Matchmaking Preview #6

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game. Today’s preview is about cute, lovey-dovey couples!

Here’s a screenshot of Kokona and a student who represents the boy she has developed feelings for. The boy, who just found a note in his locker beckoning him to the cherry tree behind the school, is catching his breath after running to the cherry tree at top speed. Kokona, whose heart is beating quickly, is mentally preparing herself for her imminent confession.

Here’s a screenshot of Kokona and her new boyfriend holding hands as they walk to school together.

Here’s a screenshot of Kokona and her new boyfriend cuddling together at lunchtime.

Uh-oh! I’m running out of content to take screenshots of! Fortunately, I doubt that I’ll have to delay the next build much longer. As of today, I have finally finished implementing the Matchmaking feature (although I am sure that I will add improvements in subsequent weeks) and I’m currently working on a video that covers everything you need to know about the latest elimination method. This is going to be a long video – over 10 minutes long, I think! Creating a video usually takes 1 hour per minute of footage – in other words, it’ll take me over 10 hours to create this video, so it definitely won’t be ready tonight. I hope that it’ll be ready within the next 27 hours. We are DEFINITELY less than 48 hours away from the next build, unless something totally unexpected pops up.

Once again, thank you very much for your patience while I’ve been preparing this build!

221 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #6

  1. I actually think that it’s Riku Soma “purple hair boy” because in one of YandereDev’s videos, He showed Riku and YandereDev showed that Riku likes kittens. And in yesterday’s preview image, The “mysterious boy” said ” It was quite a adorable creature. I wish I could get a second look of it.” And the only creature/pet is a kitten. It’s just a theory so don’t take this comment seriously.

  2. Makes you think luring Kokona under the cherry tree is a perfect opportunity for murder. Imagine the boys reaction when he sees a corpse instead.

  3. Hey Yandere Dev! I have a question. On the September 3rd build, I press ‘M’ in the debug menu and a mind slave doesn’t appear by the bush. It doesn’t appear at all, is there a new keyboard key for it or was i just never told that it hasn’t been fixed? Or is it just exclusive to me? Besides this question, I’m super excited for the new matchmaking update!! I’ve followed this game since the beginning and I’m so glad I did! Keep doing what you’re doing Yandere Dev! 😀

  4. The count down I watched my Survivor, now it’s like OMFG the updates always come when it’s midnight here…. EH who needs sleep…. I may or may not have school Tomorrow ehhh… Matchmaking is more important.. if I don’t fall asleep….

  5. Notice how Kokona’s outdoor shoes are the same color as her hair, and the guy’s wearing shoes with blue laces? I think it’s the blue-haired guy. Remember how she blushed by the blonde-haired blue-eyed guy? She likes blue eyes and this guy is wearing blue shoes, and shoes appear to match hair….I think it’s Ryusei Koki

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