April 10th Bug-Fixing Build

There were so many changes in the previous build of the game that some new bugs were created. I’ve created a new build that fixes many of the bugs that popped up in the previous one!

Scroll down past this utterly badass artwork by Eisjon to see the changes in the latest build!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that could cause two game overs to occur simultaneously if the player got an “Apprehended” game over and let the game sit at the game over screen until the police arrived at school, which would trigger the police investigation sequence, eventually resulting in a second game over.
  • Changed the floor texture in the Martial Arts Club and began to add new props. (More props will be added/replaced in the future. Don’t worry, the final version of the club will maintain the original color scheme.)
  • If you open the easter egg menu and press the “a” key on your keyboard, Oka will wear this blazer. (It’s only compatible with the default uniform. I don’t suggest combining it with other uniforms!)
  • Fixed bug that would cause a mysterious button prompt to appear on one of the rooftop air vent covers. (What is the purpose of this mysterious button prompt be about? It’s a secret…)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to slide across the ground at high speeds when speaking to a character after dumping a tranquilized girl into a music case.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to get stuck on the tranq box if she tried to put a girl into the box from the back instead of the front.
  • It is no longer possible to use the debug turtle to summon a character after destroying that character’s corpse; it was causing too many bugs.
  • Fixed bug that could cause one of the rooftop air vent covers to go floating off into space if any physics objects bumped into it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to perform her dragging animation if she was running and mopping at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to use the “Distract” command to send a student to distract a dead person.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to tranquilize girls outside of the storage room.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to gossip about Senpai.

Closing Thoughts

I feel kind of bad about yesterday’s blog post. I worry that it left the impression that I was yelling at the fans, or ungrateful towards the fans. That wasn’t my intention at all. That giant essay in my previous blog post wasn’t aimed at the entire fanbase, but was instead aimed specifically at the people who were massively over-reacting when there wasn’t a build/video in early April, and freaking out because I took a single day off to play a video game.

Although I still think that the lack of a blog post for a few days doesn’t justify a massive freak-out – and I still think that I shouldn’t be required to inform people every time I take a day off – I agree that I should have made a blog post anyway. It would have cost practically no time at all, would have kept everyone well-informed, and would have saved us from some drama. “It’s better to over-communicate than under-communicate” is something that one of my old mentors would often say, and I should have remembered this advice.

When’s the next update video?

Although I originally planned to upload a video in early April and then upload another video on April 15th like usual, we’re so close to April 15th that I think I should just forget about uploading the early-April video and make it the mid-April video, instead. That’s currently how I feel.

91 thoughts on “April 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Ahhh that’s alright, mate! 🙂 Just do what you need to do. Those people will never understand because they never think about how the artist feels. I support you Yandere Dev! 🙂

  2. It’s okay if you can’t make new builds or post new videos all the time. Many people can wait and you should just ignore the few people that can’t. 🙂

  3. well, it’s clear the format of 2 builds per month is a little to short for now.
    I know I’ll make my midori here, but I have an idea to relieve this issue:
    I tried to make a game in your maneer, uploading a version of the game at least once a month. but I didn’t have the time you have (because of my work and the game is in temporary frozen for now). that’s why I used a system of minor and major updates.

    the idea is that I add things step by step for a mission and release a minor update once I have something stable even if the mission isn’t complet. once the mission is complet, I can release a major update which is only the add of all previous updates.

    for example, in my game, the mission 1 is creating all the overworld of the 2 first areas. once I finish 1 or 2 part of the areas, I release a minor update. once I’ll have finished the 2 first areas, I’ll release the major update with all parts.

    you could do something like that. maybe not with Osana, but with some other stuff you are working on like the club leaders so you let the impatient people have something with minor updates and people who can wait will play the major update.

    it’s true this methode is not adapted to every situations in that kind of game deveppement. but for some parts that need a lot of time, this method could be more practical for you and the impatients.

    I hope that can help.
    any way, I’m sure its just a hard part with osana and once she’ll be here, that will be a big charge less for you. I still 100% with you.
    best of luch

  4. Oh well, the little spot of drama is now behind us. A once a month update seems to be more realistic, don’t set a definite date, but it seems to be a good temporary benchmark for process. I always did like the idea of having a ‘fan art of the week’ (Roosterteeth do this!) but I understand how busy Dev must be

  5. Thats cool yandere dev i really hope you switch updates to once a month i think it would be so much easier on you and the fans would be less dramatic. Just an idea dont wanna tell you what to do

  6. Hey, Devpai; don’t worry about it.We love you and appreciate the effort you put in to make this game the truest realization of your original vision. It’s unsurprising it has attracted a lot of children in its fandom considering what it is and what it’s about, and it’s also unsurprising that said children are flipping the table over you not doing things on their schedule. I hope you aren’t taking it to heart! I don’t care when you post videos or blogs discussing the builds, because I will always have the reassurance that you are working hard on Yan Sim.

  7. It’s nice enough that you’ve acknowledged the importance of keeping in touch with people. It doesn’t hurt nor take too long to make a blog post (or just a single tweet) whenever you plan on making huge changes or the newest build will be delayed.

  8. Also, keep your polls as unbiased as possible. Nobody appreciates being put in an illusion where the person has more than one choices when it’s really not.

    Don’t be too hypocritical and one-sided while making your posts. This attitude is definitely not a good impression to both your patrons (like me) and TinyBuild. A bit of venting is fine, but the last blog post you made was way more than simple venting.

    As always, looking forward to the development of the game.

    • exactly, those polls were very biased and guilt trippy, two choices split the fandom and cause even more fighting and uproar

      why should fans have to re-create polls that are more neutral?

    • This is something I must agree on. One of them was literally asking if i was heated over the development or didn’t care about development… That’s absurd! Nobody would call themselves heated lol, and quite frankly I put heated because I genuinely care about what direction this game goes.

      • You mean the heated vs chill poll? He made that to see which fans were “patient” and which were the type who would want him to rush things.

  9. I say at least keep the twice a month thing but only in regards to post in the blog to keep us informed. The build you can put when your damned ready but I just need info. We just need info so do the blogs but not really the build. Keep the tradition but modify it.

  10. Its okay Yandere Dev. If people are offended of what you said previously, then they are acting like little girls, or boys. Dont worry about other peoples negativity. They arent working on making a video game. They are sitting on their asses playing games and complaining when you dont do something that they want. The true fans are behind you Yandere Dev!

  11. There were a lot of saltlords in the comments of the previous posts, and they know who they were. The kind of personality you guys have is probably the reason why a lot of these projects never end up being finished. Why bother continuing if it means having to deal with angry people non-stop?

  12. I am in love with Oka’s uniform, it is so beautiful. Two questions:
    1- The other characters will use it too?
    2- Correct me if I am wrong, but this uniform is from winter, isn’t it? Will you make a summer version of it?
    I think you should use this uniform as the official one. Akademi High School is a serious high school, isn’t it? This uniform is serious but also unique, I think this is perfect for this game.

  13. I’m glad all of this was just a misunderstading 🙂
    By the way, to all people who were saying on the last post “it’s just bug fixes not new elimination method” there IS a new elimination method 😉

  14. He shouldn’t delete negative comments… He’ll get more hate and I think everybody can have the right to express their throughts

  15. you dont need to tell/make a blog post if you take a day off but id like to know if there wont be a build at 1st/15th of every month like Bijuu Mike says just say it on twitter 🙂

  16. yandere dev ur not fooling anybody that button is for the new way to get rid of a corpse i’ve seen a video of it u throw osana in it after u unscrew the vent

  17. …I’ve seen that elimination method where you drag Osana’s hair and shove her into the rooftop fan… that was freaking gross… blood on the floor, walls, the rails; everywhere! Osana even loses her head; freaking gross! …but somehow satisfying… I wish this was unlocked to all students, not just one rival, because Osana isn’t added and I think we all would like to see it for ourselves (I’ve seen it already) so we can… I guess satisfy ourselves? I mean, it was disturbing at first, but actually quite funny…

    PS: I wasn’t trying to spoil the elimination method by saying what happens, I was just saying I’ve seen it for myself.

    • I’ve seen it too and it is brutal. I don’t think we needed a new elimination method though, I mean I like it, but…well geez. Anyway, I think YanDev should put Osana on pause when he gets all her assets and turn his focus on completing the rest of the school–adding a store-bought place holder pool until he gets a custom one; implmenting the guidance counselor (even if we don’t have visuals or a voice-over); the deliquents; the official yansim uniform (whatever happened to that?); and deeper stealth tatics (students will notice you when you’re messing around in their club room if you’re not part of a club or in a different club); have students carry around their bookbags (or at least have multiple bags in the classrooms). Just everything on that list he wanted us to vote on months back. He said he could do all that, so while waiting for Osana why not do all that?

    • I can confirm that the game does not have a virus. The five (or four?) core game files are often read as “viruses” by my antivirus because of the filetype. As long as you download the new build from the blog or the game’s website you should have nothing to worry about.

      • A spastic antivirus labels the launcher as a Heuristic virus and everything in the data folder as threats. And probably wipe them.
        Just make a seperate folder for yandere simulator and add the folder and all subfolders to your exclusion lists.

  18. I don’t know if this is happening to other people. but I can’t download the new build. It says there’s something wrong with the server and I tried Mediafire as well to see if that’ll work. I’m currently re-downloading it from the website’s launcher, but I won’t know if it’ll actually work. If it does I’ll reply to myself to see if it really was just me or if it’s with other people too.

  19. Hey. I know everyone might find this controversial, So if you’re easily triggered, don’t read this.

    I’m pissed at some of the chilled fans. Sure you support Yandere Dev, we all do. We respect his work, hope for his health, etc.

    But what really pisses me off, is that they’re practically obbsessed with him taking breaks and stuff. Like, they hate you even if you say “What’s taking so long?” And you don’t know that Yandere Dev has these problems. I know not all fans are like this, but no one really stops them. OOOH THERES A HEATED FAN THEY MUST GO even though they probably don’t know how hard Yandere Dev works. And I think it’s awful to see this. I’m on the verge of just stop following the game entirely until it’s out.

    Like ive said TWICE, not all fans are like this. Infact a minority are. But why? You’ve become obsessed with this game. And I’d like to say something that might really trigger you all: I don’t even know if Yandere Dev actually works as much as he says. He might, but how could you prove so? I’ve even heard he plays games and streams it half the time, but I don’t beleive that.

    So I’d lime to ask you something. Are you some of the fans that flat out attack other people that don’t even know how much Yandere Dev works, if he does at all? If so, can you stop, or try? I’d like some responce. Please don’t get triggered. And if this comment gets removed, I understand.

    • It’s because he has repeatedly addressed what is taking so long. He has to be the lead animator, lead character modeler, lead environment artist, voice director, lead writer, sole programmer, PR manager, secretary, web designer, and director. Literally which part of that are you not understanding every time you people ask “What’s taking so long? “Which part of it are you having a hard time believing? He has made multiple videos just about why Osana is taking so long. But because there’s proof he doesn’t spend 24 hours a day working, he must be lazy and/or lying?

    • You’re just saying your thoughts ThePinkBunnyEmpire it make no sense that your comment would be deleted (you didn’t say anything offensive like swearing or anything like that) and I kind of understand, but like Alphonse said questions like “Why is taking so long” have already been resolve. Look, offensive comments + useless questions… It’s making people angry so sometimes you get harsh response under your comment

    • And also , Yanderedev is working on the game, even if he don’t work all day and night, he is working and that is all we need don’t you think ?

    • I think the problem is that Dev himself already “divide” us into “chilled” and “heated” thing that I find really disgusting and stupid because I notice that this is making nothing but becoming a “war between fans” or at least a heavy” fandom issue” I think being a 100% chilled or 100% heated fan is not posible unless you have some sick obssesion or irrational hatred towards Dev or the game. For example don’t care if Dev has to take more time in each update, but I just don’t agree with some things that he is doing and other stuff, for example this thing about dividing his own fandom into practically good and bad fans, sorry if this sounds rude but what kind of idiot do this!? like really, didn’t he actually though this chill/heat fan bullshit before made that poll!? Sigh… sorry but i just CAN’T agree with all of this, with dividing us into “chill” and “heat” just because the way we react. I mean there is no inbetween answer in that pull so I couldn’t answer it, I mean not all the so called chilled fans are good and benevolent and deserve a cookie and a pat in the back just because they can wait for “devpie”, and not all the so called heated fans are horrible ravid and inpatient persons that should leave the fandom because they are idiots who insult Dev and are mean to him….. The world is not this black and white, there is always several shades that are inbetween the 2 polar opposite options…

      Of course I’ll still follow the develop of the game but is very disappoited that Dev himself was stupid enough to made a poll that is causing more problems between the fandom insetad of fixing them…

    • I think the main problem is that most people simply don’t understand how much effort goes into designing a project like this and can very easily underestimate the workload of the artists/designers.

      I myself am an artist, writer and graphic/web designer and run into stuff like this ALL the time (and I don’t even do projects of this scale)

  20. Okay, people worry about the topic of downloading the game gives you a virus; Yandere Dev did mention once that only unofficial websites may provide viruses or outdated versions of the game. I just thought I’d say this because my friend in real life is also concerned about this. (Use WinRAR or WinZip/7Zip because they’re extremely safe to use while installing/downloading anything, especially extracting files.)

  21. Patience is a virtue but virtues won’t keep me from exploding with excitement. Heck I don’t even need a build just any post would be exciting enough but take your sweet time Yandere-Dev, I WILL WAIT.

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