Osana Progress Report and Mission Mode Update

It’s finally here! Sorry for the month-long wait between updates!

Here is a list of everything that is different in the new build:

General Improvements, Additions, and Changes

  • Addressed issue that was causing “bald spots” to appear in the back of male students’ heads, thanks to help from Saracen!
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to sink into the ground during a low-sanity knife kill animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to walk “into” Senpai when he sits down at the fountain.
  • Attempted to improve the smoothness of the school music loop and the bedroom music loop.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the “Distract” command to be completely broken.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the tape recorder menu to not be displayed.
  • Changed the appearance of the game’s HUD during Mission Mode.
  • Added bushes in the tree corridor outside of the school.
  • Footsteps can now be heard when Yandere-chan is running.
  • Corrected typo in debug menu.

Mission Mode

  • Changed “REPUTATION” to “AWARENESS”. Bad behavior raises AWARENESS. 100 AWARENESS results in a mission failure.
  • Changed the appearance of the HUD in Mission Mode.
  • Changed the layout of the Random Mission screen.
  • Added Nemesis, and three options to control how challenging she is.
  • Added “Can’t let any students witness bad behavior” condition.
  • Added “Unable to speak with students” condition.
  • Added “Find key and steal from safe” condition.
  • Added “Avoid security cameras” condition.
  • Added “Avoid metal detectors” condition.
  • Added the ability to create your own custom mission.

What’s Next?

As I said in the video above, I am finally able to make huge leaps of progress with Osana that I wasn’t able to make before, so I intend to dedicate all of my time to Osana at least the next two weeks. There are still some remaining assets that I need, so please don’t expect Osana to be 100% done by January 1st. Right now, I want to theorize that she’ll be ready by February 1st, but I am also nervous about making any promises, since the past 3 months have taught me that I usually under-estimate the amount of time it will take to create the assets that I need…

Message To Contest Artists!

I have a message for anyone who was a “Runner Up” in either of the two recent fan art contests! One of Osana’s elimination methods will involve Yandere-chan entering a room that is full of anime posters. If you would like to see your artwork featured inside of Yandere Simulator, please contact me, and I’ll describe the type of posters I need!

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

64 thoughts on “Osana Progress Report and Mission Mode Update

  1. No a club leader
    The silhouette is
    Art club leader
    Budo masuta maybe
    Light music club leader
    The second is
    Photography club leader im not sure
    Science club leader im not sure too
    And gardening club leader
    There are not rival

  2. Dude I hope you at least get to celebrate christmas for yourself even if you’re not doing anything festive-related to the game, I know you just took a vk but nobody should ever be overworked to the point of not being able to celebrate christmas and new year, your revolutionary coding & murdery creativity won’t dissapear on midnight the 31st so sit down and enjoy yourself an expensive bottle of champagne when it’s worth it, plus the latest update was awesome. Hats off to you merry christmas i’mma go kill myself at mission mode.

  3. Ahh, this looks amazing as always! Don’t work too hard and make sure you have some time to yourself, especially on christmas.

  4. Wish we could have a male nemesis as well. Is there a reason that all the most important roles are female? (Even the female deliquents are more personalized with their dyed hair whilst the male ones have the same color but different styles. )

    • i’m sorry to disappoint, but it’s not Polish like the language, it’s polish like shine up, make better, improve

      yanderedev means he’s going to go through the game and fix bugs, smooth out animations, implement everything that needs implementing, et cetera. he’s stated before that the game won’t be translated into any other languages until it’s 100% complete (but y’know before he puts it on the market); once the english script for the entire game is completed, then he’ll ask for translators.

    • I think maybe it’s only Kizana but with different hair styles, I don’t know but perhaps she likes to change her hair style some days or when she plays a role or something like that, who knows 🙂

  5. Idle curiosity so feel free to skip over this if you want to avoid questions or suggestions:

    Could you use the metal detectors to thwart Rival-Chan, whether it causes her to try and move around them without a weapon or getting her immediately busted? Or does her setting off the metal detectors screw up your mission as well? Or maybe she uses like a sharpened toothbrush or other non-metallic shiv to bypass security.

  6. I really hope nemesis will be in the main story. It could be a cool challenge to have a someone who is chasing you at every moment… and I think it’s already planned. Here is the reason, the order of the rivals.
    let see how I see each week if Nemesis isn’t in the game:

    like we know, Osana is the first rival. she already knows Senpai but doesn’t seem to have a lot of other friend, and we don’t know what she does after class time. maybe there are opportunities for us to kill her while she is alone or with a few friends.

    then come Amai who is a club leader, that means we lose the ‘after class’ opportunity we had with Osana and so fighting a rival after class won’t be an easy option any more.

    Kizana is a little like Amai because she’s a club leader. However, she is a popular girl with probably a high reputation, her club doesn’t seem to have real weapons (like kitchen knives for Amai) and I don’t think we will often see her alone (maybe even for the toilets). For this rival, even the most discreet methods will be a higher challenge.

    for Oka, we have a shy rival who’s the leader of a “weird” club and so a low reputation, she also decides to study Senpai during her free time. however, she will stay near than Senpai and so kill her with a weapon Won’t be an option … but the other methods seam easier?

    Asu will probably be the first rival who ‘ll be able to fight back against us if we go to fast. And if she is ready for Olympic games, she’ll probably have a high reputation like Kizana.

    for the substituted nurse and he substituted teacher, we will probably have a similar challenge. the main difference is that the nurse will stay near to Senpay, and the teacher near to 5 other teachers. and because they don’t come from the school, maybe info chan will run out of information about them.
    of course, they can fight back. they are teacher after all.

    Osoro is a delinquent, so the difficulty is already here. probably the most offensive rival.

    Hanako is powerless, but she will probably stay a lot of time next to her brother and catch her at this moment will probably just impossible.
    so, she could be the rival for the one will have to think about a great strategy to eliminate her.

    Megami … you take the power of every rival (less powered: less around people than kizana, less offensive than Osoro and less around Senpai than Hanako) and give her the power of the council, she is probably the hardest challenge of the 10 week-Rivals.

    then, if we well see, every rival is more dangerous or as dangerous as the previous one … except for Oka, she is twice less dangerous than Kizana. so why is she after her. I see three possibilities (from the less likely to the most):

    – first possibility, it’s only an easier rival … but that could disappoint Oka’s fan.
    – second possibility, she already knows something about yandere-chan or about something else … but is it really making Oka more dangerous?
    – third possibility, Nemesis will start to hunt you during her week and preventing you to walk in the corridors out of some schedule could be a real disadvantage for some eliminations methods.

    Well maybe we can find the fourth possibility:” all I said about rivals is totally wrong so forget Nemesis” but I really think a character like nemesis could be in the main story if we give her a reason to hunt Ayano. What do you think?

    • i like this idea a lot, however if she is ever in story mode i think she may just be a normal NPC (i’d love for her to be part of the gaming club and she plays pov video games where you kill ppl all the time)

      • sosha20, probably she could be less agressive when you are around people. however, she also could be a real nightmare if you are alone with her (a little like Ayano with rivals), but I’m really not sure.

  7. i’ve tried out the new Nemesis-chan option, i changed the difficulty to 3 (aka she disguises herself,) and while walking around the school, i saw a bald student… i decided to follow her, and she went to the front of the gates. i was wondering who that was, so i took a picture of her. my game crashed..why?

  8. YandereDev, you should add a holiday mode to the debug cheat menu, allowing Yandere-Chan to disguise herself as Santa Clause, with some instrumental holiday music playing in the background. This would be a lot of fun, plus it would give YouTubers and streamers a chance to do a holiday special of Yandere Simulator, without requiring any new animations. Just an idea.

  9. yandere dev i found a bug (maybe) when i play mission mode my target was the purple hair basu girl and i set nemesis disguise as one of the female students and my target become my nemesis

  10. Why I can’t download the new version ? When I’m open the launcher it’s says ”Game it’s up-to-date” what it’s that mean and how can I download new version

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