Announcing a partnership with tinyBuild!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “What?! A partnership with a company?!” But, wait! Don’t panic! Please watch the video before jumping to any conclusions:

Please remember the following key points:

If you’re low on time and don’t have time to watch the video, here’s a summary:

This was a very difficult decision to make, because I was very concerned about how the fans would feel about it. However, considering all of the above points, I honestly see no downside to this partnership. I really hope that you’ll be supportive of this decision!

If you were losing faith in Yandere Simulator’s development, or becoming fearful that the game would never be completed, I hope that this will reassure you. tinyBuild has a history of helping struggling game developers finish their games. With their support, Yandere Simulator is guaranteed to be completed!

Here is tinyBuild’s press release about the subject!

As always – thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

199 thoughts on “Announcing a partnership with tinyBuild!

  1. This all sounds very promising-Hopefully with the codebase being fixed and optimized, I will be able to play again soon (desktop can’t handle it, laptop overheated on one of last year’s builds, so I had to stop).

    • didn’t you know that it was always going to cost money? just think how much he worked on the game, it’s just stupid to assume that the game will be for free, you have no reason to be sad or angry, and I’m not writing this comment for hate or something, I just explained

    • I think there will always be a pre Osana build available, if not curtsy of Yanderedev then one you already downloaded, but supporting the official release is a way to get a lot more game while thanking him for making the game for all this time AND letting us play it free all this time.

    • Typically 15 days give or take a few days, although with Osana there might be delays because he has already implemented all the “low hanging fruit”

  2. That’s awesome! I’m glad you made this decision! It was a very smart one!
    But I have to wonder: If we have already downloaded Yandere Sim BEFORE it was priced, can we continue to download and play the game for free?

    • Nope. That’s not how it works. You’ll be able to play the previous build as long as you don’t delete it, but you won’t get any more updates that way. Especially they put it up on steam, then yeah. You’ll have to buy it. But it’s not that expensive if it’s going to just be around $15. Yandere-Dev worked on this for almost 3 years now…he deserves to be paid for this stuff…so paying $15 for an alpha build only to get automatic updates from then on really isn’t that bad. And by paying for it, he will be able to implement more things that the fans have been wanting (AKA a male Yandere-Chan).

  3. I think there should be a donating system – instead of buying copies of the game to earn money for YandereDev, why not donate? It’d be a very good idea along side with the Crowd Funding campaign. With that said, people shouldn’t take it as a sign as “YandereDev has enough money already, I’ll just download the game for free since he already has money!” Remember what he said in the video:
    “The money that is infested in his Patreon etc will not mean he has millions of dollars (or pounds)”, so that’s why the game will cost money. Also, games in video game history aren’t sold at a tremendous price just because the developer and or owner wants the money, it’s strictly against the law to sell games at a price.

  4. Well, it looks like you’ve done your homework YandereDev; the agreement you have right now is a good one and I certainly do hope their lack of bad stories is an accurate representation, but don’t forget they’re out to make money as well, and unlike you, they’re going to be very jumpy if something goes wrong. I have little knowledge of TinyBuild (though I admit I did like Party Hard) or creating video games, but I do have experience partnering with other companies, so I’ll give you this warning: At some point, there is going to be a disagreement in how something is done or advertised, whether that be their “team of professionals” not living up to your standards, them wanting an “unsafe” feature removed or something flashy/supposedly convenient added, or corners getting cut in some way on either side. How this disagreement (or these disagreements) are handled, and the speed at which they’re handled can make or break any project, and regardless of their reputation, you are simply a client of theirs; it doesn’t matter as much as you think to them if this falls through for any reason. It’s simply the nature of partnerships.

    Still, you’ve never let the community down before and I have faith that you’ve made the right decision.

    • For those who don’t have any kind of handle on Spanish (and mine is particularly bad):
      “Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! Will there be an epic battle between Yandere-chan and rivals?” Epic in this case meaning Boss battles.

      This mightn’t be correct, but anyhow:
      Sinceramente, no creo que haya. Pero cada rival podría tener su propio medio especializado de eliminación.
      I honestly don’t think there will be. But each rival might have her own specialised method of elimination.

      • I know you used Google Translator, I know 7u7 ..
        Who knows, maybe Oka Ruto or Osoro Shidesu or Megami Saiko there may be a battle to eliminate them, hopefully answers n///n

  5. Wow! That’s a really good deal. Honestly, I think you’d be able to get a good budget through selling the alpha. But I’d still donate to the campaign if you did that (I’ll keep donating no matter which you choose), and I think there are lots of other people who’d do the same. I’ll be honest, being thirteen, I have a limited amount of money I can donate, but I’ll gladly do so if it helps you reach your goal!

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  8. I don’t understand why you’re doing this Yandev. You gave us a vote and we overwhelmingly voted down you join a company. and yet you;re going against our votes and doing it anyway. I think you just alienated a lot of people by doing this.

  9. I am confused.

    Will the completely finished, released to the public be for pay? Or will the EARLY finished version be for pay? I don’t feel like spending money on this game when it is fully finished with all the rivals…

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