February 10th Bug-Fixing Build

There were a lot of things that were bothering me in the previous build, so I’ve uploaded a new build that addresses most of the issues! This build also contains a few changes to the schoolgrounds; take a look!

Many areas got a makeover:

For a long time, it was bothering me that Yandere Simulator’s schoolgrounds were so empty and barren. I wanted to spruce it up with some decorations…but visuals are a very low priority, compared to gameplay-related features, so I never took the time to decorate the areas outside of the school. However, I just couldn’t stand the barren look any longer, so today I finally decided to make some adjustments.

This isn’t meant to be the “final” look of the schoolgrounds; it’s merely meant to be an improvement. My ultimate goal is to get the school looking more like this – but it will be awhile before we reach that state.

Here’s a list of everything else that changed in this build:

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Cauterize” text to appear onscreen instead of “Dismember” if the player was holding a circular saw nearby a corpse after cauterizing it.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the delinquents to perpetually perceive Yandere-chan as being near a corpse after activating the Flame Demon easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to permanently freeze when trying to dismember a corpse after it had been cauterized.
  • Fixed bug that would make the Flame Demon / Tornado Mode dress completely disappear at the Heartbroken screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause sanity-based animations to deactivate after the player had tranquilized someone.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s stocking texture to appear on her face when in the locker room.
  • Fixed bug with the katana’s low-sanity killing animation that was causing an unsmooth loop.
  • Fixed a bug with the hair physics of one of the new hairstyles.
  • Decorated the school with more walkways, trees, and bushes.
  • Fixed clipping issues with one of the new hairstyles.
  • Moved the hedge maze to a new location.

79 thoughts on “February 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wonderful, with all those sakura petals the jani… Oh that’s right, there’s no cleaning faculty here… Which means it’s the students problem, awesome.

  2. I just… why is all I can say? Why are there tiny ass trees basically against the school walls and on the running track? It looks like you went crazy in the sims putting trees everywhere. I’m sorry but it’s just ugly.

      • Why so angry? Assuming you were replying to the previous poster, he or she was merely expressing his opinion and he wasn’t rude (unless you think saying tiny ass trees is offensive). Since it is a placeholder, which means YanDev will appreciate the feedback. I do think he went overboard with the Sakura trees, honestly it looks cluttered and would rather prefer for him to work on gameplay mechanics (not even Osana, stuff like saving/loading or NPCs reacting to dismembered corpses or blood) instead of decorative stuff that is going to be changed anyway.

  3. that is a delightfully delectable amount of trees. now there will be no shortage of sakura petal rain for dramatic anime scenes no matter the location.

  4. “Fixed bug that would make the Flame Demon / Tornado Mode dress completely disappear at the Heartbroken screen.”

    Wait, aren’t Easter Eggs the lowest-prioritized? Does this mean- YANDEREDEV CARES ABOUT OUR ENTERTAINMENT 😮

  5. It looks nice, but the amount of trees is a bit overkill, It limits movement, and after a while, kind of feels a bit to linear, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like trees shouldn’t be a bunch of trees. all a certain distance from each other, all around the school, leading to every single area, I’m not trying to criticize you, this is just my opinion

    • This isn’t meant to be the “final” look of the schoolgrounds; it’s merely meant to be an improvement. My ultimate goal is to..

      Can you read?? It’s a placeholder

    • i agree, i like the trees i think they’re really pretty but i do think there are a little too many of them, it makes the walkways feel really closed in and i liked the openness of the campus

      i really love the pathways though! they def. help make the school feel like a rich acadmey, but i don’t like how close the maze is i didn’t think there was anything wrong with the distance it was away from the school building, the campus is huge why not spread some things out more, y’know? (unless he’s making space for the pool which i can’t seem to wait for!)

      i think we need more flower bushes too, especially in the courtyard and by/inside the gardening club; i really want more flowers and trees for the gardening club, i want them to have an actual garden – maybe they plant flowers or fruit brushes or vegetables idk

      but even with all that said, i do love this update – it gives the school more character and i know it isn’t perminent

  6. It looks really nice, I just think it’s a bit too much Cherry blossom trees. Maybe instead of Cherry blossom trees in front of the Gardening club it could be Different shaped Hedges. Just a thought~

  7. it Looks Awesome It’s a good progress it looks close to that video maybe you can even add some poles with chains for places students are not supposed to be there, it’s a thought not a suggestion :3

  8. Still great with me, I’ve been exhausted of the emptiness too..
    But the um, download link on the downloads page keeps giving me a 404 so I guess I’m waiting a while 😛

  9. Love the new foliage! The exterior school grounds were feeling a bit barren for a long time now, so it’s good they finally got some love! (But I do shudder to think how my GPU will react! My NVIDIA 970 GTX 4 GB card is only able to run the game at about 45-50 FPS at the best of times, with all the settings at max, lol. And that was before this update went live!)

    • I don’t know how my specs compare to yours but on my computer I can run some other games quite fairly but Yandere Sim I’ve always gotten.. 9~21.
      On RARE occasions, it peaks to 30.
      After all the news paths and trees and bushes he just added I haven’t noticed much of an FPS change.. and that’s strange coming from me. xD

  10. GUYS HELP. So I downloaded the launcher for Yan sim and started the download. However, halfway, my computer shut down. I accidentally deleted the launcher so I tried to redownload it. However, everytime I try to open the launcher it just says, already opened. I don’t know where the already opened launcher is. HELP GUYS PLES.

    • hey check your files and your recycling bin-thing and delete everything from yandere simulator and then when there is no trace that you ever had yandere simulator and then download it again hope it works!!!!

  11. Speaking of visuals…. I hope yandev eventually picks a more stylish school uniform design that what he proposed earlier.

    Something in between this and what he proposed, maybe add a splash of red or change it to a brown/green/cream color pallete

  12. for the people saying “there’s to many cherry blossom trees” Yandere Dev has to make it so he likes it to if he doesn’t like than maybe a lot could change it, we should all trust his opinion and what he is doing 🙂 good day/night

    • THIS!!

      also he said it isn’t perminent, the trees are there to give us a feel of what the final campus will look like; i’m sure he’ll remove a good amount of trees, i don’t like how closed in the pathways feel so i get what everyone else is saying

      however he needs assets for the campus too and stated that he wants to focus on osana before he does any other major school make-overs, we just have to wait until he gets to that point in time; the new look is a placeholder, not the final look of the school

  13. Loving the new school looks.

    Although from a realistic point of view, those trees near the track fields shouldnt be there. not to mention how track field usually has a perimeter of safety, those petals and leaves would constantly need to be removed.

    Love everything, but hope the track/gym sections get more love when they become relevant.

    Keep up the great work!

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