November 19th Bug-Fixing Update

Click here to read about the game’s newest feature, Mission Mode!

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Even though I’m supposed to be on vacation, I suddenly felt a burning desire to work on Yandere Sim, so I fixed a bunch of bugs, and now a new build of the game is available for you!

Scroll down past this absolutely amazing artwork by the super-talented Pikokko to read a list of everything that is new in the latest build of the game!

Change Log

  • Fixed bug that would cause certain variables (the player’s club, the player’s stats, the status of various tasks) to not be reset when retrying or replaying a mission.
  • The player now begins Mission Mode with “1” in all stats (meaning that it is now possible to carry corpses in Mission Mode without joining the Gaming Club).
  • Fixed bug that made the game fail to recognize that a corpse had been incinerated if the corpse was dismembered before being incinerated. (Sorry, Jay…)
  • Fixed bug that was giving very thick black outlines to teachers’ glasses, causing them to look as though they were wearing large dark sunglasses.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the cardiograph to appear onscreen at all times, even when the HUD was supposed to be invisible.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to complete the “Dispose of murder weapon” objective under some circumstances.
  • Adjusted Mission Mode so that the black-and-red school uniform is the default uniform for that mode.
  • Fixed bug that would make teachers teleport if the player pointed a camera at a teacher’s face.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to exit a mission while being chased by a teacher.
  • Gave a new appearance to the Mission Accomplished and Mission Failed screens.
  • You can now press the “z” key to censor panties during Mission Mode.

Okay! Back to my vacation!

…for a few hours, at least, until the urge to work on Yandere Sim strikes me again…

106 thoughts on “November 19th Bug-Fixing Update

  1. Yandere-Dev~Pai needs his vacation. He deserves it! We all want Yandere-Dev~Pai to be happy and not have to have all his time devoted to something he shouldn’t be doing…
    (P.s. if you’re really playing Pokemon S/M, then we understand if the cutscenes get too long, then you might get bored of the game. But honestly, cutscene time = food time!)

  2. Being senpai – Yes sorry, its just people love the game. Mai Waifu needs to know that I love my game making life cos I love her!
    Being Osana – BAKA!

  3. My god, that atwork is amazing Oo I really liked the ideia behind it

    and thanks for fixing the bugs! i hope in the future “design” mission will be implemented, as well as new instructions. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have a client asking to place a head in the fountain?

  4. That “sorry, jay….” hahahaha poor jay u__u

    wow this comment section is like “stop working, relax! You are getting too addicted to work. Have you been eating well? are you sleeping early?” lol

  5. Yandere Dev your supposed to be relaxing and having fun please just relax take a load off and have fun and do things you couldn’t before
    (I’m pretty sure Jay would want the same for you) now…..RELAX

  6. Calm down, Yanderedev. You can take your vacations for a few weeks.
    If you do a burn-out, we will all worry for you…
    Relax yourself ;p

  7. Hi! Can somebody help me in the comment section? I’ve been having problems with my game, should I try re-downloading the game or something? My problem is that the new update won’t show up, I don’t know why. I tried force re-download, it still doesn’t work. Does anybody have this problem too?

    • If you try to download it with the launcher, try out the mediafire link once the update is uploaded, I used that way, too, and everything works!

  8. YandereDev, you are absolutely amazing! You really put so much effort into this game, I couldn’t respect you more. Still – please take a break and enjoy it as much as you can! You really deserve it! Have a lot of fun~

  9. Im sorry but giving everything Lv.1 from the class abilities, is just taking out the challenge out of mission mode! not ganna update to the 19th build. yandere dev made mission mode, SUPER EASY MODE!

  10. Nooooooooo!Yandere dev you need to promise that you will not work on the game on your vacation you spend so much time for us that you need to relax and sit back maybe have a glass of whisey. Anyway I’m sure you can’t help but work on the game ,but remember your fans care about you..and we want to see you happy!(or at least me).Just take it easy maybe watch YouTube videos.(other than your own) boi

  11. I feel so bad for Yandere Dev. He’s gone so long without a break that he has an urge to work on the game instead of relaxing. Please, Devpai! Relax a little bit! Don’t overwork yourself so much.

  12. I had that “dismembered incinerated corpses not counting as incinerated corpses” bug too. It was so annoying because I legit spent like 5 straight minutes carrying the body parts to the incinerator one by one past the delinquents in the trash can. When it didn’t work I was like “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”

    Thank you, Yandere Dev, for fixing that. But seriously, relax a little bit! This is your vacation!


    A teacher
    personality – geeky and shy

    Uniqe things about the rival:

    She does not fit in with other teachers and will spend a lot of time alone in her classroom… reading comics.

    She does not love senpai but he loves her, he will stay in her classroom and will constantly glance up at her.

    (I expect that in the final game there would be other uses for the social media on the computer)
    She will talk and make friends with students because she doesn’t get along with the other teachers.

    An event for her I came up with:

    On social media:

    Rival: Who else has played YANDERE: THE GAME?
    Teacher: what are you doing? this is a site for students.

    • We aren’t supposed to be suggesting, but your idea is great! Your allowed to suggest but YanDev won’t see it or add it… also I’m not happy with people telling Yandere Dev to relax and enjoy his vacation instead of working, he wants to work so let him work if he wants to. He is human so he won’t over work and he can still enjoy his vacation while working, by eating cheetos or something while creating.
      Fun fact: Yan Dev listens to vocaloid while making games!

  14. okay but honestly, yanderedev is the chillest game developer ever. with all the useless email (though there’s not as much of it as there used to be, i think?) and not having vacations very often i would be dead already, but yanderedev is still super chill. i also love it how he imitated Jay in one of his livestreams, YanScouts is real

  15. Ummm I loaded the game up and all of the students were burning Osana’s that had the naked particles and were saying “I’m usless” “I should die” blah blah blah but then the fire stopped but the Osana attack didn’t. i refreshed it and same thing. help?

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