What does YandereDev do all day?

“Why isn’t Osana done yet?” The short answer is, “Because I’m responsible for a lot of other things beside Osana, and sometimes I don’t have time to work on Osana.” The long answer would be to elaborate about all of the other aspects of this project that require my attention. That’s what I’m going to do in this blog post.

Other Kickstarter Critera

Looking back over my previous videos, I can see that it was a terrible mistake to imply that Osana is the one obstacle preventing me from launching a crowdfunding campaign. That was never the case. I don’t want to launch a crowdfunding campaign until I feel like the game meets my own personal standards for a game that I’d consider worthy of being funded; and that means implementing a number of things other than just Osana.

Here’s a list of most of the things that I’d really like to implement before launching a crowdfunding campaign:

(Some of the things on this list might have to be postponed until after the Kickstarter, like interacting with faculty members.)

Many of the things on that list require me to spend extensive amounts of time speaking with volunteers, describing what I need, and reviewing the assets that they deliver. Osana is just one of the many things I’m working on at any point in time.

I’ll give you an example: I wouldn’t want to launch the crowdfunding campaign if the school corridors are completely empty. So, time spent decorating the school corridors would not be “a waste of time that could have otherwise been spent working on Osana”; it’s something that needed to get done eventually, either before, during, or after Osana, but definitely before the crowdfunding campaign. As long as I am spending my time working on anything from the “Kickstarter Criteria” list, I feel that my time is being used properly.

General Improvements

This is related to the above category. If I play another video game and see something that makes Yandere Simulator look lame by comparison, I feel an urge to improve Yandere Simulator’s production values so that it’s closer to reaching the standards of quality that are being established by other games. One example of this would be adding new social animations and talking visual effects to students and teachers:

There’s no way that I would consider launching the crowdfunding campaign with the characters performing those stupid “salute” animations instead of proper-looking social animations. This is another example of me making progress towards the crowdfunding campaign, but in ways that aren’t related to Osana.

Failed Experiments

This might be considered an extension of the above category. Sometimes I come up with an idea for a general improvement, and spend time trying to get it to work, but the end result isn’t what I expected. I’ll give you an example; for a long time, I’ve really wanted the clouds in Yandere Simulator to move across the sky. At several points over the past few years, I’ve tried to accomplish this, but it’s never turned out exactly the way I wanted. Here’s the best I managed to do:

It’s always very regrettable when I spend time trying to achieve a goal, only to fall short of my objective and stop without anything to show for it. Not every single endeavor that is made over the course of 3 years can be a success.

Assisting Volunteers

Working with volunteers is not as simple as saying “I need a _____, please model one for me.” For example: If I want a cardboard box, I have to describe whether or not it should be open or closed, whether or not it should be hollow, whether or not the lid flaps should be rigged for animation, the width / length / height in centimeters, and provide reference of the exact type of cardboard box I want to see.

For other requests, there’s another layer of complication. If I say “Please model a fountain for me,” there is no guarantee that I will get a fountain that actually fits into Yandere Simulator’s high school. I need to describe the fountain thoroughly and provide reference images of exactly the type of fountain I’m hoping to see. Not only that, but I need to make it clear what kind of art style the game has, and what kind of style the school’s architecture is meant to have.

Most serious projects have a “style guide” or a “visual guidelines” document that is meant to demonstrate the “look-and-feel” that the project is meant to have. For a very long time, Yandere Simulator never had such a document. As a result, sometimes volunteers would create models that simply didn’t fit in with the game at all, and needed to be re-modeled or re-textured until they felt like they belonged in the game..

Last month, at my request, an artist put this image together: http://imgur.com/CgLSLnH.png This visual guide should prevent volunteers from doing wasted work because they didn’t understand what kind of look-and-feel the game was meant to have. Of course, working together with the artist, describing what the visual guidelines need to say, and refining the guidelines until they are ready to show to volunteers, is also all time-consuming stuff.

On the topic of “assisting volunteers”, there’s something else to mention…

Recording Footage

If I want a volunteer to create an animation for me – like, say, an animation of a character vomiting – then I need to record video footage of…you guessed it…a video game character vomiting:

That’s not the only type of footage that I need to obtain for volunteers, though…

Bug Footage

If there is a problem with a volunteer’s asset, the problem often cannot be understood unless the volunteer has seen video footage of the problem. For example, if an animator sends me a new walk animation for Yandere-chan, and the animation looks very good, but I discover that the animation causes weapons to clip into Yandere-chan’s body, then I have to record footage of the problem, and show it to the animator so that they can gauge how far they need to rotate Yandere-chan’s wrist to fix the clipping issue.

If I want a programming volunteer to fix a bug for me, I need to record footage of the bug. For example, if I want to ask a programmer to help me fix the “camera clips through walls” bug, I can’t just say, “The camera clips through walls sometimes, please fix it.” There’s more to it than that. First, I should actually provide video footage of the bug and how to reproduce the bug, so that he knows exactly what I’m talking about:

On top of that, there is also something else that must be done…

Providing Debug Projects

I don’t feel comfortable sending Yandere Simulator’s project files to volunteers. If someone wants to fix a bug, then I send them a small Unity project containing a sandbox test environment where they can reproduce the problem and try to debug it. Here’s an example:

Preparing these debug projects takes time, just like everything else.

Investigating Technical Problems

You might also just classify this as “bug testing”, but sometimes I spend my time investigating technical problems, like why some users have begun to report the game running out of memory. This was an issue that did not previously exist, so solving the problem involves looking for the earliest report of the bug, then checking to see what changed in that exact build, then removing that change from the current build of the game to see if that will fix the issue.

Investigating this particular problem – the issue of the game running out of memory – also involves looking through the debug logs that the game produces after making a build, going down the list of all of the assets that take up the most memory, and determining what can be done to lower the file size of those assets. None of this is fun. All of this is time-consuming.

Concept Art

What’s the first step towards adding a new environment to Yandere Simulator? First, I create a simple mockup depicting the size of the room and how I imagine the layout:

Then, I need to gather reference photographs to help a concept artist visualize the room:


Then, a concept artist creates several sketches of how the room might look:

Then, a rough 3D mockup is created to confirm that it’s what we want:

Then, the final concept art is created:

Then, a 3D modeller actually creates the room.

All of this takes time.

Delegating Tasks

Remember when I suggested the idea of a maid minigame, and asked the fanbase to vote on whether I’d implement it before or after Osana? http://poal.me/52p38v “Before Osana” won the vote – so, where’s the minigame?

The answer is that I delegated the task to someone else; another programmer is creating the maid minigame. Over the past 2 months, he’s made some very impressive progress:

Describing what needs to be done, reviewing his work, changing the design of the game as flaws are discovered…all of this takes time. (But, it takes less time than if I’d done it all myself.)

tinyBuild Discussions

I announced a partnership with tinyBuild way back on March 1st, and haven’t said a single word about them ever since then. So, what’s going on?

tinyBuild has the project files for Yandere Simulator and has started their own “branch” of the game. Their branch stems from one of the most recent builds of the game. They will convert their branch to C#, get it to run on Unity 5, optimize everything that is inefficient, and then focus on adding every feature that I’ve added since the day our branches split. At that point, we’ll abandon my branch and begin using their branch instead. Until then, my branch will be used to develop Osana (or a prototype of Osana), demonstrate features that the final game will have, and keep people interested in the game by adding new content.

Best case scenario: I will implement Osana and launch the Kickstarter before tinyBuild’s branch is complete. Worst-case scenario, tinyBuild will simply finish their branch and implement Osana before I do, and then we launch the Kickstarter.

All of this has required a lot of discussion, planning, and coordination. Being introduced to various team members, making sure that everyone has a clear understanding of my vision for the game, outlining our plans for the future…all of this takes time.

Secret Projects and Spoilers

Everything I’ve described above is the stuff that I’m willing to tell you about. Obviously, I have not mentioned all of the things that I would prefer to keep secret.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how you’re going to react once I can finally show you all of the other stuff that has been in development besides Osana. I think you’re really going to love some of the surprises that I have planned.

Defending Myself

It seems that, every time I post something to the Internet, I need to write a follow-up post explaining or defending my previous post. If I make a video about Persona, I need to write a blog post explaining that, no, I don’t intend to copy Persona. If I don’t show any Osana progress, I need to write a blog post explaining that, yes, I’m still getting work done.

You might say “Just ignore the people who complain! Defending yourself eats up time that could have been spent working on Osana!” But, you don’t understand. If everyone loses faith in me – because I didn’t take the time to explain myself – then nobody will want to back the crowdfunding campaign, and Yandere Simulator won’t ever be finished. Clearing up misunderstandings, clarifying my intentions, demonstrating my progress, explaining what I do, and keeping the fanbase updated…all of these things are equally as important – if not even more important – than actually getting work done.

In Closing

I am not just a programmer with the task of implementing Osana. I am also this project’s director and producer, and also the manager of every animator/artist/modeller/composer/voice actor contributing to this game. I’m not trying to brag, and I’m not trying to whine; I’m just letting you know how things are. The bottom line is the same as the first sentence I wrote at the top of this blog post: “I’m responsible for a lot of other things beside Osana, and sometimes I don’t have time to work on Osana.”

By the way…looking back over this whole blog post, I can’t help but feel like it would have made a good “progress report” video. Sneak peeks at behind-the-scenes stuff, previews of upcoming content, status reports on things that haven’t been mentioned in a while…maybe, instead of making two videos about Persona, I should have just created this blog post in the form of a video, instead…

Anyway, I hope that the message of this blog post is clear. I hope you clearly understand the reasons why there isn’t always Osana progress to show you every 2 weeks.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

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      • Its true later when your in your early thirtys you’ll look back and be happy with all of your fans enjoying yandere si- i mean lovesick

      • U really should but i know u really love this game but just letting u know if u stop making this game all your loyal fans will stay with u and u can just do game plays if you want 🙂

      • Yandere Dev a lot of us care about your wellbeing. If you feel like you need to take a break, do that. Watch anime, play video games or simply Watch a movie.

      • Devpai, we are here for you. I understand that there is a “top goal” that needs to be reached, and that there are other things that need to be added to make the “top goal” even better! I kinda think of it like a ladder, Osana is the final rung to climb, but the other things that need to be added are not making you climb down the ladder, but rather, making you climb up one step at a time! Just seeing all of the tiny little changes that you add makes me even more excited to see the final product! I know you may not see this, but I know what it is like to be in a huge project, I have been in many theatre productions (Hahaha I’m like Kizana except i’m not a himedere) and we don’t start right away with the biggest things, because then it would be a mess. Instead, we start with a “read-through” and we ease our way into blocking and memorizing lines. When we have gone through everything, we then polish and clean what needs to be fixed. By the time of the performance, we rock the performances, if that makes any sense. What I am trying to say is, those little things make the final product that much better and it is not making you climb down the ladder, but making you climb up! Alright, that is all I have to say. Thank you, if YandereDev sees this, I hope it helps in anyway it can.

      • I know I’m kind of late but please read this.

        I feel so bad for Yanderedev. He works hard and try’s to do his best, on one game that HE HIMSELF thought of, and OTHER people, that don’t know what it feels like to be a game developer, are calling him “lazy”, annoying him by asking about Osana all the time, and making him rush! Yanderedev can take his time. I don’t care if anything gets delayed, or if Yandere Simulator will be released in 20??. I can wait. Yanderedev didn’t need to make this game. He didn’t need to pay attention to his “fans”, he didn’t need to update the game, and he didn’t even need to add the little things and big things to the game. But he did. He cares for his “fans” and his game, and he is trying very hard, to get it done right, and yet, there is always 2 or 4 people who complain about one small thing. To all of Yanderedev’s “fans”, deal with it. You don’t know what it feels like to be a game developer, who is trying their best to satisfy every, and every one of you. Be patient, and let Yanderedev take his time, on his game.

        Thank you to who ever read this, and have a good day.

  1. It doesn’t matter to me wether this was a video or not. The main point is that you explained everything, YandereDev. Hopefully, this will settle all the annoying people giving you backlash over the Persona videos.

    • Some of the backlash is granted though. He needs to know if the fans don’t like where he’s headed, the people chanting “thief” and “Osana” are being childish and all, but some of us are just trying to let him know that some of the cool bits of persona would be stupid in Yan-Sim

      • Agreed. The “stylishness of persona” won’t fit with the pinkish-and-kawaii-but-actually-dark-and-edgy atmosphere of Yandere Simulator. There are lots of things I don’t like to be implemented but I just too lazy to explain.

      • Exactly. And yet, every single bit of criticism pointed towards bad idea is treated like hate.

      • But Igor, when someone is trying to make a game, sure it is good.
        But if the developer finds something to fit in the game, but no one else thinks it does, or the majority thinks it doesnt, why would the developer still make add it in?

      • I understand what you’re saying Kenma, but since the current version of the game is nothing more than a prototype it is impossible to tell whether something fits or not. Maybe in the end product you love those potential new features, impossible to say for sure.

      • Features in persona is necessary for yandere sim IMO. Or any game like this IMO.

      • Especially when the final look of the game is going to be different, based on what we’re hearing now. Character models will be changing, so it doesn’t make sense to get attached to any particular art style, or to even say “well, it’s a cool idea, but it wouldn’t suit the art style” because we don’t know what the final product’s going to look like yet.

      • To those who think that adding several persona features might be cool: should Yandere Simulator renamed as “Persona Simulator” or “Yandere Persona” and see if it would fit the game??? We can totally change the name again since it’s just a prototype :):):)
        “Lovesick” word doesn’t exist in Persona nor it does in Hitman so its not cool :p

      • I’m talking about features and not art style BTW. But personally,I don’t care about the art style!

      • They all fit in though. Yandere simulator isn’t supposed to look like this. This doesn’t look like a game, it looks like someone wanted to create a game and made it in day. Personas art style would change that.

  2. *facepalms* Yan-Dev, no one actually cares about the hallways, or if the characters salute or have little talking icons or not. I personally despise the talking icons, loved the old animations for chatting since I found them amusing, and couldn’t care in the slightest about the fricken hallways. The clouds thing looks great, so I don’t see a problem there either. I get you like to look at other games for inspiration, but some of the stuff just wouldn’t fit at all in the yan-sim everyone’s fallen in love with. Take a step back and breathe for a second. We don’t need new cool stuff that you saw in hitman, or persona, or super mario or whatever, just keep doing what you’re doing now, and if that’s boring just make some more easter eggs. Try not to get too side-tracked with all this oohing and ahhing over other games. You do you bruh.

    • I mean techinally he is doing what he wants to do by adding thoses ideas, I have mixed feelings about the chat lines myself but weather it stays or not I don’t really care. As long as the game keeps its focus on being an anime based stealth game with panty shots and dating sim themes i’m good.

    • Except the art style is going to change eventually, so maybe some of these new features he’s thinking about adding would suit the new style? It’s hard to say without having access to what is being recommended by his team.

    • Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean others agree with you. I think the hallways are too bland and need something to fill them up. It doesn’t look like a high school at all, just a bland boring dead building.

  3. Game development, especially for a project of this size with a now-established fanbase, is a huge commitment. Thank you, Yanderedev, for continuing to persevere despite the frequent obstacles. Best of luck with development, and whenever you do decide to launch the kickstarter, I will be standing by ready to help fund this game’s success as much as my budget will allow 😉

  4. Yeah, I guess not many people really see how much you’re doing. “Hey, all you’re doing is working on Osana and fixing bugs. Nothings exciting’s happening!”. In reality, you have so much stuff to do along with the volunteers and I’m proud of you guys. I especially can’t wait to see all those secrets! :DDDD

  5. You can’t keep filling your jar with sand and small pebbles, you have to put big rocks first. Polishing your game is important, but giving the game a purpose to accomplish is way more important. I like your game, keep up the good work Dev 🙂

    • I’d like to think that him “polishing” his game as he implements features is like someone editing their video as they go along making it. It’s a process. 🙂

      • I don’t know how you make a video but personally when I make a video the process would be decide the theme>record everything needed>put them all together>edit them and add effects>render the file. If I’m editing it while recording that’s just… too hard. I might miss the events I supposed to record while I editing the video.

  6. I agree to an extent with the whole defending thing, but what about what he said about the kickstarter? You think he’s too paranoid about that?

    • Every developer of something has standards for themselves or whatever they’re working on. YandereDev feels that he needs to get to a comfortable checkpoint in the game before he launches the Kickstarter in order to increase the chances of it being successful. 🙂

    • Agreed! I readed all of it and my eyes hurt smh :/ but I always enjoy reading yan sim blog posts

  7. I respect you YandereDev for the following reasons:
    1. You care a lot for the people who support you.
    2. You have been very determined to make Yandere Simulator as high quality as possible even though there is a lack of manpower.
    3. You make sure your audience is well informed by sharing progress reports.

    I’ve learnt a lot from you even though I came to know about your project about 8 months ago. Following you on this journey taught me that as long as you are willing to put in effort, what you want to achieve is bound to bear fruit.

    I hope for the game’s and your success. Thank you for all that you have done and all the best.

  8. wow … that’s a lot of stuff.
    I knew you had a lot of things to do, but I didn’t know that was such time-consuming.
    courage yanderedev, once Osana will be here, you’ll be able to breathe a little.

  9. You are so hardworking… You really should stop caring about what people say.
    I’m worried about your mental health, like… You work just so much, I’d be crazy if I were you, working in front of the cold light of a computer screen without stopping.
    Please, take care, and do what you think is the best, no mattering if it’s going to take a long time.

    ( My english is not the best, because I speak portuguese, but… I think that you can understand. haha )

  10. I have never complained about the speed of development. At some point I was feeling a little impatient because of how many times the kick starter has been delayed. I would have never thought all those other things would also need attention, so i’m happy to understand better. If I see people complaining about the speed of development I will refer them to this blog post. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself!

  11. no one cares about how you work or how you devote your time. Everything you do is equally as important to the other things you do, just as long as you finish the game I think thats all we need

  12. Honestly, I’m impressed you still manage to update the game so often. You must have a lot of *cough, cough* DETERMINATION.

  13. Also you have so little time, because you need to coop with volunteers and such, yet you have time for all night streams and making videos about Persona?

    • Have you not paid any attention? He has stated multiple times that he doesn’t work all day from morning to evening. He takes a couple hours off to play games and stream SPECIFICALLY because the fanbase insisted that he takes care of his health. What do you want him to do then? Work himself to death?

      • I want him to work himself into doing some progress. So far he spend week of work to make video about Persona. Also how is streaming all night different from sitting in front of computer and writing code? Both are equally unhealthy.

      • Wh-look. Why won’t you email him about your concerns, then? He stated in an earlier post how he wants people to communicate with him. I don’t have any other info about him expect the things he has said on his blog, and I honestly don’t care how long making the game takes. I’m just tired of people like you bashing him for making “no progress at all” with Osana. How would you even know that? For all we know, Osana could be 99% done. Or 10% done. So what exactly is your rush?

      • I don’t care how long it takes. It’s just disappointing how YanDev has so many caring fans, yet he treats them with no respect, lying and delaying things constantly. E-mailing him would be useless – he said many times that he receives tons of them, and that would delay development even further. The only info I have about him is from this blog and his twitch account – where he sometimes streams games for 12 hours straight, yet here on this blog, he always whines about how little time he has, worrying fans about his health. Dude, trust me, I’m not some kind of heated fan that wants game RIGHT NOW. I’m just sad and disappointed because Dev doesn’t do his job properly, even if he has volunteers, fans, resources, that many of indie devs can only dream off.

      • I still think you’re being unreasonably tough on him. While yes, I can’t deny that he has delayed things, I don’t think he has ever lied to us. More like he forgot to mention somethings. Even then, this entire post has been about what he HAS been doing, and what progress he HAS been making. Why does all the progress have to center around Osana? I don’t doubt that most of the progress is still centered around her, but still. Also yes, he HAS more volunteers than most indie developers. BUT HE IS STILL THE ONLY PERSON who can implement the things into the game, remember? That means adding a feature, checking that it doesn’t conflict with any other line of code, checking for bugs etc. He has to do that with every. Single. Thing that he wants to implement. On his own. It takes time. I think it’s unfair to say that he doesn’t do his job properly, but who am I to change your mind about him.

  14. YandereDev is working on Yandere Simulator
    That’s all I need, that’s all we want no ? 😉

  15. ” I’ve got a lot to say about that subject [Osana]. I’ll write out my thoughts in the same blog post where I release Part 2. ”
    ” You’d probably like to hear an update on Osana. Actually, I’d like to write an entire blog post about that exact subject. I think it’s important to do it soon, but I think that getting a new video out in a timely fashion is even higher in priority. So I’ll work on the video now, and write up an Osana-focused blog post sometime afterwards. ”

    Yet this post says nothing about Osana at all.

  16. YanDev, if I were you i wouldn’t force myself to fill the hallways with stuff before Osana is done, because it doesnt actually affect her gameplay. You should rather focus on the important stuff, such as the Camera. But if it is the way you want to develop YanSim, iam fine with that. I can wait ❤

  17. All the fans giving support and kind words. It makes we wonder, when reality comes around and it’s time for the fans to pay would they fork over the cash? This journey is far from over and many things could go wrong that would lose fans. I know I would pay no matter what but I’m not so hopeful about humanity in general.

  18. You guys realize that people who go for their Master’s degree or Doctorate degree don’t have lives till after they get that degree? This game is like that for Yandev.

  19. YandereDev is taking on so much stuff and he wants to get it done fast and I’m over here like: I have 1 month for my book report…psh I can get it done no problem. ~Night before last day to get it done: GOTTA REAAD MY BOOK FASSSTTT ONLY 600 PAGES LEFT! ~Day before project is due (Sunday): JESUS I NEED TO DO THE WHOLE POSTER AND SUMMARY AND GENRE AND EVERYTHING STILL—I CAN’T DO THAT!

  20. ok, but we already know all this .. youve told us in numerous blog posts and videos. so why make another? and i thought this blog post was gonna be about osana progress… because last time you said that you had all the assets needed for the interaction events but you needed to write the code. if you dont have any progress to show, just say so, its fine, you dont need to write an entire blog post to defend yourself, because we already know everything you do. just say like “sorry no osana progress lol”

    • Yeah. Lack of progress is one thing, but when YanDev says “OMG, next post is so totally about Osana” and that post is not about Osana at all, it’s just straight up lying.

      • “So I’ll work on the video now, and write up an Osana-focused blog post sometime afterwards. ” sometime afterwards. SOMETIME. That does NOT say “OMG The next post is totally about Osana!” anywhere. SOMETIME does not mean IMMEDIATELY or RIGHT AFTER. It means sometime. He didn’t lie.

      • maybegame, what?

        “Uhhhhhhhhhh…Osana? I’ve got a lot to say about that subject. I’ll write out my thoughts in the same blog post where I release Part 2”
        “Yesterday, I said that I’d make a blog post about Osana today. However, I feel like there’s something more important that I need to discuss. I’ll talk about Osana tomorrow. Here’s what I want to talk about today…”

        Those are citations of YandereDev himself. He said like two times, that he is going to make post about Osana and yet he didn’t. He did lie.

      • I must defend shobusenpai here. He/she is one of the only persons who are noticing YandereDev’s lies. But all the people are like “Oh YanDev, no wonder it was delayed, take your time, ignore those haters”. NO! STOP! HE DOESN’T WORK THAT HARD!! HE STREAMS A LOT!!! PLEASE! He lies to us everytime he writes a single blog post. Once he said “I hope Osana is finished before 2017” IT’S MAY NOW!!!! Look at his twitch!! He also streams on a private site which I can’t name here because he has word filters on. He doesn’t deserve all the Patreon money!

  21. I accidentally read the title of this post “What is Yandere-chan doing?” xD Though that made me thing. What IS Yandere-chan doing? Is she sending Yandere dev death threats telling him to hurry up with making Osana. Or is she planning on ways to Delay development so that Osana wouldn’t be implemented and she would have Senpai to herself?

  22. If you know that the fanbase would go bat-shit insane over 2 simple videos about Persona, why would you waste time and effort making the videos, and defending yourself from the bat-shit insane part of the fanbase? Why would you torture yourself by doing that? I think everyone would have been happier if you had made 2 videos over the stuff you talked about in this blog post.

  23. YandereDev eu não consegui entender isso “É possível interagir com os membros do corpo docente” pode explicar ?
    YandereDev I could not understand this “It is possible to interact with faculty members” can you explain?

    • He means, Faculty members (teachers, guidance counselor, the staff) Cannot be interacted with yet, you cannot be punished for bad behaviour by the guidance counselor yet, you cant talk with the teachers, and the nurse doesn’t have any job either yet.

      Other words: The people working at the school have no importnant job, and cannot be talked with, mostly.

  24. I find it kinda funny that every little bit of progress mentioned in this post – minigame, bugfixes, animations etc. is made by volunteers and not by YandereDev himself xD

  25. Exactly! Why are all of you complaining? You people are not even struggling to make a game! Yandere-Dev spends his days working on “Yandere Simulator”. He most likely doesn’t have a life like you all do!

    Most of you are saying “Why is he focusing on rooms? Clouds? Or animations? These things are useless!”
    Well, Yandere-Dev wants to make this game succesful. He doesn’t only want the game to be finished. He also wants Yandere Simulator to have a realistic-touch.

    • It’s understandable and acceptable. But it’s also very unprofessional. When you’re making a game, you need to make core gameplay first – for Yandere Simulator core gameplay is eliminating rivals – and then you proceed to improve graphics, animations etc. Yandere Dev is doing everything in wrong order, this is why development is so slow and this is why fans are mad.

      • But when certain elements to Osana are delayed (animations/voiced lines/etc) because dev depends on volunteers, he can take time wasted on waiting for essential things and add other important (and “smaller”) things like props into the game so progress is still made instead of doing nothing until the next element is sent.

      • That’s how games work, When they have more than one person working on it, Yandere dev just got a team helping him. This is how indie game development works.

    • the progress on Osana is probably gonna be a secret and we’ll be kept in the dark until she’s finished, I don’t think story related things will ever be revealed so perhaps the rest that is left is too story related. I mean so many people complained about Osana and then YanDev showed the fan elimination out of nowhere. All he can do is promise progress is happening because he doesn’t want people to find out too much and have spoilers.

  26. *meekly raises hand* “Can some of the students still salute sometimes? I think that animation is cute.” *sleeks off to hang with Midori in a woe corner*

    • If that would happen, someone would need to make an animation for that, the one we had before wasn’t created for yandere simulator, but was in the unity store

    • The problem is that it looks like a disk is just turning, it doesn’t look horrible but it just didnt met the perfection yandev wanted.

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