December 18th Bug-Fixing Build

Even after the last build, the game still had some bugs lingering in it. Some of them were pretty serious bugs, too! So, I’ve decided to release another bug-fixing build!

To see a full list of everything that is new in this build, scroll down past this super-stylish artwork from cyangalaxy!

Those delinquent girls look ready to crack some skulls, and look good while doing it!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the script controlling the “Sakyu Basu takes off her ring” script which may have actually been causing the game to crash after the player took her ring. Please experiment with stealing Sakyu’s ring, and tell me if the game crashes a few minutes after stealing her ring!
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from killing a victim summoned by the turtle, unless the player de-equipped and re-equipped their weapon first.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s laughing sound effect to play after death if she laughed before being killed by Nemesis.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Nemesis’ outline from being disabled if the player chose to play without character outlines.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to design a custom mission that involved weapons which cannot be used in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from lowering her camera if she was aiming her camera while caught by Nemesis.
  • Fixed bug that would cause errors if the player used the “Go Away” command on a randomly-generated student.
  • Fixed bug in Mission Mode that caused the syringe to disable sanity-based animations.
  • Fixed bug that made Yandere-chan invincible to Nemesis while laughing.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to dismember Nemesis.

19 thoughts on “December 18th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I have already installed the game a few months ago.
    Do I have to download the game over and over again so it’s always on the latest version or can I download only the latest update somewhere?
    If so, where can I download it?
    Thanks for your help ^^

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