New Build Still Coming Soon

November 4th 12:00 AM Edit: I’m currently uploading the new build. It should be available in 5~10 minutes!

November 3rd 9:00 PM Edit: I think that a new build will be ready within 3 hours! Sorry for the wait, thanks for your patience!

Today, I encountered a puzzling mystery while trying to improve the game’s framerate. I spent a long time investigating the problem and experimenting with many different possible solutions. I was obsessed with trying to solve the riddle…then I looked at the clock, and learned that the entire day had gone by! Now the next build/video will have to be postponed for another day…I’m sorry!

I’d like to share something with you! It’s “Tsubaki”, a fan-made manga based on Yandere Simulator, created by Koumi-Senpai!

It’s a story that focuses on Budo Masuto and Yandere-chan. I really like it, and I think you will, too! Please check it out!

I want to know what will happen next! I hope that Koumi-Senpai will continue the story!

140 thoughts on “New Build Still Coming Soon

  1. … Ooooh. I see. So she’s keeping him alive to use him to eliminate the remaining rivals. Indeed, Budo would be a powerful tool for that, as long as he bears that crush on Yandere-chan… Hahaha.

  2. I feel like it would be pretty cool if Yandere Dev added something like this. Doesn’t matter if it’s part of the story or just some random setting. I mean, other girls like Senpai, then why can’t guys like Yandere-Chan? As I said, this is only a small idea, although it would be great for gameplay. I actually did like reading this.

      • Do you not know the fuckboy scale? He tells a teacher if there’s no murderer around. Teacher’s Pets are #1 on the fuckboy scale. Everyone knows that.

      • You clearly don’t know the meaning of the word fuckboi, I suggest you look it up if you want to use it properly. And the word you are definitely talking about is either the “Teacher’s pet” or maybe “hero” personalities

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