Osana Progress Report and Mission Mode Update

It’s finally here! Sorry for the month-long wait between updates!

Here is a list of everything that is different in the new build:

General Improvements, Additions, and Changes

  • Addressed issue that was causing “bald spots” to appear in the back of male students’ heads, thanks to help from Saracen!
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to sink into the ground during a low-sanity knife kill animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to walk “into” Senpai when he sits down at the fountain.
  • Attempted to improve the smoothness of the school music loop and the bedroom music loop.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the “Distract” command to be completely broken.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the tape recorder menu to not be displayed.
  • Changed the appearance of the game’s HUD during Mission Mode.
  • Added bushes in the tree corridor outside of the school.
  • Footsteps can now be heard when Yandere-chan is running.
  • Corrected typo in debug menu.

Mission Mode

  • Changed “REPUTATION” to “AWARENESS”. Bad behavior raises AWARENESS. 100 AWARENESS results in a mission failure.
  • Changed the appearance of the HUD in Mission Mode.
  • Changed the layout of the Random Mission screen.
  • Added Nemesis, and three options to control how challenging she is.
  • Added “Can’t let any students witness bad behavior” condition.
  • Added “Unable to speak with students” condition.
  • Added “Find key and steal from safe” condition.
  • Added “Avoid security cameras” condition.
  • Added “Avoid metal detectors” condition.
  • Added the ability to create your own custom mission.

What’s Next?

As I said in the video above, I am finally able to make huge leaps of progress with Osana that I wasn’t able to make before, so I intend to dedicate all of my time to Osana at least the next two weeks. There are still some remaining assets that I need, so please don’t expect Osana to be 100% done by January 1st. Right now, I want to theorize that she’ll be ready by February 1st, but I am also nervous about making any promises, since the past 3 months have taught me that I usually under-estimate the amount of time it will take to create the assets that I need…

Message To Contest Artists!

I have a message for anyone who was a “Runner Up” in either of the two recent fan art contests! One of Osana’s elimination methods will involve Yandere-chan entering a room that is full of anime posters. If you would like to see your artwork featured inside of Yandere Simulator, please contact me, and I’ll describe the type of posters I need!

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

Update still coming soon, but probably slightly less soon than previously expected

2:00 AM (PST) UPDATE: Video’s done! I’m encoding it now. Now I just need to upload the build and the video, which takes about 1 hour.

I’m sorry, I don’t think that the next update will be ready in less than 3 hours! I’ll try to calculate how long it might take:

I’ve recorded 10 minutes of narration for the next video. Creating a video usually takes me about 1 hour for every minute of audio. I predicted that it would only take me 10 hours to prepare this next video, but the first half of the video involved a lot of motion graphics, so it took me a lot longer than usual. It took about 8 hours for the first 4 minutes of the video. That’s 2 hours per minute, is twice as long as it usually takes.

I currently have 5 minutes of the video completed. In a best-case scenario, the video will be ready within 5 hours, but I’d also have to create and upload a new build, which takes about 1 hour. In a worst-case scenario, it’ll take me 10 hours to complete the video. 10 more hours would be too long to stay awake, so I’d have to finish the video after getting some sleep. In summary…

Best-case scenario: 6 more hours

Worst-case scenario: Sometime tomorrow

Sorry again for the delay! …it seems a bit strange to call it a “delay”, though. My completely arbitrary, self-imposed “1st and 15th of every month” deadlines are really stupid, since it is almost never possible to accomplish something meaningful within only 2 weeks. Those deadlines really only exist because of tradition, not because they are a reasonable/realistic timeframe to create a good update, so it’s honestly a stupid schedule that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Maybe I’ll be able to come up with a better schedule in 2017…

Once again: Thanks for your patience!

Update Coming Soon

I always aim to update the game on the 1st and 15th day of every month. I don’t have a new update prepared for you right at this very moment, but I feel very confident that a new update will be available within the next 27 hours.

Normally, in “Update Coming Soon” posts, I post an exciting preview of upcoming content – but today I’d like to show you something else. Recently, a fan of the game from Russia sent me some of their artwork. I was really impressed by the illustrations that they drew, and I’d love to share them with you!

I find this series of images so fascinating! It’s hard to find the right words to explain why I love these illustrations so much. For one thing, I think it’s really impressive that the artist created all of these drawings using pen and paper, in a world where digital artwork is so much more common. Black and white artwork always has a certain charm to it, too. The cross-hatched shadows really show how much time and effort was put into these illustrations, as well.

But, I think what I like the most about this artwork is how it shows the characters in their every-day lives, doing the things we don’t see them doing in the game itself. Info-chan using her computer at home, Ryuto and Pippi riding a bike together, Yandere-chan looking at a map of the school while she plans her next kill…it’s so nice to see these characters outside of normal gameplay situations! Each illustration also has a title written in one of the corners of the page; each title is a single word, but some of them are quite poetic!

Back to the original point of this post: I’m sorry that the next update will be a little bit late. Thank you very much for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

Nemesis Contest Results

I’m very sorry that it has taken me so long to announce the results of the contest! I sorely underestimated how long it would take to review all of the entries, and a lot of unexpected events popped up over the past 5 days, taking a lot of my time away.

The Nemesis Contest was very popular! In total, there were 396 entries – over 100 more than the Pokemon Contest!

Deciding the winner of this contest is even more difficult than it was for the Quiet Contest or Pokemon Contest; the top 10 entries were all extremely impressive. Choosing just one to declare the “winner” is almost physically painful, because they’re all so great! Just like with the Pokemon contest, I consider all of the “runners-up” to be tied for first place; however, a contest must have a “winner”, so I’ve got to name a victor, no matter how difficult it might be. I choose… ALBALB1234!

I love the dynamic poses, the setting, Nemesis-chan’s boots, and everything else about this image! Congratulations, ALBALB, for an outstanding illustration! (Technically, there are 6 characters in this image! 4 characters are making cameo appearances in the background. Can you identify them all?)

Click the “Continue reading” text to see the runners-up and the honorable mentions!

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Pokemon Contest Results

I’m sorry it took so long! So many things took time away from me today – but I’m finally here with the results of the Pokemon contest!

There were 288 entries in total! (I previously reported “over 300”, but some of the e-mails were duplicates.) I’m so happy that so many people were interested in participating!

It was extremely difficult to decide on the winner of the contest. The top 3 entries are all tied for first place, in my mind – but if a yandere girl put a knife against my throat and forced me to pick a winner, it would have to be…this gorgeous illustration by Valeera!

She managed to cram more Pokemon into one illustration than any other artist, her “painterly” art style is absolutely beautiful, and Oka’s witch costume is completely appropriate for her. I love everything about this entry! I have to give it the win!

To see 50 more illustrations, click the “Read More” button!

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December 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

There were some pretty bad bugs in the most recent build of the game, so I’m rolling out another one! Scroll down past this illustration of Musume Ronshaku taking a selfie with Harambe to see a list of everything new in the latest build of the game:

Koumi-Senpai draws a lot of really beautiful illustrations that definitely deserve to be showcased here…but there was no way I could resist the urge to feature Harambe on the blog, so I just had to go with this one!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s phone to display a blank message if the player attempted to send Info-chan a photograph of anything that didn’t have a collision box attached to it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona and Saki to avoid their Monday rooftop event if they were spooked by weird behavior from Yandere-chan before they reached the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause blood pools to spawn hovering in midair if a student was dismembered while their corpse was lying on top of a cello case.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a large black shadow to appear over Yandere-chan’s body when she removed her clothing in the locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to freeze after committing murder while wearing a painter’s frock or a martial arts gi.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Confirm” prompt to be listed as the incorrect button on the Mission Mode menu screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to not spawn blood when move than 50 meters away from the center of the map.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the “Student Info” screen to be totally broken inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the syringe in the infirmary to float in midair.
  • Modified the texture of the katana case and its key.

Hey! What about the fan art contests?!

I’m sorry! I wanted to release the bug-fix build first! The very next thing I’m going to do is review all of the entries, so you can probably expect the winners of the fan art contests to be announced later today! (EDIT: Sorry, it won’t be December 2nd! It will have to be December 3rd, instead! I’m very sorry!)

December 1st Bug-Fixing Build

My vacation is over! It’s time to get back to work!

During my vacation, I couldn’t resist making a few minor bug-fixes every few days. Overall, I think I’ve made enough bug-fixes to justify a new build of the game, so I’m updating the game today.

As usual, I’ll share the complete list of bug fixes with you – but, first, I’d like to share a noteworthy fan-made illustration with you. Pixiv artist Phoenix has created a huge collage featuring every single character that populates Yandere-chan’s school! Be sure to click it so you can see it full-size!

I absolutely love this illustration, because it makes me think of all of the fun I’ve had during the last 31 months of the game’s development! I hope you appreciate Phoenix’s artistic tribute as much as I do!

And now, on to the bug-fix list!

  • Fixed bug that would cause blood to spawn underneath the ground in the gardening club’s corpse-disposal area, preventing the player from being able to clean up any blood that spawned there.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to become stuck if the player killed over 40 victims in a single day and then waited for the police to arrive.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Steal Ring” prompt to remain on Sakyu Basu’s ring even after she had put it back onto her finger.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s character model to be rendered on top of the MISSION FAILED screen in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the mouse cursor to exit the game window. (I’m sorry that this bug was in the game for so long!)
  • Fixed bug that would cause corpses to freeze in midair after being grabbed with Psychokinesis during “Bad Time Mode”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause cherry blossoms to fall from trees in waves, instead of falling perpetually.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player’s graphical settings to be reset when restarting Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquents to be seen “T-posing” when far away from the camera.
  • Put the katana into a locked display case instead of letting it sit out in the open. The player must locate a key in order to unlock the display case. It is currently very easy to locate the key – but, in the future, it won’t be so easy.

What’s Next?

My first priority will be to review all of the submissions for the Pokemon fan art contest and Nemesis fan art contest. This will probably take a few hours; there were over 300 submissions for the Pokemon contest, and over 400 submissions for the Nemesis contest! Wow!!! That’s a lot of submissions! (For a point of reference, there were only 113 entries for the Quiet Contest last year!)

I’ll announce the contest winners either today or tomorrow. Then, I’ll start working on another update for the game; I don’t like letting two weeks pass without a significant update, so I’ll put together something special as quickly as possible. Hopefully there will be an exciting new feature by the 5th, or sooner.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!