The Curious Case of Kokona Haruka

Sorry for the wait! Here’s the latest video.

This is another “tying up loose ends” video; a video where I discuss a lot of subjects that I’ve always wanted to talk about, but never had a reason to bring up in the past.

224 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Kokona Haruka

  1. everybody else “IS KIZANA IN THE GAME”

    me “IS KOKONAS NEW HAIRSTYLE IN THE GAME(the one where her hair is down)”

  2. Yandere Dev, I have an idea. What if Kokona will still have her “phone call” and “rooftop conversation” events in the final game? The school will seem more lively if not only rivals will have interaction events.

  3. How about keep kokona as a normal girl like others.Can I ask , will there be swimming pool in the next update?and I hope the school will be more building and classes.Why boys did not have bath house?

    • The boys don’t have a bath house because, at the moment, it would pretty much be pointless to have. That and there might not be a proper place to put it. The only characters that use a bath house are Kokona and Ayano. No boys or any of the other girls have the settings to take a bath in the game.

  4. I think that you can solve it if they’re sisters, kokona is the youngest so is more innocent, and Kizana the older and her arrogance comes from their father who abuse of the two girls, so here you have another background for this rival too, a way to eliminate her could be humilliating her with her father abusing her story

  5. Something just hit me about having everyone in the drama club having purple hair. I recall something from an ‘older video’ where Yandere Dev mentioned about allowing the player to customize the other characters. ‘IF’ he does have that in the game, there’s a flaw about the drama club members having purple hair. I don’t exactly like that idea, because the members of the gaming club (so far) have different colored hair and eyes. When you join a club Yandere-Chan has a little accessory added to her. Maybe instead of having just the same hair or eye color for the clubs, maybe an accessory that goes along with that club. Example: Occult club have chokers, Art club could have a music note hair accessory. As for characteristics, the way they walk/stand/act and traits of the club members may even give off a hint of which club that person is in, even their likes.

    Unless Yandere Dev has ideas on changing the appearances of the club members and is going to have them to be ‘color coded’ and not have the player to customize the other characters, then there won’t be a flaw there with customizing the other students and It may be easier to identify club members, but again… I don’t exactly like club members to all have the same color hair and eyes. But I’ll put up with it.

  6. I enjoy the idea of Kokona as a DLC rival! Your pitch got me thinking about how a character that starts aware of Yandere-chan’s true nature would act- refusing to talk, damaging your reputation- but also the idea that she might even refuse to obey locker notes, stay near a friend at all times… super challenging and fun!

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