Mid-January Progress Report

EDIT: Oops, the build from Jan 16th had a serious bug in it! A new build has been uploaded.

I’m so sorry for the long wait! The latest video is finally ready!

Here’s a list of everything that is new in the latest build of the game:

Additions, Changes, and Bug Fixes

  • You can now navigate the list of hairs and list of accessories much more quickly by holding down the Shift key while pressing “H” to change hairstyles or “O” to change accessories.
  • Moved Kokona’s monday phone call conversation 15 minutes later, to avoid scheduling conflicts with another event that will be implemented in the future.
  • Re-wrote code that was causing an unnecessary amount of memory allocation, which was causing the game to “stutter” for a few frames at irregular intervals.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to ignore a murder during a “distract” favor, if Yandere-chan murdered the student who was currently being distracted.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to walk around dripping wet all day, if they were splashed with water while in the “Following Yandere-chan” state.
  • Added 1 new accessory and over 20 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan. The majority of those models came from Qvajangel. Thanks again, Qva!
  • Added 3 new hairstyles for Senpai and 1 new facial hair option for Senpai. (These are also available for randomly-generated students.)
  • The “React to Senpai” distance has been changed from 2 meters to 1 meter so that Senpai is less of an obstacle / annoyance.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to freely aim their smartphone camera during the Game Over screen in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to rotate at extreme angles when performing the “Distract” favor on a staircase.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to always wear the default uniform in the “Befriend/Betray” cutscene.
  • Yandere-chan will now be apprehended by students if she commits murder with at least 4 witnesses present.
  • Fixed bug that could result in the pause screen remaining visible during the “End of Day Results” sequence.
  • Senpai now has animations and lip movement when he reacts to Yandere-chan’s behavior.
  • Darkened the color of the grass, and lightened the color of the walkways and rooftops.
  • Replaced Nemesis’ old hairstyle with the new hairstyle that the fans voted for.
  • Gave hair physics to a character who previously had no hair physics.
  • Improved the level of quality in Koharu Hinata’s hair model.
  • Added friendship bracelets to the “Rainbow Six” girls.
  • Added red stripes to Nemesis’ black socks.
  • Strengthened certain countermeasures.

What’s next?

January 17th and January 19th are days with a lot of sentimental value for me, so I won’t be working on those two days (unless there is a very important problem that urgently needs to be addressed). I have a very special video planned for Jan 22nd, so I will probably spend the 20th and the 21st working on that video. This means that I’ll only have seven days (Jan 23rd to Jan 30th) to prepare a new build for Feb 1st. (Jan 31st will be spent making a new update video.)

Because I’m only going to have half the amount of time I normally have to prepare a new build…you honestly shouldn’t expect the next build to be very special. I’m so sorry!! Please forgive me!! January has been a really weird month!! I hope that February goes by smoother…

200 thoughts on “Mid-January Progress Report

  1. The Secret Message says:
    Before I was a game developer, I was a video game streamer. The first day I ever streamed a game was Jan 17th, 2009. Because tomorrow is the 8-year anniversary of my video game stream, I’m going to stream a game tomorrow! You can watch me at twitch.tv/yanderedev – but I should warn you that my Internet connection is very unstable, so the stream will sometimes drop for a few seconds. I celebrate my stream’s anniversary on two days – Jan 17th and 19th. On the 17th, I’m going to stream an N64 classic called “Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon”. On the 19th, I’m going to stream Resident Evil 4! Both streams will start at 12:00 noon (in the PST time zone). I hope you’ll join me, even if it’s only for a short while!

  2. The secret message reads:

    Before I was a game developer, I was a video game streamer. The first day I ever streamed a game was Jan 17th, 2009. Because tomorrow is the 8-year anniversary of my video game stream, I’m going to stream a game tomorrow! You can watch me at twitch.tv/yanderedev – but I should warn you that my Internet connection is very unstable, so the stream will sometimes drop for a few seconds. I celebrate my stream’s anniversary on two days – Jan 17th and 19th. On the 17th, I’m going to stream an N64 classic called “Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon”. On the 19th, I’m going to stream Resident Evil 4! Both streams will start at 12:00 noon (in the PST time zone). I hope you’ll join me, even if it’s only for a short while!

    I used http://quipqiup.com/ and some basic cipher knowledge. Cheers!

    – Anon

  3. It’s okay to put little details here and there because, if you think about it, these details can be used as a “visual record” of your progress (“Right, I still haven’t completed Osana’s task… her charm isn’t on her phone”). And I needed that surprise MGS2 skit, nice way to cheer us up in the middle of a downer moment.

    On a side note, now that Nemesis has her new hairstyle and little details on her clothing… I was wondering if those will be applied to her illustration on the YanSim characters page. Now, if Kjech is busy with other illustrations for the moment, it’s fully understandable. No rushes, no worries 🙂

  4. I honestly don’t know how many people really give you that hard a time, but really, you’re doing your best.

    You’re doing a great job! You’ve put a lot of time and effort into everything. So do what you need to, and the game will be done whenever it’s done.

  5. When he showed a skit of MGS2 I squealed like a young schoolgirl! I love how he’s thinking of the small things along with the big things, I mean the key chain thing may not sound like much and heck, when this is finished some people may not even notice it, but little things like this make it feel real. =D

    Also I was practically brought up with MGS so like 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  6. Before I was a game developer, I was a video game streamer. The first day I ever streamed a game was Jan 17th, 2009. Because tomorrow is the 8-year anniversary of my video game stream, I’m going to stream a game tomorrow! You can watch me at twitch.tv/yanderedev – but I should warn you that my Internet connection is very unstable, so the stream will sometimes drop for a few seconds.

    I celebrate my stream’s anniversary on two days – Jan 17th and 19th. On the 17th, I’m going to stream an N64 classic called “Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon”. On the 19th, I’m going to stream Resident Evil 4! Both streams will start at 12:00 noon (in the PST time zone). I hope you’ll join me, even if it’s only for a short while!



  7. I know it’s a lot of stress when people criticize everything you do. I’m sorry that you have to deal with it, but you’re doing a really good job, and the fact that people think you “owe” them something just because they want to see it is really frustrating. Please keep doing your best, and I’ll support you no matter what. It’s okay to rest.

      • She’s talking about the people who doesn’t even put a penny in the development of this game and still complain about free content. I hope is not your case.

      • This game ISN’T finished. Listen, he needs voice actors, artists, all of these people to help with the game. He has to pay them with money so he can have help. He doesn’t owe anyone money. He owes them a thank you for helping him make Yandere Simulator.

  8. I wish you’d drop minor bug corrections for now and just work on the main components of the game, and add in hairstyles and things like that later. This is like the Sims coming out with new expansion packs and content without finishing the main gameplay first. I feel like YouTube videos and Livestreams could wait and that time spent editing YouTube videos (which takes hours) is time better spent working on coding gameplay so that there will be major, significant updates.

    I wish you’d hire at least two more coders also. The first “level” hasn’t been completed, no first boss/rival completion, and this project was started two years ago, and people (likely young kids and teens) are paying 5 grand a month into a Patreon account because they want to see this finished. A game that you project won’t be finished until 2019.

    I feel like you’re taking them for a ride, and I’m annoyed myself, becuase I’m interested in the game and intended to buy the finished product. I sometimes wonder if you’re intentionally dragging this out for monetary purposes. After all, five grand a month is pretty good, and independent games probably don’t make much money once they’re finally released due to lack of strong promotion paid for by a mega corp.

    Most of the players of this game are young and so they have blind faith in you; I’m an adult gamer (35), so I know when something doesn’t smell right, and this situation is starting to reek.

    • Minor bug corrections are important because they might always evolve into a snowball of bugs… Or like, a bug maze, where one bug is caused by something that is bugged because of that other bug that is (…). So no, YanDev shouldn’t drop minor bug corrections, otherwise it would be like Ubisoft releasing super buggy games because they focused on getting it ready quickly instead of making it actually work. As for hairstyles, I don’t think that takes any time at all for YanDev to implement, the work is mostly on 3D artists and animators etc. The livestream is something unrelated to YanSim, so of course he should be free for doing it! It’s just his personal life. But I do agree that YouTube videos are totally unnecessary, and still wonder why YanDev spends hours editing them. I’m sure he could at least get a volunteer to make them…

      Anyway, although five grand a month is pretty great, you gotta take into consideration that this is his full time job, so lots of it goes into his rent and food and whatever else. And $1500 of it goes to pay for volunteers, so really it’s $3500 as a monthly wage and I don’t think he could pay professional-level coders with whatever is left. Seriously, read the transparency post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/2016-and-polls-7685057

      As for completion, YanDev did say all other game weeks will be easy to implement after Osana’s week is done, so take that into consideration after you use that to make it look like the game is still in its early stages. Core mechanics are what take so long, and those are largely done.

      • Anybody can write anything on a blog; we have no way of confirming whether or not any of what he said regarding spending in the Transparency post is true. Minor bugs don’t cause major issues with gameplay; the Sims franchise would regularly upload patches to correct minor bugs after release.

        The game is supposed to be divided into ten or eleven weeks of gameplay (each one can be considered a level), and the first week/level (and first boss/rival character) haven’t been completed, after two years. On the download page of the site, the developer admits he’s not even halfway done, and that he is trying for the first time with Yandere Simulator to actually complete a project he’s started, which at best shows a problem with follow-through.

        He’s claiming he works 12 hour days doing coding work, claims he skips major hoilday celebrations with family and friends to work on the game but won’t hire any more people to help him do the coding, which would lighten his workload and speed up game completion. There is always an excuse for a lack of major progress when it’s time for a new “build”.

        For two years of work, at a cost of 5 grand a month, the game should be much further along than it is, and he throws you guys a bone in the form of distraction with YouTube videos and extra hairstyles along with “is it okay if I only work 8 hours a day” posts to incite pity and guilt for wondering why it’s taking way longer than it should be.

        I don’t think this game will be completed. I think he was counting on the naïveté and faith of most of the people paying him to work on this game, to help him get over. I bet when I come back this summer Osana and the first week of gameplay still won’t be completed. He’s scamming you guys.

      • Why would he scam people who are supporting him to finish a game he himself would benefit from? Just like what one of his older videos said, he will ONLY release the Kickstarter once the game reaches a respectable stage, namely once Osana has been implemented. The people who has been here for a long time will know that. Once the Kickstarter has been released, he will hire a team of professionals who will help to complete Yandere Simulator. He already planned on hiring other people, professional people, to help him code and finish the game. He is already this far in development, and he spent years of his life working on this game. He’s not gonna stop.

      • He doesn’t need money for rent, and possibly not even for food either, he still lives with his rich parents. He’s spending that $5k on whatever the fuck he wants. And he isn’t putting 1500 a month towards volunteers, although when he released a poll about what to do with that 1500 (including an option that he’d get to keep it/choose for himself, which was clearly what he wanted people to pick) most people said to immediately start paying volunteers back, so hopefully that’ll get fixed.

      • We’re talking about bugs in two very different development stages. Minor bugs at the beginning or middle of development can cause major issues later on if they’re not fixed in time, and those major issues will be way more difficult and time-consuming to fix later on because you can’t even know which minor bug it came from. So, at this stage, they should absolutely be dealt with as soon as possible. If the game was already finished, of course, it is an option to release it as soon as it’s ready and leave bug-fixing for patches (although personally it’s not really a choice I appreciate in games I play), but right now that’s not the case at all.

        If YanDev was lying on his Transparency post, don’t you think the volunteers would have spoken up? He mentions their names along with how much he paid them, after all. I’m pretty sure if someone was paid way less than what was written on that post, there would have been a big scandal.

        His last projects weren’t public, so he had no one to answer for, and, if he wanted to give up, that was his business and no one else’s. So his past projects don’t matter if we’re talking about this one, especially since, come on, he spent two years doing this already. I doubt he’s about to give up now.

        As much as you like to call each week a level, you have to remember the map is the same for each week, and the AI is also going to be pretty much the same. The first boss hasn’t been completed, but the rest of the things that make a level are already there. Plus, YanDev has said time and again that the rivals were going to be the last thing to be implemented.

        About more people to do the coding, it is something expensive and he’s been on a waiting game for a long time for the works of other volunteers, so more coders were definitely not needed. Plus coding with other people is… really different from coding everything yourself. That difference may make it not be worth it for YanDev.

        I doubt YanDev was counting on anyone’s naivete since he only released a patreon page when he already had quite a bit of progress done. And come on, AAA games woth full teams of devs and professionals working on them hardly get ready in a year, I don’t think one year and a half of paid development by one single coder is too much for YanSim. I do doubt Osana will be completed once you come back, though. I might disagree that development is too slow, but it’s a fact that it is slow af.

        zoevampire, I would love to know where your knowledge is coming from.

    • It’s quite funny actually that you don’t even try to argument against what Saah has written, you only repeat your own argumentation why you think YandereDev is betraying us all and stealing the pocket money of teenagers and kiddos who want him to finish his game.
      While reading your 2 comments I was wondering if you ever got insight into something like game development. Besides, I was wondering if you ever took into consideration that sometimes there ARE unexpected things happening in someone’s real life that would distract that person from work. YandereDev is no god-like creature – even he might have emergencies or private stuff to deal with and as this is something PRIVATE he does NOT have to speak about it in his videos just to satisfy people like you who obviously think he’s having a fun time, wasting the money he gets and actually doing nothing.

      When watching the (“completely unnecessary because time consuming”, but still very informative…) videos one can easily see THAT progress is being made. However, he is working with volunteers – they also have a private life. They can’t work on Yandere Sim-related stuff 24/7 and when he is waiting for something he NEEDS to make a progress in implementing Osana he CAN’T work on Osana. Might not even be HIS fault. He wouldn’t even have to post a new build of the game twice a month. He doesn’t even have to SHARE the game with us to show us that there is actually progress being made!

      And I personally totally agree with Saah: I’d rather have a game you can actually PLAY on the release-date than having a bunch of bugs that needs x bug fixing patches before I can finally play it.

      I don’t really give a fuck about hair styles, but tbh I don’t think that this is a big deal, consuming too much time. Once the function to change the hair style is implemented in the game it should be quite easy to add new ones whenever he receives them.

      If YOU feel you cannot trust him – well, no one forces you to do so. However, for a 35 year old person your world view seems to be quite limited.

      • I’d have no problem whatsoever with him taking time out for personal issues or even just for a break, IF he really was working 8-12 hours a day like he claims. He isn’t. He’s lying to everyone and doesn’t deserve a ‘break’ from doing fuck all

      • And how exactly do you know how long he’s working each day? Nobody forces you to believe what he says, nobody forces you to follow the development process of Yandere Simulator. If you think he’s just a liar then you can just leave and spend your time with something else.

      • Technically, he does not even need to put a public build, y’know? In some crowd-funded games like Yandere Simulator, usually the developer can just pick some individuals to test the game out, like Super Smash Flash 2 and other games like that. He should not really be obligated to publishing public builds twice a month. Besides, he is a freelance programmer. He does not work in a company or anything, which is most likely why he spends a portion of the donations for himself. The problem is, people like you are easy to judge a person just by rumors and speculations. If you have any proof or evidence to back-up your claims, show it. Otherwise, your statement can easily be rebutted.

  9. Can we fight back against such numbers if we upgrade the physical stat to a certain level? I mean, yeah 4 on 1 generally means that you’re screwed but an option to fight back against said numbers would be nice

    • That could be possible but for now, YandereDev won’t take suggestions. I’m pretty sure that someday, there will be a way to fight back. YandereDev is busy working on Osana, Senpai and a lot of things. Sooner or later, he might just add a feature that will allow Yandere Chan to fight back but until then, you’re screwed. If you want to kill people, eliminate them when they’re alone like stealth kill the group that walks up the stairs in the morning and hide the bodies. Once the delinquents are gone, burn the bodies and go to class. Here’s another example. When Kokona is making her way to the courtyard to eat lunch, that’s a good time to stab her but MAKE SURE THERE IS NO WITNESSES. If there is a witness who’s a boy then they’ll probably tell the teacher. When they run away to tell a teacher then you pick up that body and HIDE IT. Social butterflies run away when they see you commit murder. Heroic students tell teachers that you killed someone. Cowards will beg for mercy and Loners will run away when they see murder and also, Loners will of course be alone.

    • Yes, I imagine fighting off multiple enemies would be possible with a high level of the P.E. Stat or membership in the martial arts club. It might even have applications outside this mechanic. I also imagine that most personalities would join a rush started by a M.A. Club member, but not start one if there is no Heroic student present. That said, until Yandev gets around to balancing this like he said, all you can do is pick off targets in groups of three or smaller.

    • Musume was meant to belong to a completely different social group. You can see how she stands out completely when she’s in the groups. In other words, the ‘Rainbow Six’ girls were the very first students to be added to the game.

  10. Wow! The group attack looks like it will make it harder to kill your rival in the final game. I never knew that this would be implemented in the game. This is going to make everything difficult.. but that’s the point. A game that just lets you kill your rivals like it’s no big deal isn’t fun. Games that have people react to you killing someone IS a good game. A game that has people who will stop the killer is great. I love this feature. It makes it realistic. It will also make it harder for me to kill students randomly at Akademi Highschool. Great job, YandereDev. I hope you don’t stop developing the game! If you made it this far then you should go all the way. Also, that fire… thingy. I have an idea. It involves the Demon in that weird dimension. I wonder if Jay aka That dude aka The Kubz Scouts will ever find out… hmmm?

  11. [ * Is going mad, trying to figure out this ritual. ] Argh! No! Don’t spy on Senpai! Spy on the Basu sisters or something! I agree with Oka, they are demons! They MUST know how to get Flame Demon-senpai to notice us! [ * Feels a little ashamed from having actually typed that out. Not a lot, but a little. ]

  12. In case people want to solve the word code but can’t figure it out, here is what I found and I guarantee you’ll solve the puzzle! A=E B=P C=S D=T E=I F=W H=N I=U J=V K=G L=C M=L O=Y P=B R=H S=M T=D U=O V=F W=Z Y=A Z=J. Good luck, hope to see you there 😉

  13. That’s an awesome video ! You did a lot of progress in the game these last days/weeks ! Osana can wait a little more, I’m really happy for the reaction of the students when Yan-chan is killing someone (: that looks more realistic than before ! That’s okay if Osana is still in development c: Take all the time you need ! (sorry for my english if it’s not correct, French here)

  14. Don’t worry Yandere-Dev, we understand, sometimes life gets in the way. Though might I make a suggestion about it, next time why don’t you address one of the loose ends that have been floating around?

  15. Here’s something that’s been bothering me recently. If you decide NOT to kill Osana and eliminate her in some passive way of your choosing, what happens to her after that week has passed and a new rival comes into play?

    If you decided to befriend Osona for example, will she have any unique animations or side stories in the next weeks? Or will she just become another normal NPC afterwards? And also I don’t see why her and Senpai would stop hanging out at school(depending on what you did) so will she still stay close to him in the later weeks?

    Maybe a good way to keep a past rival somewhat relevant is that depending on how you remove them, you could possibly have another ally at your disposal with unique and helpful abilities sort of like Info chan. For example when the school starts setting up security cameras all over the place, you could call Osoro on your phone to get her delinquents to shut them off in certain areas. Or perhaps they could offer bonuses like Speed and Strength increases if you befriend Asu Rito as another example.

    But keep in mind there will also have to be similar and helpful rewards for all ways of removing rivals too, to encourage all kinds of play styles.

    Since I can’t send suggestions, I turn to you guys? What do yall think?

    Sorry it’s a little long.

  16. hope the next few weeks are easier on you, yandev! always glad to see any kind of news on the game, even when the updates aren’t huge. keep up the good work!

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