2016 Fan Art Contest

Last year, while I was taking a vacation from working on Yandere Simulator, we had a super-fun fan art contest! There was interest in doing it again, so I’ve decided to hold another fan art contest this year!

Last year, the reason I took a two-week vacation was to play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, so the contest was Metal Gear Solid-themed. This year, the reason that I’m taking a two-week vacation is because I’m excited for the latest Pokemon game…so my idea for this year is a Pokemon-themed fan art contest!

Pokemon Contest

The idea is to combine Yandere Simulator and Pokemon in some way. I can think of several concepts that might be worth drawing:

  • If Yandere-chan had access to Pokemon, how would she use them to stop her rivals / capture Senpai?
  • What would a Pokemon battle between Yandere-chan and one of her rivals look like?
  • If the cast of Yandere Simulator were Pokemon trainers, what would they look like? (Oka Ruto as a Hex Maniac? The delinquents as members of Team Skull? Mida Rana as a sultry female Pokemon Professor?)

I see a lot of potential with this idea! I am sure that some artists will come up with very creative ideas that I never would have predicted! Just…don’t draw a character with a long neck and say “Look, I drew their Alola Form!” that’s just…not very creative at all.

Nemesis Contest

However, I would totally understand if you’re thinking, “I don’t care about Pokemon! I don’t want to draw something Pokemon-themed!” if that’s the case, I have one alternate choice for you! Instead of drawing Pokemon-themed artwork, you can draw artwork of…Nemesis-chan!

Who is “Nemesis-chan”, you ask? That’s the name I’ve chosen for the “hunter” who I described in my video about Mission Mode. This character is someone who presents a lethal obstacle to the player; she stalks you throughout the school, she will pretend to be a normal student until she is within lethal range, and she will kill you if she gets close enough to you. I feel like the word “Nemesis” describes her perfectly.

I described her as a character whose appearance would be different every time you play a mission, so that you’d never be able to know who she is unless you’re actively checking to see if anyone is stalking you. However, I will confess that I actually do have a mental image for this character! The talented Mulberry generously helped me out by creating an illustration that portrays the way I picture the nemesis in my imagination:

Pale skin, dark curly hair, and haunting red eyes.

I also imagine that she wears a very grim and serious facial expression at all times. Very emotionless and solemn. In almost any situation, she would have the same deadpan look on her face. Maybe her expression might change at the exact moment she stops pretending to be a normal student and goes for the kill. What would her face look like at that point? Predatory determination? Smug satisfaction? Twisted sadism? You’re welcome to decide for yourself!

There might be some sort of “visual clue” that reveals her identity without needing to get too close to her. Maybe she wears black gloves or black socks, unlike anyone else at the school. Or, maybe that would be too obvious. It’s your choice to draw her with a completely plain school uniform, or give her one or two subtle details that set her apart from everyone else.

Because Nemesis-chan’s appearance is not set in stone, you are welcome to draw her with whatever appearance you see fit. You are also welcome to draw her in any kind of scenario that would be appropriate for a nemesis. A few examples would be…

  • Killing Yandere-chan
  • Stalking Yandere-chan
  • Standing over Yandere-chan’s corpse
  • Engaged in an epic battle with Yandere-chan
  • The exact moment she reveals her true nature

Why does she hunt Yandere-chan? Maybe she’s a bodyguard hired to protect Yandere-chan’s target. Maybe she’s a professional assassin-slayer who has legal authorization to use lethal force. Or, perhaps she simply has a personal vendetta against Yandere-chan herself. You are welcome to project your own headcanon onto Nemesis-chan!

(If you’ve ever played Metroid Fusion, recall what it was like to hide from the SA-X. Powerless, vulnerable, doomed…that’s how Nemesis-chan should make you feel!)

Contest Rules

Both contests have the same set of rules:

  1. You must submit your entry via e-mail. My e-mail address is yanderedev@mail.com
  2. You’re allowed to participate in both contests simultaneously.
  3. You’re allowed to submit as many entries as you feel like drawing.
  4. You’re allowed to participate even if you’re a volunteer for the project (but don’t expect special treatment!)
  5. November 30th is the final day that you’re allowed to submit entries. I cannot accept any submissions past November 30th.
  6. You must include the words “Pokemon Contest” or “Nemesis Contest” in your e-mail’s subject line, or else it may be impossible for me to find your entry.

Contest Prizes

I’m thinking of this event as something to do for fun, rather than something to do because you want to win a prize – but, if the winner of the contest wishes, I’d be willing to send them a copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon as an award for winning the Pokemon contest!

Over the years, I acquired 15 Steam codes for games that I already own. If the winner of the Nemesis contest wants a prize, I would be willing to let them have any one of these 15 Steam codes. (In short: you get a free Steam game, but you only have 15 options!)

I hope that the community will enjoy this contest!

Thank you for following the vacation of the dude making Yandere Simulator!

81 thoughts on “2016 Fan Art Contest

  1. Wait, but what if Nemisis-chan was an actual student? Like, there are several Nemisis could be, so it’s not easy to find out who is after you.
    Example: Oka is your target.
    The role of Nemisis goes to:
    Either Shin Higaku, Chojo Tekina, Daku Atsu, Kokuma Jutsu, or Supana Churu.
    IDK if this is a good idea, but it would make for a pretty fun murder game if an emo kid chased you around school with a knife.

  2. Sadly i’ve got no art skills, though i have plenty of ideas in both categories…if i could draw, i’d draw these:

    (1) Yandere Simulator x Pokemon. Yandere-chan using Ditto by having them (a) turn into Sempai and reject a rival, (b) turn into a rival and murder another student, or (c) turn into a rival and ruin that rival’s reputation in front of Sempai.

    (2) Nemesis-chan. I’m a weird person, so I have weird thoughts, but what if Nemesis-chan was really just a hardcore fangirl of Yandere-chan (or Yandere-chan’s mom) who, like Yandere-chan, is unable to express herself properly in front of the only person she respects/likes and chasing Yandere-chan down in order to kidnap and keep our dual-sided protagonist (like how Yandere-chan’s mom did as implied in the current secret audio tapes)? With that in mind, I’d probably draw something where Nemesis-chan knocks Yandere-chan out in some fashion and proceeds to kidnap her.

  3. Could I draw something about nemesis-chan that doesn’t show yandere-chan?? Maybe like her evil side taking over or both her innocent side and killer side mirroring each other??

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