Matchmaking Preview #5

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game. Today, I’ll announce that the next build of the game will feature three new Tasks!

“Tasks” are like sidequests that result in a student becoming your friend. Making friends is essential to the Matchmaking elimination method. Here are the three students who will offer new tasks in the next build of the game:

Wait – who’s that last student? Is he new? Nope, that’s a student who currently exists in the game…I’ve changed up his appearance to hide his identity, because part of the Matchmaking elimination method is figuring out exactly who you need to befriend in order to accomplish your goals, so I thought it would be more interesting to keep his identity a secret for now.

The Matchmaking elimination method is about 90% ready! I just need to add one or two minor things, test for bugs, make the video, and then I should be ready to upload the build! It’ll probably be ready within 48 hours! (I hope!)

184 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #5

  1. I’m really used to the current looks of the current students so I’m hoping that the last guy, even though I wish and hope he, and the other two unknown male students we have seen in the previous previews, are new, so will this guy, once we befriend him, lose that disguise and return to his true look?

  2. *Possible spoiler warning*
    I’m theorizing that the student whose identity is hidden in this picture is Riku Soma, as in YandereDev’s video about conversational topics, when he talks good things about cats, the student he was talking to was Riku Soma, the purple-haired boy. He is the male counterpart of Kokona Haruka so it makes sense that the two get matched together, as they have the same hair color so it’s more convenient for testing, as he can be easily identified. Unfortunaly, there also is some leaked matchmaking footage that could possibly help this theory, however, it isn’t clear enough to directly state that Riku is the suitor. However, this does confirm that Yanderedev has stalkers.

    • you do remember that this is ONE guy making an entire video game, right? let’s see you churn out something this complicated in two weeks.
      be patient dude, and appreciate the fact that this is something yandev has been spending every day for years working on; he’s not a robot. show a little gratitude and respect wouldya? yandev doesnt have to share the development of this game with anyone; updates like this, especially every TWO WEEKS are a privilege. dont forget that

      • He has a small team helping him its not just him Yandere sim wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have people supporting him and helping him.

  3. THAT LAST GUY BETTER BE DAKU! Maybe it’s Hayato since YandereDev described him as a cat lover? But then again, the last guy called the kitten (It’s the only creature that isn’t a human and it’s adorable) a creature. Either the guy will be Daku or there is another ‘creature’ being added to the game

    As for Pippi and Ryuto, I would hope that we could matchmake them by telling them that their crush did it for them. But Pippi isn’t a rival…
    ANYWAYS! I think that you’ll have to get a copy of Yanvania from Info-chan because your own copy crashes after the first boss. But then again, the disc was scratched, which possibly was also the case with Pippi. Now, this will be far fetched, but I think you’ll have to fix her disc by… (Drumroll please!)

    USING A BANANA! Yup, people said that it works. I doubt it will be in the game though.

    For Ryuto’s task, I think that the bandana juuuuuuust might be on a sakura tree. I dunno, it could just be on the ground. It would be interesting to see it in a tree.

  4. I have a feeling that there will be two couples that we can Matchmake, Pippa Osu and Ryuto Ippongo, and Kokona Haruka and someone else (that last boy wearing the disguise). I don’t know how Pippi’s task will work, but I’m guessing–and this is pure speculation– that Ryuto’s task will be like Saki Miyu’s, to find his lost bandanna. Furthermore, I reckon that the last boy’s task will be to find the kitten and take a picture of it and then show it to him.

    I can’t wait for this update! Keep up the good work YanDev!

  5. Anyone else look at Ryuto without a bandana, recall previous hints for this build, and think,
    “… wait. That Galo-kun fella has it!”
    BTW, if anyone has a better name for that character, speak now; otherwise, that’ll be what I stick with until YandereDev gives him a name.

  6. Galo kun stole Ryuto’s bandana!! xD
    I think that this build will add a lot of students like in november 2015 with the new school, the occult club and the mart.arts club. So much hype in the upcoming update!! 😀

  7. In the September Progress Video, when Yandere Dev was talk about the Conversational Topics, she shows two students who have her opinion of the kittens, the astudent that love kittens was Riku Soma, maybe he is the last student, I guess.

  8. I feel like the last guy is Budo Masuta disguised… (then again, I had that feeling with the previous preview’s tanned-blond guy, too. Masuta after he had a vacation in America and returned, looking like what Japanese think Americans look like)

  9. the yandere sim wikia says if possible then yandev will add a feture where you can matchmake npcs by making them your friends and other stuffs..and the last guy could be daku atsu

  10. I really do not think the last guy is an occult club member.
    If this new elimination method follows the same path that other ones have, I can only assume Kokona is gonna be one of the test dummies.
    And I REALLY doubt Kokona would be matched up with an occult club member, it kinda just..doesn’t fit. And going off the speech alone is a little naive considering you can’t even converse with most of the students outside of complimenting them, so we have no idea what their personalities or speech sounds like.
    But hey what do I know, stranger things have happened.

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