New Build Still Coming Soon

November 4th 12:00 AM Edit: I’m currently uploading the new build. It should be available in 5~10 minutes!

November 3rd 9:00 PM Edit: I think that a new build will be ready within 3 hours! Sorry for the wait, thanks for your patience!

Today, I encountered a puzzling mystery while trying to improve the game’s framerate. I spent a long time investigating the problem and experimenting with many different possible solutions. I was obsessed with trying to solve the riddle…then I looked at the clock, and learned that the entire day had gone by! Now the next build/video will have to be postponed for another day…I’m sorry!

I’d like to share something with you! It’s “Tsubaki”, a fan-made manga based on Yandere Simulator, created by Koumi-Senpai!

It’s a story that focuses on Budo Masuto and Yandere-chan. I really like it, and I think you will, too! Please check it out!

I want to know what will happen next! I hope that Koumi-Senpai will continue the story!

140 thoughts on “New Build Still Coming Soon

    • Because Senpai is a phisical need for Yandere-chan, she needs him just like how she needs water, food, ect.
      Also, just because he thinks a fanfiction about the pairing id really good, it doesn’t mean that he ships the pairing, it just means that the story is Good.

    • Because it’s a bad ship, he never said they were cute, and Budo can’t make Yan-chan stop killing or feel emotions. She would never show compassion for Budo, and would stab him without a second thought even if she didn’t have a reason to. Budo and Ayano will never be together, so

  1. YANDERE-DEV, YANDERE-DEV! I hope you’ll end up getting many story, expanded lore and easter egg ideas from various fan theories, fan arts and discussions. Thank you for giving us something so much fun to theorize about and make such creative fan art from.

      • “Budo is just a f#ckboy” Um.. are you sure about that? Because I’m definitely sure that Taro escapes when he sees a corpse, but Budo tries to catch the killer.

      • Budo is enough of a dumbass to run at a killer without thinking. Senpai is smart enough to save himself. He would also run right up to a masked killer and tear the mask off their face, and Budo tells a teacher if he sees a corpse but no killer. I rest my case: Budo is the f#ckboy. Not Senpai.

      • obviously you sound young, I’m rounding around 11-14, a ship is a ship, you need to understand that people like this ship and might also like Ayano with Taro (mainly because of the game). You didn’t like the ship, yes? So why comment about it more than once? What will you accomplish by doing so? And to be a fuckboi, he needs more than one lover and from what we see from the game, we don’t see him fucking around with the whole rainbow six group. We don’t even know his crush. Honestly, if you want a better argue meant, you should know what’s true and be considerate. Being edgy won’t get you a victory

      • 1. Being edgy isn’t a good way to call someone edgy, fuckwad~
        2. Do you not know the alternate definition for fuckboy? Basically a little coward. If there’s no murderer, Budo tells a teacher about a body. Therefore he is the #1 fuckboy in the game.
        3. Oh, I’m the one who’s young when you’re the dipshit who spelled “argument” as “argue meant”. That makes so much damn sense. Gtf outta here.

      • The answer/reply:
        1- Ever heard of “Fighting fire with fire”? Didn’t think I needed to use cringe in this case
        2- Do you even know the term? Fuckboi is someone who fucks around with other girls/guys and is flirtatious
        3-Wow! Great job for noticing a spelling error! That obviously means you are excellent in the English language which explains your grammatically correct responses. Go fuck off and find a better argument, Kid

    • Budo tells a teacher if he sees a corpse but no killer, and he’s enough of a dumbf#ck to rush at an armed killer without realizing that they could kill him immediately. Senpai is smart enough to get the hell out of there the second he sees a dead body, and would rip the mask off of a killer’s face with no regard for his own safety.

      Now do you see why Budo is a f#ckboy?

  2. until december? really ?!?

    Ok, first of all, we knew that yan dev needed a lot of time to implement Osana into the game and I’m realy happy it took only more of a month to do it. I thaught it would take much longer.
    However, yan dev said it will be readdy tomorow. So I guess he has only his frame-rate riddle to solve and then the up-date will be ready.

    Maybe you think it will come late like the befriend elimination or the rival introduction. Don’t worry, in first case yan-dev needed help from volunteers which didn’t come, and in the second case some one spoiled his work.
    Actualy, his only problem is the frame rate. So I think Osana is finished (which means no volunteers late).

    And don’t worrie for yan-dev’s organisation, he never lied on this blog (not for serious blogs of course)

  3. I mean, if Yandere-chan’s popularity grew in the game, it would make sense if she got at least one or two male admirers. Then she would have to learn how to fend them off, too.
    Ah, but Budo x Ayano is OTP. ❤

  4. ok men … maybe yan dev is a little late … but do you realy think he is working 12 houres per day 7 days per week no interuption?
    do you realy think he can’t take some time to rest a little.
    I know you’re hyped for the new build, every body is hyped here. but it seems yandev had a problem with fram rate and because he didn’t want to say us “come tomorrow !…”, he shared us a little fan manga he probably read many days ago.

    and like I said to the other guy, it’s a great chance we can have Osana now. I expected her to come much later.
    so please wait and stop crying here !

      • sorry if I looked scarry, that’s joke ^^ (bad joke I know -_- )
        the problem is that :
        -you find a nice person,
        -you fall in love with him but he doesn’t with you,
        -you try to stop every girl to take him from you …
        -and you end with a random guy ?! oO

        I agree that Budo is a nice person too and I agree they could make a nice couple … but that’s not in rules.
        If the story wants Ayano to love Taro, so she loves Taro and not Budo.

    • Haha, no. This will never happen, f#ckhead. The only boy Ayano will ever care about is Senpai. So, beg like a little b*tch all you want, Ayando will never happen no matter how much your little @ss pleads and whines for it. You can go drink bleach if you think Budo could ever somehow even THINK he might ever have a chance with such a pretty girl. Ayano is not only way out of his league, but cares about Senpai and nobody else. Budo, like everyone else in the school except Senpai, is like a voodoo doll to her – sticking knives in him and manipulating him are basically his only purposes to her (aside from satisfaction upon kicking his @ss in a fight and joining his club to shank some senseis, in Budo’s case).

      • Yeah I can now verify you are 14, no one would censor their own writing their own writing, much less come up with a good argument. Nonetheless, you need some actual proof, and to be mature like an adult young woman. In fact, if you did drink bleach, I bet you could regain a few brain cells. You act as though you know all there is to know about Yanderes and maybe even guys while you’re at it. I’m a girl and I understand relationships more than you. Hell, this is just a fucking game. A ship is just ship. Nothing more and nothing less. You cannot make death threats to people who don’t support you nor what you stand for. I swear, people like you is what kills the fun in having a ship in the first place. Never say that someone is out of someone else’s league. Never. That is the cruelest thing to say to something fictional or real.

      • I’m happy I kill your fun in shipping Ayando because there shouldn’t be anything fun about shipping a sin bucket in the first place. And I censor my swearing sometimes because I know there are some little kids who shouldn’t be here who get mad because people swear, and I’m not in the mood for that shit~

      • Ya know, most kids wouldn’t want to play a game like this, now I’m not saying you’re a special snowflake, kidderino, but the fact you hate a ship to the point of making death wishes to those who enjoy the ship. And if you really hated it that much, why bother come back with comment and comment saying how much you hate it? Hating something only means you care about. And by the by, you could never make someone, anyone, kill the joy in liking a ship (you are one of them, hypocrite). The only deference between you and good shippers is that we don’t pop up at a ship different from ours and say “ew thisxthat is fUkin gros xP lik das distbrance” perhaps you can change your fangirl ways, but someone like you can’t change, eh?

      • 1. Excuse you, I’m 17 years old.
        2. Who says “by the by?” I haven’t heard someone say that in years.
        3. “Fangirl ways” like how you have he same last name as Yan-chan? Get real.
        4. I’m not saying kill the shippers, I’m saying kill the ship. I posted this back when I was quite salty about it~

  5. Don’t comment things like this if you don’t have any proof. I’m not defending him because I don’t know what he’s doing all the time, and you obviously don’t know either.

    It was amusing to read it though.

  6. It was always a matter of time before a doujinshi of your work came out. And it was pretty good. The noses were a little too pointed, and the style was a bit simplistic, but I liked it. Helped that it was non-H.

  7. I hope Yandere Dev will add a Koro Sensei Easter egg or something.Or add something that has to do with Assassination classroom. Wish i could suggest it but if I do I’ll have gone ageist his rules. 😦

    Who know maybe he’ll just one day implement it. I’d love that so much.

  8. I like budo x ayano but in ayano’s attitude right now he will end up using him at a bait unless the blood of her father reins (which is good side of her thats why we have other route that we dont kill anybody) she will develop other feeling to other boy

    I think info chan is the reason why ayano became more yandere

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