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I always try to update the game on the 1st and 15th day of every month. This has proven to be very difficult, because one day before the update, I always find a bunch of little things that I want to fix or add or improve. That’s where I am right now; the update is almost ready, but I want to put some more polish onto it before rolling it out. I always regret saying this, but I believe that the next update will probably be available within 27 hours, unless something very significant interrupts my progress.

To apologize for the delay, here’s a preview of something you’ll see in the next build!

What exactly is going on in this screenshot? I won’t tell you; I want to keep it vague so that you have something to speculate about while waiting for the next update!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

157 thoughts on “Update Coming Soon

  1. Hi On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 10:34 PM Yandere Simulator Development Blog wrote:

    > yanderedev posted: “I always try to update the game on the 1st and 15th > day of every month. This has proven to be very difficult, because one day > before the update, I always find a bunch of little things that I want to > fix or add or improve. That’s where I am right now; the ” >

  2. It’s perfectly fine that you have to take a little longer with this update, it happens. As for the picture: maybe Senpai saw you eavesdropping on his and Osana’s conversation?

  3. Yandere dev, I am 100% positive you won’t reply to me but, you inspired me so much in making my art better. I would ask for tips but I don’t want to disturb you, I know you work 12 hours a day, and you keep in touch with posting videos on youtube, and I respect that. You are an amazing artist, and digital designer! I love the game, whilst I don’t have a computer to play it I do enjoy watching others play it. I hope that in the next year or so after the full game is out, it is possible to get the game on a tablet, or phone (ect.) You ae a respectable man, and very busy so I won’t be commenting much for your sake. Thank you for such a wonderful game and I wish luck to you!

    Sincerely, marshy
    Ps. Love sick is a wonderful name for the game.

  4. I agree with these people saying rejection confession but I kinda think it’s Osana offering Senpai another Bento xD it’s a bad guess but I kinda think it. I’m gonna have to go back to yandere dev’s old videos to find anything (I’m too lazy so I probably won’t even try xP)

  5. Dear yandere dev, i ‘m Sorry for texting you but i think that you like to see it at blog then in e-mail i love your game i cant wait for osana i think it gonna be half Kizana on my Birthday 14.09.2017 πŸ™‚ and teo last questions will yandere sim be on steam? (Or for money) And will yandere sim be on mobile phone?

  6. It may be after you had ruined a few of Osana’s and his events. This is like it is Friday and Senpai is getting annoyed at her. Notice how he is looking at the bush Osana stood in front of during the Monday interaction. After the Friday morning interaction, Osana is trying to make it up to Senpai after you have ruined the interactions. After she leaves, most likely with her head down or quickly running off, Senpai looks back wonder what Osana is going to do to him today. His patience has dwindled to almost nothing, but he is willing to give her one last shot. If he were to catch Yandere-chan eavesdropping, Osana would also be there looking angry. That why I don’t think it is Him catching Yan-chan.

  7. i dont really mind the wqait updates tend to be fun in the next build im gonna test if a Glicth still works if it does im gonna report it also people have found a way to see osana early and her glitches are kinda funny

  8. My guess: Senpai is mad at either Yandere-chan, Osana or another character who is not revealed (Remember one of the videos with Osana? YandereDev said there are gonna be 2 important characters)

  9. Some of these are ideas I’ve seen floating around the comment section, but here:

    1. Senpai catches you eavesdropping
    2. Rejection
    3. Senpai discovers that you’re the murder for Osana’s poison, mistakes, death, etc (unlikely)

  10. I think its not yandere chan caught eavesdropping because osana is not implemented and it says “something you’ll see in the next build” and you cannot even spawn osana in the next build.

  11. I think this might be new animation for Senpai for if Yandere-chan is too close to him for too long.

    My screenshot caption:
    “Hey, cut it out! That’s really creepy! Leave me alone!”

  12. Likely him showing a sign of the Senpai Sanity mechanic? As much as Senpai can reject Osana’s love confession, I somehow doubt that the nice guy that he is would glare at her that way. If anything, he’s more likely to glare that way at someone trying to hurt Osana or his little sister.

    As always, YanDev: take your time.

  13. This expression is so well done! Kudos to the animation, I think it’s the icing on the cake for the rejection scene. Like, the last sabotage is when you make Osana late for her meeting with Senpai under the Cherry blossom tree, with him just leaving as she arrives – then he just gets irritated as her tsundere behavior must appear like she’s torturing him with all the sabotaging Ayano has done (like making him horrible food). I’m really curious how a rival will act after a rejection though (don’t think this has been addressed) as it is a non-lethal method of elimination, so she would most likely be around for the rest of the game

  14. I think that Senpai rejecting Osana and Senpai catching Yandere-chan eavesdropping is a good speculation, BUT Yandere Dev said that this will be seen in the *next *build which I highly doubt would contain Osana, which means there will be no Rival-Senpai events to eavesdrop on, So this might be Senpai reacting to something Yandere-chan did, such as being visibly insane, bloody, visibly armed, taking panty shots, etc.

    This is just my speculation, who knows? I might be completely wrong, I guess we’ll see when the update is up

  15. I don’t think this involves Osana. That would mean that the build had her interacting with Senpai. Dev said that Osana won’t be ready for another 2 months, and that he won’t include her in the game till she’s complete. So, she won’t be in the next build.

    A while back Dev said he wanted a better animation for Yandere-chan when she is around Senpai – one that would show her acting weird/creepy and explain why he gets angry if she gets too close. Maybe that’s been implemented and he’s reacting to it.

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  17. yandere dev also said something on rival specific elimination methods and that one of them is rejection, what is the other one, is it one of the existing elimination methods or is it a new elaborate one. Also if the player chooses to go through the procedure of that elimination method will it deal senpai less sanity than any other method?

      • Every rival will have an individual elimination method specific to them. E.g. Kizana’s might involve her being somehow killed during the play.

        The effect on Senpai’s sanity is likely to depend on what the method is, who the rival is, and how strong his relationship with her is. E.g. Senpai will be worst affected if Hanako is killed, so if her specific elimination method involves convincing her to transfer to another school, he will lose less sanity than if you pick a method where she is killed. If Asu Rito’s specific elimination involves killing her, Senpai would lose more sanity if his interactions with her had gone well, than if you sabotaged them all and he was close to rejecting her.

        I don’t know about the important scripted events …

      • I don’t know about Hanako’s method – it was just an example of a peaceful elimination that would do less damage to Senpai’s sanity than killing the rival.

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