Update Still Coming Soon

EDIT 3: Uploading right now! Needs about 20 more minutes!

EDIT 2: It’s almost ready! The video is finished. I’m going to bug-test the latest build, and then upload the video and the build. It should be available in about 1 hour from now.

EDIT: Right now, it’s 6:00 AM in my time zone. I’ve spent the past 8 hours working on the next update video. I predicted that it would be done by now, but it’s turning out to take longer than I expected. Right now, I’m about 50% done with the video. It will be ready sometime on Jan 16th, but I can’t predict exactly when. I’m sorry for the wait!

Shoot! I won’t be able to reach my personal goal of releasing the new update by midnight tonight. However, I do think that it’ll be available within 8 hours.

To make up for the fact that you’ll have to wait a bit longer than expected for the next update, I’ll share a screenshot with you. This screenshot features something that will receive some focus in my next video:

I wonder if you can correctly identify the object in this screenshot that be receiving attention in my next video – or the reason why I’ll be focusing on that object.

I’ll try to get the next video and build out as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience!

263 thoughts on “Update Still Coming Soon

  1. He is probably talking about her cat chain, because her objective is to retrieve it from the maze because she thinks it’s “scary” to go in there. Either he is talking about her objective, or he is going to be talking about her phone conversation.

  2. You always keep us waiting, keep everything prepared already before you chat chat and chataratat on your blog post saying that it’s delayed, if you wanna add something better, to keep it on it’s normal update dates, add it on the bug-fixing update. Hey, yanderes, don’t chat on me saying I am mean, I am just pissed off and I might need to call Suicide Hotline.

      • That is where you are COMPLETELY wrong. Everyone who is supporting this game has a right to complain about ANYTHING in this game. If Yandere Dev is wise, he’d listen to the people complaining versus the people telling him that everything is great and fine, as complaints are usually what makes things much greater and well developed.

      • That “comeback” is invalid for many reasons. All because somebody, who supports the game, is not happy with the constant delays, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to complain about it/suggest any ways to keep them from happening. You’re being completely unreasonable.

    • Hey! D-don’t make j-jokes like that. B-because it isn’t f-funny. (Seriously though shut-up and deal with it.

    • Fanboys are always going to defend blindly, don’t listen to them. You’re right, he does keep up waiting and he needs to start releasing on time and fix bugs/add features after, or develop a schedule that will be honest to the community. People are going to go right to calling you an “asshole” and saying that you’re wrong all because you’re pointing out his #1 flaw in game development. Most of the people who do that are young and don’t know how game development should work, so make sure that you don’t listen to them. Get your voice heard, cause I really think Yandere Dev is in need of hearing this; you obviously care for the game’s development, and this flaw is keeping it back.

  3. Literally 90% of the builds you’ve released in the past year have been delayed by at least a day. You should probably rework your schedule because you’re not really sticking with it, sadly.
    I’m not hating, whinning or complaining. I’m just simply pointing out his inconsistency, as I do have the right and the ability to do so.

    • I agree. Already, I don’t want to be harsh but I hate him because he says he will get something done less than a specific time but sadly has to delay like he always has to. He says before posting updates he stumbles on bugs. Is he dumb? Post the main update then update later with bugs, that’s why he is delaying them. The stupid bugs that he can take care of later. Sorry Yandere Dev sir but I’ve been waiting since you posted the teasers and you say it’s almost complete but later you delay it. There should already be a cliche for the constant delays “yandere dev delays an update cliche”

      • Ok, I understand being upset about the delays but being a cunt about it is another thing. If you want to bitch please leave because none of us came her to see you two being assholes so bye bye.

      • @Supanachuru

        It’s not bitching, it’s being honest. Quite ironically, you’re the one bitching, lmao.
        And define “none of us” do you mean you? Are you nothing? Cause you sure look like nothing, considering your name and avatar is unoriginal.

      • Does anyone see this guy harassing me?
        Please leave as I don’t care about what a damn 12 year old has to say.

      • @Justin Hardy

        You’re the one bitching brother, her/his comment was totally called for. The comment he/she was replying to wasn’t honest, it was just an ignorant way of complaining on how its Yandere Dev’s fault for their unhappiness.

      • @supana

        All i did was say that he isn’t getting builds out on the scheduled time and it’s been happening too frequently. Is it wrong to point it out and suggest fixes? You attacked me by calling me a “cunt” and telling me that I’m “bitching” when I’m really not. I don’t know what makes you think you have the right to treat me like that.

        And Justin is right, @potatoepielover. It was an honest comment and it was the opposite of ignorant. If he goes on a time schedule that works for him, he won’t have to constantly delay the builds. Or, he could simply release the builds on time and then add into it.

        Delays are inevitable, but all I did was suggest ways to decrease the amount of it cause it’s honestly really annoying, just like how people keep attacking me like you guys are.

      • @supana

        Can i also point out that out that you’re slandering him? You literally just told people that he’s harassing you when it’s really the other way around: You came to this comment and started throwing insults and harassing me, and when someone points out your bullshit, you try to accuse him if harassing you. Lol fuck off.

    • @goldtiger01
      Well the video is out now, but you still have one flaw in your hypothesis. Life happens! Yandere Dev isn’t some sort of wizard, he has complications too! What, is he supposed to drop everything just to work on the game? He should at least have his private moments without being pressured by the community that he loves.

      • Any person with a job would know that missing a deadline cannot be given excuses. He’s self employed, however, he will still suffer from a waiting and possibly angry community. I have the right to be angry and urge change, and he has the right to ignore my anger. You have no place coming in here telling me that I don’t have a right to speak out about this. If you seriously think otherwise, then perhaps you’re not old enough to understand yet..?

  4. honestly people getting mad over the delays are really pathetic, why don’t you try to make a game like this yourself instead of complaining about having to wait?

  5. It’s official Yandere Dev doesn’t sleep and is probably a cyborg or a vampire or something else that needs no sleep. As for the two screenshots the first one might be about senpai being annoyed at Osana at the end of Monday/ start of Tuesday after the food poisoning. This one is the conversation Yandere Dev gave a sneak preview to in one of his update videos.

  6. I think he’s going to talk about Yandere Chans face. She looks hella pissed off, and she doesn’t normally look like that, and the other picture he previewed had senpai looking mad too…

  7. I’m guessing yandev usually sleeps during the day, or bi/poly-phase sleeps. It seems like everything comes in the middle of the night (videos and updates.) I’ve known lots of people that either break up their sleep into two sections or slept during the day for their jobs

  8. Maybe when she asks you to get her charm, you take it to Info-Chan and she puts a recorder in it or something and then you give it to Osana before her phone call, it records her and sends it to Ayano’s phone, and she can use that information to gossip about Osana, and Senpai finds out and when he sees you he busts you and you get heartbroken, so you have to find a way to get her information out with everyone knowing it’s you?
    This is probably an overshoot but this is what I’m thinking.

  9. Well if you looked closely, you can see a small kitty face below osana’s phone… it’s that something do wif the built or it is jus a bug??

  10. It would be so great if a guy (Budo Masuta of my choice) was in love with Ayano or Yandere-Chan and distracts her or tries to be around her so it wont be so easy for her to be alone. Plus i think Ayano an Budo Masuta are a cute match

  11. I am not sure if you will see this comment or not Yanderedev, but I watched the vid about the hacking and well… things they said.

    All of it to me is bs. I know what you are doing. You care about your game and you fix your bugs as fast as you can. There is no way you would release a buggy game especially if you refuse to release a buggy Osana.

    I love what I see this game becoming. I know the silliness of easter eggs is not your main focus. I also see how serious this game will be as a stealth action game. I trust in you Yandere dev and know you will only make this great game even better.

    • I honestly think that he should just release the “buggy” Osana, however, I can understand why he is holding back from doing so.

      For starters, the majority of this community is, sadly, below the age of 17… And well if he released Osana to debug testing, they’d probably report known Osana bugs and fill his emails up again like before…
      There’s also the fact that people would underestimate the success that the game will probably achieve. They’d probably assume that it’s not going very well and it’s not worth their time. He wants to look good to the public.

      HOWEVER, this is a DEBUG TESTING build of the game. He should release the buggy Osana along with known bugs to help him polish Osana for the official demo of the game. It would, in the end, help speed up development and help polish up the main feature. Cause quite frankly, he’s bound to forget to add things to Osana and there’s going to be many bugs at the time of her release, all of which could be avoided by using DEBUG TESTING to it’s intended use…

      Then again, Osana is going to be a main focus of the game, and people’s first opinions on it need to be great in order to give this game a chance at successful funding… I’m not sure what I would do in his situation.

  12. The video is either about Osana’s phone call, Osana’s phone charm or Osana’s task.
    Also, DAT FRAMERATE THO!!! 😀

  13. there is a little cat emblem in between Osana and Yandere-chan. the kitten is in the game but apart from learning the cats topic serves pretty much no function. maybe the kitty will serve more functionallity. also based on the phone here and senpai stand outside in the last screenshot i think there is a love confession cutscene.

  14. That’s the key charm that AzzMan tried to find in one of his videos!~ That’s probably there because of the reasons that Azzman thought of; because Ayano gets it with the task, though I bet with the way Yandere Dev is, there will be more reasons than just that~ It will probably have some really complex meaning and do something to totally change how the game would be looked at… or it could just be some small implement… lol~

    • Hmm… There seems to be something in the top part of the screen too, it might be like a speaker or something like they would have in… at least American high schools that would allow the principle to talk to all of the students or something, but that just might be nothing… The hallway does seem to be longer though… That might just be nothing but it might be a school building change again, I highly doubt it though because you would not have had the time as you were probably working on Osana for the majority of the time. It also may just be the angle of the shot~ xD

  15. This may sound a bit odd but I think it may have to do with the partial circle at the top, because I don’t think is usually there. I don’t really know for sure though. Just a guess!

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