New Build Coming Soon

I always aim to update the game on the 1st and 15th days of every month, right when the clock strikes midnight (in my time zone – PST). The next build is about 99% ready, but I still need a little more time to put together my next YouTube video. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be ready within the next 3 hours; I think it will probably be finished sometime in the afternoon on November 15th.

To make up for the fact that the new build and video aren’t ready yet, I’d like to share some of the content you can expect to see in the next build of the game:

Sorry for the delay! On the plus side, I had a lot of fun developing the latest content, and I really hope you’re going to enjoy it!

200 thoughts on “New Build Coming Soon

  1. So let me get this straight, First of all, Info Chan is an evil Psycho? Nothing new there. Second of all, She’s in her room, the info-club, so I’m assuming, we can either now go in there, or this is for a cut scene at ether the begining or ending of the game. Third of all, The archway, that’s new, I like it. Fourth of all, that looks like a lot more students, which means of upgraded the school, which you can also tell just by the opening of the school, and I like it. So wha this long comment is trying to say is, Akademi High School is coming along nicely

  2. I thought there were just going to be two new students O.O they’re just going to be in the special elimination?? I can’t even count how many rows are behind Daku and Musume
    I wonder if it’s random mode lol no

    • If Devpai’s restructured the JSON file – which MAY be the case considering the new student hair colours – then potentially.
      If not and he hasn’t – he’s making it a bit inconvenient for himself, but.. y’know, it’ll happen soon.
      If not and he has – then he’s coding in a Delinquent personality.
      If he has.. well then, we can do things. Any of these ways mean they’ll be in soon! ^^;;;

  3. Hi guys! For some reason, certain websites won’t let me connect, including Yandere Simulator’s official website. It claims to have unexpectedly closed connection. Because of it, the launcher isn’t getting new updates properly. Could someone either
    A) Give a link to the download (or a new launcher?)
    or (preferably)
    B) Tell me how to fix it (I’m not great at computers, so be detailed, please. I’ve tried everything I can think of)

    • Um.. Im sorry if you’ve tried this already, but, maybe disconnect from wifi, shut down your device, and then restart your wifi adapter? Then once your wifi adapter is fully back on, turn your device on and then reconnect to wifi. I do this whenever that happens and it works, but I’m so sorry if it doesn’t for you.

  4. Hold up now. I counted the amount of students in the game right now. 32. I counted the amount of students in that picture above. 89. That means we’re getting 57 new students??? HYPEEEE

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