Merry Christmas!

Last Edit: 4:50 PM PST (Added another video to the list of Christmas-themed Yandere Simulator videos!)

It’s Christmas!!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Last year, I set aside some time to work with some talented composers, artists, vocalists in order to create two Christmas-themed videos to celebrate the holiday. This year, I’ve decided to dedicate all of my time and attention to Osana, so I wasn’t planning to upload anything special for Christmas…but then, something unexpected happened!

The wonderful and amazing Michaela Laws – the voice actress of Yandere-chan – has surprised me with something delightful! She used her amazing singing voice to record a jazzy yandere-themed version of a well-known Christmas tune. I wanted to share it with as many people as possible, so I quickly put together a video…and here it is!

Thank you for the Christmas miracle, Michaela!!!

I have even more goodies to share with you today! Click “Continue Reading” to take a look!

To be perfectly honest with you, if I did have the time to put together a special Christmas video, it would have been a parody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Talented YouTuber GZeus Kriest beat me to it, and produced a video that was far more elaborate than what I would have made, so I’d like to showcase his creation first!

That is one wild video! GZeus has a serious talent for modding the game in all sorts of creative ways I never would have imagined!

Another YouTuber by the name of InquisitorMaster has produced a live-action short featuring Yandere-chan and Senpai. The costumes are pretty good, and the writing is very appropriate for the characters! Check it out!

Moving from the realm of videos to the realm of artwork, one of my favorite artists, Shyua, has created a beautiful Christmas-themed illustration featuring Yandere-chan and Senpai:

If that’s a little too sweet and lovey-dovey for you, maybe you’ll prefer something a bit darker…

Another talented artist by the name of Lillas40 has produced some lovely artwork that is beautiful and morbid at the same time!

The next thing I’d like to mention isn’t Christmas-themed at all, but I think it’s incredibly impressive, so I still want to share it with you all. The talented VarietiesOfBlue has created an “opening animation” for Yandere Simulator using the opening theme song from “School-LIVE!!” Please take a look!

I think that this is so awesome! I love it!

If you’re in the mood for more yandere-themed Christmas music after listening to Michaela’s song at the top of this blog post, I’ll direct you towards the two Christmas-themed videos that I released last year:

And, for one last treat, here’s “Senpai Baby”, a parody of “Santa Baby” by Princess Rizu!

Okay! That’s it for Christmas cheer. Now it’s time for me to get back to work on Osana. I hope that you all have a wonderful time with your family this holiday season!

66 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I know for sure that recommendations are not allowed. But just imagine if yandere simulator no longer had the prison like layout (youtubers have said this before) and the school was more like a private dorm. The school is supposedly a private one already. It doesn’t give that effect like a dorm would. I feel like there would be more possibilities, and more places to go. The town wouldn’t be a problem anymore. It would in a secluded place in the city. The background would be tall buildings and there would only be a few areas like gas station maybe etc. we wouldn’t need a whole big town after that. More sneaking around would be possible. Yandere chans house could still exist because that’s where her mom lives but I guess it would be weird to have a house in the city. It’s just a thought. The incenerator would still exist and so would the cherry blossom tree. That’s all, I just wanted to share.

  2. Love this game and it only gets better :3!! Sad though rival-chan might be removed hated her so long it’s sad to see her go without being in the incinerator. Maybe she can be a class rep trying to befriend you:/ nah. haha Good luck with the game :D! Can’t wait for more

  3. Hello….I know you probably won’t accept this, but as a writer/artist, I was wondering if you might accept help to further the storyline of Yandere Simulator. I have a couple ideas that I think could be really good, but I know how opposed you are to people making suggestions. Email me at (don’t ask) or note me on Deviantart at
    Please respond I love you senpai AAA (Don’t worry I’m pure Dandere)

  4. Hi I Love The Development of this Game and would Love To Start Making Fan Art You may Email Me if You Would Like to! BTW for You Info, I always kill Midori First when Playing The Game, and then Leave her Where she Stand Because I always Hear Her Chating When Im Trying to Kill Oka & Kuu-Dere.

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