Bonus Rival Video and New Character Profiles

In yesterday’s blog post about the rival video, I briefly mentioned that I asked five different musicians to compose music for the video. You may be wondering why I gave the same task to so many different people! The reason is because there is never a guarantee that a volunteer will be able to finish a task that they have been given. Sometimes they have to stop contributing to the project because an important job came up, or because they need to study for exams, or because of family issues / health issues, or because they simply lost interest in the project. All of these things are perfectly understandable! Volunteers are generously helping me out of the kindness of their hearts, and have no obligation to do anything I ask them to do. As a result, I often give the same task to multiple people, to increase the chances that least one of them actually finishes the job.

In the case of the rival video, out of the five musicians that I asked for help, only two of them actually finished the job. (The less-than-50% success rate demonstrates why it’s necessary to hand out the same task to multiple people.) This means that I had to make the very difficult decision of deciding whose music would actually be featured in the video. For the “Official” music video, I chose to use the track created by the talented Taylor Ambrosio Wood.

The Damprog Music team also completed a track for the Rival Introduction Video. It’s a really great track, and I don’t want it to go to waste, so I’ve uploaded an alternate version of the Rival video featuring Damprog’s music. You can check it out here:

In addition to the alternate rival video, there is one more thing to mention today. The official website’s “Characters” page has been updated with 10 additional characters!

Who are these folks? Head on over to the Characters page to learn more about them! Just be aware that some of them won’t have very much information in their profiles, because some things are meant to be a surprise…

180 thoughts on “Bonus Rival Video and New Character Profiles

  1. For the record, anyone who’s reading this: if you press up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,A,B into your keypad, another character will appear….you’ll see for yourself 😉

  2. First off I wish there was a version to download on a chrome book and second I think the man with the blue hair and the man in the wheelchair are part of the Saikou family and the ghost person is the first person Yandere Chan’s mom killed.

  3. Who is the one next to senpai? It isn’t Yandere, cause it has long hair and is not Info-chan, cuz her shadow is after the headmaster and guidance counselor. Also it appears she is holding a phone? Maybe Midori GurINUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!? v: -But Midori only send message not calls…is she evolving her methods of capting the attention of Devpai? .v.-

  4. You should do a male rival! Like a “bro” type rival who has a bromance with senpai and will bring Yan-chan’s reputation down to make senpai hate her. 😮

    Elimination method, convince senpai his friend has a gay crush on him to make him uncomfortable and stop hanging out with him.

    • I definitely agree with this. the game should definitely have one or more male rivals that yandere-chan needs to deal with. I even have an idea for a special dlc rival that puts a special challenge for the player. I would love to talk about theories and suggestions but yandere dev-san does not like listening to suggestions and I’d never want to disrespect dev-san’s wishes.

  5. When on character page press with keyboard up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A you will get a ghost kind of girl, we have seen many pictures of her. What does this mean? Do we meet her? Will she be in the Final game? Is she an Ally? The words translate to

    OH DEAR …

    Who are you?

    Hehe …

    Nice to meet you.

    We are going to have a lot of fun together.

  6. There is a lag for the character page. All the words are stacked above one another. It could be because I’m on an apple computer but idk i rlly wanted to see it :^)

  7. If you want to know the identities of the three mysterious characters, then check out my video where I show you the identities of these characters (all of this was found in the source code of the website)

    • I think the purple-haired man is probably the last rival’s dad. They’ve got the same coloured hair, but that’s all the evidence I have. He’s probably also the CEO of something, but maybe not the school. I didn’t think schools had CEOs, but there is a wikipedia page about it. Who knows, really.

      • If you read Megami Saiko’s bio, you’d know that she comes from a rich family and genious family who knows that there is a threat on the school. If you read the Journalist’s bio, you’d know that there was a girl who he investigated and claimed guilty (Ryoba Aishi), and the girl talked her way around the court case to slander the Journalist and free her from captivity. His personality is also “determined”, so his daughter, (Megami Saiko) was probably gone for 9 weeks because she was discussing how to deal with that school threat with her father, mainly for her father to seek vengeance on the Aishi family.

  8. Questions: I saw “Lovesick” on two different personality types, and that reminded me of a rumor I heard where YandereDev was thinking of changing the name of the game to “Lovesick.” Did that go anywhere? Or did he scrap that plan?
    Also, what’s 1987 mode? Is that a DLC or something?

    • He did do a video on changing the name to Lovesick: Yandere Simulator (something like that) to make it sound more serious. A lot of games with the word “simulator” in it are mostly just funny non-serious games but YandereDev isn’t trying to make it like that so he thought adding that would make it sound more “serious” in a sense. He did a poll on it but I’m not sure if he’s going to change the title of the game or not. I don’t think anyone knows if the 1987 mode is going to be a DLC but I THINK it’s a special easter egg in the final version of the game

    • from what i’ve heard the 1989 mode is where you play as yandere-chan’s and try to win the heart of yandere-chan’s father. i’ve also heard there will be 10 rivals just like story mode but the only rival we know of is the phantom girl however it is also possible that the phantom girl is murdered in the intro cut-scene. This might not be true it’s just what i’ve heard.

  9. Hey! I have a question
    In the final game, we can eliminate all rivals with the methods we want?
    For example … Match all rivals with someone?
    Or we can only some specific?
    Or kill them all with a kidnapping and a slave?
    The removal methods are blocked after one use? Or something similar?

    -I do not speak English, blame google errors-

    • It’s probably up to the person if they want to kill the person in a non brutal way or not. Maybe some rivals might be easier to do it with the matchmaking method or any other method that’s brutal. Its a stealth game so I think it’s up to you, the player, how you want to do it. in my personal opinion that would be pretty boring if you can only eliminate a rival in one specific way (unless they’re the most hardest rival which would be probably nessassary).

  10. Does anyone else find it kinda hilarious that the illustrator gave all of the women oddly sized breasts? I mean, like… Even the school girl rivals have large breasts. And the older women are absolutely ridiculous. Some of them make sense to be sexier than others, but… I’d love to see which part of Japan has an average of such extremely busty women like that, lol

  11. I loved those musics! It really creates the game atmosphere. I honestly don’t know which music soundtrack is better, but I find this one more energetic. Now I understand how it is horrible to choose between two amazing jobs. They are both great.

    Aaaand I just headed for the characters page and OMG THERE IS GOING TO HAVE A FEMALE SENPAI! Yeah! Can I make a lesbian couple? I think this would be pretty original for a game: the absolutely “I don’t care” behavior for homo couples.

  12. ” the young murderess was able to escape a guilty verdict by manipulating the emotions of the court”

    I feel like Yan-chan’s mother was a lot like Amy from “Gone Girl”: a true manipulator.

  13. My theory: the man facing away with the sky blue hair and the wine glass is probably related to the 10th rival of the game, and the man sitting down at the very end is the loan shark leader, or the father/grandfather of Ronshaku.

  14. from what i’ve heard the 1989 mode is where you play as yandere-chan’s and try to win the heart of yandere-chan’s father. i’ve also heard there will be 10 rivals just like story mode but the only rival we know of is the phantom girl however it is also possible that the phantom girl is murdered in the intro cut-scene. This might not be true it’s just what i’ve heard.

  15. I loved both music, but that one is more original and energetic. A female senpai? I want to play with her! ♡ I absolutely love her ♡

  16. Old man is the investigator in the present and owner of Saiko electronics. Man with the wine glass is the CEO of Saiko and the son of the investigator. His daughter is the final rival. She knows about Yan-chan and her family through her family’s past and won’t let history repeat itself.

    • I mean it makes perfect sense, the investigator was probably in his thirties when Yan-chans mom was a teen which explains why he would be so old. Their faces are identical in the art work as well. He also has the Saiko symbol on him. The last rival’s last name is Saiko and she shares the same hair color as the wine man. She also clearly knows abou Yan-chans true nature. It all adds up so well.

  17. the old man … he has the Sayku Logo on his shirt !!! do you think it might be the manager of Sayku enterprise? if it’s the case … maybe it’s the father of Megami Saiko … no, too old … so maybe the grand-father. But so … who is her dad. to answer to this question, let see what we know : Sayku corporation fnow about the presence of a murderer, There is a gost of a girl who was murdered in the 80th, and Megami who can’t come to the school because of her dad … Dou you think that the ghost is the mother of Megami and the daughter of the old men ? That mean Ayano’s father is Megami’s father… so megami and ayano are sisters !!!!
    (a little weird)
    another theorie … megami is simply adopted

  18. Great job, YandereDev. I can’t wait to see rivals in games.

    But I think character introdution webpage is too long and complex to see. How about to modify the webpage UI design?
    For example, You can make a character select buttons like this site( If visitor click charactor button that want to know, entire charactor image and information will appear in the bottom space of buttons.

    • No, sorry, I read the description, I’m dumb, lol. The wine glass guy is Megami Saiko’s father and the wheelchair man is her grandfather. The Journalist idk, he may be Info-chan’s father?

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