Update Still Coming Soon

EDIT: Uploading the new builds right now.

Just to keep you updated: I intend to upload a new video and a new build in about 3~4 hours.

Here’s an illustration that will be appearing in my next video:

Have fun speculating about what this could mean for Yandere Simulator!

Thanks for your patience!

51 thoughts on “Update Still Coming Soon

  1. If this isn’t a rival specific eliminate method I bet midori gurinuuuu will end up getting into this situation anytime soon XD she’s our favourite “gurinu” pig anyways XD (Guinea pig, get it XD)

  2. OMG. I never came to the blog and seen a post this recent. Hooray for being early!

    It’s obviously got something to do with the town. There’s nowhere in Akademi High that has a dock. Perhaps a part of the specific elimination method for Osana?

  3. You know, while dumping a body in water with a can sounds good in theory, it’s much better to drain her, chop her up with fish chum, and just fish for a while. It’s fun and relaxing, and you don’t get caught as easy! (But real talk, beautiful picture and I can’t wait for the next update)

  4. Hm…
    I think it is a new elimination method.
    You just, like, use the tranquilazer (idk how to write it im spanish), go to the dock, put your victim in a barrel and throw it into the water!

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  5. Info-Chan will finally walk around school!

    First you have to befriend Osana, who works at the soup kitchens on Saturday, ask her to give you some tongs, snap 25 panty shots and ask to have a private chat with her, use the tongs to steal Info-Chan’s tinfoil helmet from a distance when she has her back turned to you while unlocking and re-entering her room, take the tinfoil helmet to the finally 100% funtional amd bug-free ironworks and have them fashion it into an oil drum.
    Rival chan can be interacted with if you have the oil drum: you place her inside and finally get to murder via drowning…

    Except she seems to be able to hold her breath for a while…

  6. Ooh… corpse disposal in a small town via dumping a corpse into a large body of water, nice!

    Going fishing with some chopped up parts would be better, though. That’s actual corpse disposal.

  7. I pretty much agree with the other commenters. I also think it’s a new elimination method that won’t take place in school (doesn’t have a dock.)

    I look forward to seeing Youtubers play this!

  8. I do not believe it is a new elimination method…yandev said that he implemented all of not rival specific elimination methods

  9. I think it is a way to dispose of a body by chopping them up and go to town and dumping the corps into the ocean idk and go check out my YouTube channel I play yandere simulator and lip sing my channel name is pay the american boy 😆

  10. yandere dev you may never see this but I think you should not make a whole town but like you said a town strip but one for Shisuta town and one for the town yandere chan lives in where senpai dates the rivals and buying stuff is at then the town kokonana dates older men at

  11. Hi. I just recently watched the small town video. I think the single street idea is fantastic! I think Full Guerreros2 SV has the right idea. My thoughts on the picture above: This could be a new rival elimination method in the Main Game and/or in Mission Mode. Also it could be a flashback scene from Ryoba Aishi timeline(since it is in black and white)

  12. Keep up the Amazing work Yandere Dev! 🙂
    I love watching the youtube Playthroughs and Myths. I just wanted to add…This is YOUR game and your vision. I will happily wait for the finished game. Take as much time as you need. Add whatever YOU want. I’m certain the end result will be incredibly fun and very much worth the wait.

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