Larger-Than-Average Build, Delay Explanation, E-mail Policy Clarification, and Questions for Community

A new build is now available! Usually, I update the game as soon as the latest build contains 10 noteworthy differences from the previous build (whether those differences are bug fixes, changes to previous content, or the addition of new content). This time around, I couldn’t really decide on the “right” time to upload the build, so I held onto it for longer than usual. I held onto it for so long that it now contains around 23 differences from the previous build. Wow!

I noticed that some fans were expressing concerns about the lack of a new build or progress update at the beginning of the month. I have a lot to say about that subject, and I’m going to elaborate further down in this blog post. I also have a lot to say regarding a recent misunderstanding and my policy towards e-mails. Additionally, there are a bunch of questions that I’d like to ask the Yandere Simulator fan community; you’ll find several polls at the bottom of this post.

As usual, this blog post will start off with the changelog for the latest build. To check it out, scroll down past this amazing illustration of Megami Saikou by an artist named “21“!

Click “Continue Reading” to read the list of everything that is new in this build, followed by an explanation for the “delay” of this build, followed by some words I’d like to say about my e-mail policy, followed by a bunch of polls for the community.

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed a bug with the medium-sanity bat animation that would cause the character’s arms to be rotated incorrectly if the animation began while the victim was crouching in fear before they were attacked.
  • Kokona no longer bathes in the same spot where Yandere-chan bathes in the locker room. (This could result in a bug where the two girls were bathing in the same spot at the same time.)
  • There is now an animation and sound effects for tranquilizing a girl with a syringe. This animation will only play when tranquilizing a student in the storage room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to fail to properly change into the correct set of clothing when stepping into a changing booth to remove a club uniform.
  • Improved the Gardening Club Leader’s hair and face textures, and gave her gardening gloves. (These gloves might be used by Yandere-chan in the future…)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s corpse-carrying animation to break when using the “Change Persona” command while carrying a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause kidnapped victims in Yandere-chan’s basement to have different-sized breasts when their torture animation began.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to leave shoeprints instead of footprints when barefoot while wearing the Martial Arts uniform.
  • Added three more idle animations to the mirror in the Light Music Club. (Still not ready to elaborate about the purpose of the mirror!)
  • Updated the school’s fountains with new 3D models and textures that more accurately reflect the look-and-feel of the school.
  • There is now an animation for lifting up a girl’s body and dumping it into the musical instrument case in the storage room.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to use the “Distract” command to send multiple students to distract another student.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to not properly return to her intended idle animation after dropping a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to remain in “Distract/Distracted” protocol even after being splashed with water.
  • Replaced the old scissor model with a new scissor model with a much more reasonable polygon count.
  • Fixed bug that was causing bloody shoeprints to not spawn when using the new walk animation.
  • Replaced some copyrighted easter egg music with original music composed for Yandere Sim.
  • Adjusted Pippi’s hair model to hide polygon “backfaces”.
  • Fixed bugs with some of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles.
  • Replaced previous corpse-dragging animations.
  • Added a new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Replaced sewing machine sound effect.
  • Added physics to Midori’s hair.

Why wasn’t this update out sooner?

If you’ve been following Yandere Simulator’s development for a long time, then you’re probably aware that I usually release a video and a new build of the game on the 1st and 15th day of every month. Sometimes the video/build are delayed for a day or two, but there’s generally an update somewhere around the beginning and somewhere around the middle of every month.

I think it’s important to keep people updated on the progress of the game’s development. Because April 1st is a holiday, I uploaded April Fools videos on April 1st – but I didn’t intend for those prank videos to be substitutes for actual development videos. I still intended to upload a serious video about the game’s development, too.

My plan was to upload a development-related video immediately after April 1st. However, I wasn’t able to pull it off on April 2nd; there were a bunch of things that felt more urgent than the video; volunteers who needed to speak to me, bugs that needed to be fixed, Osana-related assets that were begging to be implemented, etc. The same thing happened on April 3rd. April 4th was my monthly day off. And then, I spent April 5th catching up with all of the correspondence that piled up on the 4th…

Once I passed April 5th, there was no longer a sense of “urgency”; there was no longer a sense of “I gotta make a video!!!” or “I gotta upload a new build!!!” there was only a sense of “Wow, there sure is a lot of work that needs to be done. I’d better take care of it.” It no longer felt important to put out a new video or a new build by some imaginary, arbitrary, self-imposed “deadline”. The only thing that felt important was making significant progress on the game.

I kept asking myself:

  • What’s more important – uploading a new build, or making more progress?
  • What’s more important – writing blog posts, or making more progress?
  • What’s more important – making a video, or making more progress?

Every time, I wanted to give the same answer: I should keep making progress. I should fix that bug. I should contact that volunteer. I should make plans with tinyBuild. Everything else felt so low priority. So…optional.

Making blog posts, making videos, uploading builds…it all feels like a bonus. Like something I should only do if I have the time. Game development is my top priority. Keeping people updated on my progress is a high priority, too, but it’s not the highest. I don’t want to drop what I’m doing and make a video or upload a build because I’ve reached some date on the calendar that represents an imaginary, arbitrary, self-imposed “deadline” that only exists because of tradition.

Some people got seriously angry at me for not releasing a new build at the beginning of this month. Is it really that big of a deal? I understand that it’s important to keep the fans updated – but are you really going to freak out just because you didn’t hear from me for a week? Is that seriously that big of a problem? Is it really worth getting mad about? I honestly don’t think it’s something worth freaking out about. I feel like there was quite an over-reaction from some members of the fanbase.

I don’t feel like my job is to release builds/videos every two weeks. I feel like my job is to make Yandere Simulator, and I feel like I am doing my job. From 1:00 PM until 12:00 midnight, I’m either fixing bugs, or giving instructions to volunteers, or reviewing volunteer submissions, or implementing new assets, or taking time to plan/design things that require forethought to be implemented properly, or having discussions with tinyBuild, or answering media inquiries, or writing dialogue for cut-scenes and events, or taking care of business-related stuff, or gathering reference materials for volunteers. I try as hard as I can to find time to implement new features, and I try as hard as I can to make progress with Osana, but it’s difficult, because there are dozens of other things I also need to take care of.

The only promise I’m going to make to you is that I’m going to pour my heart and soul into making the best video game I can make, with the time and resources that are available to me. I’m not going to promise you anything on any specific calendar date. If you get a build on the 1st or 15th day of a month, that is a bonus.

I was able to maintain a twice-a-month update schedule for three years. Why? To be completely honest, it’s because I was working an inhuman number of hours every week, because I didn’t have so many “project manager” tasks at that point in time, and because the majority of work I had to do was “low-hanging fruit” that I could easily take care of in under two weeks.

I cut down my hours because the fanbase urged me to take better care of myself. I have a lot more responsibilities now than I had before. I’ve already implemented all of the low-hanging fruit. At this stage of the game’s development, it’s becoming less and less possible to stick to the old “1st and 15th of every month” schedule; you’ve seen how many times I’ve delayed an update for 24 or 48 hours.

It may be time to consider slowly retiring the the twice-a-month update schedule, and adopting a new “whenever it’s ready” update schedule. The twice-a-month schedule is something that I’ve been clinging to because of tradition, not because it is reasonable or sustainable. I’m going to try to keep it going if possible, but please acknowledge the difficulty in maintaining this kind of schedule, and please understand the possibility that it simply cannot continue.

E-mail Policy

There is something that I feel is worth mentioning. A few days ago, we passed the one-year anniversary of my most infamous video. I consider that video to be a huge mistake. You can’t make the Internet stop doing something by telling them that it annoys you, and asking them to stop. It simply doesn’t work. It was a complete waste of time to produce that video.

That video sent the message “I don’t want people to communicate with me.” This is not correct. The message I wanted to communicate was, “I want 12-year-old kids to stop spamming me with dumb e-mails.”

I do want people to communicate with me, if there is something important that should be addressed. Let me give you an example.

My most favorite video game of all time is Persona 3. The Persona series inspired many of Yandere Simulator’s features. On April 4th, Persona 5 was released (in English). There is perhaps no other video game that could possibly be more relevant to Yandere Simulator’s development; allow me to explain.

  • Persona 5 has several features that I was planning for Yandere Simulator. I can study Persona 5 to understand the smartest way to implement these features.
  • Persona 5 takes place in a Japanese high school. I can study Persona 5 to gain knowledge of how to accurately depict Japanese high school life in a video game.
  • Persona 5 has many environments that I want to have in Yandere Simulator. I can take screenshots and record video footage of Persona 5 to provide volunteers with visual reference of the kind of 3D models that I need.

I’ve said this numerous times already, but I take a day off once per month. I decided to take a day off on April 4th to play Persona 5, not only because it is the latest game in my most favorite franchise of all time, but because I knew it would be full of useful information for Yandere Simulator. I played the game, actively hunting for anything that could assist me with Yandere Sim, and snapping screenshots of anything even remotely meaningful towards development. I live-streamed the entire experience, too. In the end, I played Persona 5 for 13 hours straight!

The next morning, I awoke to find a shocking number of people calling me “lazy” and “dishonest”. They were saying, “YandereDev claims that he works all day long, but yesterday, he played a video game for 13 hours!”
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Most people take two days off per week – Saturday and Sunday. I take one day off per month…and even when I do that, I keep my eye open for anything that can help Yandere Simulator…and then I get called “lazy” and “dishonest”.
Several days of drama would never have happened if those people had simply contacted me directly instead of spreading a stupid narrative born from ignorance. Why didn’t they just e-mail me? Well, maybe it’s because of a certain video where imply that I hate receiving e-mails. Maybe, if I’d never made that video, people wouldn’t be afraid to contact me so that I could address their concerns and clear up misunderstandings.
It’s extremely important to halt the spread of stupid rumors, put a stop to false narratives, and cure ignorant beliefs. I don’t want anyone to feel afraid to contact me and ask me to explain something that is bothering them.
In short: Instead of going into the comment section and saying “YandereDev played Persona 5 for 13 hours, he’s lazy!” you should contact me directly and ask, “Why did you play Persona 5 for 13 hours?” so that you can get a straight answer. The purpose of this video was to explain that stupid e-mails are a waste of my time – but it is always worth my time to address someone’s concerns so that they don’t wind up spreading false rumors or a bizarre narrative, and I will always make time to clear up misunderstandings. Please don’t feel afraid to contact me if you’ve read or seen something online that you want me to explain.
I’d like to get the community’s opinion on a few things.
Uploading a new build and a new video on the 1st and 15th day of every month should be…
Can a build/video be “late”?
Should YandereDev make an announcement every time a build/video will not be uploaded on the 1st/15th?

263 thoughts on “Larger-Than-Average Build, Delay Explanation, E-mail Policy Clarification, and Questions for Community

  1. I’m really glad that you updated us on your progress, however, was it really worth it to put it out this late in the game? You might as well have waited until the 15th… Perhaps you could reduce it from twice a month, to once a month. I mean, if fans could wait this long, I’m sure they could have waited a few more days…. Plus, instead of getting a lot of tiny updates, we could potentially get fewer, yet slightly larger updates.

  2. I’ve been reading a lot of the comments on here and Reddit for the last couple of days and it amazes me at the sheer mixed responses of every person commenting. I will admit, I was getting a little antsy for the update, like many of us were, and I can see both sides of this continuous argument. Honestly I think its understandable to be upset, when we’ve kept a tradition going for so long many worry, spread rumors and start a virtual mob when something isn’t going the preferred way. What’s wrong is the mob mentality, spreading rumors and raging we’ve been doing for the last week. It realistically accomplishes nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

    In the end its up to YandereDev when he can post within his schedule that doesn’t interrupt significant progress or time he’s set aside for himself. Most of us either A. Go to school. B. Work part or full time, or C. Work and balance school. We all have something that takes up the majority of our day for 4-5, maybe 6 days a week depending on what it is. So when we come home, or when we’re finally free of those responsibilities, we all decompress, it’s needed or we’ll go crazy. We’re not thinking about school or work once we try to unwind. We don’t want to work on our one or two days off. It’s not something we should deprive someone else of over development of a game. No matter how much WE think he works, things are getting done, he just recently got his partnership, a lot is going on to make a game. 10 Hours is still mentally exhausting, even with breaks.

    That being said, I was kind of annoyed when things were posted to Reddit and not on the blog, many fans don’t know he was active on there until someone would link them in the comments. I knew he was active somewhat on Reddit, so I was fine because there was some form of communication. Communication is key, even if it’s for refuting claims made by more upset fans and supporters.

    Communication I believe is the core issue here, not the size of updates or the content. The issue is there was a lack of communication. Yes, we can email him if we’re concerned, but a fan saying ” oh! he said he’s fine and he’s just too busy to post a blog!” Will still not be properly communicating to the entire fan-base or those who check the blogs regularly. We look for a post, not a comment. But! he is a busy man, and those things slip your mind, or you focus on things that seem more important. which happens. we all do it at some point we are NOT perfect.

    He doesn’t need to talk about everything, nor does he need to post continuously about progress, that halts progress. He did in this instance need to communicate the schedule change earlier, he should have made the transition to a more loose schedule earlier when he started being consistently late by a day or two, sometimes more months ago. But he tried to stick to the tradition for his fans and to keep us continuously updated. I do feel we should have little updates, no videos or builds need to be attached, but something to just give us some sort of heads up so we don’t spam him with emails and we can all just check and continue doing what we’re doing, I think the fans deserve that. It shouldn’t be static on the other end for a little over a week. But we should also remember he has things to do, and that we can all be doing something else to pass the time.

    Overall I can understand why many were upset, but at the same time, its a game in its alpha stages that had up until a month ago been something one man and multiple volunteers worked on. Its now in a partnership of a company and many of the big changes and additions are far more time consuming than before. He does need to communicate, but we need to be patient as well.

  3. Yandev, you seem to be having trouble with your schedule. So, get rid of it. At this stage, most video games would be releasing updates every six months or so. Once a month seems like a much more sensible schedule.

  4. Why is everyone so mean to YandereDev? Do you people know how much time he spends on this game? Just think about it. Everyone here sending him hate mail, getting angry with him because he’s LATE. He has the right to post whatever he wants whenever he wants, and it doesn’t have to be on a schedule. It’s his call not yours. We aren’t making the game, he is.So just leave him alone and let him do it, for god’s sake, people.

    (sorry for bad english too)

    • And so what if he plays a video game once in a while? It’s his business. He spends so much time on this game that he deserves a break. He deserves a lot of breaks, actually.

      • Exactly! He even said that he had a monthly break, and I’m pretty sure he stated that the 4th WAS his monthly break. And to think all these people are complaining about him being “off schedule”

      • What ever you say people will do it anyway…The world is 90% idiots and 10% people who know what there talking about. I’m not saying that I disagree with you, I’m saying there’s more idiots than people who know what there talking about.

    • @shonusenpai Even if YandereDev were to spend less time working on Yandere Simulator (which I doubt), YandereDev deserves to break anyway. He has worked himself so hard on Yandere Simulator for our sake, and now he realized that his life comes first before anything else. So maybe angry, petty fans like you can learn to respect that or either turn off your keyboard.

    • @anauzumakii Nope, he doesn’t. If he really works as much as he says, that means his productivity is very, very bad. I don’t care if he works 5, 8 or 10 hours a day – I care about progress being made. And there is basically none.

    • Oh, then why don’t you develop the game? I’m sure you’ll make much faster progress. Yanderedev makes this game for us. You don’t have to pay for it yet even though there’s tons of stuff. Quit whining about a free game. It’s not coming out until 2019. Also, who the hell are you to tell him he’s lazy? The guy has the right to have a life. You know why he makes these ‘time wasting’ blog posts? Because of idiots like you

    • @jennifer amundson I don’t have to, there’s plenty of similar games in development right now. Yet I’m sticking to YS because of sympathy and because it was first. I don’t view his blog post as time wasting – it’s the opposite, I view them as nice form of of communicating with fanbase. It’s obvious Yandere Dev has right to live a life – everybody does. But making Yandere Simulator is his job. I never called him lazy actually – I’m just saying that he isn’t working as much as he claims. But as I just stated before – I really don’t care about how much he works. I have problem with him working less. I have problem with him lying about him being overworked while there is zero progress done. It’s physically impossible to work that much without getting anything done you know?

    • @shobusenpai You can’t say because you’re not in his shoes. Not to be rude, but you’re being very ignorant. There is progress being done, even if it’s not as much as you want it, there is progress being done. If you read what he said, or even followed him for a while, he has other things he has to do besides make code. He has to speak with volunteers (Who help him make the game, create the animations, voice lines, etc.), speak with TinyBuild, write code, he has a lot on his hands and it takes him hours of his time. THAT is making progress, regardless if you see it or not. So instead of being very rude, impatient and acting like you know, which you clearly don’t, then I suggest that you should really think about what you say before you say it. Cause if there was really no progress being done, then Yandere Simulator wouldn’t be what it is now.

    • @Lovely Skulls Fair enough. Maybe you’re right, Maybe Yandere Dev is really doing some hidden progress. But he disappointed me so many times that I can’t stop being skeptical about his schedule. I really really want your comment to be true and mine accusations to be false, but there are too many factors saying otherwise. Only time can show us who was right.

    • Both of you guys are right in my opinion. I do believe that Yandere Dev needs a break now and then. I mean, hes making a video game day and night. But you have to have a schedule, you need to inform the fan base about delays and issues, and most important, you need to ignore what others say. You will face criticism. Thats life. Find a balance of work and fun.

    • Seriously dude, chill out. Why are you even here if you’re so damn mad at him? Just fuck off and stop following the development of the game then. I’m sure YandereDev would agree he’d rather have less fans than shitty “fans” like you.

    • But the thing is though you say about this schedule but the 1st and the 15th was never planed to be a schedule it just so happens that’s when he just uploaded the builds and videos on those days so it’s not really a delay if it’s not a schedule it’s only a delay if the new feature is ment to be uploaded on a sertan date like matchmaking

      • So, may I ask, your saying that it’s bullshit for people who support him on patreon to do what, I may assume that you a referring to calling him lazy or dishonest because he took a rest, or that they cannot start drama?
        I apologize if I am misunderstanding you, but I would say if you do think that is bullshit for people that support him on patreon to not say that he is lazy, well, I would consider that bullshit, but again, if I misunderstand, one again, I apologize

      • You definitely misunderstood my statement.

        I was talking about the fact that people don’t have the right to complain about YandereDev’s decisions, whether if a Patreon supporter or not. Personally, I don’t really mind him taking monthly breaks, I’m okay with that.

      • Sorry for sounding a bit rude there though, hope you’re not offended.

        These so-called arguments have been used to an extent where it is already invaild, yet people still use them.

    • While his production may not seem the best, it’s actually better than some people really do. He’s not a master programmer or any of that either so in the long run that does make it a bit slower. Plus, with his recent partnership, Yandere Sim’s code is supposed to be redone and updated anyway, which will eat up a LOT of time, even for some of the most highly skilled programmers. So, yes, he spends as much time on the game he says he does. Just not everything is going to be solely about implementing feature after feature.
      It’s quite normal for game development to slow down at some point because 1. The features being implemented coincide with one another to meet one big end goal. (Osana) 2. A major overhaul on past code is usually necessary to allow for more wiggle room and optimization later down the line. And 3. Everything he’s using is based on received assets so, if he doesn’t have everything he needs, he can’t make progress. That plus he’s been implementing much smaller features here and there so as to have added a little more to the game because otherwise he gets the same comments on him being “lazy” or “dishonest.”
      So in the long run, don’t try to say he’s not doing as much as he says he is. Because he most certainly is. And keep in mind the numerous road blocks that can and WILL show up during a game’s development. Not everything can be about the next big feature. So here’s an idea, unless you know a thing about game development and what’s going down with Yandere Simulator, don’t bother complaining.

  5. I didn’t mind, and I’m sure that there are many others that just quietly, patiently wait. To be honest, I was a little concerning that you had burnt yourself out, as I tend to do when I completely miss a self-imposed deadline, but I figured that you would tell us if you were done for. I’m perfectly fine with breaks, and really tired of all the immature people in the community making your life harder. Maybe the new way of updating builds and doing videos will… Weed out the worst offenders.

  6. You should make a small announcement when it’s. It been updated after the deadline so we know you haven’t died

    • I do agree. I know that Yandere Dev is busy and everything, but i think he could take a few minutes to tell us that the next update will be delayed. Sure, take a break, play some games, work, that’s what humans do. But i think that the fans should know what is happening progress wise in Yandere Sims development. Doesn’t even have to be a whole page on it. Just say “Next Update Delayed” or something.

  7. Somehow I feel that even YandereDev himself has forgotten that the purpose of the twice-monthly update schedule was to keep the hype for Yandere Simulator going… if he just gets rid of any schedule altogether, it’ll be hard to keep gaining or even retain hype. Maybe he could shorten it to just monthly updates while still keeping a schedule…?

  8. Everyone who’s getting angry over the late updates and the no-notice should go get a life.I mean, really people? ‘Yandere dev is wasting his time’, ‘Yanderedev owes us respect!’, ‘Yandere dev is being suspicious’, do you even read your own comment? This guy is just making a game, and any form of lateness or litle bits of stress in his sentence won’t kill anyone. What’s even the issue if he was late? What’s even the isue with a small build? What’s the issue with no notice? Everyone does that from time to time: manga updates that were once a month can be delayed for another month with no notice, manhwa artist could suddenly decide to stop things abruptly, online coverers could suddenly disappear without a trace, and yet this is the first time I see so many people shamelessly yelling and complaining about these things as if their life depended on it. Well, what a ‘great’ and ‘mature’ fandom we have here…..

    • It’s also a matter of trying to maintain the hype for the game, and YandereDev seems to be doing the exact opposite of that.

      People are expecting him to upload a new build since April. It doesn’t take too long to make a simple blog post about the build being late, he does this all the time!

  9. Checking this blog has become to me a daily thing, it’s fun to do so, and I’m sure that’s also true for a lot of people here, so that’s why I think so many people get annoyed when you don’t tell us anything

    I think that instead of getting rid of the schedule you should just make it bigger according to the development phase, for example, so that we have this constant hype that’s healthy and that has been keeping this game alive during development

    I strongly believe that this blog and this hype – build formula is too important for you to let go so easily, so I think that you should perhaps just adjust it.

    I don’t think that going the “whenever it’s ready” route here is ideal in this case because you’ve already built a fanbase that was created on that hype-build formula. even though I think that’s the best route when you’re making an indie game so that you don’t promise what you can’t achieve, you’ve already kind of built your own grave there :/

  10. I believe it would be best for you to just put up a one line blog post a couple of days after the 1st and 15th ‘deadline’ saying: “Hey the update ain’t ready. When will it be ready? Maybe in a few days idfk.” and then when life happens and it still isn’t ready just be like: “Lmao guys I need to push the eta back but don’t worry I didn’t delete the source code.”
    I personally am fine with obsessively checking the blog like an addict but I was a little concerned that you were having trouble.

  11. You’re totally right with your thoughts about a new schedule! But pease do some quick anouncements^^
    Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the would be like this: “Hi. Not tomorrow. Maybe the next week. Bye.”

  12. I understand the point on both sides . i dont belive mr dev should update every 2 weeks that is an insane schedule but consistence is important in any job especially if your an entrepreneur and financial support is being received . it makes it hard because you technically have no accountability and the fanbase just has to trust your working. Because of that these dynamics, misunderstanding will happen. So i vote update it once a month but make it good and add a video. Make it the last day of the month.

    • This. He’ll be expecting some consistent deadlines since he started partnering with TinyBuild.

      Keep up this attitude, and it’s guaranteed that your partnership will disappear like a bubble.

  13. i found so many hilarious bugs in this build XD also when i got the build and checked the mirror idles and stuff i found one with hands in the pocket (me:YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I LOVE YOU YANDERE DEV) because i had a sans skin on 😀 THANK YOU YANDERE DEV I LOVE YOU

  14. All of you people are really sick? How would you feel if you were constantly called lazy, and dishonest? How would you feel if you had to work ten hours a day, 7 days a week, and only have one break per fucking month? And if you do get that break, and get called lazy, and dishonest even though you worked so hard, wouldn’t you feel a little frustrated, agitated or even hurt? And once he defends himself, you want to say that he owes ya’ll respect because you’re keeping his name out there, you’re paying him money, etc. THAT is fucking sick.

    You guys call him these names, you guys are being rude, just cause he can’t cater to your needs, whenever you want it. He is working hard, not only him, but the volunteers who work with him also, who he also uses the money to pay them also. But I am more angry that you “fans” are degrading this man, and yet, when he defends himself, ya’ll want to point fingers at him and make yourself the victims. He gives blog post to make US happy, he makes videos to make US happy, he is making a game to make US happy. And just because you don’t see progress, doesn’t mean there is none being made. So get your head out of your fucking asses and grow the fuck up. Because if you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t even be talking all the shit to him that you are now.

  15. Why does Yandere-dev have to post a video on his “schedule”? It’s not even a real one. He shouldn’t feel pressured to make sure a new video or build comes out on the 1st/15th of every month. It’s unfair for him! He works every single day and occasionally takes a day off when he needs to. All the people who are sending hate messages to him need to just stop and think. What are you doing right now? Are you working your ass off scared that fans are going to lose interest in you? Are you unable to take days off because people are going to scream at you? NO, you are not! You are watching videos of Yandere-dev that he took AGES to produce and are hating on him. HE DESERVES BETTER! If you are unable to act like a mature person and realise that sometimes people are late and maybe have their own problems to deal with, then please leave and don’t come into contact with Yandere Simulator again.

  16. I think it’s fair enough to say YandereDev made a mistake. He probably should have sent out a small message saying there will be a delay to keep the fan-base calm. I like the idea that everyone has been suggesting, switch to a monthly schedule and keep communicating with the fans. For most of us, including myself, I agree he has no obligation to us and we should be grateful for what we get. However, I do agree with the heated fans that he does have an obligation to at least keep open communication with his Patrons. This does not mean he has to obey their every command, just let them know when things change. After all, people hate change, especially when its abrupt and unexpected. Open communication helps to negate the effects change has on people. Now all that being said, I do not think there needs to be a message EVERY time a delay is made IF it is only one or two days late. However, once you get past a week, it’s understandable for people to be anxious when there is no word. So, I think messages only needed to be posted if the delay will be a week or more.

  17. Honestly, I was really scared when you didn’t post any sign of development for 8 days. I thought something bad might’ve happened. I guess I’ve been accustomed to the 1st and 15th builds too, haha

  18. There is a Major bug, so i was goofing off, and i join the Gaming Club, i sat down and played on a game, well i teleported to the farthest wall by the tape player. so i was like….ok? then i killed Ryo, did the same thing, teleported me and him, so i was like ok…? again then i kept teleporting around as i was killing people, i went through walls, i teleported across the map i mean it was kinda cool, but it was annoying. (Wasn’t sure where to tell you this at, so i just posted it here)

  19. Dear those who have insulted YandereDev
    Tch, you people do realize that sandbox builds this frequent are non-existant among big game businesses like Nintendo and Sony right? Companies like them will develop a game, release things like trailers and a demo to get people hyped up and leave it as that for a couple of years, THEN release the game with a second official trailer. There are NO sandbox builds at all, yet you selfishly have a go because of something so obscure that YandereDev has personally decided to do for the benefit of HIMSELF (not you) to find bugs in his coding and get the fans involved and helping him create a game tailored to the people who are going to buy the game. Mate, if I have to tell you like my mum tells my dog, then so be it: it isn’t all about you. Stop getting up in his face because you want love and attention, and you think only your life accounts for. I’m sick and tired of people getting pissed because there isn’t an updated version of the game out yet – you are getting to try the game out as it is created FOR FREE. You can’t expect all the royalties for free if you haven’t paid for anything, the world just doesn’t work like that.
    At some point in time, YandereDev will have to stop releasing builds of the game, because by then it will be aspects too close to the original game, and you will need to pay to see the final piece.
    Keep in mind:
    You cannot freely view artwork before it is completed.
    You cannot live in a house prior to its construction.
    You cannot take something that does not belong to you.
    Come back to me when you decide to descend from your attic into the real world.
    P.S. My dog has more manners than you people.

  20. I think it would be a good idea to start only updating the game once a month. I remember when a build was delayed two weeks so it had taken a month between two builds, and that build had so much more content. It might’ve been painful to wait for it but when it came I got so much more excited than usually! I absolutely love the game and I will support however long it takes for each build, as long as YandereDev is happy and healthy. But I don’t think you have to have a schedule because it’s obviously stressful for you to reach the imaginary deadline. I want to know when the builds are delayed but I don’t want you to “waste” too much time on blog posts. I like the way you handle the blog posts but if you don’t like it don’t do it! I support you YanDev, and I will support whatever you choose. I love you and your game! Good luck, I hope you’ll be happy with your game, because I am! Sorry if I wasted your time with this comment but I didn’t wanna send it in an email in case I would be sabotaging the development. So I decided to post it here! :]

  21. I actually don’t care if the updates are not the 1st and 15th of each moth, I could wait for it if he needs more time, but is kinda annoying even for him that deadline he just can’t make, I’m just kinda used to this that I simply know Dev never will keep a solid schedule. Sooner or later we just won’t believe the things Dev said respecting the schedule, I could wait years and years if it will be necessary, just that I’m a little bored of his excuses. Nothing personal, but I think a person that just can’t keep the things he promises is not pleasant for anyone, specially for Dev, things are just so stressful for him now why he is making it even more stressful? I’m agree with 1 update per mouth with no specific date, I think things could get smoother that way, is not like the fans will forget about the game if the updates are not numerous, the love still will be there, I don’t understand why Dev is so scared of losing hype he gets so enslaved with the developed. He should find a method to be more relaxed and less obsessed with keeping hype from the fandom in that way, but he’s a grow up adult so if he decide to work like a mule in the game is his choice, I won’t pat him in the back for something so unhealthy like this, he should enjoy more the things he love and this include working in the game…

  22. I don’t know if any of you remember this pole, but if you do, now we know who the “heated fans” and the “chill fans” are….

      • Again, it’s not about him taking a break. It’s about him not giving an announcement (or EVEN a single tweet) that the game will be delayed, and his obviously biased polls.

        Learn to read and understand what other people are saying before you retort with such nonsense.

  23. Here’s my opinion: You should make a progress report every 1st and 15th of a month. These reports should not need to include a build. I care much less about builds than I do about what’s going on in development. If you think you’d have a new build ready close enough to the report to upload it within the week, mention that in the report and then upload the build. If it will be over a week, instead put it in your next update. And the updates could easily be only a paragraph or two long if that’s how much you feel is appropriate. I’d even be okay if it *wasn’t you who wrote it*. This might be just me, but I personally look forward to hearing about the game far more than getting the new builds

  24. As someone who watches his stream and was on his stream when he played persona 5 for 13 hours, I’d like to say that he did in fact ask us many times about what should be in yandere sim. I remember him asking, “would a town like this be nice?” “would you like something like this in yandere sim?” “what do you think of the 3D models for the students?” “Would the school populated with students that are low detailed copies of each other work?” He was enjoying himself, but he was also actively studying how the game was better than his and what he could do to improve.

  25. i’m getting mixed signals here,on your main site Yandere-dev it still says on the contact part:DO NOT e-mail YandereDev with:
    yet right here right now you break your own rule saying it’s ok to ask questions by more or less saying this:
    Please don’t feel afraid to contact me if you’ve read or seen something online that you want me to explain.
    and i do want to email you to explain some things to me regarding yandere-sim itself,but that’s a question and you CLEARLY don’t want to be asked questions as stated on your main site,so are we allowed to contact you or not? because to say it’s ok here but have the other site outright say it’s not ok in any way to ask ANY question is really god damn confusing.

  26. It’s really 2 separate dramas that kind of blend into a third.
    One is annoyance that YanDev doesn’t appear to be making lots of progress on the game whilst still spending time streaming.
    You can argue he needs a break from YanSim, but there’s a dissonance from the image he has built that he’s working 10 hours a day every day. It may or may not be true that he does work 10 hours a day but the evidence of that work is not completely clear to his fans.
    So depending on how much you trust YanDev is telling the truth leads to either getting angry at the lack of updates or believing he needs a break.
    The second drama comes from YanDev not particularly allowing fans to voice any and all of their concerns, which is understandable because he’s just one man and there are a lot of things that the community have to say about the game.
    One of the biggest gripes here is how YanDev structures his polls when he is asking the community for their opinion. For example in the latest poll YanDev asks:
    Uploading a new build and a new video on the 1st and 15th day of every month should be…
    …the top priority. More important than game development.
    …a high priority. Game development is more important.
    The problem with the above poll is it forces people to chose the later option, as the community for a game, of course we want the game more than the videos. Additionally, the poll’s questions doesn’t actually tell him anything about the community’s view.
    He want’s to know whether the community wants a video every 1st and 15th of every month no matter what, yet he’s asking us if we think videos are more important than game development or not. This phrasing leads fans to vote for game development over videos but doesn’t ask if fans want videos twice a month.
    It may just be poor phrasing, but for more cynical fans it comes across as YanDev only wanting validation for his actions rather than involving the community in deciding what to do.
    Adding to that showing passive aggressiveness leads some fans to think he’s being immature, which is a difficult enough personality trait to work with, nevermind the person in question being a creator. (Because creators are notoriously stubborn, possessive of their work and defensive towards criticism but it’s understandable).
    And the third drama (AKA the blend between the other two) is that fans feel some ownership of this game, whether it’s because they are funding him or it’s just the investment of their time into watching its development the bottom line is people care about this game want it to succeed and want it to be awesome.
    So when fans see YanDev not funnelling time into the game or behaving in a way that they don’t see as conducive to the game’s development, they get angry.
    So yeah I appreciate YanDev’s a person so he’s entitled to screw up, behave like a teenager, and laze off occasionally. But it is frustrating that all development relies on one person so character flaws etc affect the game development way more than if there was a team.

    Taken from Bluepanda800 here

  27. Pray, Alex.
    Don’t let other’s negativity rub off on you.
    You’re better than the ridiculous rumors they’re spreading because that’s not you.
    I hope that it does stop and that you’ll find less stress in your day.
    I’ll pray for you and hope for a better recovery not only in your health but also in your working progress.
    Stay blessed, amen! 🙂

  28. I think both sides should be quiet, as he said in the post that you just READ. You need to e-mail these problems you are having, not spreading rumors or accusations. I myself don’t care how long it takes, as long as sometimes he is working on the game.

  29. Yay a new build. I remember commenting somewhere about the animation for using syringe being blunt force and for it to be updated is really cool.

  30. Yandere-Dev. Don’t know if you’ll read this but don’t worry about everyone. A lot of us still support you and know you’re trying your hardest. Some people just don’t understand the challenges that tend to pop up from time to time with game development in general. Especially something like Yandere Simulator.

    The code rewrite, the asset requirements, and the necessary skill to program it all (heh, sorry if that hits a bad note) are all some major things that will slow you down. Some of us do know that. This is just a rough patch for Yandere Simulator at the moment with everything going on so don’t be too worried about people being jerks. They’re not game developers so they don’t know what it’s like.

    And as for the 2 times per month schedule, I think you dug yourself a hole when you first decided that to be your deadline. You’re reaching the point in Yandere Simulator where 2 weeks just really isn’t enough time. So don’t worry about people being upset about the late “deadlines” cause in reality, there really aren’t any deadlines. It could take you a month for every single update, that’s up to you. So remember, you’ve got loads of us who understand what’s going on. Perhaps a short note here or there to let us know how things are going? Not even about a late imaginary deadline but just to let everyone know everything’s still going smoothly.

    Don’t worry. You’ll be able to make it through this. People who call you “lazy” or “dishonest” just truly have no clue what it takes to do what you do. Just remember, you’re not going to please everybody and don’t even try to. You’ll just run yourself dry if you do. Take care of yourself and always remember that most of us are happy to be patient and don’t need the “next big thing” here and now.

    As always, happy to follow the development of Yandere Simulator.

  31. I’m a casual fan so i don’t really mind waiting, or delays, or whatever, i’m in your team Dev. The problem you are having, in my opinion, is that you are not expressing yourself correctly, you are coming across as rude, and this is what is stirring so much drama in the fandom. There’s always people who will acuse you of lazy, you of all people should know that there are tons of haters ’round the corner. As the developer of the game you should do the best to ignore it, instead of addressing it so directly… doing it this way it’s making no good.
    Instead of doing this huge post full of explanations, just say “sorry for the delay! here is the build. From now on i won’t be able to keep the schedule, i hope you can understand” And that’s all.
    i will support you no matter what, because i believe in you, i know you won’t abandon this game… but please considere my advice, it’s sad seeing you lose control because of this minor issues.

  32. I don’t know why but sometimes, the more I read the comments of the blog, the more I become uninterested in the blog altogether. *sigh* . Anyway, developing something, especially this huge takes a lot of time. I’ve made a 5-minute-long game (for fun) from scratch with a software I sort of know and readily available assets but still took me ’bout a whole day in total. Idk but, you do you, YanDev. You do you. Maybe someone more experienced and rational could elaborate?

  33. I feel that he should post once in a while even if there’s no build coming up soon. Just to at least tell us how he’s doing (like he’s okay or y’know, not dying or something.) and MAYBE a hint about a new feature coming up in the next build if there is one.

  34. Yanderedev, here is a tip
    JUST DONT WASTE YOUR TIME LISTENING WITH THESE BITCHES WHO THINK YOU LAZE AROUND! If you ignore them and if they start ignoring you, the others who don’t care what you do or not will still be there. And there is NO WAY the cry babies would start ignoring you, cause in the end, they will be the ones trying the game before the chilled ones.

  35. I really don’t like the idea of that “whenever it’s ready”-update-schedule. It just sounds like… when you (for example) don’t release an update for over 2 months, you could easily come up with that excuse. “The schedule says it’s ready whenever it’s ready”
    I know you are pouring your life into this game, but seriously, this new schedule would make everything worse.
    It would be easier to release only one update per month. We can all see that you can’t manage the twice-a-month schedule anymore.

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