Let’s Examine Persona – Part 2

The second half of my “Let’s Examine Persona” series is ready! You can watch it below!

Yesterday, I said that I’d make a blog post about Osana today. However, I feel like there’s something more important that I need to discuss. I’ll talk about Osana tomorrow. Here’s what I want to talk about today…

Unfortunately, my first “Let’s Examine Persona” video wasn’t received as well as I hoped it would be. A lot of people commented that it seemed like the entire focus of the video was about stealing from Persona.

In most cases, Persona 5 simply:

  1. Provided me with good reference footage of something I was already planning.
  2. Reminded me of things that I had already considered in the past.
  3. Gave me an excuse to talk about something that I’d always wanted to talk about, but never had a reason to mention in any of my previous videos.

Just take a look at the things that were mentioned in the Part 2 video…

  • Low-Detail Students – I pitched this idea last year.
  • Morning Conversations – Gave me an excuse to talk about one of Yandere Sim’s potential game design flaws, and one potential solution.
  • 2D Backgrounds – A clever way to have story cut-scenes without modelling environments. (Persona wasn’t the first to do this, either.)
  • Headphones – Seeing students wearing headphones in Persona gave me inspiration for students that couldn’t be distracted by noises. This is not an actual game mechanic in Persona, but is a game mechanic in another stealth game.
  • Book Bags – Something I’ve considered for over a year, but never had a reason to mention.
  • School Store – Something I’ve considered for over a year, but never had a reason to mention.
  • Culture Festival – Something I’ve considered for over three years, but never had a reason to mention.
  • Student Stalkers – Something I’ve discussed with fans for years, but never mentioned in a video.
  • Streets and Stores – I pitched this idea months ago.
  • Umbrella Technology – Obviously, this bit was a joke.

In other words, this was a “Persona-themed” video where I discussed a bunch of concepts that Persona reminded me of, or provided reference footage of things I wanted to do in the future. This wasn’t a video about stealing features that Persona invented.

Now, let’s examine the previous video:

  • Chatter Effects – The idea was pitched by Furipasart last year. It was a good idea, but I forgot about it until I saw something similar in Persona 5.
  • Student Reactions – An original concept from Persona 5 that might benefit Yandere Simulator.
  • Memorial Services – An aspect of real life that would be an appropriate addition to Yandere Simulator.
  • Better Transition Screen – “My screen is boring, Persona 5’s screen is exciting, I should also try to be more exciting” is not an idea I should have to defend.
  • School Props – “My corridors are empty, Persona 5’s corridors are not empty, I should try to decorate my corridors” is not an idea I should have to defend.
  • Third Eye – “Yandere Vision lacks polish, Persona 5’s equivalent has a lot of polish, I should also try to have a lot of polish” is not an idea I should have to defend.
  • Uniform Variety – Something I’ve wanted for over three years, but never had a reason to mention.
  • Opening Animation – Something I’ve discussed with fans for years, but never mentioned in a video.
  • Student Comments – An original concept from Persona 5 that might benefit Yandere Simulator.
  • Art Style – I never said that I wanted to directly copy the Persona art style, I said that I was considering something similar. The reason why I’ve taken an interest in the Persona art style is because it’s very difficult to find an anime art style that translates well into 3D models. Persona 5 has proven that its art style works in 3D, which is why I feel confident that a similar art style would work out for me.

Most of the things I discussed in my previous video were features that I was already considering, or aspects of Yandere Simulator that currently lack polish. Only two of the things I discussed in my previous video were actually original concepts from Persona 5 that I think would be very beneficial if directly transplanted into Yandere Sim.

Obviously, I’m aware that what makes a game special is how unique it is, and that if a game copies too many elements from other games, it’s no longer unique, and thus it’s no longer special. I know that it would be stupid to take another game and start copying all of its features until I’ve made a replica of it. However, if you look at the list of everything that I discussed in this video and the previous video, you’ll see that there were extremely few times when I actually discussed the idea of taking any original concepts from Persona 5.

Considering all of the above information, I feel like the reaction to my previous video was completely unjustified, and so I simply had to take the time to write a blog post defending these two videos.

Tomorrow, I’ll write and post the Osana-related blog post that I said I’d post today.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

229 thoughts on “Let’s Examine Persona – Part 2

  1. My favorite Idea is adding headphones! They’re really interesting, and relevant to the stealth gameplay!

    Since this game’s dialogue delivery isn’t… exemplary, I think an awkward short exposition dump at the beginning of the day is a Veeeery Bad Idea. Please don’t! People want to get to the action/stealth gameplay! Find other ways that the player can *find* the useful information, by talking with characters in-game or reading text in the school, instead of rubbing them in their faces with forced dialogue. Also, wouldn’t it be weird that people gave Yan-Chan random tips when she has a bad reputation, and they want to avoid her?

    Finally, I doubt that Yandere Simulator has the necessary art direction to pull off placing 3d characters in front of 2d environments without it feeling out of place.

    • Of course Yandere Simulator doesn’t have good art direction or polished voice acting. Its current state is a glorified prototype. I’m confident that Yandere Dev will be able to polish the little details like that once he has, you know, proper funding.

      • Fair enough! I can’t see the future, that’s for sure. I guess it’s hard for me to imagine the current, defective models on top of anime-like backgrounds looking good. We can only hope that the funding is enough to give YanSim a proper, focused style that will look convincing enough.

        However, no matter how much money is invested in masterful artists to design assets, it’s absolutely necessary to invest in an experienced art director that puts the pieces together (someone who’s not YandereDev, sadly), so the game can achieve YandereDev’s ambitious visual goals. Funding isn’t everything, a focused development is necessary as well. Tiny build will have a huge role in making that happen!

    • To be honest I think the exposition in the beginning is a better game mechanic its technically also being stealthy as your eavesdropping on the students and as you said the voice acting isn’t exemplary but as since thats only for you to get information he might not even put voices in. Also why would the students or the school tell you about that like who would talk about a vent being unscrewed and putting someone in there? However it would make sense that you overhear some people talking about a show they watched the other day i.e. a horror movie or detective show which would make much more sense. Not to mention I’m pretty sure Yandere Dev will be smart enough to allow you to skip it like how you can skip the text’s Yandere-chan and Info-chan have in the beginning so its not “forced dialogue”. So as you said I think it would be important to the “stealth gameplay” and also not all people want to get to the action or stealth gameplay that quickly if they did they’ll probably just play a Mortal Combats game whats the point of a game if there isn’t any plot it would just be something gruesome. Like lets take for example Corpse Party the anime, the game was great the story was good and you could save almost everyone (seiko rip) however in the anime they chose the route with the most blood and gore to “appeal” to the audience which I must say was just too much even for me. Now than if yandere simulator became a story without a story only killing and gore and such it would just become like corpse party’s anime, something I’m disgusted by and would rather jump in a hole than to watch again. Sorry for the rant just wanted to give you a good rebuttal as I really liked the idea as since most people probably won’t watch all of Yandere devs videos to learn how some game mechanics work (which is another point).

      • Now that I think about it, I think you bring a very fair point. Actually I misunderstood the video and thought characters would actually be talking TO Yan-chan! Obviously she would be overhearing other conversations. It would feel much more natural! Of course, it will all depend on how the lines are written so they don’t feel forced.

        I didn’t mean to say that YanSim should be all gore and action at all! That came off wrong. I’m just saying that if YandereDev adds an extra 15-20 second long cutscene of exposition, those are 20 seconds where the player is ‘tied up’ (that is, if they want to get the information, they have no choice but to go through the entire cutscene without doing anything but listening.) What if, instead of 20 secs of cutscene, the player could get close to the rainbow girls or some club members any overhear their conversations whenever they wanted? That would give much more agency to the player, plus they’d feel like they *found* the hinted info instead of it being spoon-fed to them in the beginning.

      • Yes. But because he ended up having to explain everything in the blog since every jumped to the conclusion that he’s ripping off Persona, it made the blog really long as it is. He said at the end another one is coming out tomorrow, which now is today. If he hadn’t had to defend himself Osana would have popped up in this blog instead.

  2. I’ll admit I didn’t think about it too long, but it seems like putting the culture festival in the last week of school (when Megami Saikou is in school) could make sense. It could introduce all sorts of new challenges for that last week by disrupting schedules and throwing obstacles in the way of specific reusable elimination methods. This would throw a wrench in the plans of any players who honed one particular method of eliminating rivals. Also, Ayano confessing her love on the last day of the culture festival…feels right, somehow. (This assumes that this particular stretch goal is met, of course.)

    The idea of accidentally getting a guy to fall in love with Ayano is hysterical and I hope it gets added to the game. If Yandere Dev had functionally infinite resources, I might ponder the possibility of said stalkers becoming yanderes themselves…but that’s a bit of a needlessly complicated edge case in practice.

    • I agree! By placing the festival (and its challenges) on the last week, it will make it stand out from the other weeks and seem more climactic! The thing is it would need to fit into the last rival’s storyline, both thematically (the fair can’t be fun and cheery because the school is supposedly in great danger) and narratively (it may create plotholes depending on what YandereDev has planned.) It’s already strange that the principal would allow such an event after many mysterious disappearances/deaths.

      And, I fully support love-struck stalkers following the player around. By now the list of people that could start following Yan-Chan is pretty large: the photography club, witnesses, boys with crushes, friendly girls who want to suck out your popularity…

      • It seems like Ayano should attract some kind of potential witnesses over the course of the game, no matter what kind of actions she’s taking.
        (Unless, of course, the player actively tries to keep a low profile and/or removes potential followers, whether by murdering the photography club or matchmaking boys with crushes on her.)

    • I know this is old, but I believe during Megamis week the school will essentially be on lockdown. Security, cameras, heightened awareness, metal detectors…it seems like it’d be a but much and would kind of ruin the serious atmosphere I think Yan Dev is going for in the final rival. J personally think the idea of having the festival be during Senpais sisters week is fantastic, as it fits the more bubbly fun filled theme around Bamako. That, and it will still cause a significant spike in difficulty, as she will most likely be around Senpai for most of the day, as opposed to just 5 scripted events.

  3. What if the person who ran the school store was a coward?
    Or evil?
    Or an extremely apathetic, kuudere Kuu Dere?
    Or secretly Infochan?
    Or blind/ visually impaired? She would still be able to hear murder but she wouldn’t be able to identify the killer and if you go with a stealth kill she might not even notice.
    Japanese bills are sized differently so they would still be able to work as a cashier.

  4. I don’t think that yanderedev making videos about how inspiration from other games is a bad thing. yanderedev is doing more than just creating content. He’s explaining his creative process in a candid form as the game continues to grow into its own individual form. I actually like these videos a lot because its cool to see where a lot of the ideas come from, how the game could change in the future, and what yanderedev himself is looking forward to exploring. In addition, when he releases a poll asking the fans for advice as to how he should implement certain features (e.g. the maid cafe mini game), its helpful to understand the original inspiration and concepts that yanderedev is hoping to make these features from to get a more accurate idea of how they’ll look in Yandere Simulator.
    Keep at it yanderedev, can’t wait to see what you make next! πŸ™‚

  5. What if the person on the school store was a student? Like there could be an economics club or something like that, the students could run the store, and some time fall asleep, if you want to kill some one in front of the store, you could kill when they are sleeping but need to run before someone screams and they wake up, And if one of then another one will take his place but will not sleep since he is now in fear.

  6. You could have the food store be a mobile booth, something taken to the hallway (or maybe outside?) only at certain times of the day, and that isn’t enclosed from all sides. You can have it be taken away to restock if all of it’s inventory is bought (by Yandere-chan herself [but if she has a limited inventory herself, she might have to buy only part of the inventory at a time and take it to trash before buying more, but then the sales lady might become suspicious], or by her somehow getting other students to buy more than usual [by stealing peoples bento boxes?]), and you could have more than one around school.ο»Ώ

  7. I forgot to make a comment on the previous video, so i’m putting all my thoughts into this comment.

    Part 1:
    Chatter effects: This gives the characters a bit more life to them and lets you know when something you might wanna hear is being said. A good idea all around.

    Student reactions: Again ,another good idea to help you keep track of the general state of the school’s atmosphere. Plus it could make the school feel more like it’s filled with actual people rather than just lifeless figures.

    Memorial services: I like the idea of a sort of punishment for being sloppy, and also something that might give the school more of a realistic feel. Maybe the day a memorial takes place the rest of the school residents could be put on a bit higher of an alert than usual, becoming more jumpy and on edge. This effect could be stronger each time a memorial service is held, to the point where a student might go straight to the teachers if they saw or heard something suspicious for even a second or two.

    School props: Who doesn’t like the idea of having a more stylish looking school, and a nicer looking game in general? It would make the school feel that much more real, plus some of those props might have actual uses in the game.

    Transition screens: Again, it never hurts to make the game look nicer and more stylish. It might be interesting to see different transitions screens based on who the rival of the week was, or what the atmosphere of the school is at.

    Third eye: I actually kinda forgot about Yandere vision until you brought it up here. The idea of improving the way that Yandere Chan goes about using this ability is a nice idea, and would make the game feel much more polished.

    Uniform variety: The current characters are very similar looking, so something like this could really give them an extra bit of style that could help break up the monotony.

    Opening animation: I really like the idea of some sort of opening cut scene or animation, and the persona one seems like a very impressive example, though i would be lying if i said the animated one didn’t also appeal to me slightly more than the persona one, though i understand that budget and time are still important factors.

    Student comments: Since you can currently walk past characters in Yandere simulator and find out pieces of info from their conversations, it would be cool to have a visual representation of this, instead of just the “New topic learned” at the bottom of the screen. Plus, hearing what the various students think of you would give them a bit more of a lively feel than just standing around for the benefit of learning conversation topics.

    Art style: I’m not overly fond of the look of the persona character you used as an example, but the one drawn by the artist looks very polished and impressive. Finding a proper art style that isn’t too bland, but also doesn’t rip off the current persona art is a tricky balancing act, though the art provided gives me hope that you can do it.

    Your first video seems much more focused on the look and feel of the game, rather than any mechanics, and as such i have very few complaints with the ideas brought up. This video however has a few issues that i feel could detract from the game.

    Part 2:
    Low detail students: I personally think that adding more students, but making them only good for spotting the player doing something wrong, seems kinda boring. Instead of adding generic figures to make the place more lively, i like the idea of each character being unique, like they are now. Since you mentioned before how you want more characters in the game, the school will already be quite lively as it is.

    Morning conversations: While i do like the idea of some stuff being revealed in this form, the example you used of the suicide note might make more sense to have introduced in a classroom cut scene when you boost the writing skill to the point where you unlock said ability. This might work better to A) hint at where the next Senpai and rival interaction scene might take place, or B) tell you about various things that certain students might want, like the ring you could swipe to frame Osana for stealing it from another student.

    2D backgrounds: I really like the idea here, as it would make the cut scenes look much more alive and thought out.

    Headphones: Another really good idea. It could add another layer of strategy when it comes to taking out a rival, which could be interesting to try and work around.

    Book bags: This would deal with a lot of the (Rather odd in my opinion) conflict over the subject, and i always wondered why the idea of including back packs was not brought up, considering this does take place in a school and all.

    School store: I think a school store is a rather pointless addition. Between Info Chan’s “Store” and the stores you suggested would be in the small town/street outside the school, a school store feels like it would make getting supplies too easy.

    Culture Festival: This sounds like a great idea, especially if you have it go all week. It adds a lot of possibility to the setting, and could be an interesting challenge to deal with. Plus, if you killed someone during the festival and did a poor job of dealing with the evidence the festival could get shut down, lowering school atmosphere dramatically and making it harder to take out senpai’s sister.

    Student stalkers: While i like all the possible ways you suggested, i think you might have forgotten one. The photography club, from it’s description on the wiki, seems to be a sort of detective type group. It seems like it could be interesting if the further through the game you went, and the more trouble you caused, the more and more you might catch the members looking into your activities to try and catch you in the act. If you went for a more peaceful way through the game, you might never see them at all, but if you went violent, you might find yourself with quite the “Fan club” on your hands.

    Streets and stores: I always loved this idea when you introduced it, and seeing an example of how it could be makes it that much more intriguing to me.

    In conclusion, i really like the ideas presented in both videos, and it makes me look forward to seeing what the final product will be like.

  8. The best way I could think of of getting around the School Store clerk being invincible would be to have them be completely oblivious, for instance, they’re a character type with headphones and loud music, but they’re also incredibly bored and into their music that they hardly notice what’s going on around them unless you directly interact with them for shopping. You’d get around them being potentially invincible and you could probably make a funny chop clerk character out of it.

    • I really like that idea! It could give the clerk personality and overcome the problem of the clerk noticing the player behave suspiciously.

  9. I love a lot of these ideas, but I’m not too fond of changing the transition screen, I love the clean and simple feel to it. In my opinion, the Persona games look a overcrowded with text, patterns, and crazy pop ups. But that’s my opinion and I haven’t even played any Persona game before, so I can’t really judge there. The book bags seem cool, you can even group the idea with personalized uniforms. One student could put a sticker or pin on their bag and another could have attached key chains. However, the bags look stiff and awkward, but if they improve (become more lifelike and possibly the characters and player could change the way they hold the bag) then I’d absolutely love it! The morning conversation are great, it gives a way to learn about all the things you can do in the game. The 2D backgrounds would really save Yandere Dev a lot of time. The headphones give off the impression of students being different, they enjoy music and could be more lively that way. The head phones could also be personalized for each student. I hope that one day Yandere Dev might implement headphones for Yandere Chan and then the player could change the soundtrack this way. For the student store, I’d think it’d be interesting if you could obtain a key for getting into the area, the. You could kill or distract the student. For example, let’s say that the student council often run the store. If the player joins the council, they could get a key to the store. Or the player could steal a key (like the gardening club or nurses office has). Then Yandere Chan could steal items from the store, kill the person working there that day, or tell them that something happened (like the council or a teach needs that students help). That last option could be used to distract the student and then they could leave (it could only work if the player has a high reputation, is friends with the person working there, or is one the council. Otherwise the student wouldn’t trust Yandere Chan and would not leave the store) . If Yandere Chan takes over the shift (via being on the council) then she could possibly poison some food that a rival (or anyone you want/need to kill) normally comes to buy that day. Maybe the store could have a camera in it though, making it harder to steal or do anything suspicious there. The camera would be there to make sure no one stole anything or broke in, so the player would have to work around it (disabling it or being stealthy she killing, poisoning, or stealing. The store could also be used as a way to boost reputation. For all these benefits, it has to be really hard to get in the store. Cameras, other students presence, teachers, etc could be used to really bring out the stealth in the game… Well, I should stop this rant. It’s getting way too long and I haven’t even begun to get into half the things i wanna say. I really want this student store to happen, it’s got so much potential! I love where Yandere Simulator is going!

  10. I know that you don’t like suggestions, but I will give them anyway. And this is not in your email, so don’t hate me. You can ignore me as you sail the seas of comments if you’d like. I believe that getting inspiration from others games is awesome, and could benefit Yandere Simulator in many ways. Here’s my thoughts on these Persona ideas, and some more ideas. I am also sorry that this is in an essay format; it’s just who I am.

    Let’s Examine Persona – Part 1

    1. Chatter Effect – This is a great way to keep the game simple, but also strengthen the school-like atmosphere. Though I think the one you’ve already implemented could use some work. I do not believe you should put the words like in Persona, but you could put your own spin. For example, how about creating a color scheme to show their emotions or personality type, even if you haven’t taken a picture of them yet. Using a color-meaning-wheel, you could make it even more spectacular than the Persona one. Red is anger, orange is distrust, yellow is distrust/cautiousness, green is jealousy, blue is seriousness/tenseness/sadness, purple is talking about a crush, white is regular chit chat, pink is peppy chit chat, black is dark chit chat. Symbols such as )( may also send the message. You can also do: Green or pink is Social Butterfly, red is Evil, orange is Teacher’s Pet, yellow is Hero, gray is Coward, blue is Loner, black is Strict. If Yandere Chan comes close to them, maybe their little chatter effects turn into words that summarize in a brief way what they are talking about, so it wouldn’t be too hard and it won’t be as forced. And smaller symbols would mean quieter talking, or you’re far away; bigger symbols would mean you’re close by or they’re talking loudly. I find this to be a great idea, but if you don’t have the time or money, you don’t have to. But, then again, you want people to be like “Woah Technology!” You can’t do that if there isn’t variation in the little things.

    2. Student Reactions – I like this idea, though I believe it should be a little different. I think it should be in first-person, with you looking through the eyes of the yandere, as you walk down a hall or something similar. There should also be some animations of fear or regular talking because it just seemed to be weird that they’re not quivering in fear if they thought there might be a killer on the loose. The text boxes seem to be very unprofessional, so I propose that you should put them in a speech bubble instead of large boxes. It is better than the rectangular boxes with boring text.

    3. Memorial Services – I think this is absolutely a great idea! It will be a punishment for the gamer and will be very realistic. I don’t think you should change a thing!

    4. School Props – Actually, Japanese High School hallways (according to Google) are usually empty. Though there may be bulletin boards and double doors. I believe it should be in between, having a couple of bulletin boards discussing future events (such as the cultural festival) and some litter here and there. Maybe a few scratched or peeling paint in some places. But I definitely don’t want you working to an extent on just making the hallway look crowded. Sometimes, simple is good. And in this case, it is.

    5. Transition Screen – I feel like the transition screen for Yandere Sim right now is very plain and bland. But I don’t want you to try and match the style of Persona 5. Instead, make your own! Strive to be higher, or at least give it your own twist. Maybe a pink calendar, and every day you draw a red x over the day, except for Fridays, when you draw red hearts that sort of dribbles down. Now that’s stylish and unique.

    6. Third Eye – Do I think the Yandere Vision is bland? Yes. Do I think that Persona’s is better? Definitely. Do I think that you should improve Yandere Vision? Absolutely. To make it challenging for the player, have Yan-Chan frozen in place in a weird position, and anyone around her will get suspicious or weirded out, causing her to lose reputation points. Make the screen pulse, and maybe time slows down a little. Darken the screen, shaky camera. These are great ideas of how to make Yandere Vision come to life.

    7. Uniform Variety – DO IT! Everyone needs to have their own personality! And Yandere Chan should wear hers normally because she’s a sociopath and doesn’t care about what people think of her. Maybe the evil red-headed girl should wear her’s normally too, to show how she’s not right in the mind.

    8. Opening Animation – I believe that the opening animation should get people hooked, not because of quality but because of portrayal. If you manage to make a simple animation interesting and hooking, I will love it. I can describe what I’d like it to be like, though: VOICE-OVER OF CURRENT OPENING –2D Yandere-Chan in darkness, seemingly floating, holding hands to her chest. AFTER “I CAN’T FEEL ANYTHING” – Drums in background, static zoom in on Yan-Chan’s face, we see her eyes closed, twitching. BEFORE “I PRETEND TO BE NORMAL” – Zoom out, darkened silhouettes of people walking beside Yan-Chan, fades when Yan-Chan says, “But on the inside, I feel nothing”. AT “BROKEN” – Shattering glass sound effect, camera pointing at Yan-Chan seemed to be cracked. AT “HIM” – Close up on face, camera still cracked, opens eyes and gasps, cracks fade away. AT “MY SENPAI” – Everything fades to black. EVERYTHING AFTERWARDS – Persona-style opening, you can decide how it goes.

    9. Student Comments – Again, the text box is unprofessional. Use what I said in number 1.

    10. Art Style – I would rather you have asked artists and 3D designers to make your own art style, but if this is want you want, you can keep it. I’m not much for art style as long as the gore is on point and the storyline/plot/lore is really interesting and unexpected.

    Let’s Examine Persona – Part 2

    1. Low-Detail Students – I don’t really care, just as long as at least 1/3 are special and unique characters (the rest can be faceless background characters, but I need my familiar faces). How about all are low-detailed until Yandere-Chan gets involved with them, and they turn into the characters we know and love. For example, if Saki is a rival’s best friend, and we plan to use her to eliminate said rival, she may turn into the current Saki. I imagine that the characters are just darkened people with no face and little detail on their outfits. Saki would look saturated, dark, without a face, and her clothes would be just the regular uniform. If we get involved with her, she will get her color back, her face will return, and her clothes would turn into her own style from Uniform Variety.

    2. Morning Conversations – I believe it shouldn’t be full on conversations. Maybe just a summary in a few words, not having to be grammatically correct. Example: “Someone died . . . No evidence . . . Never caught . . . Killer here? . . . Is it safe?” This, using the chatter effects I described in number one, would be awesome.

    3. 2D Backgrounds – I’d say everything in the cut-scene should be 2D. It makes it cute, easy to make, and sometimes 3D ruins the moment. Maybe a 2D animation for the rival confession scene and 2D version of the Persona cut-scenes for everything else.

    4. Headphones – No doubt about it. Yandere Sim needs headphones.

    5. Book Bags – I’m actually not sure. In Yandere Sim, it doesn’t look natural but in Persona, it does. I guess I should just hope that the final art style will help. But it would be cool to steal things from their bookbag.

    6. School Store – We need it, absolutely. There should be a door that the clerk can open if she hears a giggle, and she can leave her post after shifts. There also should be a key Yan-Chan needs to steal.

    7. Culture Festival – Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. I agree that it should be for Senpai’s sister’s week.

    8. Student Stalkers – YES.

    9. Streets and Stores – YES.

    10. Umbrella Technology – WOAH TECHNOLOGY!

    11. ??? – YES ANOTHER YANDERE! WE NEED THIS!! But you’re comparing her to Oka.. NOT MY OKA COLA!!

    I hope you read my comment, and if you don’t, I get it. You’re busy, and I respect that. Just let me float in the sea of comments, doomed to be forever lost in the deep, cold waters between the Caverns of Criticism and the Channel of Compliments. Save yourself!ο»Ώ

  11. If there are faceless, low detail characters… How would they respond to murder? You mentioned in a previous video that the character’s faces aren’t expressive enough and this seems to contradict that.

    • Well…he’s said that only students of importance would have detailed faces. Maybe it would be a thing like when you turn on high population and get randomly generated students. The student would be randomly generated if they saw you committing murder and wouldn’t have a physical appearance until then, because now they are a threat to Ayano, constantly following her around and trying to get her caught, also being a witness now. They wouldn’t be important yntil then.

  12. At my current high school, we have a concession stand that sells food, though it’s more like a little shop with all of it’s shelves and whatnot. It’s completely run by students of ROTC and does have a supervisor, but is never around at the time to supervise other students. While it’s being run, the door is always unlocked for the sergeants to enter if need be. Perhaps that’s a decent workaround? Even so, Ayano could always have a plot to find and copy the key to the door using that slime you make in science class as an experiment to make a mold, which throws a bonus for the science club, as you could have access to the chemicals and whatnot to make that slime/paste. Who knows, maybe she could even poison something in the shop (if it’s food anyway) and leave it on a rival’s desk as a gift from “senpai.”

  13. Instead of a morning cut scene of student reactions… what if you just eavesdropped on conversations? You mentioned doing this as an extension of reputation, as a way of finding conversation topics/ opinions, as a way to get dirt about your rival, and as a way of finding out about increasing stats previously so I think it makes sense to add reactions to this too.

  14. An idea for decorating the school: Missing student posters.
    If a student just disappears (murdered with no witnesses and no corpse or evidence found)
    There should be missing student posters in the hallway.

  15. Dude..to the low detail students, and the people’s reaction to the solid color models….look at Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE. That is LITERALLY what they do. Just throwing that out there.

  16. ‘Yesterday, I said that I’d make a blog post about Osana today. However, I feel like there’s something more important.’

    Oh. REALLY?

  17. Yaaay a Culture Festival πŸ˜€
    Yaaay Seduced and witness Stalker πŸ˜€
    Yaaay Streets and Stores πŸ˜€

    Oh no, low detail students again, please no D:
    book back… I’m cool with that…

  18. Two videos talking about another game – reminding that the one before those two were also about things that you wish to implement, not that are being implemented -, and now Osana’s post is delayed because of this bullshit? Really? If you can’t make videos about Osana because is spoiler or whatever so why do you have to wait for posting the videos to talk about her? Since you were kinda excited to post the videos I thought it would be related to your own game, not it. I’m disapointed.

    • You… didn’t read the post at all, did you? No need to be embarrassed, we’re all part of the same fandom. We won’t laugh at you for posting ignorant comments due to failure to read before making such a statement (well, most of us, anyway).

      Not saying you can’t be disappointed that the vids weren’t about Osana, just that you’re incorrect to believe that what was discussed here doesn’t have any impact on the game at all.

      • Hey, no need to call him ignorant. You can’t blame the guy either, most of them expected some progress on Osana after YandereDev delayed the video for a few days. After all, all of these ideas from Persona won’t be in the game after the Kickstarter anyway. Osana is his highest priority right now.

      • You talked, talked, and didn’t said anything relevant. Not that I expect something different of this fanbase. Just another rude triggered fan.

      • He is pretty ignorant to just assume such things, to call someone ‘rude’ and ‘triggerd’ is just immature and redundant. If you don’t like the fanbase, why are you here? You clearly are just a troll and should leave.

    • Hey, there is also no need to be disappointed because you don’t get what you want. Life is unfair and YandereDev can do what he needs to get the word out. If you don’t appreciate what he does then don’t complain and just leave. Yes, you’re not the only one but you just waste your time posting a comment that it gonna be ignored.

  19. Well, my school wasn’t a japanese one, but we did have a store. From what I can remember, person in the store is not always there by the window. Most of the time he or she is relaxing in the back and go out to the window if there is a customer that calls them. So, you can just spawn one in, if Yandere-chan or her schoolmates are going to buy something from the store, so AI is not necessarily needs to always be that complex as ‘sitting there, doing nothing but look for the murderer on the loose’.
    Maybe, if school’s atmosphere is going into the darkest places, he or she would be tasked to sit by the window and overlook the hallway and thus creating another obstacle to the Yandere-chan’s killing spree. Maybe he or she can jump over the half-wall of the store and try to apprehend Yandere-chan if they see her kill anyone. Or to give her detention if they see her walking across the hallway during class time.ο»Ώ

  20. You’re missing the point. Persona and Yandere simulator don’t treat the students the same way. The focus of these two games is completely different from one another.
    You can’t make students low polygon. In Yan-Sim you need to be able to distinguish students in case one of them is a witness so you could take him down later so he wouldn’t spread rumors and damage your reputation. Like, wtf?

  21. I really don’t like the chatter effects, noise is much more immersive, and if you wanted the player to be able to pick out a certain thing to listen for, just make the ambience quieter. Little icons just annoy and distract you visually so why is sound any different?

    And the low poly student thing wouldn’t work at all because the cast needs to be easily differentiated from each other, otherwise you’ll never remember which student saw you committing a crime.

    I get you like the games and all, but don’t lean too heavily. Yan Sim doesn’t even need the “woah technology” of the umbrella, as there already exists a raincoat model. Don’t get ahead of yourself Yan-Dev

  22. Hello Yan-dev! I’m very,very,veeery sorry to annoy you,but i have an idea! hopefully you wouldn’t mind it:

    You Said that the shop owner can cause an instant game over whenever they witness us committing murder,but hey,we can get ride of that problem

    Ya see,in high schools,there are plenty,PLENTY of students who buy food. We all know that the shop owners may run out of stuff. so they have to go to the a special room for them to get what they need

    In that case:

    1- Yandere-Chan may have a chance to eliminate anyone while the owner is away,however,she has a time limit to do this

    2- She can KILL the shop owner now that she/he is all alone and defenseless (in case if this is what you’ve decide for her/his profile)

    I know,I know,the second option might not be very useful. As you can see,the principal will replace the dead shop owner by another one,which will make the player go through the whole thing all over again

    Welp,that was my idea,please Yandere dev,or any fan who have read this,replay to me and tell me what you think,prehaps we can upgrade this!

  23. I wonder if someday in the future, Yanderedev will implement weather conditions. Like, days where it’s raining. Or dreary, cloudy days.

    It might affect how Yandere-chan could dispose of corpses. Eg: Rain makes the ground muddy and it’s difficult for her to move a body around in the mud, or bury a body. On the other hand, rain can help her in washing away blood from a murder that takes place on a roof.

    A student who usually hangs out at the roof, Oka for example, might not be there during cloudy days because she doesn’t want to get caught in the possible rain. So Yandere-chan might have trouble killing students that are usually singled out.

  24. The new Yandere-chan artwork looks GREAT.

    Low-detail students sound like a good idea now, but they really would have to be done properly. Some of them should walk around in little groups and there should be a set of different walking animations if they have to look good.

    You should maybe overthink the idea of “listening to conversations”-cutscenes at the start of each day. I’m currently watching a Let’s Play of Persona 5, and it just feels like a constant tutorial that you can never escape. I’m not saying the idea of introducing game features in-game is bad, but you should maybe think of a different way that feels less forced up on you.

    Looting bookbags would be a GREAT game mechanic and a potential way to introduce new ways to kill rivals or let the player obtain very good items – at the cost of killing someone. On the other hand, Yandere-chan’s “combat-skirt” is still hilarious…

    Imagine manipulating a chemics-show at a culture festival. It’d be great.

  25. Well maybe instead of having a culture festival why not have one of those sports festivals instead? (you know the ones where the characters in an anime compete in different track and field events for their individual classes)
    You wouldn’t need to change as much things in the actually school buildings the only real places that would mostly need added props,textures etc would be around the track and outside unlike the culture festival where in most cases the entire school compound would be use and I mean we even have an entire rival based on sports which means we could have opportunities to sabotage the rivals events when she tries to impress senpai and when she fails runs of alone because the the great sports club president couldn’t complete a simple track event o how embarrassing…….(but this could also end up in an event that senpai may follow her to comfort her so eh) or she could possible sneak away from everyone to get a break…alone…with no one around…. (I mean the sports club leader would be busy on a sports festival after all and everyone needs a break sometimes)

  26. Low-Detail Students – You can generate random assets and name for each students. They are still vital to the game play. If Yandere-chan gets caught by one of them, she’s gonna need a name and look that’s unique among the others for easy identification.
    Morning Conversations – Not a bad idea, although Yandere-chan seems to be the type to stalk Senpai during the morning. You can have them talk about certain skills that Yandere-chan can achieve when some requirements are met or, have the conversations show on a character’s popularity recent changes. e.g:: ”Last night, I read from a post that Kokona-chan had been doing compensated dating!”
    2D Backgrounds – I’m neutral to this. If it does help with the budget, go ahead.
    Headphones – A great idea!
    Book Bags – It doesn’t blend well with the current design and model. I still think the skirt idea wasn’t as visually appealing. Regardless, it does make up for the inventory idea.
    School Store – I like this idea. As for the clerk getting involved with Yandere-chan’s crime, you can have her hunt down via Info-chan, stalking or even breaking down the backdoor of the store and outright force her to keep quiet.
    Culture Festival – Keep this as an idea for DLC content.
    Student Stalkers – This only gives more life to the characters~ Yes, pleasee!
    Streets and Stores – I actually like this idea, but not everything has to be implemented. Take it like this. Have Yandere-chan walk into the scene at the entrance of the street. Then open a menu of where and which shop she wants to go. Click one and insert her walking to the street and fade to black. Have some random bubbles of conversation. Fade back to Yandere-chan outside the said shop. Open menu.
    Umbrella Technology – It’s actually cute! Maybe when weather system has been implemented, it’s a cool feature.
    Chatter Effects – It makes the game more flashy~ I like it. If you can have the hearts (when high popularity or seduced), then this should be in the game too!
    Student Reactions – A nice feature to show the aftereffects of certain events.
    Memorial Services – Imagine with the current build and this feature implemented, that Yandere-chan goes on a killing spree. Holding a memorial service to 20 students with police around because of how suspicious it was. BUT, this is a good feature to show the aftereffects.
    Better Transition Screen – Great idea, but I don’t think this should be in the highest priority. Unless it helps to load faster.
    School Props – Maybe you can put benches and windows? Have a flower by the window sill for decoration.
    Third Eye – I feel like it would be cooler if when using the Third Eye, Yandere-chan poses and time slows.
    Uniform Variety – To make the characters well fleshed out and have individuality? YES.
    Opening Animation – Not something that I think should have a high priority.
    Student Comments – Not really necessary when you have the morning conversations. ”Learned Opinion” had already been implemented too. A text box to show it is not necessary either. I feel like it’s too messy for a simple ui design of YanSim.
    Art Style – I’ve already been familiar with the current art style. But it does need a better look. The current design has her youth and lack of emotions. But the suggested idea of having something similar to Persona just made her look more mature and womanly, not something I would expect from a schoolgirl.

  27. I really hope some sort of environment outside of school and home gets added, because Golden Week could be a good opportunity for expansive eliminations as well.

  28. I mean, I like a lot of the ideas, but I feel like pretty much all of them are low priority right now. I’m not saying they are always going to be that way, just that they aren’t high priority at the moment The highest priority right now is Osana, because as YanDev said in a previous video, she will be the piece of the puzzle that makes the others fall into place and completes the puzzle (or something along those lines). Some ideas mentioned are high priority (ex. art style) but should probably be dealt with AFTER Osana. Others seem a bit out of the blue and are (in my opinion, it’s fine if you disagree) extras. I mean, a culture festival (as YanDev said) would be EXTREMELY expensive and take up so much time for 10% of actual gameplay. It’s a good idea and a good way to use it, but it seems a bit useless to waste time and money on something that only affects a single week. And student stalkers are a bit pointless because YanChan already is a stalker, and it would just create some kind of infinite loop of stalking. YanDev has barely said anything significant/specific about Osana since January (where he talked SPECIFICALLY about how you can sabotage Osana’s lunch with Senpai). If Osana really is the “missing piece”, I think that YanDev should focus more on Osana rather than side videos/topics like this. YanDev mentions Osana in blog posts and videos, but says that he’s “not ready” to disclose pretty much anything about her. And I understand this, I just feel like Osana isn’t being regarded as this “missing piece”. YanDev has to say SOMETHING about Osana at some point. Okay, I realize I’m kind of rambling now, so in short, I personally feel that implementing these ideas from Persona shouldn’t be the thing to focus on right now.

    • Exactly this! But I’m sure you’ll receive a lot of hate, because everyone who disagress and criticizes YanDev is treated like a worse category of fan here…

      • OMFG YES. YandereDev’s a grown man, he doesn’t need them to defend him. If he’s relying on his fans to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with him it makes HIM look bad. If anything he should listen to the criticism and see that people don’t want his game to be anything like Persona. They want Yandere Simulator.

        Criticism is good which is what some of the other more toxic members of this godforsaken fandom don’t seem to want.

  29. I’m seriously starting to get pissed.. is it SO difficult to make a BLOG POST in 24 hours??? You can be late even with THIS?

  30. Okay YandereDev. STOP. You need to create a concrete idea for what you want your game to be. You have people’s money on the line. You can’t keep changing things and copying ideas whenever a new shiny game comes out.

  31. My favorite idea would be the 2D cut scenes!! It reminded me of the game Catherine, which had a large amount of 2D scenes that I always looked forward to because of the beautiful animation!! I definitely believe this would help save you money instead of having to create these detailed 3D scenes. I also enjoy the headphones and chatter idea!!! I love and understand your two part Person themed videos and I am excited to see these ideas implemented. I do personal believe though that of course these are very fun ideas to think about but should not be a high priority in the focus. Possible ideas like the art style and the 2D animations. Of course just my personal opinion.

  32. I think that there should be a student store with a store clerk(s). They wear one of the red armband thingies of leadership like the club leaders. They only stay behind the counter before school, during lunch and after school. Yandere Chan can kill them but she wouldn’t be able to get access into the store. The door is locked with a 4-digit pin number. The number is completely random and changes every time the game is reset. There could also be a security camera outside the store because the school wouldn’t want students stealing from the school if they found out the code. The store is closed if the store clerk dies.ο»Ώ

  33. I dont want to seem rude but i really hope devpai does the osana blog post so because im on the east coast and im sharing a room with my sisters for the next week and neither of them are usually happy to be awake at 1 am (which is the longest i stay awake waiting til i give in and go to bed)

  34. Give us an update on when the osana blog post will be please. Not necessary but greatly appreciated

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