Update Coming Soon

I always try to update the game on the 1st and 15th day of every month. This has proven to be very difficult, because one day before the update, I always find a bunch of little things that I want to fix or add or improve. That’s where I am right now; the update is almost ready, but I want to put some more polish onto it before rolling it out. I always regret saying this, but I believe that the next update will probably be available within 27 hours, unless something very significant interrupts my progress.

To apologize for the delay, here’s a preview of something you’ll see in the next build!

What exactly is going on in this screenshot? I won’t tell you; I want to keep it vague so that you have something to speculate about while waiting for the next update!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

157 thoughts on “Update Coming Soon

  1. I’m looking what it could be and I don’t realy see what it could be.

    in fact all my ideas depend of who’s the person senpai is mad at:

    -if it’s Ayano, I wonder if it’s not a way to say we’ll have an error count with senpai like with the councelor. and if it’s the case, maybe the counselor will be “plenty” implemented in the game.

    -if it’s the rival, maybe it will be his morning head after Ayano sabotage his relation with the current rival.

    -if it’s another student, maybe there will be a side guest with Senpai and the student … if we don’t kill the student.

    that’s all the ideas I had … I’m sure I’ll laugh a lot when I’ll see the difference between my ideas and what yanderedev is going to do.

    • I think it is when you are next to him in the “pink mood mode” and he starts to say “this girl is kinda weird”,”she’s acting strange” and that kind of things ^^

  2. oh my god I havent played this game in a very very VERY long time I nee dot read how to plöay again to see what has changed and I have a suggestion my keyboard for example is turkish but to open the debug thing I have to press ö so the thing is the letter i in my keyboard is coma, so can you make something that makes all keyboards able to play this game

  3. Since YandereDev talked about Senpai’s sanity not that long ago, I have a feeling this will have something to do with it.

    A lot of people are saying this is a rejection cutscene, but look closely on where he is. There is a bush in the frame. If Senpai were to reject the rival, then in my opinion, he would do it underneath the cherry tree behind the school. There is no bush near that specific cherry tree. I highly doubt it is a rejection cutscene anyway, as we need Osana for that and she is not completed yet.

    Back to Senpai’s sanity. I think the next update will implement Senpai’s sanity, so that we can get a feel for it. There will be a debug command where we can change Senpai’s sanity and see on how he reacts differently to certain things, like Yandere-Chan standing too close to him. I think this animation plays after Senpai notices Yandere-chan and she simply walks away out of his aura.

    Another possibility is Senpai starts to suspect Yandere-chan when rivals start disappearing, in the sense of killing them (fake suicide, drowning, poisoning, etc.). Whenever Yandere-chan walks by him and gets into his aura, he will glare at her. As his sanity gets lower, he will walk away from Yandere-chan right before she even slips into the aura.

    Senpai with:
    High sanity – Act as he does currently in game
    Medium sanity – Be wary around Yandere-chan; glare at her
    Low sanity – Walk away before she gets too close

  4. I don’t think it’s anything to do with Osana, since she won’t be implemented for a while. I think it’s either a reaction to something Ayano has done or something to do with adding sanity to Senpai… He recently talked about adding sanity to Senpai anyway along with saying he wanted better animations for when Yan-Chan was acting weird around him. Maybe he is becoming wary of Yan-Chan or growing suspicious of her… I think it likely is sanity-based. If he caught her committing murder, covered in blood, insane, sabotaging interactions, with weapons or any of that crap, I think he’d have a WAY stronger reaction than a brief glare.

  5. I just got this weird idea.
    I thought if Senpai saying this…
    “Ayano, there’s something on your face!” I mean, look at the way he’s looking at her… I don’t actually think that’s what’s happening xD

  6. We will finally see Senpai reacting to Ayano going all weird in close proximity? Because if that’s what it is, that makes me eager to see part of her dere side 😀
    I wonder if Nemesis’s new hairstyle will be implemented in this new build (and her artwork updated as well)…

  7. senpai looks angry- maybe its because of oka being oka all like “plz join the occult club, we worship the devil” or osana getting found out that “she” poisoned the food for her and senpai, even tho it was ayano OR……!!!!!!!!! AYANO WAS CAUGHT SPYING OR KILLING OR BEING CREEPY OR LEWD

  8. You know, I don’t know why im commenting this, but it’s been floating around my mind for a while. Maybe around a year so far… What if senpai was a yandere too, except Ayano just never notices because he’s a yandere for her…? Idk, just thinking that it would be an interesting turn of events. :/

  9. judging from how that pic looks with the flowers or petals I don’t know I think its when yandere confesses here love to senpai I could be wrong though. If I am i’ll just wait and see

  10. If you look where the scene is set this is where Senpai and Osana talk at the beginning of the day. I think if you damage the friendship between Senpai and Osana (Like poisoning the food) and Osana walks away this is the face Senpai pulls behind her back.

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