New Video Coming Soon

UPDATE #2, May 17th 12:00 Midnight: Video’s done. Almost ready to upload it; just going to check for errors first. Sorry it took so long. Ran into a lot of problems.

UPDATE: The video is going to be about 15 minutes long. So far, 10 minutes have been produced. The video will most likely be uploaded on the 16th. There is a very slim possibility that it will have to be delayed until the 17th.

Sometime within the next 48 hours, a new video will be uploaded. I’m going to try my best to have it ready within 24 hours, but I might run into unavoidable obstacles, so please forgive me if the video is delayed until May 16th.

By the way, here’s some chilling artwork by mcfle!

95 thoughts on “New Video Coming Soon

  1. Sadly, I’ve givin up all hope that Yandere dev will ever make his 1st and 15th deadlines, not because he’s lazy, he works extremely hard but I just don’t think that even for Someone as hard working Yandere dev, half a month is simply not enough to make a build and an entire video. In my opinion he should give himself an entire month.

    • I almost made a response to this because i thought u said he IS lazy, but then i re read it to see that it said “Not because he’s lazy”. While im saying this, let me say this cuz im kind of sick of it. Jerks going on these blogs and cussing people out because people are making opinions need to stop. Humans have opinions, including those related to Yandere simulator and YandereDev. Just because u disagree with something dosnt mean u need to cuss them out and be rude. Like, try to argue without saying “F*** you” or “You stupid Bi***. I would like to see a more friendly community. Just saying, and keep it up YandereDevpai. ^-^

    • Yeah the game is at a point where bigger things need to be implemented and it’s understandable that they can’t be done at the original deadlines, Dev could just announce a new build schedule that better fits.

      • It might be possible that even team can’t be done in time with this big things how’s need to be done.

    • Honestly,Devpai doesn’t need deadlines.I would prefer for him to bring out clean builds rather then sloppy ones he can put together every two weeks.

      Plus it’s his game and he can decide whenever he wants if he should release a build or not,and not to feel pressured to force a build out when he isn’t satisfied with it

  2. By the way, Mcfle β€” the author of an artwork β€” is the administrator of the secondary largest community in CIS social network “VKontakte” (10 000 subscribers). And I post my translations of this blog there, so I`m especially happy to see Mary`s work to be noted!
    Thanks from all the Russian community, Dev. I`m sure, this will inspire more talented artists to work on YandereSim theme… Like Hikari NJ, who is familiar to you and is from the same community πŸ™‚

      • unless if … Ayano was the previous leader of the martial art club, but during the last battle where Budo wanted to impress Ayano, he gave her a kick in the head and she felt in the Koma.
        During her absence, Budo took the martial art club in his hand waiting Ayano wakes up but when she woke up, she forgot everything, even emotion.
        Because of the amnesia of the previous leader, Budo became the actual leader but he is shameful of what happend to Ayano.

        now we know why Ayano is emotionless, who was the last martial art clup leader and so yes I can say 100% sure that Budo love Ayano.

        I’m such a genius ;p … ok, maybe not -_-

      • Just because a ship will never happen doesn’t mean it’s forbidden. It’s not stupid, it’s called “being creative”.
        There are some Ayando fanworks that are not cringey at all, and Ayataro fanworks that try so hard being edgy but end up cringey. It really depends on the artist, not the ship.

      • You’re right, TheDramaLlama. I’m hecking tired of those people who want replace Taro
        Why everybody hate Taro Yamada ?! Why do arts with dead Taro affect you like a drug?!!! Am I only one artist who try to save him with Ayano? Seems like they DO NOT like Budo at all, only like because of the bandage. People laugh at a one of my favourite character who is in an unfinished game *facepalm
        Also about Tsubaki…I would be patience to other shippers, if Koumi didn’t turn Ayano into whore and didn’t turn Taro into a weak hysterical chicken (’cause Taro one of my favourite characters. And those “arts with dead senpai” look like propaganda against people who simply don’t look like Budo)
        Don’t you see how you spoiled the fandom of YanSim

  3. I brightened the image in a photo editor…. Dang yan-chan. Also pretty sure that’s a male student…. (Budo?)

  4. As you’ve said in a previous blog post Yandere Dev, you don’t need to spew out videos for every subject you discuss. If it is an important subject that deserves a video, be my guest, but you don’t have to strain yourself to get a video out quickly enough. I actually really love your extended blog posts with short clips showing the content you’ve made progress on or an idea you have; accompanied by an in-depth explanation of your visions for it. Thank you for reading this.

  5. πŸ˜€ Awesome, YandereDev
    Game is still dropping fps when I’m playing but its fine

    I have asked to send you Junko Enoshima’s hair model. But I don’t know how to work with email

    Btw, what do you think about Yandere-chan seduces school boys and they will do everything for her? I think there is only one way to control mind is kidnapping someone. Maybe we need some new ways πŸ˜€

    • Backup your Students.json file and edit it with notepad, change some of the students name to Reserved, and they won’t spawn, meaning they don’t drop framerate. (Naming Senpai to Reserved may break the game)

  6. Personally, I don’t care about a video every 2 weeks, I’m used to waiting 1 month for a new video. I think a video once per month is good, or maybe 1 update/development related video or 1 promotional video is acceptable. (I make a Yandere sim mod, and I prefer less frequent updates.) Keep up the good work Devpai! (=^w^=)

  7. I’m don’t want to come out as rude or disrespectful. Heck doing so will probably cause legions of fanboys and fangirls to want my head. But still. Why post those “I’m going to post a video” posts when you could make a video. And THEN post a post that you made a video with the video being already ready with no need to create anticipation that’s killing us inside because its constantly delayed.

    • Because there would be a ton shit of fans that would go mad if YanDev went missing without giving any updates on what he’s currently doing. Mad fans = no hype = no money.

      • No. If he would stop making videos, there would be no problem. The first problem is that he promises new videos, and then delays them and the second problem is that those videos don’t cover any meaningful progress.

  8. “There is a very slim possibility that it will have to be delayed until the 17th”. I’m betting that means the chances of video being delayed until the 17th are 100%.

  9. YANDERE DEV: The video will most likely be uploaded on the 16th. There is a very slim possibility that it will have to be delayed until the 17th.
    ME:. ThE vIdEo WiLl mOsT liKelY bE uPlOaDeD oN tHe 16th. THeRe iS a VeRy sLim PoSsiBiliTy tHaT it WiLl hAvE tO be dElAyeD uNtiL tHe 17th.

  10. Just the knowledge that we’ve got a new video to look forward to soon is enough to satisfy me. πŸ™‚ Especially a fifteen minute one! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve, YanDev.

  11. βŠ™οΈΏβŠ™ Yandere dev, Yandere dev, you can … put textures on student clothes and on Yandere-Chan: 3 so it would be cooler and have moreβŠ™οΈΏβŠ™

  12. im probably going to get some hate for this but
    i really really hope its an actual development update video and not another video about a different game or why the game is taking so long
    even if its a video about the Kizana topic, just…really want to know whats going on with the game.

    • Honestly. I agree. And any fanboys/fangirls who hate people posting comments like this are just as bad as the haters who hate on yanderedev.
      I did want to leave a longass comment about the previous video situation and yanderedev over-hyping videos. But I’ll just make it a separate comment

  13. Ah longass comments aren’t possible. Good spares me the wrath of thousands of fangirls (and boys. I won’t discriminate) trying to slice my throat. Unless there was a bug and I accidentally posted it twice

  14. Hey Yandere Dev, you could always make Kokona and Kizana cousins in the game. It could be a family resemblance. Kizana could also berate Kokona for being poor even though she knows about her father’s debt. Kizana could also get away with treating Kokona horribly at school because she could tell people about it. Ayano sorting out the loan shark to get Kokana to change her hair and to help her get Kizana to go off Senpai would be interesting.
    What ever you decide to do, I’m glad Kokona is going to be in the final game.ο»Ώ

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