Early November Progress Update

2:45 PM Update: There were a lot of bugs in the builds that I uploaded last night, so I’ve uploaded another new build with several more bug fixes. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to read about all of the new bug fixes.

I’ve got a new progress update video to share with you! However, before I show it to you, I’d like to mention something:

Recently, a lot of people have reported that they are encountering errors when attempting to download the game using the official launcher. I know the cause of the problem, but not the solution to the problem. While the problem exists, the only advice I can give you is to download the game through Mediafire instead of the launcher.

Okay! Now, with that out of the way, here’s a new progress update video!

Here’s a list of everything that is different in the latest build:

12:00 AM Update:

  • Fixed typo in subtitles when Pippi is giving a task to Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented players from posing female characters’ left leg.
  • Fixed bug that would remove students’ stockings when outlines were disabled.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Riku to flirt with Kokona even while she was a charred corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to blush when outlines were disabled.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Rainbow 6” from sitting at the table in the Cooking Club.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Riku, Pippi, and Ryuto’s tasks from appearing in the Task List.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the “censor panties” option from functioning if outlines were disabled.
  • Added a new option to the Settings menu – the ability to prevent students from animating when distant from Yandere-chan.
  • Made many adjustments and optimizations (both inside the code and outside of the code) in an attempt to improve the game’s framerate.

1:45 AM Update:

  • Fixed bug that would prevent Info-chan from dropping a spare uniform out of her window.
  • Fixed bug that was turning Kokona’s hair silver during the Befriend/Betray cut-scene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to permanently freeze if she changed her shoes or her clothing.
  • Fixed bug that would cause corpses to turn invisible if the player was not pointing the camera directly towards the point in space where the corpse died.

2:45 PM Update:

  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Remove Outlines” feature from working.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing any kind of object from falling out of Info-chan’s window.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent players from being able to pick up bloody clothing after removing it.
  • Fixed bug that was causing girls’ stockings to disappear after changing their shoes at their locker.
  • Fixed bug that was causing many strange issues to occur whenever Yandere-chan became nude or changed into a skintight outfit.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Stop characters from performing animations when very distant from Yandere-chan” feature from working.

And, as always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

165 thoughts on “Early November Progress Update

  1. Finally, The Rainbow 6 Wont sit outside xD
    Plus, When Yandere Dev said “We’re not at 60 FPS yet” I got a bit confused, cause my FPS are always 45-60 and sometimes drops to 30 xD

    • not bad not bad.
      I have to admit I’m sad that Osana isn’t ready yet.
      however I knew one month could be quite short to implement a full rival.

      hype for nothing, but that’s not a problem. I can wait.
      continue that way yan dev. 😉

      • One month literally cannot be, haven’t you wondered, YandereDev gotta replace, fix and add new assets to the game, everything that is written to the poll that he gave us on what he should prioritize first was needed to be 100% done and completed before he could add Osana into the game.

      • He’s gonna add Osana in the next build or maybe the next one who knows but he isn’t focusing on the polls because the number one voted question was for new students so yes that’s why we are getting Osana. Fram rate is also something he works hard on

    • Viki Kom – Lucky you. I’m lucky to get 15 FPS on my laptop :\ what are the specs on your computer? I tried to get more memory installed (I only have 4gb). The way the computer is made, I can’t add any more 😦
      Hopefully I can get a better computer sometime soon.

  2. Hi! I tried to download Yandere Simulator today but it opens up fine, but then when it starts to download the game it i says it’s downloading out of / 0.00mb and then once it reaches a certain amount it says “server has corrupted files, try again in an hour.”
    i downloaded the launcher after the newest build as well but now when i open it it just goes straight to “server has corrupted files, try again in an hour,”
    Any idea how i can fix it?

    • Let’s theorize…
      It’s most likely Taro’s – there was a ‘Sister’s Room’ in there. BUT, there was also a label saying ‘Target’s Room’. Senpai would never be a target to Yandere-chan, so there’s also a possibility it’s Osana’s house. I’m leaning towards the latter, as Osana could ALSO have a sister… you never know! I honestly can’t wait to find out what it means!

    • or Ronshaku house : yandere dev said that the new environment will be used for the specifique élimination method.
      and if you saw the “failed” video made after the befrinding elimination was incude in the game. you learned that yan dev wanted to add a senario where we fight ronshaku loan via ronshaku loan without hurting musume.

      now I’m wondering … what if the ‘target’s room’ is the Mr Ronshaku’s room?
      if you see in South of the ‘target’s room’, you have another room which has an unknown name. it could be the office where the boss keep his files. and our goal is catching the files or the computer and leaving the house with them without be seen by the familly. (I wonder if musume could help us).

      • Right, you got a point ;). however
        However, in a good game, previous levels (or rivals in this game) are easier than the next ones.
        Because Osana is the first rival, I think it’s normal that the first outside level isn’t to difficult or to long. (what should it be if the house was as big as the school? maybe the level could be a little to long)

        another point is that in this place, we have a goal.
        -In Senpai case … there is no goal but mating him -_- .

        -In Osana case … we should kill her in her own home.
        But nothing says she is in her room or her home. Also, don’t forget the specific elimination method will probably need a special place for the rival or rival’s story. And the house of the rival isn’t special enough to give the name ‘specific elimination’. Another argument is that if you wanted to kill Osana, you could follow her leaving school and kill her when she goes back home.

        -in Ronshaku case … or we kill Mr Ronshaku, or we could make in sort the loan shark closes because of a police investigation (and maybe musume could help us after having seen her father’s trickery)
        For the size of the home, I maybe have an idea (I had to search far for this idea so maybe it’s a little twisted)
        Don’t forget Ronshaku is a crook and maybe he doesn’t want to show he is using the money of his clients. Discretion when you play bad games.

      • your adeas are good and I sink it can be Osana’s house, but to many comments of yandere dev said he wanted a method where we can finish the side quest of our without harming anyboddy. And because musume has new lignes … pretending Osana will also have problems with loan sharks … it’s probable that this place has a big rapport with ronshaku loan (so musume’s house).

      • well … that’s true. I think you may be both right.(Astha Thakur and AlliKat 2706)
        I thing yan-dev got me when he said he needed voice lines from Musume Ronshaku (I just didn’t notice he needed only 4 lines which is a little short for one of te main characters of the mission).
        Probably the Loan shark story may be for another rival. (and that level will be more developped and difficulte than this one).
        he also said he needs voice lines from a new male and from a new female.

        so here are 2 of my theories about the two new charracters and the emplacement:

        case one, I’was finally right and you where wrong. the male could be Mr Ronshaku (yes I know he is already in the game, but only for the text messages. he isn’t realy physicaly in the game), and the new girl could be Ronshku’s sister or aunt (it depend if it’s the sister of the target or of Musume) and the place woul’d be Ronshaku’s house. like Astha said, this house is a litte short for Ronshaku’s house

        case two, you’re right and I’m wrong. the male could be the creepy guy who is bullying Osana (if he is bullying Osana) and the girl could be Osana’s Sister (I heard theories that rival-chan will be Osana’s sister and it may be favorable for your theory guys) and the emplacement of should be Osana’s location house (sorry, English isn’t my first language and I don’t find the word which define houses sold to students who want to live nearer from the school). This theorie could be the right.

        I just wonder the story of the sepcific methode now. could it have a link with the side quest or if is it only to fight osana in her own home? or maybe we have a choice to do … I don’t know. what do you think? 😉

    • *poke* Am I too late?

      In one of YandereDev’s old blog posts I remember him saying something about Rival-Chan (The girl under the cherry tree near the pool) becoming Osana’s sister due to him thinking her hair wasn’t “Tsundere” enough. Unless my memory is betraying me and that never happened and I’m just a total idiot.

    • Ok, so many people agree that it’s Osana’s house and that the sister will have Rival-chan’s model, Osana’s old model. It can’t be Taro’s house since there’s a “Target’s room” in this house.
      But this has been bugging me. What’s the point of Osana having a younger sister?

      • I don’t see it either. Of course, it could be another character’s entirely who is used in eliminating Osana… coz, y’know, Yan-chan doesn’t have taboos about that kind of stuff.

    • Probably not. Even if Yan-Dev had everything by mid-nov he would still need a month to put it all into the game…
      And he hasn’t even started modelling the new environment…
      Don’t count on it… but I think we should hope for Jan 2017

      • maybe not so late ;).
        you know, the plans aren’t 100% ready, but he knows what a room will look like so vollunteers can already work on texturs and furnitures.
        and I don’t think the intro cutscenes isn’t his work. his work will probably consist of carracters’patern cinematics linking and new interactions for the 2 new methodes.

  3. Here’s my theory :

    Maybe the rival-specific elimination method is that you can sneak into Osana’s house (by the open window) and steal something that is important for her (blackmailing) or simply kill her? Idk it could also be Senpai’s house but who knows who the ‘target’ is…

    • Maybe her phone will be stolen and she will be blackmailed with whatever that guy has been saying (Osana’s phonecall)
      It could be Senpai’s house… but what would Yan-Chan need there?
      Also ‘target’ could be just her killing her in her sleep

  4. Why is there a bug when I kill someone and then change into nude, there’s an option that make me where the bloody uniform, after wearing it, the game just froze! Also, you have add steaming cloud into Yandere chan’s body!

  5. Ooooh, YandereDev updated Osana’s hair model… I like that. 😀 Its nice that Osana have better hair physics, I hope the other NPCs will have that same hair physics in a future build! 🙂

  6. I really think you should make that video going into detail about the problems you are having with framerate. You have a lot of experienced Unity developers as fans and one of us may have a novel solution that you might have overlooked. Think of it like going to the StackOverflow website but in video form.

  7. Theory, of what is going to be in the next build:
    1. Osana with matching personality, voice lines, club, animations…
    2. Specific elimination method.
    3. A house of… seems like Osana, Yan-chan is not a target for herself, neither Senpai is, soooooooooooooooooo Osana has a sister…? I guess, it is Rival-chan.
    4. Two new characters (I bet one of them is OsanASS’ sister.).
    5. More cutscenes.
    5,1. OsanASS’ appearance.
    5,2. Osana talking to Senpai.
    5,3. Befriending.
    5,4. Her confession scene.
    5,5. Rejection scene.
    5,6. Specific elimination method cutscene (That house is definitely involved).
    5,7. Osana being eliminated, Senpai’s reaction, Info-chan dialogue (I SAW EVERYTHING), a sneak peek to the MISTERIOUS SECOND RIVAL. (I know it’s Amai Odayaka, don’t rage.)
    6. Everything up above might just be considered as Odayaka Super Amai Never Ass (OSANA), soooooo… there will (I hope so), be a meaning, that outlines are for EVERYTHING. Buildings, objects, weapons, Guidance Councelar…
    7. More physics. (I hate it when in the pose mode that MOTHERF*CKING OSANA’S HAIR STAYS UP, WHENEVER I TURN HER UPSIDE DOWN.)
    8. Finally, the state “The Player Eliminated Rival” being implemented.
    9. All school rooms filled with their matching objects.
    10. Weapons finally be at their places. Katana – drama club. Knives – cooking club. Scissors – sewing rom/club…
    Well, that’s all I could think of. Have a nice day, whoever may read this stuff.

    • Uh…
      I don’t think you understand. Yandere-Dev would NOT be able to do this in 2 weeks, let alone get this ALL done for Christmas 2016.
      Also, 10 will not be done until a demo can be released, so don’t expect it mid-nov.
      This ‘theory’ has been planned, but will not be implemented in the span of 2 weeks. Spare us the trouble, and shut. up.

  8. I hope Oka’s eliminstion method is something like this:
    Befrend all 3 demons
    convinve them to take her to hell

    You would not have to worry about evidence because it will be as if she never existed,
    one of the other occult club members will then have founded the club instead of Oka

    I really like the idea of using the occult against her

  9. YandereDev is taking too much care about what we want in the final game..

    Maybe he didn’t notice that everybody want something different, but, he cant just make 999 billion different games, so, I think he should start thinking about adding a good Mod Support for the game.

    I want to play Yandere Simulator with a GOT theme (cause maybe I want to be in King’s Landing xD) or maybe in a space school, or some kind of Occident University (cause maybe I dont like the Japanese theme, lol that would be like “So why are you following this then ¬¬”). Only Modders can make all of this possible.

    So, I think YandereDev should be careful when talking about mod support (yeah, “mod support” its a feature that makes a game limited as the knowledge of the entire fan base xD, so, make the game almost an infinite-never-end one)

    • Mod support? He doesn’t even want mods for the build much less the game and no game focuses on building “mod support” and especially since most of the fan base want Osana in the game so we have an actual rival so just no

      • Mod support is the most loved feature always actually, cause it allows the players to create whatever they want. But, of course its also one of the most difficult features to add (as I know), so yeah, I think it would be the final greatest feature, Im one those guys who hate replay a game in the same place/context with the same characters, same dialogs, same scenes in different ways (since I want another plot, I dont want to replay the last one in another way).
        Hope he will work in that feature in the future (cause you just cant work without the base game), the problem is: if you dont start thinking about mod support, it could be problematic to add later because of how the game was being developed .-.

      • Yandere Dev has shown that he likes some modders and has said that the modder Pikachuck is a cool guy. If Yandere Dev was against mods, the pose mode wouldn’t have been a thing. (It started off as a mod)

      • I can see how mods would help but people already have made mods for the build so he doesn’t even need to do anything to help “mod support” It really isn’t hard to change stuff in a game so mod support is really unnecessary for him to ever focus on

    • don’t worry, yandere dev is thinking of adding a mod where you creat:
      -your story
      -your school
      -your rivals

      it’s said here at 9:00

      just be patient 😉 it’s not the priority yet, but it may be in the final game and I’m for it.

      • The things YandereDev is talking about in the video is not a mod. Hr is talking about a possible mode where the player can replay the game with a several changes to the student body and the school.

    • While having some mod support in the game would be nice, YandereDev is focused on making the base game features. While mode support would make the game more enjoyable, making sure that the game works as intended is better than spending time on mod support. Adding mod support now would make debugging the game more difficult and time consuming.

  10. I am talking out of my ass here, but I have several ideas to reduce the load from updating UI.

    For one, the insanity meter should be changed to something a bit simpler. Instead of a heart beat monitor, I suggest having an image of a heart with number inside it. The number would represent Yan-Chan’s heart beat rate. You can also go for a heart that changes color to represent Yan-Chan’s insanity. You can also make heart grows and shrink as if it is a beating heart. But that might as tense as the current heart beat monitor.

    You can also move the reputation bar to somewhere else. I don’t think that reputation is something that the player would need to know at all times. You can make it so that Info-Chan tells the player their reputation in the school. Might be a little tedious, since the player would have to press and click a few times, and you do need to know if some actions still affect reputation.

    You can also move the time off the UI. Yan-Chan has a phone, so the player can check the time there. Still a bit trdious, since the player would need to press a button everytime they want to check the time, and knowing what time it is would help you with debugging.

  11. Hi YandereDev

    Like I mentioned last time, try to render only the parts you should see infront and sides of your view direction and ad LoD if necessary. Now you allow the set render range which is a good first step, but it is jarring to see stuff just vanish in front of you. If you only needed to render what’s in front of you, this range along with LoD could make a realistic enough illusion of seeing things while gaining performance of not rendering stuff you are not supposed to see like in rooms, whats behind you, etc.

    You could also try simplifying the AI functions of characters when they are out of your view and/or too far away. Mark a room with a dead body which is not hidden and make any student auto discover it if room entered perhaps?

    What about using raycasting to detect if the AI sees something?

    I don’t know how you’ve made your game so you might have implemented some if not all of these already, but just threw them out there if you hadn’t thought of them yet.

    • More details would be good. “Can’t play” is very vague. Error message, behaviour?

      And be more carefull with your personal details online. That’s not very bright to give your email out like that.

    • it’s maybe your connexion which is bad. I had the same problem last build.
      try again until your computer accept to finnish the download.
      normaly, after that step, you won’t have any problem. good luck 😉

  12. Dear Yandere Dev, I am sorry to message you at such an inconvenient time, however, I am able to write up a side story for Osana-chan. I understand if you decline. However, if you accept, please email me back.

    And Call me Joby911😃

    On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 3:12 AM, Game Development Blog wrote:

    > yanderedev posted: “A new build is now available – but there are two > things you need to know about it: Currently, the build is only available > via Mediafire. I am having problems trying to upload the build to the > official website. You cannot use the launcher to acquire the ” >

  13. I have Windows 7
    For the corrupt files error: I encountered it before and to fix it I had to go to Task manager -> services and stopped yansim service (You can also show process from all users and stop any yansim process that you find)
    Then try download again it should work

  14. Excellent work from you as always Yanderedev! I look forward to seeing Osana fully implimented like you wanted and will play the game for my channel as well to help promote it, even though my fanbase is pretty small haha.

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