Bonus Rival Video and New Character Profiles

In yesterday’s blog post about the rival video, I briefly mentioned that I asked five different musicians to compose music for the video. You may be wondering why I gave the same task to so many different people! The reason is because there is never a guarantee that a volunteer will be able to finish a task that they have been given. Sometimes they have to stop contributing to the project because an important job came up, or because they need to study for exams, or because of family issues / health issues, or because they simply lost interest in the project. All of these things are perfectly understandable! Volunteers are generously helping me out of the kindness of their hearts, and have no obligation to do anything I ask them to do. As a result, I often give the same task to multiple people, to increase the chances that least one of them actually finishes the job.

In the case of the rival video, out of the five musicians that I asked for help, only two of them actually finished the job. (The less-than-50% success rate demonstrates why it’s necessary to hand out the same task to multiple people.) This means that I had to make the very difficult decision of deciding whose music would actually be featured in the video. For the “Official” music video, I chose to use the track created by the talented Taylor Ambrosio Wood.

The Damprog Music team also completed a track for the Rival Introduction Video. It’s a really great track, and I don’t want it to go to waste, so I’ve uploaded an alternate version of the Rival video featuring Damprog’s music. You can check it out here:

In addition to the alternate rival video, there is one more thing to mention today. The official website’s “Characters” page has been updated with 10 additional characters!

Who are these folks? Head on over to the Characters page to learn more about them! Just be aware that some of them won’t have very much information in their profiles, because some things are meant to be a surprise…

180 thoughts on “Bonus Rival Video and New Character Profiles

  1. Oh my GOD, these new characters are driving me NUTS.
    I mean, we already know that Ryoba is Yan-Chan’s Mother and that she also had a Senpai in 1989, when she had Yan-Chan’s age. And the phantom girl in the bathroom is probably one of her rivals (maybe she had only one?), the girl who had a crush on Ryoba’s Senpai, and who was killed by Ryoba.
    I suppose that not many people here have listened to all of the tapes that are hidden across the school. GUYS, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM. And also to the one tape that you find in Yandere-Chan’s basement.
    If you listen to them, you hear the story of the journalist, and if you put all the puzzle pieces together, you’ll understand that that journalist is INFO-CHAN’S dad. (most of his story is described on the characters page, but I really recommend you to collect the tapes and listen to them) If you listen to the basement tape, you’ll hear Yan-Chan’s Dad and Ryoba. (Yan-Chan’s dad was Ryoba’s Senpai, of course.)
    So, let’s sum this up: In 1989 Ryoba Aishi killed a girl in the bathroom of her school and the only one who knew about it was the journalist. He tried everything to tell everyone that she was the killer, but nobody believed him and everyone hated him because “an innocent schoolgirl” like Ryoba could never kill a girl. That accusation caused the end of his career and his life was ruined.
    INFO: SOME OF THE INFORMATION HERE MAY NOT BE 100% TRUE. I can’t remember all of the things in the tapes, it must be about half a year that I listened to the tapes, but I try to tell you as good as I can what I remember:
    He somehow decided to take revenge of Ryoba, because she ruined his life, and he spent most of his time to look for her and now he is looking for Ayano and I don’t know and – ugh, I need to listen to the tapes again.
    Well, he is Info-Chan’s dad, that’s for sure – and that’s all I know about them.
    I don’t know what the Saikou family has to do with all this. I think the man in the wheelchair is Megami’s grandfather and was the headmaster of Saikou Corporations in 1989, so I guess he has something to do with Ryoba. Or maybe with the journalist?
    As we all know, EVERY SINGLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE in the game is from Saikou. I don’t know if this has a purpose, maybe you can tell me your ideas in the comments – and I don’t see the connection between the Saikou family, the Aishi family and the Info family (lol), but I’m SO FREAKING EXITED!! This is all driving me nuts.
    Tell me your opinion in the comments please, I’m looking forward for it! And now, just in case you’re looking for me – I’m re-listening to the tapes, lol.
    Bye! ❤

    • I just listened to the tapes again; so what I said above is true, Ryoba ruined the journalist’s life because she was charming enough to make the court and the police believe she was innocent and the journalist a pervert who was stalking schoolgirls and wanted to boost his own career. The journalist became the disgrace of the nation, couldn’t get employment and spent most of his time with drinking, but he still met and married a woman. She died while giving birth to their child and the journalist couldn’t really love his daughter or take care of her, knowing that his wife who was everything for him was dead because of his daughter, but he managed to make it through those years and the daughter basically raised herself. The journalist says that he doesn’t know anything about her, that she seems to have a lot of money for someone her age (the panty shots) and she often comes home with blood on her clothing (??? does Info-Chan have to do something with , but he tries to stay out of her business, mostly for fear.
      But he wants justice to be served and Ryoba to be punished for the sins of her youth. While he was chasing her, he noticed that she is stalking a young woman, just out of high school. (I don’t know, but maybe it’s Megami?)
      Ryoba noticed that the journalist was stalking her and everything turned around; Ryoba is now stalking the journalist to kill him and make sure he doesn’t reveal her true nature in front of the police. The journalist fled to the States and Ryoba and Yan-Chan’s dad chased him. That’s why in the 10 week gameplay of 2017, Ayano’s parents are overseas.

      Just one question left: What has the Saikou family to do with all this? Maybe Megami is the woman that Ryoba is stalking right now (in 2017), but in the tape it says that she’s just out of high school, so that’s impossible because Megami still goes to the Akademi High. But why does Megami know that Ayano is a Yandere? And why does her father? Perhaps he had to do something with Ryoba or the journalist in 1989? Or the guy in the wheelchair did, I guess he’s Megami’s grandfather. And what about the headmaster, maybe he has some connection to Megami’s dad?
      Perhaps Megami’s dad did notice something about Ryoba, like the journalist did, because he possesses a gigantic video camera company and THAT’S why Ryoba wanted to get rid of Megami?!
      Questions, questions, too many questions – I hope I could answer some of yours in these comments – leave a comment below with your opinion or if you have something to add – have a nice day! ^_^

      • AH, just found another “hint”: Megami (in the laptop) says, that her father has a reason to tolerate Yan-Chan’s presence at this school, but Megami doesn’t. I think Megami doesn’t because she has a crush on Senpai, but I can’t figure out a reason why her dad could possibly tolerate a Yandere at his daughter’s school…

      • I have a feeling it has to do with yan chan’s mom working for Saiko Corp. Because, in the tapes Yan chan’s dad says that his wife made a career out of being secretive. Plus, in the character page, they say yanchan’s mom never talks bout herself or her profession. It’s just a hunch, though, but I feel like Saiko Corp has something to do with yandere chan’s mom.
        Also, I do think info chan id the journaist’s daughter. She is, after all, the journalist/detective type of person.

    • Hmm.. These are interesting. I’ve listened to almost all of the tapes once, but it was a long time ago.. But I’ve never listened to the ones in the basement. *opens YanSim, collects the tapes, listens to them*
      It’s so interesting *–* I didn’t know that Yandere-chan’s mom is a yandere too.
      “Ryoba Aishi killed a girl in the bathroom” So that must be the ghost girl on the third floor’s bathroom. On the character’s page there’s this new character discribed like this: “The first tragedy. A flower plucked far too soon. She can not yet rest.” Can that be the girl Ryoba killed?
      “This is all driving me nuts.” Well, same here, that’s for sure. I just can’t wait for the next updates, I am SOOO EXCITED!!
      – – – – – – – – – – –

      Also here’s another thing.
      I went into the demon world for absolutely no reason, so I took a close look at the demons.
      Sakyu Basu has the same hair as the demon woman /I don’t know what to call her/
      And I found a bug just after coming out of the demon world, Sakyu Basu has a strange black texture near her ear. Maybe she has something to do with the demon (?) I don’t know… If you (who’s reading this comment) have anything to say about this I’d be interested in it :3

      • Thanks for your comment, well Sayku actually IS that demon. It’s the same demon as the final boss in Yanvania, but there isn’t any coincidence or context with the 1989 plot. It’s just a easter egg. :3

      • The Demon Lady and Sakyu also have the same symbol on their rings. And if you say “Sakyu Basu” out loud it nearly sounds like “Succubus”. I wonder what her sister has to do with it since there are rumours that she’s a vampire 😀

      • But the thing that throws me off about the Basu Sisters is Inkyu Basu. Cause, Inkyu Basu is actually named after the male equivalent of a “Succubus” known as an “Incubus”. I suggest just looking up an Incubus (and try not to get the band of a similar name) because I would probably get reported if I shared what Incubus is known for.

      • Yeah, I realized that the demon is the final boss in Yanvania.. But I didn’t know that she is Sakyu Basu. But than what does Inkyu Basu has to do with it.
        Inubus and Saccubus? Oh, I see. That’s like Oka Ruto = Occult. I’ll look that up then

      • Well Oka stalks the basu sisters because they “have a strange aura to them” or something like that.

  2. i really like the music in this version! Also, I have some speculations about the new characters…

    I think that the elderly man is megami saiko’s grandfather. He probably has some knowledge about yandere-chan’s mother and grandmother, and may have known them personally. He might have told her information about how the aishi family has that standing curse that all the girls born will be yanderes, and he might something to do with it directly…

    I think that the man with the wine glass is megami’s father and the current leader of saiko corp. perhaps he sees some benefit to yandere-chan’s skills or abilities, and doesn’t immediately expel her because he wants megami to observe her. perhaps yandere-chan’s mother works for saiko and he finds her immensely useful, and is looking for her successor for when she retires.

    we already know a fair amount about the journalist, but as some have already speculated, I think that he’s the father of info-chan. I’m not sure if she’s getting revenge on him for abandoning her by helping his nemesis’ child, or maybe she’s planning to betray yandere-chan after gaining her trust to avenge him. I’m very curious about the headmaster and the first murder victim. I’m hoping more information will be divulged about them during future gameplay.

  3. The alternate music is hit-and-miss for me. The music for each rival is pretty cool; it’s the music when just showing all of them that seems a little off. Maybe the tone is too deep, but not in a bad way. Also, I still feel like my theory of Megami = Robot has merit…

    One thing I never understood about Tsundere characters, why would I date them later? I am still fully aware that they kept getting angry at me over nothing and insulted me. I think I’ll enjoy confronting Osana. Also, perfect killing method of Kizana: thrown off the balcony-I mean the roof. Goodnight, sweet ‘Juliet’.

  4. The last two characters are definitely from the Saiko family. The man facing away with that same colour hair as Megami has that same old, rich man glass of red wine and the old man has a tinge of light blue, and also has the Saiko logo on his kimono/yukata and if you study the side of the wheelchair, that has the Saiko logo on it too.


  6. I can see this game is getting better and better!! 😀 The story is so WOW! The demons, the fourth demon, the phantom girl, Saikou! It’s not just “You’re an anime empty girl go stab that bitches”! The only thing that bothers me is YanDev sexualizing every female. Panty shots from high-school students. Under-skirt based inventory system. Ultra-sexualized nurse, teacher and guidance counselour.
    Come on! That REALLY bothers me, you know.

    • I’ll give you explanations about this:
      1. The panty shots aren’t the worst thing about this. Look,you are a girl that has to ruin the life of 9 girls to get the boy of your dreams. There is nonsense in complaining about the panty shots. Is that really the most important thing about this game?
      2. The skirt inventory sistem is the only way a highschool girl could carry so many dangerous things without being suspicious! The thing is about being realistic,not about being as correct as possible,since this game “is not politically correct”! But well,it is a game,ISN’T IT?
      3.Look at all the teachers in the game. Do you think they are sexualized? The only one who is sexualized is Mida Rana. Please read the information of the wiki about this characters for you to understand it. It is part of the game mechanics.(in the case of Mida Rana) I don’t want to explain it,so take a look at the wiki.
      Anyway,this is an anime game.Watch any anime and tell me.
      Anyway,don’t think of that as YandereDev wanting to sexualize every girl on the game. Don’t take it the wrong way. Don’t think of him as a male chauvinist. You are just taking it the wrong way!

      • I agree with bea2028. It’s a game based off a term used in anime and manga, plus Yandere-Dev did say he’s trying to base this game off of his favorite animes. Also I don’t see how the nurse is “sexualized” in any way. As for Mida Rana, guess what that kind of stuff happens in real life. There are literally teachers in real life that will stoop so low as to risk their career to seduce a student for their own sick, sexual desires. Yandere-Dev has also talked numerous times about the skirt-based inventory, it’s not like Yandere-Chan is gonna lift up her skirt just get to something out of it. He’s basing it off the merchant from Resident Evil who has the giant coat with numerous pockets to hold things. It’s literally two skirts but one opens up to reveal numerous pockets while still wearing a skirt. As for panty-shots, again something that happens in real life. There are sick and messed up people who take upskirt shots of girls underwear (it even happens at cons). However in this game, you need those in order to get favors and other objects from Info-Chan. Cause I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t think Yandere-Dev is gonna make this game like Undertale for example. Yeah, I understand that you don’t have to kill the rivals but I get the feeling as the weeks progress and the rivals get harder you’re gonna have no choice but to kill a couple of them. And you do have the option to censor out the panties, he put that in so people would stop complaining about it.

  7. Here’s my speculation –
    1. The journalist’s daughter is Info-chan. Megami cannot be the journalist’s daughter because she is now known to be daughter of Saiko’s CEO.
    2. Info-chan will not be an official rival in sense that she does not want Senpai, what she really wants is vengeance against Ayano for what her (Ayano’s) mother did to her (Info-chan’s) father. I think you will have to face her after eliminating all rivals.
    3. The CEO is presumably Megami’s father.
    4 The Founder is probably Megami’s grandfather (I assume him to be the founder of Saiko corp).
    5. Fun Girl is Megami’s sister. She will probably be an easter egg in sense that you will not discover the entire truth about the Saiko family through normal game play. You’ll have to do something special for that (maybe max out enlightenment?)

  8. Yandere-kun should be like Yandere-chan exactly! The best thing about the game is “Yandere-chan/Yandere-kun doesn’t want to lose the one thing that makes her/him feel alive.” Nothing should be changed. Only the gender to be switchable . But same person…. The personality is not a gender…. the personality shouldn’t change because if what they are girl or boy.

  9. Now that Yandere-kun was added as a possibility, I wonder if players will be able to choose both protagonist and Senpai as male.
    I’m wondering since the game gives you the chance to have both characters as female, with the rivals being bisexual.

    You’ll never see me saying trash about the LGBT community.

  10. I just screamed so loud right now that I woke up all my family, but I couldn’t resist, ’cause…. LADIES AND GENTLEMANS, YANDERE-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O-M-F-G I’M DYING HERE!!!!!! I WISH SO HARD THAT HE APPEARS IN THE FINAL VERSION OF THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD SELL MY SOUL TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! I LOVE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH! When I read the part that he could be sadistic, I just fell on the floor and made a fucking giant mark on my arm…. But I still pretty happy because of Yandere-kun ❤

  11. Yandere dev !!!!!!!!!!! please read my idea !!!!!!!!
    I vote for a sadistic yandere-kun please !!! i can all ready imagine him bullying senpi yaaaassss. if i had my way he would be a role model popular student athletic, top grades, and no on suspects . however he would have a super dark side making
    1) he could make inappropriate advances on senpi in dark hallways when no ones looking
    2) he could leave mementos of the dead suitors he killed in her locker – he should be borderline terrifying.
    3) he could Isolating senpi from her friend by spreading rumors and bringing her reputation down so know one wants her
    4) he could find ways to embarrass her in front potential of suitors so they lose interest

    Also unlike the female protagonist he should be a little more deliberate. his senpi should know hes doing it but cant prove it because his clean up is so good . but if the player is sloppy he gets busted and expelled or arrested . Also all the suitors pursue senpi for different not always positive reasons they heard a rumor and believes she is easy , or they heard she is a delinquent and want her to join but the twist is more undesirable he makes senpi the rivals suitors become more serious, thuggish, or sadistic and less likely to be ran away.

    • Your idea is nice BUT it wold be better only if he keeps Yandere-kun as Yandere-chan…. personality doesn’t change by gender… and after all the game is about someone who wold do anything for LOVE and someone who made them feel this way…. not “fun”…

  12. YASSS! >/////< Please make Yandere-kun a reality! Make it happeeeeeen! O//^///O
    I've been really into Yandere guys, but sadly there are only few animes/mangas with male yandere protagonists on it. Soooo, it would be really cool if you could play as a male yandere protagonist.

  13. Yandere Dev I wanted you to fix the Characters Page on the IOS because the page is crazy and mixed up so please fix it!!!

    • Also, the reason why Kocho Shuyona (headmaster) has lost his faith is because when he heard that a student got killed in Akademi High, he either was traumatized or he thought that future students are too scared of going to Akademi High.

  14. I really hope the ghost girl gets more story. Maybe like how you can go to the demon world and interact with them? maybe if you do something youd be able to hear the girls story from her perspective? she just really interest me!

  15. Please go ahead with adding Yandere-kun eventually, since you’re already considering it! It would be great if you could play him with both a male and female Senpai. If you’re playing him gay, I don’t think there would be a need for male rivals or anything extra like that. Senpai could be straight but fall for Yandere-kun anyway – it wouldn’t be the first time.

  16. I was looking way too deep into this video…lol.
    So, in the background, for every character there’s a special symbol that floats around amongst the sparkles.
    For Osana, it’s a circle.
    For Amai, it’s a half-eaten cookie.
    For Kizana, it’s a rose.
    For Oka, it’s a spider.
    For Asu, it’s a baseball.
    For Muja(is that what it says?) it’s a needle.
    For Mida, it’s a pair of scissors.
    For Osoro, it’s a skull.
    For Hanako, it’s a heart.
    And finally, for Megami, it’s the Saikou courp. Logo.
    I don’t know if they mean anything…some of them seem really obvious. Like, Asu having a baseball. Or, Hanako having a heart. But a few are questionable to me.
    Osana has a circle. Why? Personally, I woulda put those anime angry emotion things. And, for Mida, instead of scissors, personally, an apple would suffice.
    I guess I can understand why you went something different, they already had those around the name art.
    Still, Osana’s is (in my opinion) VERY questionable. (Lol, I’m probs going insane) WHAT DOES A CIRCLE HAVE TO DO WITH OSANA?!
    …does it mean, that because she’s the first rival, it’s going to be a loop of the same repeated process? Meat the rival, kill her, and go on to another girl… Is it a symbol for the never ending cycle of protecting Senpai?!
    Probably not, lol, but I thought I’d share my thoughts.

  17. I hope Dev will put some effort into Megami Saikou’s personality and character development to make her more interesting, since she’s a Mary Sue, otherwise she will be annoying af like any other Mary Sue

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