Matchmaking Preview #4

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game. I don’t want to give too many things away, so today, I’m going to be more vague than usual!

Here’s a screenshot containing some of the new content in the next build:

Who’s this dude? What is this new interaction menu that is visible on the right? How does this fit into the next update? It’s too early for me to go into detail…but feel free to speculate!

(If you happen to know what’s being depicted in the above image because of weird creepy stalkers taking screenshots of private, confidential stuff, please be polite, and don’t spoil it for others! Thanks for your consideration!)

216 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #4

    • And like I get it, its a shame that these things were leaked. I wouldn’t wish that on any dev, but it just seems a bit backwards to me that he streams his development then wonders where the leaks come from. Like, this is a big game. People want to share any development there is for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I think its best to not do development streams if he doesn’t want leaks.

    • Where does he stream development?? Do you mean posting it here? I wouldnt really count this as streaming, he’s just putting up pictures and updates. While he does tell us a lot, theres also a lot of work thats just between him and people who are working with him, and its very easy to get into someones email and read whats going on. I know he’s probably joking a bit, but i wouldn’t doubt someone would try to get into his email ,or someone he’s working with, and spread spoilers on the final game and ideas and such. Yandere Dev streams on Twitch, which wont allow him to stream that king of stuff in the first place, but also, just because he puts out a picture doesnt mean he should get blamed for spoilers…Scott who makes FNaF puts out lots of teasers, but of course he doesnt want spoilers leaked. No creator wants that, and its not his fault someone released info without him giving them the okay…

    • Atleast, i never got any message about a stream or heard about one. Im not too in the know, i just feel like he shouldnt be blame.d He’s not trying to complain or guilt trip anyone, he just asked people not to give spoilers and make others upset. Its like a TV show, ya know? the episodes out, but if someone hasnt seen it, of course the creators doesnt want people to spoil it for other yet until they see it too.

      My comments are long i apologize. Too many thoughts.

    • Owlbert, the dev streams with his friends on his public streamsite. He doesnt do much work on it of course, its mostly goofing off and chatting, but some people have recorded/screenshotted the times he does code for the game.
      I would agree with you, but he was the one who posted the “leaks” in the first place, so of course they got spread around. If he doesnt want anything to be leaked, then he needs to keep his coding private. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes, lol~

    • “…just because he puts out a picture doesn’t mean he should be blamed for leaks.” I’min tears this is literally the same as saying “just because yandev leaked his own stuff doesn’t mean he should be blamed for it :'((((” y’all will find anything to defend this man im choking

    • And he 100% is trying to guilt trip his fans and feed his ego, as usual. Like I said, leaks aren’t something I’d wish on any dev, but when the dev is the one putting it out then going “!!!!! What the heck where did these come from!!!! Looks like I’ll have to blame everyone else even though I know fully well where they came from ;))))” its really sketchy to me, especially since this man pretty much lives on guilt tripping iis fans for no reason at all.
      I know exactly who he’s talking about in regards to the ” you happen to know what’s being depicted in the above image because of weird creepy stalkers taking screenshots of private, confidential stuff…” And it absolutely isn’t who he thinks it is. He’s blaming them e its a group calling out his actions, and no screenshot is private. He acts like everything he says in a public chat room accessible to everyone is private and it pisses me off LMFAO like you’re nearly 30 years old dev this isn’t rocket science

    • He’s literally asked people not to leak his shit under any circumstance, whether or not that entails working on coding in front of fans or not. Anyone who wants something to remain a secret has a right to be upset when people go against their wishes; it’s like telling a best friend your plans and then watching as they tell everyone; stop acting high and mighty. You’re basically saying he can’t have fun and do his work at the same time with fans present without fearing that someone will try to ruin the process. People like you and fans who think leaking information is cool are the reason why developers usually refuse to be more open with their games. Honestly, guilt tripping wouldn’t even get through to these people. This is his game as much as it is ours, and he should be allowed to feel upset when someone goes against his wishes. This isn’t /about/ “protecting Yanderedev”: It’s about respecting the goddamn wishes of anyone who wants some things to remain private. Instead of running your mouth for your own attention, maybe consider how contentious and rude you are over something as trivial as someone!!! Wanting!!!! Their!!!!! Wishes!!!! Respected!!!!! Lmao bye fake ass with your victim shaming bullshit.

      • holy fshi t fam let’s………. tone it down a notch I even said myself I don’t condone or enjoy the leaks I’m hollering like I get it its a shitty thing that happened but a “guys don’t leak my stuff” isn’t enough to stop people yknow?? And its a sad reality but its true because peopkenare so thirsty for that kind of stuff so all I was aging was maybe stop streaming development so pls actually read my comment before going off because there’s like 8000000 things u gotnwrong in here ;^))))) 👋👋👋👋

  1. This blonde dude there really reminds me of Ronshaku. He looks like he gets everything he wants too. Ronshaku x Blonde Dude
    But anyway I’m so hyped, I can’t wit for this update!!

  2. I found this on the wiki
    On the scheme menu, the description is, “This scheme will end with your rival falling in love with another student”.

    In the future, Yandere-chan will have to stalk her current rival and find out who the suitor is. The player will then have to perform a task for the rival and the suitor, becoming their friends. After both become her friend, Yandere-chan will have to ask them to “Go Away” so they will go to the same place at the same time and have a bashful conversation.

    Once the conversation is over, on the task wheel, the option “Matchmake” will appear. If the player presses the “Matchmake” option, the suitor will confess that he has a crush on the rival and wants to do something nice for her.

    The next step is to steal an object from the rival and give it to the suitor via the “Matchmake” option. He will bring it to the rival. Yandere-chan then will have to use the “Matchmake” option with the rival. The rival will confess that she likes two different boys but she doesn’t know who to choose.

    Yandere-chan will then have to take a picture of Senpai speaking to another girl, and then show it to the rival, who will then become discouraged from speaking to Senpai. If the player “Matchmakes” to the suitor, he will then say how he doesn’t know how to make a love confession. If the player’s Psychology or Seduction stats are high enough, Yandere-chan can give him advice of how to make a confession to the rival. After all the steps, the suitor will confess to the rival and she will be peacefully eliminated.

  3. Yandere Dev ! eu descobri uma pequena coisa , bem fica em cima das Portas ou entradas e saídas sera que e isso que você queria que alguém descobri-se , bom e minha duvida ou comentário e sobre este garoto talvez este e o senpai e sera que vai ter novos Assuntos pra falar para os alunos ?

  4. from what i remember, from the high school game he played. yan dev saw a dude with sunglasses, jewelry, and a crazy haircut. dev called him “the coolest in the school”, so maybe he is popular and has information or something like that… just a thought.

  5. I think that one of them is to threaten him, and the other to seduce him (from reading manga and raising the level) because the pose suggests so… I don’t really know tho.

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