Matchmaking Preview #7

1:00 AM (PST) Edit: The video is done. The build is being uploaded now. It’ll take about 30 minutes.

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game! …well, that was the plan, at least. Tonight, I think it would be better for me to spend my time working on the Matchmaking video so that it can come out as soon as possible.

I’ve recorded 12 minutes and 45 seconds of narration, and I have currently created 10 minutes and 6 seconds of footage. In other words, the video is currently 80% complete. I estimate that it’ll be done within the next 3 hours. After that, I’ll do one last check for bugs in the latest build, and then I’ll upload the build and the video. (Please keep in mind that it can take up to an hour to upload a build of the game.)

In short, the Matchmaking build is now somewhere between 3 and 5 hours away (as long as nothing unexpected pops up)! Once again, I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to prepare it!

166 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #7

  1. DevPai: “I will check for bugs one more time before releasing the update”
    Me: Yeah, thanks for releasing the build, it’s great, I really do appreciate it, but HOW IN THE HOLY HELL DID YOU NOT NOTICE THAT THE MALE DELINQUENTS ARE FLOATING WIGS AND WEAPONS!?

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