Update Coming Soon

I apologize for not making this blog post sooner!

I intend to release a new build and a new video very soon; within 24~48 hours.

I’m sorry for keeping you waiting!

135 thoughts on “Update Coming Soon

  1. Why are some people so impatient? They obviously don’t know how difficult it is to create a game, and from my understanding, YandereDev is pretty much dedicating his life to the development of this game. YanDev, take your time, try not to feel rushed because of a few bitter people, and definitely don’t feel guilty for releasing a build a bit later than said people would like.

  2. Ill wait patiently, I hope it will be worth it…I wouldnt be surprised if osana was in this build, yandere dev is a legend, its impresive what one man and some volunteers can create.
    Anyway I low key hope that he would include a picture so that the comment section would be filled with guesses instead of hate.

    • While I highly doubt that, you never know with YanDev, one time, he can only implement one or two small things in two weeks, and sometimes, he can add an entirely new feature in one. (Not that that’s a bad thing, keep up the good work Y.D.) We’ll just have to wait.

    • I would be surprised if Osana was already fully functional in this build, but she is probably not gonna be here just yet, I can’t wait! I kinda wonder why YandereDev decided to put so much effort into Kokona if she is going to be removed? It could have just been to give people a good feel of the real game.

  3. Based on your past assumptions, I can only hope this means Osana is being released soon.
    I just really hope that you spending your time on the twitch videos doesn’t delay Osana by ANOTHER month. :/

    • As much as i’m loving this game and watching the development, there really is only so much patience someone can give before they feel their time is being taken advantage of.

      • Your time? He’s been working for all this time and you’re complaining about how “you’re time” is being taken advantage of?
        Game development is slow, Indie game development is even slower.

      • I’m not specifically saying me, as I can be patient for new content. I’m just stating that there is some defense to the people who are impatient. Working individually is extremely tough. Not to be rude or anything, but *your.

    • Yea for me osana is best and Yan dev said all Rivals 9 months and osana is taking 4 months so i think in future it will be eaiser because he already code thinks that can be use for amai,Kizana…… so then should 1 rival be in 1 month yeeeeeeeaa but the 1 rival is hard to inploment its soo many coding :/

  4. Hey Yan Dev, have you considered only updating it once a month? That way, you’ll have more time for other things, and not have to worry about rushing the new build. I know people will get mad at me for saying this, but think about it, instead of getting little features, and fixes every two weeks, there is a higher chance you’ll get a larger feature, every month.

    -I hope you’ll take it into consideration


  5. I’m little curious. I downloaded the January 24th build, then went and got the launcher purely “just because”.
    Running the launcher, I see it downloading more files… 800MB worth of them.
    So what’s in the content.zip that isn’t in the test build I downloaded?

    P.S. Don’t remove Kokona, please!
    P.P.S. Is it possible in this build to get smokes for Musume (lol) and a looser uniform for Kokona?

  6. J’adore les nouvelle mise a jour mais ….. ! vous pouvez en mettre une ou on peut choisir une langue comme ( anglais, francais,italien….) svp d’abord aumoins en francais

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