New Build Coming Soon

I always try to upload a new build of the game on the 1st and 15th day of every month. Unfortunately, a new build and a new video won’t be ready tonight…but they should be ready very soon!

Because I need at least 24 hours to continue preparing the next build, and at least 24 hours to make the next video, I don’t think you should expect the next build+video to arrive in less than 48 hours. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait longer than November 3rd until the next update.

The next video will be about these subjects:

  1. The progress that has been made on Osana
  2. The progress that has been made towards improving the framerate
  3. What I plan to do over the next two weeks

It’ll be similar to my last “Progress Report” video. While Osana is being developed, it’s likely that most of my videos will follow that formula.

By the way, I have a couple of things to mention:

First, the official Yandere Simulator website now has a Wallpapers page! Please give it a visit!

Second, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful Halloween-themed artwork over the past 24 hours, and I’d like to share some of it with you:

MulberryArt drew Osana as a witch! I love the design of her outfit!

Angi drew Sakyu Basu and Ikyu Basu trick-or-treating! Okaโ€™s reaction is quite adorable!

Noaj drew a truly beautiful illustration that is romantic and morbid at the same time!

Hyanna-Natsu drew this absolutely gorgeous art of Yandere-chan in a spooky graveyard!

I’m sorry that a new build and video aren’t available yet – I’ll try to prepare them for you as soon as I can!

137 thoughts on “New Build Coming Soon

  1. If all the future videos are going to be about almost the same thing then…you should just skip doing videos and write down the updates until a big update or Osana is ready. I think it should be more easy and you’ll have more time for doing work or spare time ๐Ÿ™‚ #WhoeverCommentsThisDontBeRudeWithMe #JustMyOpinion #ThankYou&HaveANiceDay โค

    • I think you’re onto something because, in essence, yes, it does free his schedule marginally and he’s able to work on what he needs to, rather than making a video. But then again, maybe if he writes down the changes and new things, he won’t be able to give us the information he needs to and he won’t be able to provide examples, apart from pictures which doesn’t do much for us, or address our questions in a written format, (because then he’d always be updating and then he’d have even more people sending him unneeded emails. (Yes, I’m aware there is the FAQ, but even that can get cluttered in seconds if people have questions.) I personally think a video would be better because he’s able to give us a run down and a demonstration of what he’s done to the letter. I’m not bashing you, or trying to hurt your feelings. Just putting out my own opinion. #NotBeingRude #HaveANiceDayToo. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I think I’m obsessed with this game/development of the game. This will be by far, my most favourite game in the world already. I love it and I love where it’s going. Devpai, you have truly outdone yourself on everything that you put your mind to. This is just amazing!! (Plus, the illustration with Senpai’s head on a platter, doesn’t it look like Ulquiorra from Bleach a little? I think so.)

  3. well… it’s not like we didn’t know it wouldn’t be ready before.
    when you said we had to wait until Osana is 100% finished, I thaught it could take really much more time.
    I’m sure that with Osana, we will have for our time. New carracter, new routine, maybe new side quest for befriend, probably better cutscenes for match-making, 2 new elimination methods, …

    I think for the first time, I’ll have to split my time on the game to test everything of the update.

    like usual, great job yan-dev. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • All elimination are in the game already, do you mean new ways to do if? Like Osana doesn’t go outside so the weights will have to be timed right to kill her? (Osana a vampire confirmed XD) Osana will just be Kokana just she will be around Senpai and she won’t go to cooking club (in the final game) but basically Osana will only be adding the first rival her but when the next rival comes we will get a week system and other things and cutscenes but for now everything in the game won’t change except that Kokana will still die a horrible death along with Kakona (I plan to befriend Kokana and match make Osana)

      • No,not all the elimination methods are implemented. The rival specific methods as the one/ones that Osana will have aren’t implemented yet,along with the ones for the rest of the rivals. That’s what he meant ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Ps: Reading again what you wrote,I realized I think you think (XD) that Kokona will be at the final game as a rival.Well,just in case you thought that,I have to tell you that she won’t. She’ll just be a normal student ^^ I’m sorry if I misunderstood you โ˜บ๏ธ

      • I was talking about when Osana comes out btw and yes I misunderstood he meant their specific death like the befriend for all of them will be different, matchmaking will be different, and also how we bully them will be different

  4. Hi there!

    I have a problem about downloading the launcher. It does not really work. To specify the details, it would start downloading but it would stop at a certain point. Also, instead of it will show something like “Downloaded 0.00mb out of 700.00mb”, it would appear as “Downloaded [where the download stopped]mb out of 0.00mb”

    I am not able to download the .zip file as well as it always up failing due to a certain network error.

  5. You do realize the game isn’t anywhere near complete right? And for frame rate just put on fog mode and put it as low as you can so your crappy computer can handle the game ๐Ÿ™‚

    • >the game isn’t anywhere near complete, right?

      And it never will be.

      Believe it or not, Skyrim runs faster on my computer than this so-called game. Until he stopped being lazy and begins to fix his shitty code then the game will break. Or even worse, set your computer on fire.

    • Yookstriv,buddy,if yanderedev was lazy would he have even made the game?no,not to mention he LITERALLY STATES that he is working to fix the framerate.Also, it isn’t the code that is shitty, it’s the fact that there is so much code running at once.

    • If he stopped being lazy in the first place, then there would be much better assets and animations used in the game. He could’ve done so much more within 2 years, he could’ve made the game look better with all the patreon money he receives every month. Instead, this is what he gave to us.

      > It’s the fact that there’s so much code running at once.

      Oh for fuck’s sake, let’s blame Unity for it then!! Or even file a lawsuit against them!! /s

      Let me ask you a question. Who inputs the code?

      A: YandereDev

      It’s because of his “excellent” skills on programming that the game is running slower than a turtle. And yet he’s still too lazy to hire a competent programmer.

    • Just be patient because everything will be fine, it is not really easy to modify the codes and you don’t even know what are the events happening in his daily life, before, making this game is only his part-time job until he introduced Patreon to the fans.

    • It will be completed no matter what even if it is crappy there is going to be a game you big jerk just shut up why’d you come here in the first place?

  6. It has occurred to me that Yandere Sim should have a feature where students don’t react to blood on Yandere-chan if it’s Halloween xD

      • Not really all, maybe just some of them, or particularly none of them would come out next year, because he is not even launching the Kickstarter yet, most of the assets in the game are placeholders, the population of the school is less than 50% than of what it should be, framerate drops quickly, the teachers, the students and others’ animations are not good enough than on what it should be and etc.

        He still has a lot more to do so if he solved all these problems, he could develop the game perfectly.

  7. The last picture of yan-chan “dressing up” for halloween could actually be implemented into the game. There could be a carneval day where you can wear a mask no matter if you are in the drama club or not, halloween where you can walk around with blood on you and just pass it as your costume, christmas could be unique in that there are a few people dressing up as santa claus (yan-chan too if you sign up for it or something) and then when you kill someone as santa they wont see who you are (functioning like a mask a bit) and then when the police comes you can frame one of the other santas for it. well only one thing to do… gonna write an E-mail. YANDERE-DEV YANDERE-DEV! XD

  8. Look,if you’re just gonna despise YandereDev’s work,just don’t play this game,don’t enter again into his blog and shut the f*ck up! He is using almost all his time to do this game by himself! He doesn’t have spare time. Do you think that “wasting” all his time in programming this video game is being lazy? Well,then you should go to primary school again so that they teach you the meaning of that word. People as ungrateful as you make me sick.

    • What, did you even understand my post? Guess people on the Kiwi Farms was right, you guys just keep on sucking Eva’s dick.

      I know programming too, missy, so I have the right to point him out of his disastrous code and his ridiculous “solutions” to fixing the framerate.

      Another one on the triggered list.

    • Well,if you know about programming,then you should know that this game is still in process. It’s obvious that it needs to be improved,but things go one at a time. And the game works well in my computer,so you might have downloaded a corrupt file or your computer is extremely shitty. I also know about programming,don’t worry,and that’s why I know what he is going through.If I didn’t,I wouldn’t have commented. Think before speaking.

    • My game works great to ๐Ÿ™‚ Just when I put Osana in the game I had to put fog mode on… like every game don’t mess with the code

    • You know about programming too?

      Then you should know that the game needs to be rewritten from scratch. I don’t know what came over Eva’s mind on why he chose Javascript to write the game’s code, and it was a stupid idea in the first place.

      And bonus! I’ll go fetch the permalink quickly so you can witness why I say such cruel things to Alex.

  9. Well,I have been following the game development since it almost started and he has posted on time like… half of the time XD but he always posts around the 1st and 15th,so that’s ok for me. He doesn’t have to be 100% on time. And don’t worry,you didn’t sound rude.

  10. I keep getting an error screen whilst trying to view the second and third link to the fanart. Is anyone else getting the error screens? I really wanted to view the fanart… *sigh*

  11. I’m sorry, but after the 2 years he has spent working on the game, I don’t think he has been unable to make his schedule as fitting as possible to programming the game in the most efficient way possible. You just can’t expect him to keep on working and working. He “shuns” help depending on the help the person is providing, which means that he STILL accepts help, help from capable hands. He will not stop development, not at this point, the people who are making him discouraged on continuing the game are people like you, who can’t appreciate the absurd amount of hard work and perseverance he did for the game.

    • Yeah! Everyone leave Yandere-Dev~Pai alone! He has dedicated 2 years of his life to making this amazing game for all of us Senpai-Lovers. If you don’t wanna see the development of this game, the we will yell at you and tell you ‘out. now!’ Don’t say we are crazy. This is an amazing game, and we are all really Yandere~Chans to our Yandere-Dev~Pai!!!

  12. Guys I found out Osana’s phonecall script
    Ugh! I told you to stop calling me, you creep!
    Like I said, I’m NOT interested. If you keep this up, I’ll call the cops!
    …what? No! Leave him out of this!
    …look, I don’t care what you say to me, but don’t you DARE do anything to HIM!
    I swear, if I see you anywhere near him, I’ll kick your ass!
    Now, for the last time, stop calling me!


    • *sigh* Just because you are better than someone at something, THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD JUST OUTRIGHT THROW THAT FACT AT THEIR FACE AND PISS ALL OVER THEM. Yes, you may be better than programming. Yes, YandereDev may have programming issues, but that never gave you the right to disrespect someone and call their work trash without considering all the effort they put into it, because YandereDev is a human. Humans have flaws. Sure, you, with your self-proclaimed programming skills, can criticize YandereDev’s code, but its to make them a better person, so that they will improve. Criticism is created to make someone better, NOT SO THAT YOU CAN SHOVE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE FLAWED RIGHT UP THEIR FACE. There is something called feelings, and even YandereDev have some.

  14. Lmao just admit you’re a hater who came to release your frustration about YanDev’s terrible coding skills… yes I have seen it and it is unbelievable..apparently he never attended any formal training for coding.. but he’s got flaws and no human is perfect… it sounds a bit unfair but I still love the game because the concept has so much potential.. besides the longer the development.. the better the game will be โœŒ

    • You’ve already seen the decompiled code? Good. But wait, if you’ve been catching up on his posts on the YanSim subreddit, you’ll see why I commented like this.

      I’ll admit too, the game has a great concept, and a pretty creative and original idea, so I won’t argue against that.

  15. At least that guy has better manners than you, now shut your dirty mouth with all the curse and swears.

    I’m not defending him, but instead you spit out too much garbage from your mouth.

    Top of the triggered list.

  16. >At least that guy has better manners than you

    At least all the garbage that I spit out were facts. If you’ve seen the his posts on the subreddit already, you’d know why I say such cruel and mean words to your precious DaddyDev.

  17. These past few months he’s been adding more stuff so it’s longer to develop so he always says sorry if he messes up because he didn’t realize it was going to take more than 15 days. Which on the bright side means he’s making sure it’s not toooo buggy and we can’t even do it

  18. If you are soooo good at programming then make a game yourself, and do it alone. Oh wait you probably tried failed because you had no fan base and now you just mad at yandere dev because he’s successful and your not

  19. This isn’t even a game yandere dev said if you call it a game you are stupid so you are very much correct ๐Ÿ™‚ We don’t see this as a game we see it as a game in development that looks awesome cool and fun so for you to state your “facts” just makes me smh

    • Dear, we’re not wasting our time here to discourage your DaddyDev. It’s just that he’s making too many mistakes on his code already and we’re just warning him of the consequences that his code brings.

      If you still want to continue playing the game – no wait, DEBUG BUILD – then go ahead, I won’t blame you.

  20. Obviously you’re not keeping up with KF. Probably too busy watching those cringey meme compilations on Youtube, yes?

    We, Kiwi Farms and PULL are developing our own better versions of Yandere Simulator already, so don’t give me that “you have no fans boohoo you’re just jealous boohoo” comment.

    It’s just sad that YanSim has this easily triggered and cringey fanbase.

  21. What is this kiwi farm? And yes I watch though cringey meme compilation thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that I realized that you are from a company that has apparently made a yandere simulator but it has no fans makes sense because if you look up yandere simulator what comes up? A debug build.

  22. So, it’s a debug build. What difference does it make?

    Why don’t you waste your time looking KF up on Google than watching YS cringey meme comps? Plus, every indev game doesn’t need a fanbase to continue.

  23. A debug does change things and it’s right in the name bug. The game is very buggy, glitchy, and horrible from rate which I agree with, but he tries to fix all of them which I respect. He isn’t being lazy if he was he wouldn’t of tried to fix the fram rate and fix bugs no he tries his best to make this game awesome and not be a crappy game that is made just for money. I made no sense did I?

  24. “Excellent” programming? Please inform why you’re putting that in quotes, because Dev has never claimed to be an excellent programmer. I can’t comment on the quality of his code, but YandereDev can and does. He is not satisfied with it. You are not satisfied with it. Your dissatisfaction clearly lies in a different place, but the bottom line is that no one with half a brain is claiming the code in this game is optimal, especially not him.

    A lot of people have similar comments about his code (or you’re the same person across sites.) I think it might be of benefit for YandereDev to make a more complex video addressing ideas on how to fix the code and why he believes they will not work. Then instead of screaming, “YOU’RE A SHIT PROGRAMMER” at him, tell him in nicer words (yes I know this is the internet, but they can exist here) why you think he’s wrong about it not working.

    Most likely, Dev and 8chan or whoever else used to play nicely and talking about things like this made shit go south in the first place, but I think you guys may have good ideas and Dev might not be right. Or maybe he’s right. Either way, both sides probably have some good ideas that would benefit the game if shared in a constructive manner.

  25. *sigh* Just because you are better than someone at something, THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD JUST OUTRIGHT THROW THAT FACT AT THEIR FACE AND PISS ALL OVER THEM. Yes, you may be better than programming. Yes, YandereDev may have programming issues, but that never gave you the right to disrespect someone and call their work trash without considering all the effort they put into it, because YandereDev is a human. Humans have flaws. Sure, you, with your self-proclaimed programming skills, can criticize YandereDevโ€™s code, but its to make them a better person, so that they will improve. Criticism is created to make someone better, NOT SO THAT YOU CAN SHOVE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE FLAWED RIGHT UP THEIR FACE. There is something called feelings, and even YandereDev have some.

  26. Well,I’m not gonna argue about if JavaScript is better or not,because he just did the decision to write the code in there (even though I don’t agree,I must say that I agree with you in that) but I must say that this game,even though it may have a lot of errors,is in a so low phase of development that I think that the errors aren’t important at this point of time,because they can be fixed later on. This is just a debug build. And I’d like to know why you are so mean with YandereDev . Is there any reason?

    • It is just because he kept whining about the game, kept spamming to us about his e-mail getting piled-up, he kept changing his mind, kept adding new placeholders to the game while the old placeholders stay there and gives a bad impression to others, he also adds redundant additions to the game and most of all, the fanbase.

      First, he kept whining about the game, he kept telling us that he doesn’t like appalling additions to his game, he kept saying he want it to be perfectly perfect, but when it shows up on the game, it shows up not really good as what we’ve expected,

      Second, his e-mail, he kept complaining about people sending useless things to him.

      Third, he kept changing his mind, he thought to modify the school, then he is planning to make it a university instead of a high school.

      Fourth, he kept adding placeholders and it looks like he doesn’t have a plan to change those, it would take him some time to add new additions to the game, but we know, if he replaced those with the “Ones that should be in there”, it is gonna be cool.

      Fifth, redundant additions to the game, like replacing the Old school’s gym into a newer one with no interior, that gave many people a bad impression, it might have fixed the framerate, but when you go inside of it, it will just make you feel bad, for waiting at least for a minute to get there and you will only see a buggy interior, what if he made the new gym but the player cannot get there, like a wall, or like he just doesn’t replace it with a newer one or if he just removed the gym because it doesn’t even make a sense anymore in the new school.

      Last and the worst, the fanbase, YandereDev was happy when the fanbase grew so much big right now but this is what he is causing his hassle and stress, many are emailing him junks of garbages, many complain too much of how much bad the game looks or kept spamming of how much cool the game looks, many are under aged and others.

      We could say that the fanbase is the worst of all, they’ve annoyed many people so those became haters, they’ve said that YanSim is the best game ever and that other games are trashes, and that they kept asking YandereDev to make the updates faster and on-time, now you know.

      Do not forget God just by these, nice talking to you.

    • Thank you for solving my doubts! There are some things that also annoy me,but I still love this game because I have hope. The idea is super good and I’ve seen it evolve,so I keep trusting in YandereDev,even though he doesn’t always make the right decisions. I mean,he is human,right? It is ok for me that be changes things,then puts them again,then removes them AGAIN… because it is just a debug build. He’s just experimenting. Thank you for solving the mystery ^-^

  27. Omg I’m so hyped for Osana to be implemented!!!!! *stares at calendar* Nuuuuuu ;-;
    I know Devpai needs a break and he deserves it, but I really hope that he gets Osana fully implemented before ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. It’s ok Yandere dev! I’m perfectly fine with whenever the next build comes out! you’re a hard working Devpai and you shouldn’t feel too rushed to get new builds out. Even though a lot of the yandere sim fans just want new builds every 2 weeks, I know that that’s not always possible and u should take as much time as needed to complete a quality build! >w< :3

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