I thought they were rather ugly and presented problems with presentation. However I love the idea of showcasing Kizana’s bitchiness through her illogical thought process and dysfunctional personality.

      Further more, I adore the idea of the tutorial on SO MANY LEVELS. First off it is totally unique to YanSim, secondly it makes sense in context of the story, and thirdly it gives an wink and a nod to anyone who followed the development of the game as an entirely appropriate and somewhat ironic Easter egg.

  7. The tutorial idea is probably the best one. I’m also for the idea of drama club members looking similar but the drill hierarchy is really cringe lol. They’re gonna end up looking like someone’s bunch of bad OCs lmao.

  8. I like all the suggestions you made, but I’ve always had an idea of my own about it. What if her and Kizana were sisters? If so, then eliminating Kokona might be a step you take in order to go through with getting Kizana to kill herself, or perhaps you could kidnap her to force Kizana to stay away from senpai. Plus, to befriend her you might have to help the two of them reconcile, because of some past issue that is causing conflict between the two of them. That might explain why Kizana and Kokona have the same hair, since Kokona probably looks up to her and want’s to imitate her (Or maybe it’s the other way around, and Kizana acts so stuck up to hide that.)

  9. Long time follower of Yandere Simulator.. upset that Kokona will be placed to a minor role 😦 I don’t feel the urge to destroy Kizuna as much as Kokona.

  10. Reason being… Kizuna seems to cliche “full of herself. Snotty character” whereas Kokona actually has layers and has you kinda stopping yourself from WANTING to destroy her as your rival and makes it feel more like an actual choice than a forced decision.

    • I think that if you stalk her, (as you will have to in order to kill her) it would be cool if you found a soft side to her, one that isn’t the stereotype you think of when you first see her.

    • Kizana has a planned background story, if you placed Kokonas story with Kizana you’d feel bad for her too, every rival will be deeper than they appear so Kokona is only liked now because she’s the only character with a story.

    • Kizana DOES have layers. She has a planned backstory already. And just so you know, her personality is based off of the anime character archetype of a “himedere” which is a character who appears egotistic and arrogant but actually has a kinder and more affectionate side.

  11. Very great suggestions. They all sound like a good plan to somehow connect them.
    The theater tutorial sounds like a very interactive concept that can be really usefull for helping new players to learn the game mechanics.

    But, if I may add another potential story element for the 2 of them:
    What if Kokona and Kizana are (step)sisters? And Kizana is the reason that Kokona is forced into compensated dating?
    The player can then use Kokona as a way to eliminate Kizana (brainwash/accomplice (for Kokona’s revenge)/pretending to help/etc.)

  12. I think the hairstyle hierarchy is kinda stupid. And personally, I don’t think they would all have purple hair. It doesn’t really look right. Not to mention that Kokona is in the cooking club, and I would really like it to stay that way. I think Kizana changing her hair is a pretty good idea, and I actually came up with the Kizana demands Kokona thing a while ago as well! I think Kizana’s task could also be Yan-chan helping Kizana choose a hairstyle, and that would remain her hairstyle for the rest of the game (or her life…hehehe). I really like Kokona as a character and l would love for her to have some role in the final game. Good luck Yandev!

    • I have to disagree, personally I think it would represent Kizana’s personality if on the week that she showed up, she demanded that all of the club members must dye they’re hair and style it to her liking. I think it would be weird to have for the club all the time, but during her week (or if you eliminate her via matchmaking) the hairstyle hierarchy stayed in place.

    • Definetly agree with you. Instead of bully Kokona for Kizana’s task, maybe you can pick a suitable hairstyle for her by investigate it outside school or via magazine that Yan-chan could buy via Info-chan or the town (if the town is implemented)

  13. Please don’t give club members the same colored hair. That will take so much individuality away as well as look extremely cheesy. So far you have had club members wearing items such as choakers, martial arts bands etc to identify their club. If you do all of the clubs that way it would be easy to identify their club. You could also put in features like the Cult clubs shadows over their eyes. Just please don’t do the same color hair style. That idea makes me think of children shows that over color coat groups. They do it that to over simplify the groups due to the audience being <6. Your fans have much higher IQs then that. And I hope children that age don't play this. Yikes imagine that.

    • Too bad that I’ve seen many kids comment their ages in Yan Dev’s videos. One of them was eight, actually.

  14. Honestly I like all of the alternative hairstyles for the rival better than her current one … But I also like the idea of her demanding Kokona to change her hairstyle.
    Maybe instead of giving her straight hair give her one of the alternative hairstyles instead?

  15. I love the Hairstyle Hierarchy, although I think the way it was shown in the video is bad. I also think that it should only be present during Kizana’s week, she seems demanding and would force all of them to dye and style they’re hair to her liking.

    Maybe if for someone who just joined, a singular curved spiral could run down the back of they’re head.

    You could use the same one as Kokoma’s for a person who is still relatively new, but has been in for awhile.

    And for the third, you could have two one either side, as well as one running down the back.

    (The one with four as it was represented in the video looks stupid in my opinion.) You could have two smaller and flatter ones in the front and two bigger ones at the back.

    And for the final one which would be reserved for Kizana, You could have a series of smaller ones (five) in the shape of a semi circle on the back of the head?

    This is what I think Yandere Dev was going for in the video (or something similar) and I absolutely love the idea.

  16. tbh im kinda excited at the prospect of yandere simulator having this underlying supernatural vibe? it makes the game cool and interesting and different and i really appreciate yandev’s creativity

  17. i just have to say i love the tutorial idea its seems like a really fitting role for Kokona, and just a really neat idea for a tutorial as well.
    it could be a fun little shoutout to her as a fan favorite and to introduce some of the elimination methods

  18. TBH, I think Midori is the ‘perfect girl’ for the tutor section (since she is your victim in almost of your videos :’V)
    For Kizana’s preferences, I think you should check at Lili (Tekken). They do share the same personality and her hairstyle include a drill too. TBH, I also like the 4th Kizana’s hairstyle idea.
    For club members, maybe you can add a ‘special accessories’ to them so players could know which character that is in the Occult Club, Drama Club, and so on. Or you can make ‘hairstyle-type’ for every student, example: The Occult Club members has shady, messy hair, and so on.

    *Sorry for bad grammars T-T*

    • For those one who confused what did I mean in ‘the 4th Kizana’s hairstyle idea’ is Kizana’s ‘side-drills’ hairstyle. You can see it at Kjech’s blog at animoapps. It’s the 4th hairstyle in the 2nd set of Kizana’s hairstyle ideas. It’s so pretty and elegant, but probably will delay Kizana’s implementation because that hairstyle is so complicated.

  19. Yandere Dev!Please Read(this is very important)

    I don’t like the intention to make Kokona the reason why Ayano uses death for her rivals,i mean lets not make Kokona the cause of all Death,we need a character much deeper like info chan or ryoba or someone else,making it Kokona will make Kokona the real mastermind,

    Actually,before Musume was in the Game,Kokona was the most important and finished character for the fans of the game,There are lots of ideas to make her in the game still,Make her your ally with info chan,be her bestfriend so you could give her a task to do stuff for you and so on,i hope She will still be in the game,Goodluck Kokona Haruka,We all loved you(to die lololol)

    • And me and my group dislikes the idea of Kokona being in the Drama club seperated from her friends,but if thats what you want,its okay we understand,your the developer after all

      • Just because a person is in another club doesn’t mean they will no longer be friends.

  20. I Love the idea! Sorry for the dumb suggestion but since Koko chan and Kizana look kinda alike, on one day they could have a play where they both dress up as the same character for different parts, making it harder for the player to kill Kizana since they don’t know who’s who. Idk i’m just spitballing at the moment. xD

  21. Tutorial idea is excellent.
    Rose count (0, 1, 2?) make more sense to me than drill count, which seems very odd indeed.
    Twin with a superiority complex could be a fun alternative.
    Perhaps in an elimination variation Kokona could assume her identity.

    • That was my thought. Their different attitudes reminded me a lot of the twins Amy and Same- I mean Sammy from one of the later Total Drama Island seasons. That would be a neat idea. Aside from that, I love the rehearsal tutorial and the DLC idea.

  22. Here’s an idea for a DLC; Be a rival. Try to get Senpai to notice you without Yandere noticing that you want Senpai to notice you. Win by stealing Senpai from right under her nose while Yandere is distracted chasing other rivals.

  23. I’m not a heated fan, but i’m not sure if these type of videos are needed. Now I’m gonna wait for June-Osana and 2019-Full version. I won’t watch ideas/gaming anymore. But I’m sure Yansim will be perfect when it’s finished, i will come back when this happens. I’m suggesting this kind of action to all crying babies.

    • i agree; at first i didn’t mind because i love kokona and i really enjoy the bts/future- ideas-let-me-poll-the-community types of videos; however, i’m getting really annoyed

      we were supposed to get osana months ago and while a long ass video about her progress is always welcomed we don’t need one, especially since it spoils everything about her

      like dude fucking work on her and then just give us a quick update “hey guys finally implemented the rest of her daily events, i don’t want to spoil them but here’s a picture of something related to each daily event; now since that’s done, let’s finish everything else on my list”

      he said MONTHS AGO that he got most of the animations he needs to complete her rival events but no yandev wants to waste time (and his patrons’ money) by giving us idea videos (with only two good ideas)

      yes i started out liking this video and i still like it (even though most of the art in it is stolen/uncredited way to go yandev), but i want progress and we haven’t gotten anything note worthy in months

  24. you could make them related, like a twin thing or a younger sibling so that the rival has 1. a reason for looking like Kokana 2. has a reason for disliking her like a one-way sibling rivalry 3. would give Kokana a larger role in the game aside from being a plain old background character

  25. I love the idea of btichy Kizana bullying Kokona to change her hairstyle because that way it shows off Kizana’s personality really well and it solves your problem. Although I want Kokona to stay in the cooking club, for the sake of the tutorial I don’t mind her moving to the drama club. The tutorial was a slightly unrealistic but great idea. Also, the hair hierarchy thing is dumb, please no. And I don’t like the idea of all the club s having the same hair colour, it makes it too….I dunno. Weird. Keep up the great work YanDev!

  26. Meowess, You claim Yandere Dev can make his own defence and that you won’t argue with fans. Ok, good point. Yandere Dev CAN make his own defence but why would he? Why would he waste time arguing with you? You are an attention craving bitch. That’s all there is to it.

  27. Less obvious than everyone in the club having the same haircolour :

    Everyone in the club having a theme
    This is similar to what’s already implemented and it works better than everyone having the same haircolour.

    Maybe all the cooking club members are preppy, they might wear cardigans or aprons and hair bandanas or have light hair colours

    The occult club members are more gothy and dark

    The martial arts club members have natural hair colours

    Maybe the sports club members only wear their gym uniform at all times and their hair is short or pulled back

    Maybe the artist’s will have hair that forms an analogous colour palette when they assemble

    And the music club could have wild rockstar hair styles, musical instruments

    Maybe the science club characters tuck their shirts in

    Just trowing ideas around
    Not every club has to have the same identifying feature but each club could have a theme based on a stereotype without resorting to the hair colour thing or the hair style hiarchy.

  28. Don’t make all the people in the club have purple hair… it makes them look related. This is somewhat more acceptable for the occult club, as you’d think the kids were dying their hair/wearing dark make up to be “edgy”, but not for the drama club. What makes it worse is that this is how its going to look for all the clubs (if there’s one specific hair color for each club, it seems kind of boring and like many of the students are just pretty much the same). Do something else to symbolize that they’re part of the drama club, or clubs in general. Make them dress more preppy than the other kids/make the girls specifically wear really heavy and dramatic make up (or some of the boys too if you want), give them some sort of stylized way of wearing the uniform. More than that, you say you don’t want the players to accidentally kill someone from a club they might want to join. I argue that since this is a STEALTH game, they should take the time to carefully observe anyone they might be planning to kill. If they choose to just brazenly kill someone and it ends up fucking them over later, then it’s their fault for not taking proper care. It’s your job to make a fun, challenging game, not worry too much about “what if the players make a mistake?” Part of the fun is learning that you have to be careful in these games. I hope that doesn’t sound rude… <3

  29. I really like the tutorial idea, the hairstyle change idea, the DLC idea. You’ve thought up everything I did on the subject, so there’s not a lot to say except to give this feedback to add to your tally.

  30. YandereDev, I just saw your video, and I may have came with potential solutions for your current predicament. My first suggestion was about Kokona and Kizana. You could do something like have them be sisters or twins and their parents divorced when they were very young and custody was split with Kokona going to one parent, and Kizana to the other. However, their mother who has custody of Kizana has remarried to a rich, snobby guy, hence, the personality type. It could even be a potential side quest and maybe add a bit of lore. Another thing, Kokona could have a jacket tied around her waist to help tell the difference between the two. As for my second suggestion, it is help with differenciating club members. You could have their arm bands have different colors/particular designs instead of matching hair colors. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Hope it helps!


    YandereDev is only considering those options. He has not yet decided. Heck, those characters aren’t even in the game yet! So PLEASE, PLEASE stop being so butthurt about it.

  32. okay so appearently just about all the fanart used in this video was stolen by yandev; what the hell man? how hard is it to ask (or fucking commision) fanartists? malberry’s art is spefically asked for to show concepts but you still need to credit her; like i’m sure artists love to see their drawings in a video that gets hundreds of views, but you still have to get artist permission and credit them!

    am i the only person who’s noticed that yandev doesn’t always credit the artists he uses art from? like how hard is it to put them in the video’s blog post (description if watching on YT)

    i double-checked the TY video and only two artists were credited; the person who made the busts for kokona and kizana needs credit and doesn’t have it–even if you get artist permission, not crediting them is still art theft; like when you quote someone in paper with no citation you fail because without that citation you stole that quote

  33. I really like how Yandere Dev designed Kizana’s task here; “Our newest club member doesn’t seem to realise how things work around here, she actually thinks she can steal my hair style!” this explains how Kizana is, unoriginal and selfish/snobby, just like Yandere Dev intended! However, there is one issue with the idea of a player knowing instantly what club a character is in. Because Amai has blonde hair, all cooking club members should have blonde hair. The Rainbow Six do not have blonde hair, apart from Yuna Hina. Yuna’s hair is more yellow, but she could still be a member of the cooking club. But what about Saki, Koharu and Yui? Saki, Koharu and Yui don’t have yellow or blonde hair! The other two members could be Sota and Musume. Koharu and Yui is quite a tough one; let me explain my idea. Yui is evil and she doesn’t really care if she gets in to trouble for anything. even playing loud music… if the music club leader has red hair, Yui and Haruto could be in that club! Koharu, however is kind and sweet as she is a social butterfly. This makes me think she could be in the gardening club! I forgot to mention Mei Mio as well, so I also think Mei could be in the gardening club, as well as Saki. You may be thinking this right now: “What about Kokona?! You silly baka!!”. Well, in Yandere Dev’s latest video, Kokona is now a member of the drama club, as well as Riku.

    Opinions on the drama club hair hierarchy (A number of drills in a girl’s hair):

    To be honest, I dislike this idea. This takes away Kizana’s element of her hairstyle appearance. Drills are fancy, and are a sign of royalty in a way. 6 drills is over the top for someone who wants royalty. This is only my opinion, not something I am declaring to be changed.

    In conclusion:

    I like the idea of Kizana and Kokona co-existing, this is a useful thing as now Kizana’s task is already implemented and Yandere Dev isn’t even near to working on her! I’m really pleased with this!

    Thank you for reading my comment!

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