September 24th Bug-Fixing Build

If you’re looking for information about the latest build, click here!

There were a couple of really bad bugs still lingering around in the last build, so I decided to produce a new build that fixes those issues – and I fixed some other, minor issues, too.

Scroll down past this creepy-yet-beautiful illustration by Eisjon to see a list of everything that I fixed in this build!

Bug Fixes

  • A student who is in the middle of their love confession protocol (leaving a love letter, finding a love letter, waiting under the cherry tree) can no longer be distracted by a giggle from Yandere-chan.
  • Tweaked the code for the students’ pathfinding in an attempt to prevent the framerate from dropping so much when speeding up time. (At this point in time, I am not yet finished solving this problem.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to become stuck when trying to exit the third floor hiding spot if there was a student standing near that spot.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the 4th school uniform option (the brown blazer) to appear differently on Yandere-chan than on every other student.
  • Adjusted Kokona’s “insert love letter into locker” animation and added a love letter into her hands when she performs the animation.
  • It is no longer possible for corpses to fall through the ground if they have been dragged onto the sidewalk outside of the school.
  • Fixed bug that was causing students to become invincible while running out of school, as long as they were past the school gate.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the game to become unresponsive after fulfilling Musume’s request for a box of cigarettes.
  • Fixed bug that was causing mind-broken slaves to enter the “reacting to murder” state…while committing murder.
  • Made the Pink Panties buff functional (it applies a boost when Matchmaking).

The Rival Introduction Video is still on the way. Once again, I apologize that it is taking so long! Thank you for your patience!

99 thoughts on “September 24th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Whats the point of the panties bonus does it do something? Also the only bugs I found were where Oka got stuck inside a wall somehow ( think she fell through floor). Pointing the camera at the suitor while he is spying makes him walk away and lastly ( lots of people have this problem) the fact the next day after the date you can’t talk to students. Also is kokona supposed to have an opinion on everything because in the date I could never do it because she only had opinions on occult, cooking, cats and violence and solitude.

    • It depends on the kind of computer you own. If it’s full of space but rather old or slow, then yes. Mine is from 2005 and runs Yandere Simulator well, but takes about an hour to update. It lags on the rooftop and “doesn’t respond” when I go to school from the home. But other than that, it runs fine for me.

    • Sounds normal to me.
      I have Windows 10 (with a very pesky update, I might add) and it usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The game runs great until Yandere-Chan goes to school, then it becomes SUPER choppy. Like 10 FPS choppy D: I have 4 GB ram and like a 500 GB hard drive. Just got this in March.

      How much memory do you guys have?

  2. i love the new matchmaking elimination method, but there’s sometinhg i want to say too, its kinda annoying that everytime that a new update comes, we need to redownload the whole game.

  3. Yan dev, you should stop apologizing for taking your time to update — you should just thank for the patience instead. We are your fans and we don’t care waiting for a good quality.

  4. How did the people on the internet discover so much about the rival introduction video? Like, I know there are pictures of the rivals on some websites, but how did they get released?

    • basically what happened is someone leaked all the pictures and full descriptions on (i may have this wrong) SteamTV (or something like that)
      the pictures have been taken down from that specific post, but it’s said they can be found on tumblr
      also, there is a post (im pretty sure its on Steam or something like it) that gives a detailed description on ALL official yandere simulator characters, including rivals
      it also gives hints of why each rival is a rival
      and there is a way to see the spoilers that are censored
      note: they’re mainly on the Demon’s profiles and the one for Yandere-Chan’s mother (i believe her name is Aoba?? I may be totally wrong on that.. I know it’s said in one of the mysterious tapes in the basement)

  5. I can’t seem to implement the new killing animations. I’ve downloaded all of the new builds through the launcher, and I still have the old killing animations. Anyone have any solutions?

    • In order to activate the new sanity-based attack animations, you need to speak to the tirtle in the Light Music Club. The Light Music Club is located on the second floor, right besides the Martial Arts Club. There, talk to the turtle found in the aquarium and choose from the list, “Enable Sanity Animations” (or something like that). You can also summon a victim to test on them, summon weapons, forgive sins (remove blood and get full sanity back), lower your sanity, etc.

      Hope this helps you 🙂

  6. I’ve encountered a bug where you can’t talk to anyone until you go to class / go home / restart the day. I have no idea exactly how to reproduce it but it seems to happen very often. Has anyone else encountered this situation as well?

  7. This game is amazing and I’m glad it’s real!! Your work is amazing and I can’t wait till it’s done! you put in a lot of work and it’s really shown, so I’m glad you take so much time out of your day to fix even the smallest things!

  8. Dear YandereDev,
    I can’t play Yandere Simulator. I downloaded it on every downloadable sites you suggested and it still won’t work. I extracted the files and the game always crashes (mediafire) same with the launcher download.

  9. I would like to see more of the stalking senpai go down in the game because in the game you basically ignore senpai the whole time. however, in the senpai shrine there’s a toothbrush that she stole from his house. she went into his house?? how?? there should be gameplay that allows stalking senpai and sneaking around wherever he goes. maybe afterschool instead of just ending the day in her room you could add stalking senpai. you probably won’t read this but oh well lol

  10. I still think that it’s funny that when he first started making the game, he thought: This might be done in about a month, I guess. . . . YANDEREDEV ITS BEEN THREE YEARS!!!

  11. Why is the Rival Video taking so long? A while ago, you said you just had to “wait for a few assets”. Then you weren’t in the mood for it, so you delayed it yet again, even though the fans clearly wanted to have the video first. “Listen to his fans” my ass.

  12. dont worry about the rival video im sure everyone saw the leaks i did ill even give you the leaks

    there you go

  13. Just replying to your ‘matchmaking in Yandere Simulator’, the plans you have for this game are extremely good, but all the ideas on how to win the game are outrageously huge for the given the timeframe. (Five days) For example, while finding the interest of the rivals would be fun, it would be inhumane to stalk her, help the suitor, do classes, deal with other students, and other necessary things in a single day. I understand that this is just a build and that it is a stealth game, but there needs to be a good balance between the tedious stalking and learning, and the fun bits. The game should have a bit more time, perhaps in backtracking from the week before.

    Also, Yandere-chan should have a notebook for the thing that the rival like, one that, when selected, writes down the details of the boys. then, when you are trying to deduce what the girl likes, you can just compare the boys together, getting rid of features that she doesn’t like until you’ve found four. This notebook should write down everything when told, But the player should have to decide which feature to keep and which to not, adding a bit of pressure while lightening up on their memory of faces.

  14. I really appreciate your hard work YandereDev, but I’m gonna be honest : ever since I saw the post on Reddit on which you said that the Rival Video will only be 3 minutes long, I’m not really excited anymore for it. Everyone saw the leaks, and you delayed the video again and again for only a 3 minute video…… Please don’t hate me, it’s just my opinion about the while Rival Introduction thing and I didn’t wanna offense anyone with this, but I had to say that because nobody’s gonna do it.

  15. I’m not really excited about the rival intro vid now, because it is taking so long just for a 3 minute video to be made, I understand the actors are busy, but you keep saying it will be coming out soon and then it doesn’t. This is the fifth time…
    Btw what do the pink panties do? It says a bonus but what does the bonus do to help?

  16. You said 48 hours Dev, 48 HOURS.
    Four days and nothing! If you have a problem with that video lets us know, because it’s not fair that you say “It’ll be out soon” when it’s taking five days to be done. And now the video wont last 10 minutes, it will last 3 minutes? Dev, I think you must tell us what is going on.

  17. Yanderedev is cool, but he just cant cope deadlines. He says “Its gonna be ready at august” then august comes and he says “Its gonna be ready in september” then september comes and he says “Its gonna be ready in some time” weeks past and he says “Two days and its over” its been a wek almost…

  18. I understand if yandere dev has stuff to do other than yandere simulator, and I know that he loves to work on the game, but why do people always hate him when he doesn’t give any updates?! Like sorry guys but if he doesn’t give any updates, he probably is just working hard or is going through private stuff he doesn’t want to discuss to the public. GO YANDERE DEV!!!👌🏼😄

  19. Relax.

    My initial reaction when I’m anxious for updates is to be frustrated, but it’s important to put things in perspective.

    1. Yan-dev is one man. This is one person doing a lot of work. And this one man is relying on many people to help him with things, and cannot always control at what speed those things are done.
    (Also consider that almost all of these people are unpaid volunteers and so their incentive isn’t monetary, but out of kindness, which bears much less timely obligation)

    2. This content is being provided to you for free. This one man and his volunteer team are, out of excitement and curiosity and energy and love for what they do, are sharing something with the public and they are absolutely not obligated to. People would pay for access to yandere simulator. That’s a fact.

    3. YOU and your thoughts and feelings are valued by this man and his team. They deserve the same in turn.

    4. Waiting is hard, but with time comes quality, and yan-dev ALWAYS delivers.

    ALSO! I know how hard it is to be told that something will happen at a certain time and it does not. Trust me! I’m very dedicated to watching the progress of this game. AND- I see many comments that say things like “yan dev makes deadline promises he can’t keep”.

    I just ask before you pass that last judgement, understand that if you look back, it was not always that way. Every cause has an effect and vice versa. It very much so seems that through pressure and all of the CONSTANT HOUNDING yandev receives, he feels obligated to provide some sort of makeshift deadline. He should be able to work at his own pace, but please consider that over time, Dev may have gotten into the habit of setting unrealistic deadlines because he fears/dreads the spam he gets when he doesn’t give a deadline at all.

    Be patient. The game will be here. Yandev will finish it. He will take his time, and with his volunteers and his skills it will turn out really great! But please for your sake and his, relax.

    • My thoughts exactly. Plus, he already said the video coming out sooner or later depends on:

      1. “Having to keep asking actresses for new takes, or if the composer / specialist have very little time to work on this project.”
      2. “Depends on the number of critical bugs that people are running into.”

      In short: His priority has always been the game itself, not a single video. Unless you wanted the male delinquents to be floating pompadours.
      And if other people who volunteered for the video have more things to do, aka they have a life of their own, that’s a factor that none of us can fully control.

      tl;dr, It’s coming eventually. Please stop moaning about it, guys.

    • and then Midori Gurin emails him: YandereDev! YandereDev! Yanderedev: WHAAAAT Midori, I’m gam- I mean trying to get the rival intro vid done!*closes out of minecraft* Midori Gurin: Why are you playing video games…? YandereDev: Uh uh uh uh uh I WAS GETTING THE RIVAL INTRO DOONNNEEE!!!!

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