New Video Coming Soon

In the past, I have always tried to upload a new video and a new build on the 1st and 15th day of every month, right when the clock strikes midnight (in the PST timezone). The video I’m currently working on is quite an elaborate one, so I won’t be able to hit the midnight deadline tonight.

This video is is going to be around 10 minutes long, and it usually takes me 1 hour of work to produce 1 minute of video footage, so it’ll take me around 10 hours total to finish this video. It probably won’t be ready tonight…however, I feel very hopeful that the video will probably be finished less than 27 hours from now!

Here’s an imgur album of some screenshots from the next video! I wonder how much people can guess about my next video, just from these screenshots?

Also, did you know that I added a new character to the Characters page today? He’s alllll the way down at the very bottom…take a look, if you’re interested!

328 thoughts on “New Video Coming Soon

  1. Hmm, okay! These photos are interesting. Here are my guesses:

    Photo 1: This is part of the intro cut scene to the game. After Info-chan tells Yandere-chan about Osana Najimi, she mentions that she would “have to do this 9 more times” and that leads to a glimpse of all of the 10 rivals.

    Photo 2: This is Osana Najimi, fully implemented into the game.

    Photo 3: Info-chan is congratulating Yandere-chan for eliminating Osana before the 6pm deadline on Friday. This leads to Yandere-chan asking Info-chan why she wanted her gone, and so Info-chan is forced to tell the truth.

    Photo 4: This is a small cut scene that plays after Info-chan tells Yandere-chan about the new rival for the week, with the rival placed in the middle.

    Photo 5: I’m not too sure about this one, but this looks like how one of the rivals will act around Senpai as it gets closer and closer to Friday.

  2. If Yandere-Kun is implemented I’ll donate so much more than I would if there wasn’t a yandere gender option. But only if Yandere-kun has the same personality as Yandere-chan. The point of Yandere is that they’re psychotic for their love, if he just choses some girl to be his posession it wouldn’t really be Yandere. 🙂

    • And if Yandere-kun has his own hair, not hair that’s nearly identical to the base male senpai’s hair. Yandere-kun would look good with longer hair, but just as long as it’s unique from the other students.

    • He has already specified that Yandere-Chan and Yandere-Kun would have the exact same personality and animations, all he would have to do is edit female Yandere’s animations to work with the Male variant.

      • In the post on the website, YandereDev noted that Yandere-Kun might take the sadistic side of things instead of the obsessive, and that while Yan-Chan is lovesick, Yan-Kun might be more twisted.
        It’s in his character page (‘:

      • Yan-chan already takes the sadistic side of things though, lol. She honestly reminds me of a homocidal kuudere, I hope he gives her a better personality one day.
        The new persona type for Yan-kun is interesting, but I think he should have a dere side as well, because he IS a yandere! Being sweet but twisted would be great for him, haha//

  3. Photo 1: Yandere’s new intro
    Photo 2: Osana, adding her means that she is the last update (meaning that there will be an ending), right?
    Photo 3: Definitely Info chan giving congrats, that means killing Osana alsone will not end the game
    Photo 4: Should be a dream

  4. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Photo: I think that this is kinda like an intro in which all of the rivals of Yandere-chan are shown
    2. Photo: As YandereDev mentioned: he implayed the 1st FULLY FUNCTIONAL rival
    3. Photo: After Yandere-chan succeded to kill Osana she got the ,well done’ message from Info-chan and asks her why she wanted Osana dead, which leads to Info-chan telling the truth (My guess is that Info-chan has a grudge against Osana)
    4. Photo: I think that Kizana has many allies in school (or fans) because she is in the drama club which makes it harder for Yandere-chan to kill her since there will be so many people who are ,under’ Kizanas control
    5. Photo: I think this is an improved confession animation

  5. Eeeek, I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up for Yandere-kun, BUT I WOULD BE SO HAPPY PLAYING AS HIM. *Wheeze* I’m a broke, despairing college student though, so I can only offer (what’s left of) my soul to make Yandere-kun happen.

    *Dreamy sigh* Yandere boys…

  6. Yandere-Kun would not stay as an Aishi he would lose his last name to senpai if senpai was male. I don’t know if he would have the same last name if Senpai was a female.

  7. Here are my predictions of what are the photos about: (Sorry for bad grammar ;-;)

    1. Yandere-chan’s new intro or YandereDev talking about how long until he implements all the rivals.
    2. Osana got implemented but not fully!
    3. After eliminating Osana, Info-Chan tells Yandere-Chan why she wants her to suffer. (My guess for why Info-Chan wants Osana to suffer is because, probably Osana is close to revealing Info-chan’s real identity)
    4. The rivals cutscene of how they met Senpai or Info-Chan describing Yandere-chan’s new rival.
    5. The rivals confession that might be implemented close to the final game!

  8. I think the first photo is the introduction scene of the game
    The second is definitely Osana (fully-implemented, meaning she’s coming soon!)
    The third is Info-Chan telling Yan-Chan the truth about why she wanted Osana to suffer
    The fourth might be the intro for Kizana or maybe it might be telling the player that Kizana is so popular she’ll be harder to kill
    The fifth is the “events” with Senpai that the rivals have during their weeks or it’s the cherry tree confession animation for Kokona & Rizu (is that his name??? whoops)

  9. I love yandere-kun I’m just worried that having a male protagonist stalking, kidnapping, and killing women would attract negative attention to the game from the media. I don’t like the gender binary period and don’t really believe in validating differences between genders but that how the society is so I’m worried that outisde people who would normally overlook yansim might give yandev a hard time about a game that has you playing as a “woman hater”. Maybe if the rivals, yandere, and senpai could all change gender people would be less likely to hate on the game. I guess if the game never gets widespread attention then this won’t happen but I hope it does get more famous personally.
    I’d definitely pay more to make it possible for many characters to be able to be male or female. Characters like Osono I would prefer just to be female though. I’d still probably pay more for a male yandere but I as much as I would like that feature I’m worried people might email yandev hate mail about making a “woman hating game”.

    • unfortunately, i think you’re right. People will think it’s okay for a female to be sadistic and possesive, but not a male (as it hits too close to home for some real life victims). It sucks but I dont think yanderedev should change his game and his ideas because of some peoples’ silly double standards. I mean, in either case, it IS still just a game and is SUPPOSED to be twisted and dark. There are a ton of violent games like this that dont get as much criticism because they dont appear to be colorful and happy and friendly, which I think is a major reason for why some people think yan sim crosses the line while other games like grand theft auto dont.
      Plus, its not like its the first time yanderedev got harsh criticism for this game. Many people were upset about the sexual harassment and bullying themes in the game but yanderedev kept them all and told everyone that yandere chan is supposed to be “the villain” and all of the things she’s doing are supposed to be “Evil”

    • However, there is a female version of Senpai. It’s on the character page of the website, and it’s also a function in the game that doesn’t work at the moment. The game is only 45% complete, and there’s still a lot that needs to be done for it. I’m sure Yandere-Dev will do something about. Give him some faith

  10. Mh, the first image comes off as two ways for me.
    1. Similar to Rune Factory games, where all the maidens and/or love interests spiritually help during the boss battle by singing (Frontier) or actually giving extra lives to the character (Oceans/Tides of Destiny).
    2. The spirits of Yandere’s victims stalking her, for once, and tormenting her because something in her says it’s wrong?

  11. Yes Yandere-kun!
    But please keep him the same as Yandere-chan in personality, I mean that’s why people wanted a male version in the first place so we could play as a male yandere, not just a male sociopath.

  12. i hope that yandere-kun can be implemented! for some reason i imagine him being and unlockable option… finishing the game with Yandere-chan once lets you unlock the gender-bender mode.
    I love how much replayable value this game is gonna have!

  13. yandere kun would be a good idea but as long as he has the same persoality as yan chan. That way, it would be easier for you to implement and the game wont lose its core story. I feel the male/female protagonist/senpai is just a way to get the player to relate to the game more. So if a gay guy is playing the game, he could relate more, or a straight guy or gay girl or straight girl…etc.

  14. This is what I think the picture are implying:
    1.How Yan-Chan will react to the thought that nine more girls will be trying to take senpai away from her and that she will have to find a way to eliminate them (she will probably become sad then angered by the news).
    2.Osana Najimi, being fully implemented into the game.
    3.Info-Chan telling Yan-Chan her reasoning for wanting Osana Najimi killed and then telling her about the other nine girls.
    4.How other student will react to the rivals personality’s as the week goes on as they become closer to Senpai
    5.The progress on the animation for the rival confessing there love cutscene

  15. A lot of people already got it.
    1. New intro to the game, and how Yandere-chan feels about having to eliminate more than one person to get Senpai.
    2. Yandere Dev said something about what needs to be done to have the first official rival put into the game. So of course it’s a teaser of Osana implemented into the game.
    3. It’s Info-Chan congratulating Yandere-Chan on killing Osana. However, if you read the texts again one of the responses from Info-Chan says “I haven’t been honest with you”. Meaning Info-Chan will tell Yan-Chan about the other eight girls and as soon as we eliminate them, Info-Chan will reveal more about why she wants each girl dealt with.
    4. I feel like it’s a cutscene that explains the personalities of each rival and possibly how Info-Chan feels about them.
    5. The confession cutscene for Senpai and Yan-Chan.
    The game is coming along great. I recall seeing something on the website saying the game is 45% complete. I also like Yandere-Kun, and if I can I will totally donate for this. Keep working hard!

  16. This is my though:
    Image 1: The new intro or something like a dream
    Image 2: Osana implemented
    Image 3: Info-Chan telling why she wanted Osana dead(after killing her)(Info cant say that there’s more 9 rivals cause they’re going to start liking Senpai after some weeks,even if she is a (young) journalist.
    Image 4: Discovering your rivals apperance or a Kizana’s concert.
    Image 5: The confess cutcene
    Thats it bye

  17. I think the female senpai is awesome!.

    Also Yandere Kun. it makes sense why his personality may change to twisted. I think it makes sense. Maybe he isn’t in love with senpai, but maybe hates him/her and wants to ruin his love life and create misery or death for anyone who loves senpai. That could make sense.

  18. Your proposal would see Yandere-kun and Yandere-chan treated as two separate characters– aka, playing as one or the other would affect the protagonist’s characterisation. This actually makes a degree of sense from an accurately-portraying-anime-stereotypes-and-tropes angle; yangire (male yandere equivalent) characters are generally naturally predisposed to violence, rather than -only- becoming violent as a result of their love. They’re still effectively yandere, but the focus on possessiveness and inherent violence is, in fact, more accurate.

    I’d love to have a Yandere-kun, and would personally donate to the game to see it happen. It also sort of broadens the game’s appeal, in a sense. I told my friend just a few minutes ago a male yandere is being considered, and she basically told me she was more interested in playing the game. I, personally, would play the game both ways. I’m a completionist who’d be excited to see the little ways it affects gameplay. For example, Yandere-kun would be punished for being in the girl’s locker room and such, you know?

    I feel you hold the belief that ‘pandering’ to social justice spheres would diminish your integrity and create a game vibe that wasn’t a part of your original vision, but on the record, I’m grateful the female Senpai option exists (as a lesbian gamer who likes cool lesbian narratives), and I bet a lot of people would find M!Senpai/M!Yan to be engaging.

    Keep working hard, YanDev! We support you~

    • Yangire isn’t the male equivalent of yandere, though. It refers to characters who are cute and sweet normally but crazy and violent underneath; like you said, unlike yanderes, their ax-craziness isn’t almost exclusively related to an object of affection. There’s no gender requirement, though: Rena from Higurashi, Nui from Kill la Kill, and Seryu Ubiquitous from Akame ga Kill are all female yangires, and none of them are motivated by affection.

  19. Guys guys ! Go onto the characters page and enter the code for the sercert girl and hover you mouse over her till your screen turns black it will be quiet for a few seconds and then she will say something !

  20. Yanderedev… you are my snepai now, I wnat to kiss you! PLEASE! make Yandere-kun be real! I swear, I was screaming when I saw Yandere-kun profile, the game will be even more cool, pleaseee!!!!

  21. My personal perdition on the photos:

    Photo 1: Yandere-chan thinking to herself.
    Photo 2: Osana Najimi being the official rival.
    Photo 3: Info-chan saying she has a crush on senpai.
    Photo 4: Kizana, and her club members.
    Photo 5: SNAP.

    • I don’t think Info-chan has a crush on Senpai. I also suspect that “the truth” she’s about to text Yan-chan isn’t going to be the full truth. I suspect she is the Journalist’s daughter, and having learned how Ryoba ruined his life, she is secretly trying to get Yan-chan arrested/kicked out of school, etc. for revenge. But, that’s just my idea.

  22. Thist is amazing! Finally Yandere kun as come to the game i really like the idea of play as a male yandere or yangire kun (that is the Sadistic Version) for male sempai, yes i’m male and i like it! so also is good he can add a route with male rivals but i know that is more work for yanderedev but that it in the end the most good idea is the player chose all they own way to play it for fun 😀 and yes i give more money fo the ides of yandere kun if thist is needed and i know also a lot of people do that as well thanks you yanderedev for working so hard to make this wonderfull game 🙂 take care and see yours later!

    • A “Yangire” is someone who appears kind but is actually a violent psychopath.
      Its a completely different trope then Yandere.
      Plus the entire point of Yandere Simulator is to simulate the experience of being a Yandere.
      Also Yandere’s can be both male and female.

  23. I feel like Yandere-kun would be good for a spin-off game, after this one launches. It seems like it would take quite a bit of extra programming and coding to create male rivals and all that jazz, and at that point, why not just make a second game?
    That said, I would prefer a sadistic Yandere-kun, rather than a carbon copy of Yan-chan. Or, some sort of combination of the two: at first he is an empty shell, but after coming into contact with Senpai-chan, he becomes incredibly possessive of her and sadistic toward everyone else.

  24. What the pics look like to meh

    1: After meeting Senpai and killing Osana, Yandere~Chan starts to think of girls who can steal her Senpai and then it turns out to be true after Info~Chan gives her a text message saying who has a crush on Senpai

    2: Osana is fully gonna be implemented in the game

    3: Info~Chan tellin Yandere~Chan what she held against Ossana

    4: Kizana being shown as a rival with her fellow Drama Club members (Which reminds me of the Joker whenever he just pops out of somewhere and is all like “Hello Batty”

    5: What it looks like when a rival (or yandere~chan) confess their love to Senpai

    Btw sorry I don’t know english

  25. Oooooh my gosh. I haven’t gasped like that in a while. That freaking character… a friend and I were discussing him about a week or so ago! I don’t care if he’s implemented or not SEEING THAT MADE ME SO HAPPY.

    I thought maybe the artist could only draw super hot girls, but I have been proved wrong…
    A male yandere-chan would be awesome. I think yandere dev should voice him! Maybe that’s stupid, but his voice is very calm and emotionless sounding, I think he could do it if he wanted to! Obviously not if he’s too busy or doesn’t feel comfortable, lol. I would at least expect yandere kun to have a similar voice to yandere dev’s, because devpai really hits a lot of the things that a yandere kun’s voice shuld have.
    I like the sadistic, possessive personality type. That’s what I think of when I think of Yandere anyways, not this like ‘you make me feel alive’ stuff… its all a bit mushy, I think yandere is simpler than that.
    Just my thoughts!

  27. The male equivalent would be amazing to play as. More so if his motivations and personality was different from Yandere-chan.
    Most male yanderes are depicted as killing due to an obsession or just finding killing to be something that helps them pass time– Like the Yuuya Kizami type of guys– so I do think this personality would better suit him if he’s going to be implemented.
    Not only would this add more to the game but it would be far more interesting to the player and have somewhat more of a play-ability factor to it. For example: the character having different reactions or interactions with certain characters or situations within the game. Like rather than Senpai being freaked out because of Yandere-kun looking like a creepy or perverted weirdo, giving him a menacing type of appearance as he stalks Senpai and kills those close due to his pure obsession would be interesting.

    Another thought to add to that: Yandere-kun could potentially be a character that you can only play in a certain type of “hard-mode” situation where you only have the option to kill the rivals rather than save or match-make them due to his sadistic personality. In this way, it would be more difficult to maintain sanity or your appearance and you would have to stealth kill your rivals. Just an idea though depending on if his personality is vastly different from Yandere-chan or not.

  28. 1. Yandere-chan thinking to herself about the rivals / Yandere dev explaining how Yandere-chan feels she is overshadowed by them.
    2. Osana as a fully functioning rival
    3. After the 1st week, Info-chan tells Yan-chan about why she want Osana to suffer
    4.Intro to the 3rd rival / Yandere dev explaining how Kizana stands out comparing to the others
    5. I think it’s a model version of the ‘confessing cutscene’ concept art vid

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