January Osana Progress Report – Part 1

It’s very rare for me to break a video into two parts, but that’s what I decided to do with my latest video. When I realized that second half of the video was going to be drastically different in tone and subject matter than the first half, it seemed like a good idea to split it in two. So, instead of one 20-minute video, it’ll be two 10-minute videos.

Without further ado, here’s my progress report! (Or, the first half of it, at least!)

On Jan 2nd or Jan 3rd, I’ll release Part 2, along with a new build of the game. I hope I can take care of it as quickly as possible!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

127 thoughts on “January Osana Progress Report – Part 1

  1. Thank you so so SO much for deciding to add alternates to the panty shot stuff. I know this is a game about violence and stuff BUT!!!!!!! idk the panty shot mechanic just kinda grossed me out, and I’m SOOOOOO GLAD you’re adding an alternate. Thank you yan dev!! And thanks for the update, Osana is looking great.

    Does anyone else think its a bit odd that you can take a hack saw from the gardening shed and, just because you’re on the gardening club, no-one questions it? I feel like huge, dangerous tools like that should be harder to utilize. Maybe like this: you join the gardening club, take the hacksaw, and essentially have to smuggle it out in a bag, so your President doesn’t see you disappearing with a dangerous item that should only be used by experienced members of the club. Or maybe you can blackmail/be-friend a higher-ranked member of the club to get you the dangerous tools for you?

    Idk, maybe that would make the process too tedious? hmm

    • What the hell does people have with the panty shots method? Some people could find it gross,so there is the solution for this people:
      -Don’t use panty shots at all. You can pass the game without them.
      -Don’t play the game!!This game is about a schoolgirl that has no emotions and that could do anything to get her Senpai. But oh,I can kill my whole school with a freakin magic wand but well,panty shots are gross and immoral,so I won’t do it!! It doesn’t even make sense to feel bad for doing panty shots!

      • Actually the girl who has not emotions thinks Info-chan and pantyshots are disgusting.
        This is a game, I know a bunch of games where I can kill o get killed, but I never see a feature about taking panty shots you know?

      • I didn’t want to offend you,but I mean,you are a girl that has to do everything to get her Senpai.Panty shots are the less important thing about this game.6

    • Madamliterate

      you just answered your own question, it will be extremely tedious and over-complicated to make the game like that. I know is better if is challenging, but is a video game after all there’s no need to put it 100% realistic. Because the game is not even realistic to begin with, so why complicate the game in such trivial things? just thinking how stupid, boring and frustrating could be to play any GTA if police forces where 100% realistic, literally impossible to play it properly. So yeah, I don’t the point to put more difficulty in obtaining the hacksaw, it is challenging enough all that dev showed here. Is just, think about it, do you really want that obtaining the hacksaw become an stupid and frustrating chore instead of a funny challenging step in gameplay mechanic?

      • (sorry a lot of typos)

        you just answered your own question, it will be extremely tedious and over-complicated to make the game like that. I know is better if its challenging, but is a video game after all, there’s no need to put it 100% realistic. Because the game is not even realistic to begin with, so why complicate the game in such trivial things? just thinking how stupid, boring and frustrating could be to play any GTA if police forces where 100% realistic, literally impossible to play it properly. So yeah, I don’t see the point to put more difficulty in obtaining the hacksaw, it is challenging enough the way Dev said here. Is just, think about it, do you really want that obtaining the hacksaw become an stupid and frustrating chore instead of a funny challenging step in gameplay mechanic?

    • I can’t believe you want him to work on something so stupid as adding an alternative. He could use that time WAY better. I understand, that you find it gross. But i will never understand, how some people see underpants as more disgusting than brutally murdering an innocent teenage-girl.

    • IKR!!!??! i think its perfectly ok to brutally saw someone in half and carry around their remains in a cello case so we dont get caught BUT GOD FORBID WE TAKE PANTY SHOTS(like GROSS AMIRITE ?)

      • maybe instead of being a killer she can be a detective who looks into things for the police or if she works on her own she does more in-depth work. then she can potentially get suspicious, follow you around, and get you arrested later on in the game (ex. “She was behaving oddly and I took a closer look. She and were in the bathroom before was murdered”). that’d be cool and add to the need for stealth since I’ve noticed in the game it’s still too easy to get away because students won’t note normal things witnesses say like “victim and suspect had a rocky relationship” or “they were supposed to meet a bit before .”

      • AndaDork
        What if she’s the detective’s daughter?
        That would explain why she comes home covered in blood

  2. Im sorry If Im wasting your time, but when are you gonna fix the launcher? I know that you have maybe something more important stuff to do, but when/If you have some extra time, please, just please fix it. I know and I fill download the mediafire version, but Its a little frustrating that when I download it, it works fine, but the next day it doesn’t…

  3. Oh my god, I am sooo looking forward to killing Osana now! Her tsun-voice is so obnoxiously annoying to listen to…! Not as annoying as Hanako, but still annoying enough that I want to do whatever I can to listen to it as little as possible. Must say, I like the little effect of the subtitles growing, the closer Yandere gets to the people talking – minor, but pretty neat.

    Emetic… so, Ipacac.

    Pickpocketing rarely makes sense to me in games – mostly because they always keep their pickpocket-items attached to the back of them. What sane person would keep an important key or something in that location? I know, game-logic and it’s necessary for it to work, but I just mean in general.
    Though I think it would make sense for the president of the Gardening club to be at the Gardening location alone at times. Likely early before school starts to water plants or talk to them; same with post-class before heading home. But I’m just typing out loud.

    I love that you might add an alternate to panty shots. I recall you mentioned in an older video that it is possible to complete the game without taking a single panty shot the entire time, but the more elimination methods were added, the more they seemed to rely on Info-chan’s services (giving them illegal items; getting a little walkthrough help for other expelling; the headset/earpiece), which would turn the optional panty shots to mandatory.
    Personally, I don’t mind the mechanic, as long as I am not forced to do it. An alternative would be greatly appreciated.

    • Well I don’t think that you would expect someone to steal the key to get items to hurt people. With a low atmosphere that would not make to much sense though. But with a high atmosphere you wouldn’t even really suspect someone to steal it.
      Some people are just more careless with stuff like this and I don’t think that it is very unlogical but I get your point.

    • What’s wrong with keeping keys in a back pocket? Plenty of people keep more valuable things there.

      I like the idea of alternatives to panty shots, but more because of the alternative thing than the panty-shot thing. I mean, I get why it bothers some people, but I don’t really get why that’s such an issue when compared to murder or the sexualization of women in basically every major video game with women in it. (Which isn’t to say that the latter isn’t an issue, just that panty shots aren’t.)

      • Technically nothing wrong with keeping keys or similar in back-pockets (or, in this type of case, hanging off a large keyring from your waist), but it always strikes me as being uncomfortable in the long run and just careless to the point of almost asking for someone to try to steal from you. It’s basically schmuck bait.

        Like I said, the panty shot thing itself doesn’t bother me. I just don’t like the idea of taking them becoming a mandatory gameplay mechanic; something that I HAVE to do, if I want to play or complete the game. I mean, we already have non-death methods to get rid of our rivals, even methods that do not result in anyone being injured or emotionally hurt, if the player wants to go through the game without killing anyone.

    • I agree with CatMuto about the pickpocket game mechanic. Honestly it can be changed to something similar in assassins creed–when you have to manipulate a person or to apply pressure to certain points on the body and then that person giving it over–but not wanting to talk to yan chan again coz she did a wrong thing. (sort of like teachers pets not wanting to talk to yan chan after seeing murder).

  4. I think that extra person at the end of the video could of been a sibling or more likely a close friend of Osana who would definitely defend her if they saw a random girl sneak up on their friend with a knife ^-^

    • The school will close, and it’s a Game Over. Since Senpai was only in Buraza Town to attend school. This is what YandereDev said in one of his Reddit comments.

  5. I see the hand of another girl! For a few split seconds I actually thought maybe a boy with a slightly more important job appeared, but nope it’s yet ANOTHER girl. Jeez YandereDev why don’t you go ahead and make it a girls only school? :/

  6. I am uptading it over and over again but nothing new happens. and when i try to add osana to the game she doesn’t come too school. can someone please help me beacuse yandere simulator is my favorite game and i don’t wan’t to break it 😦

    • First of all there’s no new build yet. Second of all you already breaking the game because Osana is NOT in it (yet). Thirdly, DO NOT TRY TO MODIFY THE GAME, give Yandev some respect and wait for the official Osana!

  7. I have a very very very very very long say about the student council club and what major role it might be in yandere simulator, it is so long that I have to make a wordpress account for clarity. I know it’s a risk poking you about it and knowing my efforts has a high chance of not being seen at all and I know you will hate me for it but I am able to take that risk and possibly help you out to make it easier. I will post it after part 2 of your report, if your wondering yes when I was in high school I was also part of a Japanese student council, I may give you a real inside look of what it’s like and of course if you where a yandere can abuse it’s perks.

  8. Okay, that is a HUGE cliffhanger…I like it :3. So, that girl at the end MIGHT be the equivalent of Saki to Kokona, or it could be Nemesis…or FUN girl. I like Tsunderes, so I’m happy that Osana is going to be added soon! Also, try using another easter egg character for the Gaming Club president (Pippi, Mai, Ryuto and Midori are all easter egg characters) like… http://danganronpa.wikia.com/wiki/Chiaki_Nanami ;> .

  9. It would be pretty cool if that when they realize the keys and bottles are missing, Yan-chan could maybe frame another student by wiping her prints from the keys and bottles and frame another rival by dropping both into their bag. Two birds, one stone.

  10. People upset about the alternative of the panty shot mechanic are forgetting that this is “Yandere kills everyone for senpai’s love” simulator and not “Creepy pervert sexual harassment” simulator. Yanderes are appealing now because it’s just a anime character type, but perverts and that behavior will never be. That’s why doing such things in a video game can make people feel uncomfortable.

  11. To people complaining, your precious panty shot mechanic is still there, so there’s no reason for you to complain about an alternative. That’s like being angry that some people can choose to use a bat as a weapon when you thought the knife was perfectly fine.

    • People are complaining because Yandere Dev shouldn’t waste his time on adding into a perfectly fine game mechanic. He should focus on Osana and whatever else is important after that.

  12. I think the pickpocketing mechanics should be improved at some point, since a series of leisurely QTE’s are rather lackluster compared to the care and detail put into most other mechanics. However, the QTE’s work for now.

  13. THANK YOOOOU for making an alternative to panty shots! I’m really so grateful you have no idea!

    As for the pickpocketing minigame – it’s not urgent at all but yeah, I would like to see it changed… Not only QTE’s are kinda boring, it doesn’t really make sense in that situation – i imagine even a moving bar minigame would be more fitting, like “don’t pull the keys when the bar is orange or the person will feel it, don’t pull it when it’s red or they will jingle”

  14. I think you could add more animations to make the game more realistic. Example:when yandere chan takes a knife,it immediately teleports to her hand.

    • yanderedev said in a video that he wants students to make more miscellaneous animations, so they will look more alive, but stuff like pick a knife or a bucket animation are not that important. do you want to spent 3 seconds to admire a “pick up knife from table” animation while a teacher is chasing you?….. think about it….(◕ ͜ʖ◕)

  15. Hurry Up YandereDev I need this TODAY. not joking I need this so F*cking bad hurry the hell up YanDev please.

  16. Considering that this game is based off of a Japanese trope, it doesn’t surprise me that panty shots are part of the game. I can understand why people would be grossed out by it, but at the same time, it’s kind of like funky hair or wild attack moves: it’s part of the culture the game is based on, for better or for worse.

    • yep it’s true japan has a lot of panties obsessions like characters betting on the color of the heroins panties or worse….. hentai kamen….. so panty shots? seems pretty logical on a japan based video game full of non conventional backgroung (being the bad one killing for free obssesions ways to get away with murder etc….)

      (sorry for bad writting I’m French)

  17. who’s the girl who tries to stop when you try to kill your rival?
    I know only one student right now … Nemesis!!!
    peraps it’s only the best friend of the rival…
    what ever, I’m hyped. I expected something new added to the game, but if you make a lot of progress on Osana instead of it, that’s almost better.
    good work !!!

  18. (Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev!) Will we be able to only poision Osana’s bento? If so, can we also give lethal poision to her?
    I know these are half-obvious questions, but still, I gotta know.
    Oh and one more problem: The myth says that if someone confesses to their loved ones on 6 pm Friday, the beloved one will 100% accept the confession. – Thus why did you say Senpai will say no?

  19. I didn’t notice it the first time I saw the video, but the Idea of the dark secrets is a realy good idea to have Info Chan favors … or to be able to help other students with their personnal problems (that’s a theory).
    I also wonder if you’ll be able fight against Info Chan (or expel her)

    like I said in another comment (during the befriending update) I see this game a little like the fusion of Hitman and undertale.

    If you can choose to eliminate all your rivals without killing them and in some case even make them happy, maybe there is a way that you reach an ending like the pacifist one in undertale

    on the same side, if you decide to kill every student in school (and hidding corpse of course to avoid the school to close and loose Senpay for ever)

    now, what’s the rapport between this theory and the idee of dark secrets?
    well, to give a dark secret, you have to learn it.

    let’s imagine you start the game like the yandere we all know. Like we know, yandere is the fusion of yandaru (death) and deredere (love)
    the question is are you more deredere or more yandaru?

    if you have a dark secret of a student, the only thing we can do with it is giving it to Info chan and gain “favor Points” or keep the secret to avoid them to have more problems.
    But apparently, this game is a game of choise. if we want a rival to still alive, she can still alive and even happy if wr want.
    so what about other students? just storyless NPC’s?
    yandere dev said that each character will have a role. and if we see the description of some students, like Kokuma Jotsu who apparently lost an eye because of her father or a wild animal.

    now, what if we learned an info about Kokuma Jotsu (for example) that says (or makes think) that her father is abusing her?
    we could give the information to Info chan and gain a “favor Point”. we could forget it because we don’t need infochan.
    and what if we use them to help her like kokona with the loan sharks ? … peraps we use it to ruin her reputation and force her to die.

    well… all this machination about the use of dark secrets is only an example about what yandere-dev could do with them. But my theory of the really good ending with a really friendly ayano and the really bad ending with an empty school seems to make sense.

    what do you think about it?

    • You know there are people who want Alex to hurry on the game (not me of course cuz yandere sim is life bra) and also are posting sh** about online. I am glad that there are people who love that Alex is taking his time and working on it as hard as he can. The people who rush and send Alex stupid emails and spoiling/talking sh** about the game should shut up and stop. So i am glad that u love Alex work and u support the community as much as i do.

      From: Inf0chan

  20. Oh my god. It was so sad to see Osana’s lunchtime event being played side by side. Seeing senpai eat her food, and loving it, and the way Osana’s heart must have jumped had me blushing in my chair; but then to look over and see her reaction when senpai got sick, the udder look of horror and fear terrified me. This is what I love about this game. YOU are the bad one. YOU are the villain. This game is going to make me feel like shit, and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it!

  21. Who needs pick-pocketing? Just kill the Nurse/Gardening Club Leader and steal key from her body. Hmm… I could be intresting if some of grdn.c. members have Heroic Personality, thought.

    • kill the gardening leader and the acces to the garden is closed for ever all like the demo realm if you kill Oka.
      in other words, killing the leader is NEVER a good idea.

      killing the nurse is a better idea to get the keys but don’t forget what heppen when you try to kill the faculty.

      • You think, that in the final game will be wooden gate in entrance into the garden or something? Anyway I think that idea of closing clubs is quite stupid. Isn’t Yan-chan determinated enough to broke in through the window or something? Especially it doesn’t make sense to me when it’s about living fence. Can’t she climb on it or do with it the same thing I mentioned obove?

      • for the nurse, it’s ok I said. I know a new nurce spawn the next day the actual dies. and that’s why I said it was a better Idee to kill her. the only problem with the nurse is that she’ll probably be able to fight back. sorry for this misunderstood

        for the leader … what you say make sense.
        that’s true, why would yanderedev stop students to enter into a club where the leader is dead or the number of members is to low?
        I maybe have an answer. it’s maybe to had a chalenge. I don’t know if you noticed it but exept for the scissors, all actual whepons have their location into a clubroom or a faculty room. and things into a faculty room will need a key to open their container.
        It’s only a theory, but I think the goal of blocking a club room if a leader is dead or if a the nember of member is too low has not only the effect to prevent the player to use the “buff” of the club … but also the equipment which is in the room (weapons, gloves and some other things).
        in other word, if you want to play the game in a full offensive way, you’dd better be carefull of who you kill if there is something you really need (like the screwdriver) and prepare a really good strategie.

        about the determination of yandere chan. That’s true, she’s ready to do every thing to have what she wants … but that doesn’t meen she’s able to do it. For the specific elimination methode, the window is alreaddy open and to reach it there is a surface you can climb. in the school, but in the school, all windows are closed and nothing there is nothing to climb on the walls. Ayano is a student, not a ninja.

        well. that’s the way I could explain yan chan isn’t able to enter into a closed club and why you’dd better make in sort it doesn’t happen to early.

      • @Fongsturion in japan when a club has less then 5 members the club has to disband and if a club leader turns up missing/dead the club leader wont be attending the meadings that they have to go to so they close the club down. You may be saying what about the VCL (Vice Club Leader) of a club why cant he/she heald the club? Cuz there has to be 5+ member in the club unless if they are mark AB from school.
        From: inf0chan

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