Yandere Simulator videos translated into other languages

Some multilingual fans of Yandere Simulator have been gracious enough to translate my YouTube videos for non-English-speaking fans. In this blog post, I will keep a list of YouTube channels that translate my videos, so that non-English-speaking fans will be able to follow the development of the game.

This list will grow over time; I will update this blog post with new channels as I learn about them.

I know that I’ve encountered more translation channels than the ones listed above, but right now, those are the only channels that I can remember. If you encounter or operate a translation channel, please inform me (over e-mail) and I’ll update this blog post to list more languages.

I don’t care about this, YandereDev. Where is the next video? Where is the next update?

I’m sorry. Please be patient.

291 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator videos translated into other languages

  1. If you search “Update Coming Soon” in the Yandere Sim search bar, on the right, right above all the dates…
    well, there’s some back up for what I said earlier.

  2. Okay, all you haters! Yandere Dev spends hours on hours working on Yandere Simulator. He streams so he can have fun and actually be happy. If he’s taking forever, be excited! He’s probably working on something big! I’m guessing this hate it because of the April Fools Jokes.

  3. Poor Yanderedev… He is gonna take sooo much hate on the face if the next build is not something big, amazing and absolutely wonderful…

  4. So many gullible fans here. This guy is completely shady, and if you spend a bit of time Googling then you can find out all sorts of stuff about him. His latest trick is to stream 12+ hours per day and pass it off as a “vacation” and that “true fans” will understand. He’s manipulating you and some of you are falling for it. At this point he could spit in your face and you’d still excuse him and praise him.

    Fact; He does not work for long hours every day. He plays video games.
    Fact: He lives at home with mommy and daddy who pay all his bills, doesn’t employ anyone, so he can pocket all of the Patreon money for himself even though he has no expenses.
    Fact: Even before these public “vacation” streams, he has been streaming privately on his website for years. Many long gaming sessions spend playing video games instead of working.

    There is plenty more but I won’t waste any more time. This comment might even get deleted because YandereDev silences people who don’t praise him. Many people have had their accounts banned from this website just for asking questions or being a bit annoyed (which is understandable).

    Wake up.

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