Launcher Update

I have been receiving a lot of reports that there are problems with the game’s official launcher. The architect of the launcher, NoxCaos, has recently made some changes in an attempt to resolve the problem. A new version of the launcher is now available. If you were encountering problems when attempting to use the launcher in the past, please download the latest version here!

There is also a new build available tonight, with just one bug fix. Previously, in Mission Mode, if the player chose to play a mission featuring Nemesis wearing a randomly-chosen disguise, there was a chance that Nemesis would choose your target for her disguise, which would make the mission unbeatable! Whoops! That bug has now been fixed; you can download the latest version of the game to get the fix.

If, for some reason, the launcher fails you, then you can download the game from any of these other sources:



Official Website:

51 thoughts on “Launcher Update

      • It is, because the server goes down when update comes out and nobody is able to download the game. MEGA will provide more stable process of downloading

  1. That bug you mentioned sounds kinda cool! You could use it as a difficulty setting for Nemesis if you think about it! The player would have to tell the real target apart form Nemesis is disguise! XD

  2. i think it’d be super cool if there was a hard mode where if nemesis chan saw you murder someone she’d chase you down but of course not as quickly as the teachers and she’d go back to walking if you lose her. i’d love to try it but that’s just my idea/suggestion and i know yandev doesn’t take suggestions

  3. Please make every update become mediafire or megaupload like this, because ever since Launcher come out, I can’t even update/download this game anymore… I have to wait “” to be update (that I always get older debug build every times.) or another fan-operated website.

  4. Finally! I’ve been trying to download the latest builds in other ways like yanderehost since the launcher would give errors after 2 hours of waiting for it to finish downloading the game!

  5. If Yanderedev speak spanish.(I’m from Spain and my inglish isn’t very good)Cada vez me tengo que descargar el lanzador.Bueno…Yo se como podria ser arreglado.¡No hacer mas lanzadores y el de siempre!Es que cuando me salgo del juego esque me crasea y ademas cuando voy a jugar me dice de que hay un nuevo lanzador disponible.Porfavor arregla esto.E intenta que deje de crasear.

  6. Yandere Dev I know your not reading my comments but ayano can tell that im nemesis chan when im wearing a disguise because you didn’t code me to change shoes. in short im always wearing my indoor shoes while everyone else (except ayano) is wearing black shoes

  7. Merry Christmas Yanderedev.

    I just stopped to think, disguising the nemesis as a specific character would be kinda cool, say you have to eliminate Kokona with Saki hunting you down, for example. Too bad these never get read and it won’t happen xD

  8. Would not it be nice to find a ladder or chair that allows Yandere-chan to go up to turn off the cameras, and have a camera to take care ok the keys in the director’s lounge? it would be great ;D

  9. Hmmm is it just me or is it a bug? Maybe somebody in the community can help me:
    I can’t finish ANY mission in Mission Mode, not even a difficulty 1 mission, because even if it tells me that the mission is complete, as soon as I leave school, I am told that the mission failed because police arrived.
    In the introduction video, YandereDev said after completing a mission you would only have to leave school to finish it – but it doesn’t work! I just spent 20 minutes or so for a difficulty 1 mission because I burned the corpse, weapon and school uniform, showered and cleaned the whole school ground – and STILL I failed the mission because police arrived! I thought mission mode should be fun to play, but at the moment it’s only frustrating for me 😦
    I downloaded the latest build with all bug fixes… what the hell am I doing wrong? I mean… difficulty 1! It even tells me I don’t have to get rid of the corpse, but if I don’t, I’ll always fail the mission!

  10. Its would be nice if we could kill nemesis disguised as pupils and that nemesis takes the appearance of our target in the same mission like that we can make the challenge to kill nemesis

  11. I Don’t want Yandere Dev to waste his time fixing bugs while working on Osana, but there is one bug I noticed while playing. When you go into Info-chan’s menu, there is a screen that has her face, schemes, services, and drops, right? So, when you go in services, the screen would remain there instead of showing the services. I hope this bug is fixed soon because some eliminations like snitching would be ruined if services doesn’t work. I still wish he could get progress on Osana too.

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