What does YandereDev do all day?

“Why isn’t Osana done yet?” The short answer is, “Because I’m responsible for a lot of other things beside Osana, and sometimes I don’t have time to work on Osana.” The long answer would be to elaborate about all of the other aspects of this project that require my attention. That’s what I’m going to do in this blog post.

Other Kickstarter Critera

Looking back over my previous videos, I can see that it was a terrible mistake to imply that Osana is the one obstacle preventing me from launching a crowdfunding campaign. That was never the case. I don’t want to launch a crowdfunding campaign until I feel like the game meets my own personal standards for a game that I’d consider worthy of being funded; and that means implementing a number of things other than just Osana.

Here’s a list of most of the things that I’d really like to implement before launching a crowdfunding campaign:

(Some of the things on this list might have to be postponed until after the Kickstarter, like interacting with faculty members.)

Many of the things on that list require me to spend extensive amounts of time speaking with volunteers, describing what I need, and reviewing the assets that they deliver. Osana is just one of the many things I’m working on at any point in time.

I’ll give you an example: I wouldn’t want to launch the crowdfunding campaign if the school corridors are completely empty. So, time spent decorating the school corridors would not be “a waste of time that could have otherwise been spent working on Osana”; it’s something that needed to get done eventually, either before, during, or after Osana, but definitely before the crowdfunding campaign. As long as I am spending my time working on anything from the “Kickstarter Criteria” list, I feel that my time is being used properly.

General Improvements

This is related to the above category. If I play another video game and see something that makes Yandere Simulator look lame by comparison, I feel an urge to improve Yandere Simulator’s production values so that it’s closer to reaching the standards of quality that are being established by other games. One example of this would be adding new social animations and talking visual effects to students and teachers:

There’s no way that I would consider launching the crowdfunding campaign with the characters performing those stupid “salute” animations instead of proper-looking social animations. This is another example of me making progress towards the crowdfunding campaign, but in ways that aren’t related to Osana.

Failed Experiments

This might be considered an extension of the above category. Sometimes I come up with an idea for a general improvement, and spend time trying to get it to work, but the end result isn’t what I expected. I’ll give you an example; for a long time, I’ve really wanted the clouds in Yandere Simulator to move across the sky. At several points over the past few years, I’ve tried to accomplish this, but it’s never turned out exactly the way I wanted. Here’s the best I managed to do:

It’s always very regrettable when I spend time trying to achieve a goal, only to fall short of my objective and stop without anything to show for it. Not every single endeavor that is made over the course of 3 years can be a success.

Assisting Volunteers

Working with volunteers is not as simple as saying “I need a _____, please model one for me.” For example: If I want a cardboard box, I have to describe whether or not it should be open or closed, whether or not it should be hollow, whether or not the lid flaps should be rigged for animation, the width / length / height in centimeters, and provide reference of the exact type of cardboard box I want to see.

For other requests, there’s another layer of complication. If I say “Please model a fountain for me,” there is no guarantee that I will get a fountain that actually fits into Yandere Simulator’s high school. I need to describe the fountain thoroughly and provide reference images of exactly the type of fountain I’m hoping to see. Not only that, but I need to make it clear what kind of art style the game has, and what kind of style the school’s architecture is meant to have.

Most serious projects have a “style guide” or a “visual guidelines” document that is meant to demonstrate the “look-and-feel” that the project is meant to have. For a very long time, Yandere Simulator never had such a document. As a result, sometimes volunteers would create models that simply didn’t fit in with the game at all, and needed to be re-modeled or re-textured until they felt like they belonged in the game..

Last month, at my request, an artist put this image together: http://imgur.com/CgLSLnH.png This visual guide should prevent volunteers from doing wasted work because they didn’t understand what kind of look-and-feel the game was meant to have. Of course, working together with the artist, describing what the visual guidelines need to say, and refining the guidelines until they are ready to show to volunteers, is also all time-consuming stuff.

On the topic of “assisting volunteers”, there’s something else to mention…

Recording Footage

If I want a volunteer to create an animation for me – like, say, an animation of a character vomiting – then I need to record video footage of…you guessed it…a video game character vomiting:

That’s not the only type of footage that I need to obtain for volunteers, though…

Bug Footage

If there is a problem with a volunteer’s asset, the problem often cannot be understood unless the volunteer has seen video footage of the problem. For example, if an animator sends me a new walk animation for Yandere-chan, and the animation looks very good, but I discover that the animation causes weapons to clip into Yandere-chan’s body, then I have to record footage of the problem, and show it to the animator so that they can gauge how far they need to rotate Yandere-chan’s wrist to fix the clipping issue.

If I want a programming volunteer to fix a bug for me, I need to record footage of the bug. For example, if I want to ask a programmer to help me fix the “camera clips through walls” bug, I can’t just say, “The camera clips through walls sometimes, please fix it.” There’s more to it than that. First, I should actually provide video footage of the bug and how to reproduce the bug, so that he knows exactly what I’m talking about:

On top of that, there is also something else that must be done…

Providing Debug Projects

I don’t feel comfortable sending Yandere Simulator’s project files to volunteers. If someone wants to fix a bug, then I send them a small Unity project containing a sandbox test environment where they can reproduce the problem and try to debug it. Here’s an example:

Preparing these debug projects takes time, just like everything else.

Investigating Technical Problems

You might also just classify this as “bug testing”, but sometimes I spend my time investigating technical problems, like why some users have begun to report the game running out of memory. This was an issue that did not previously exist, so solving the problem involves looking for the earliest report of the bug, then checking to see what changed in that exact build, then removing that change from the current build of the game to see if that will fix the issue.

Investigating this particular problem – the issue of the game running out of memory – also involves looking through the debug logs that the game produces after making a build, going down the list of all of the assets that take up the most memory, and determining what can be done to lower the file size of those assets. None of this is fun. All of this is time-consuming.

Concept Art

What’s the first step towards adding a new environment to Yandere Simulator? First, I create a simple mockup depicting the size of the room and how I imagine the layout:

Then, I need to gather reference photographs to help a concept artist visualize the room:


Then, a concept artist creates several sketches of how the room might look:

Then, a rough 3D mockup is created to confirm that it’s what we want:

Then, the final concept art is created:

Then, a 3D modeller actually creates the room.

All of this takes time.

Delegating Tasks

Remember when I suggested the idea of a maid minigame, and asked the fanbase to vote on whether I’d implement it before or after Osana? http://poal.me/52p38v “Before Osana” won the vote – so, where’s the minigame?

The answer is that I delegated the task to someone else; another programmer is creating the maid minigame. Over the past 2 months, he’s made some very impressive progress:

Describing what needs to be done, reviewing his work, changing the design of the game as flaws are discovered…all of this takes time. (But, it takes less time than if I’d done it all myself.)

tinyBuild Discussions

I announced a partnership with tinyBuild way back on March 1st, and haven’t said a single word about them ever since then. So, what’s going on?

tinyBuild has the project files for Yandere Simulator and has started their own “branch” of the game. Their branch stems from one of the most recent builds of the game. They will convert their branch to C#, get it to run on Unity 5, optimize everything that is inefficient, and then focus on adding every feature that I’ve added since the day our branches split. At that point, we’ll abandon my branch and begin using their branch instead. Until then, my branch will be used to develop Osana (or a prototype of Osana), demonstrate features that the final game will have, and keep people interested in the game by adding new content.

Best case scenario: I will implement Osana and launch the Kickstarter before tinyBuild’s branch is complete. Worst-case scenario, tinyBuild will simply finish their branch and implement Osana before I do, and then we launch the Kickstarter.

All of this has required a lot of discussion, planning, and coordination. Being introduced to various team members, making sure that everyone has a clear understanding of my vision for the game, outlining our plans for the future…all of this takes time.

Secret Projects and Spoilers

Everything I’ve described above is the stuff that I’m willing to tell you about. Obviously, I have not mentioned all of the things that I would prefer to keep secret.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how you’re going to react once I can finally show you all of the other stuff that has been in development besides Osana. I think you’re really going to love some of the surprises that I have planned.

Defending Myself

It seems that, every time I post something to the Internet, I need to write a follow-up post explaining or defending my previous post. If I make a video about Persona, I need to write a blog post explaining that, no, I don’t intend to copy Persona. If I don’t show any Osana progress, I need to write a blog post explaining that, yes, I’m still getting work done.

You might say “Just ignore the people who complain! Defending yourself eats up time that could have been spent working on Osana!” But, you don’t understand. If everyone loses faith in me – because I didn’t take the time to explain myself – then nobody will want to back the crowdfunding campaign, and Yandere Simulator won’t ever be finished. Clearing up misunderstandings, clarifying my intentions, demonstrating my progress, explaining what I do, and keeping the fanbase updated…all of these things are equally as important – if not even more important – than actually getting work done.

In Closing

I am not just a programmer with the task of implementing Osana. I am also this project’s director and producer, and also the manager of every animator/artist/modeller/composer/voice actor contributing to this game. I’m not trying to brag, and I’m not trying to whine; I’m just letting you know how things are. The bottom line is the same as the first sentence I wrote at the top of this blog post: “I’m responsible for a lot of other things beside Osana, and sometimes I don’t have time to work on Osana.”

By the way…looking back over this whole blog post, I can’t help but feel like it would have made a good “progress report” video. Sneak peeks at behind-the-scenes stuff, previews of upcoming content, status reports on things that haven’t been mentioned in a while…maybe, instead of making two videos about Persona, I should have just created this blog post in the form of a video, instead…

Anyway, I hope that the message of this blog post is clear. I hope you clearly understand the reasons why there isn’t always Osana progress to show you every 2 weeks.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

215 thoughts on “What does YandereDev do all day?

  1. THEORY TIME: (I know this is possibly not the most sensitive upload to be theorizing about Osana on… but… I just wanted to put it out)
    I haven’t actually seen anyone directly talk about this idea, but I am very certain of it being correct.
    It’s about the BudoXMysteriousPreviousMALeader.
    A popular theory I’ve seen is that the previous leader was Osoro, and that’s Budo’s reason for hating the delinquents. (Which doesn’t actually make total sense) I don’t think this is true, since Osoro and Senpai (in my opinion, this isn’t a fact) are soulmates, and Yan-chan’s gonna have to break up the happy couple.
    I’m pretty sure it’s not Osoro
    Now, we fly back over to another theorizing topic. Who is the mysterious character that Devpai hinted at being are largest obstacle between Osana with a knife in her throat and Yan-chan?
    I think I know who. The only theory I’ve really seen about this one is the idea that there’s a male yandere obsessed with Yan-chan, which makes no sense for two reasons. 1- Obviously, the enemy is female. 2- There’s no reason that male yandere would be Osana-week specific, not to mention it doesn’t fit with the rest of the game. The male yandere theory seems farfetched and extremely unlikely.
    #1: The ‘mysterious character’ is a girl. (Shown in the illustration that YanDev provided in the blog post where we first heard about it [Girl’s hands, girl’s uniform] Could be a cross-dresser, but that’s EXTREMELY doubtful.)
    #2: Rival-chan was originally planned to be Osana. This idea was scrapped. She was then going to be Osana’s sister. That idea was also scrapped.
    #3: The previous leader of the Martial Arts club is confirmed to be a girl.
    #4: The only people who pose real threats to Yanderes ARE: People going after her senpai, authoritarian figures, and extremely strong/influential people.
    So, the rivals, the guidance councillor and principle, and Megami (who also falls into ‘Rival’ category) and Budo. Also, other people in the martial arts club, but specifically Budo because the rest of them aren’t actually THAT hard to kill.
    We can safely eleminate ‘authoritarian figure’ since ‘Mystery Character’ isn’t part of the faculty (probably… I can’t say for sure, but I think it’s safe to assume). I would also venture to eleminate ‘rival’, since rivals are threats to a Yandere’s ability to be in a relationship with their Senpai, not their physical state.
    Which leaves only one option.
    The threat to Yan-chan’s elemination of Osana is either very physically strong, or super influential.
    I don’t see someone that’s super influential being someone very close to Osana, also aware of Yan-chan’s threat to the school and Osana, and care about Senpai’s lovelife.
    So I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s someone that is physically very strong.
    So glad you asked.
    And that’s why I think that whoever the martial arts leader used to be is also the mysterious character that is standing between us and Osana’s blood splattered all over the grounds of Akademi. (This is getting dark.)
    And not only am I certain of this connection, I’m pretty sure I know WHO this character is.
    ARE YOU READY?! (Of course, you’re reading this whole essay)
    I think it’s:
    You heard me.
    The random chekhov’s gun that’s been hanging out by a sakura tree in the plaza…
    one of the strongest students in the school and is also Budo’s love interest.
    Yeah. I know. Sounds weird. But I’ve got a couple reasons:
    #1: Rival-chan could still turn out to be Osana’s sister. Which would line up perfectly with the ‘protecting Osana’ thing.
    #2: Rival-chan is actually invincible at the moment. I realize this is only because the character hasn’t been ‘developed’, but she is invicible nonetheless.
    #3: Rival-chan would want her sister to be happy. Also, if she was the leader of the MA club, she would most likely have a strong sense of justice and honor, aka not wanting a murderer on the loose (duh).
    So I think it stands to reason that Rival-chan is: Budo’s true love, Osana’s sister and defender, the previous leader of the MA clubs, and the biggest thing standing between deadsana and happyanchan.
    What do you think? Have I convinced you? Have you passed out from boredom? AM I 100% CORRECT?!

    • Dang, but still about being invincible, that’s just development. Furthermore, Rival-chan is temporary, because you can’t win the game (that’s why she’s invincible). The “sister” theory I THINK might be scrapped for good, like how Info-chan as the final enemy was scrapped and never was mentioned again. Good theory, I enjoyed reading it! Although my opinion doesn’t matter, you didn’t bore me and you almost convinced me. 74.3456754% correct!

    • wow u forgot one person info-chan reason it could be her 1 know one knows her real name
      2 no one knows her stranghth
      3 if im not wrong i may be but im sure info-chan was supposed to go up against yandere-chan im pretty sure im right

      and its less complex like that scramble of words up there ^^^

      • That theory’s extremely unlikely, and I would venture to say impossible, since you kinda sorta really need Info-chan for the next nine weeks of the game, it would make no sense for her to suddenly be fighting on Osana’s side.
        You are, however, correct that in the original plan Info-chan was planned to be the final boss, a master manipulator that was using Yandere-chan to kill off the other rivals.
        At least my words aren’t scrambles of letters ^__^. Strength is a word. Stranghth is strange.
        Like I said, Info-chan can’t be someone you must eliminate in order to kill Osana. If she was, that would make expelling a rival impossible. And the elimination method of making Senpai hate her (for Osana, at least) has been confirmed to be something that is made easier by Info-chan’s services.
        The emetic, for example. While you can join the gardening club or pickpocket the leader to access the shed and the rat poison, it’s easier to take some panty shots and give them to Info-chan so that she will sell you the emetic.
        Besides, while I also entertained the idea of reviving an old discarded idea (Rival-chan being Osana’s sister), and you proposed the Info-chan v.s. Yandere-chan fight actually coming to fruition on the first week, another old discarded idea was that Info-chan was part of the newspaper club and wanted Osana dead so that she would have something to publish, so why would she suddenly be protecting her?
        Anyways, I know I elaborate more than necessary, but that’s the way good, airtight theories are made ^__^.
        Not random, slapped together ideas of Info-chan being a good guy and an eliminable character on the first week. This really isn’t meant to be a personal attack, I’m sure you’re a lovely person, but I wanna defend my theory :D! I’m oddly proud of it. It’s my child.

    • Hello from 2020, you were right about rival-chan being the mysterious obstacle haha, though she was re-named to raibaru fumetsu

      • ae, Pondfrost from the future is here. in addition I would like to mention that I wrote a fanfiction about Rival-chan and named her Raibaru (back in March of 2018) and the mysterious obstacle reveal was in July of 2019. but since the dev’s naming system is literally just translations into Japanese I can’t give myself too much credit.

  2. Yandev, we know you are trying to make a good work. You don’t have to feel held down by the fact of have many people waiting for a atualization, just do one thing at a time. Take a time for rest, play a game, record your livestreams, read a manga, watch anime, a film (whatever you want), you are a human too , you need to take a break like all humans, sooner or later. If you work overly, you will be stressed, it can be bad for your health. So, if you think necessary take a break just do it, if someone judge you for it, this one are being an asshole.
    Your loyal fans will ever be here for you, remember that!

      • I can only find ‘guide for yansim’ or ‘ideas for yansim’.
        the rest is either original yandere thing or a high school simulator or the same model as yandere chan.
        i dont think they count as ripoffs.

      • That game has a different story (and I hope it will not have the same story as yandere sim), but the fans are suggessting features that are too similar to Yandere sim, or suggesting features like “baby mode” “kokona hairstyle” “add Oka to the game” or “Add senpai” And the fans don’t even care if the creator doesn’t credit who made the models, Why some hairstyles and faces are from yandere sim, who made the fanart for a thumbnail etc.

        And the voice acting is pretty bad, it either sounds like a 8-12 year old kid or computer generated.

        (The fans sound really young, like 9-12 year olds. One time some fan was being a asshole because I Said the game had to be original)

  3. i whould like th hair of yandere chan to move as before and not to get inside the body when crouching if they put the previous movement to the hair of yandere chan and the other students looks more realistic please yanderedev read this comment and put the previous movement to the hair of yandere chan and the other students i like you do it 🙂

    • You’re now talking about something Yanderedev obviously whould fix in the furure, if you want to let Yanderedev know, you should E-mail him, but this is not really a bug or a glich so I don’t think that this is really worth telling him about.

  4. I’m really worried about YandereDev tbh. I hope the development of the game isn’t affecting his mental health too much. He just seems so stressed out, and it makes me really sad that he always feels he has to justify everything all the time. Please know you have a loyal fanbase that appreciates all the work you put in!

  5. Perhaps you could make smaller “progress posts” every two weeks or so, describing without a lot of detail what was accomplished those weeks, something like:

    – Talked to animators
    – Received new voiced lines
    – Attempted to implement clouds
    – Added new textures
    – New update video in progress
    – Osana Progress – 20% (Day One Interactions Completed)

    Just something symbolic to appease the fans and let them know that “something” is being done.

  6. TBH, I don’t really care on how long it would be for Osana to be implemented. What I care about is Yandere Dev’s hysical and mental health. Maybe working on the game is preventing him from eat enough food, or it’s driving him crazy. You should take a break for a few days, Yandere Dev.

  7. Not to be rude but you’re overcomplicating your own game and should prioritize the most essential parts of gameplay: the rivals. The other things you’re talking about adding are unnecessary ‘perks’ that can go with or without the game. The rivals are important roadblocks and the fact that you’ve been prolonging their installment for three years is a little depriving? Especially to people highly anticipating the game. You can of course full and well add the changes you’ve talked about in your video, but you can also do them after the objectives of the game have been added and finetuned.

    • I don’t think that the intro, the NPCs routines, the concept art for the rooms, the voice lines, the easter eggs and all that stuff are “unnecessary”. They ARE necessary. The NPCs routines are essential for the rivals, the part-time job video game it’s important for you to earn money. So, have you seen a stealth video game without intro? Nope. Then, let’s wait for everything that needs to be done, and then, everything will be faster.

      • NmqeElBurgo XD Have you seen a game without core mechanic? Here we go. No point in doing als these goals when there is still nothing to win here.

      • An April Fools Joke turning all of the rivals into men and making them fixated on Ayano? A Maid mini game? Inputting a ton of features from the persona game that aren’t necessary? Selling your rivals in sex trafficking? You’re telling me that these features are more important than the actual objective of the game? Listen, he’s more than entitled to add these things to his game, but these are features that he should have worked on and developed in the game’s earlier stages. Not three years later where fans are still waiting for the game’s actual objective to be implemented. I’m sorry if anything that I said seemed patronizing, additionally. It wasn’t my intention. I simply wanted to express my point of view;

  8. Yan Dev, I know you feel like you need to respond to the hate and get yourself clear among fans. I respect that, and agree with you. I also know that every tiny detail matters, and I am fine with Osana taking longer so something as simple as a new weapon can be added. And to people who want Yandere Dev to focus on the rivals and only the rivals, you don’t get the point. Yan Dev wants this to be unique, not another anime game about Yanderes, so all the tiny details matter.

  9. Yandev, I know you do your best working on the game, but you should also think in your well-being, not only because it can affect your health, also because it can affect the game’s development. Maybe we want you to make progress in the game, but we also want that you can live your life, so you can achieve your goals, into the game’s development and what you may plan in the future.

    P.D.: Sorry if my english is bad or if this comment sounded bad (if that’s possible because it’s text)

  10. Keep it up Yandere Dev!!! I don’t care if I have to wait till next May for Osana 🙂 just take your time and don’t let anyone harass you about it. We all know you try your hardest and every time I click on, you never disappoint even with delays. Thank you so much for being so passionate about your work! ❤

  11. It’s okay yanderedev take your time,I think a lot of people including myself would rather wait until Osana is perfect than for her and the game itself to be rushed,you’re doing a good job man,keep it up ^_^.

  12. Hey Yandere Dev, I know some fans are calling for you to abandon playing video games on twitch and stuff, but please don’t listen to them. You’re a human being and your mental and physical health matter more than how fast the game is made. You’re not a robot, constantly working could seriously damage your mental and physical well being. I think a lot of fans would be satisfied if you just put up a little blog post ever two weeks that shows what work you did, so we see all the work you do instead of just what gets put in the debug build. I think a lot of fans just don’t see how you have a lot to do that we don’t know about because it isn’t stuff that’s implemented in the debug build. Maybe they just don’t realize that that stuff is important for future parts of the game.

    Sorry for the little ramble, I just felt like sharing my thoughts. So, what I’m trying to say is I’d recommend just writing small blog posts about the game progress that’s been made every couple of weeks, because it’d make the fans feel a bit better and help them know what’s going on with the development of the game. My other recommendation is that you take a break whenever you feel like you need one. Don’t worry about fans thinking that you aren’t working hard enough (you totally are, like seriously I applaud you for all the work you put into this game) because overworking will just stress you out and make it hard to do anything productive, including working on Yandere Simulator.

    I hope you have a good day/week/year!

  13. The comments section is always such a hostile environment. Every time someone gives constructive criticism it’s met with scathing hate. If someone says “maybe you should paint the big picture before adding details” things start getting volatile. Instead of saying why you think adding details while taking a break from Osana or while waiting for assets is okay, people rush in to tell this person they’re an “Osana whiner” or a “fake fan” among many other personal insults or even start accusing them of being a danger to Yandere Dev’s mental health. If you have a job in arts there will always be criticism regardless of what you’re making or who you work for. You don’t have to always agree with it but you need to know how to take it with grace.

    • 😦 I agree. It’s getting a little ridiculous. We understand that the little things are really what creates a unique and fascinating game, but there’s lots of things to consider, and everyone should probably take a step back and take a deep breath of common sense.

  14. Thanks you, YanDev, for admitting that you maybe could have done other things with your time instead of making two videos about persona. I mean, I loved the videos, I enjoy all of your videos. But progress reports are more informative, instead of telling us why persona could be like Yandere Sim. But thanks for this post, it works! (=

    • Well he has been developing it for 3-4 years on the same schedule. Also, if he takes a break his “fans” will call him lazy, a fraud and a liar, so he can’t risk it.

  15. All of you (not exactly everyone) is being so ungrateful. So what if he didn’t write anything about Osana! I don’t care, as long as SOME SORT of progress is being done! You guys need to just wait, and stop getting mad. You’re not developing the game, he is. He is wasting his hours away, not you. He is becoming an unhealthy developer, not you. The least you could do is donate to the Kickstarter to fund the game. Heck, I am ready to donate $10.00 to the game! I know it isn’t much, but at LEAST IT IS SOMETHING! I am ready for anyone who wants to start argument with me. Look, I may be harsh, but just be grateful some progress is being made to the game. It is becoming more of a demo, or alpha, than a sandbox! Graphics are being improved, animations, and the world is growing to become beautiful and immersive! Now, I said my piece. YandereDev, Alex, continue your progress on this soon-to-be successful game!

    • A person having legitimate criticisms of the game shouldn’t be dismissed like this? It’s not showing a lack of gratitude to be wondering why progress for the core mechanics of the game isn’t being completed yet. If this were a pleasure project that was completely left to hobby Alex could and she be entitled to his own pace but people are paying him 5000 dollars a month for a finished product. (Who knows what else he’s receiving outside of his patreon.) Those people spending their own money deserve to see the game reach completion and for the rivals to be installed. They’re not being mad? They’re being legitimate. They have been waiting for three years. If his fans let Alex stall off for this long, where do they draw the line? Next year? 2020? 2190?

      Additionally, no one is making Alex become an ‘unhealthy developer.’ or ‘wasting his hours away.’ If you think that him developing his game is ‘wasting his time’ than I’m not sure how high an opinion of the game you must have to be honest?

    • He lied about osana, though.
      ‘i’ll tell the progress of osana in part 2 of the persona video blog’
      ‘i’ll make a bog plost about osana the next day’


    • I agree, can people just stop commenting like “Hey yanderedev, let us know more about Osana and stop making silly videos” or “Yanderedev im going to unsub if u don’t make more interessant vids” Like do you really care THAT much about the time a Game develloper takes to make a game? If it really takes that long to wait for a new update, just play another game or watch some anime.

  16. yanderedev need to see the models of the game named “artificial academy 2” would fit perfecly in game

  17. Of course the vomit reference video was from Hitman. I played that game already and I loved it. Also that tranquilizing animation reminds me of the poisoning animation from Hitman.

  18. Hey, man, I’ll say what I always say: I’m cool with you taking the time you need. I’ve done RPG Maker work, and that’s time consuming enough on its own, let alone trying to do something as complicated as this.

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