Matchmaking Preview #5

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game. Today, I’ll announce that the next build of the game will feature three new Tasks!

“Tasks” are like sidequests that result in a student becoming your friend. Making friends is essential to the Matchmaking elimination method. Here are the three students who will offer new tasks in the next build of the game:

Wait – who’s that last student? Is he new? Nope, that’s a student who currently exists in the game…I’ve changed up his appearance to hide his identity, because part of the Matchmaking elimination method is figuring out exactly who you need to befriend in order to accomplish your goals, so I thought it would be more interesting to keep his identity a secret for now.

The Matchmaking elimination method is about 90% ready! I just need to add one or two minor things, test for bugs, make the video, and then I should be ready to upload the build! It’ll probably be ready within 48 hours! (I hope!)

184 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #5

    • Nope, that’s a student who currently exists in the game…he just changed his appearance to hide his identityso you could find out who it can be. Plus, this student’s appearance won’t be in the game

    • Probably for Pippi, we’d have to get her a new copy of the game through info-chan. And for the occult club guy, he was probably talking about the kitten so i imagine that you could like get him a picture of the cat or something 😛 idk

  1. So…he didn´t show his aspect in order to not spoil us who can be a possible match for i don´t know who (maybe kokona?). But, as soon as we talk to the guy by chance (there aren´t that many boys in the school) and we see that the option task is available…. ._. there´ll be no need of looking for him. Is there really a point? Oh well, whathever, maybe destiny will keep us away from him and then fun will rise above heavens.

  2. Wait a minute guys, what if we’re all looking at this backwards? He doesn’t have the choker that the Occult Club members wear, even from the side view of his neck you should be able to GLIMPSE at it. Maybe he’s one of the main 6 Rainbows!

  3. Just wondering, does anyone know around what time he usually updates? I figure I won’t be awake because if he updates at 10 p.m., for example, his updates are 1:00 a.m. here. I’m just kind of curious.

  4. 404 update not found. Try again later. Me: IM NOT GONNA WAIT! 404 update still not found. Me: Yanderedev……………. I loaf you devpai…… 🙇😨😰😥😤😃✋👊🐇🐃🍴🍙🍚🍛🍱 someone: y r u eating bento like I mean like you weaboo. Me: I just wanted to try it *falls on floor* Himeji made it 😨😰. Does anyone get may reference?

  5. I think Pippi x Ryuto won’t happen. Why? This is Yandere Sim. Yan-chan is probably gonna end up splitting them apart by befriending pippi and telling her to find some other crush then making ryuto to be the suitor of a rival.

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