Matchmaking Preview #4

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game. I don’t want to give too many things away, so today, I’m going to be more vague than usual!

Here’s a screenshot containing some of the new content in the next build:

Who’s this dude? What is this new interaction menu that is visible on the right? How does this fit into the next update? It’s too early for me to go into detail…but feel free to speculate!

(If you happen to know what’s being depicted in the above image because of weird creepy stalkers taking screenshots of private, confidential stuff, please be polite, and don’t spoil it for others! Thanks for your consideration!)

216 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #4

  1. dev yandere I think Ayano yandere or kill criminals but as we can with the teachers but that nesesitas studying karate and physical education but we will become very difficult and wet and girls Deveria to other wings and burn XD.
    Dev Yandere goodbye segire you in developing Yandere Simulator
    ( Paresce Midory Gurin )
    indeed have q we can kill the cat !!

  2. if this really is going to be who Musume will be ‘partnered’ with than it would be very obvious. I really hope YandereDev doesn’t actually make it this obvious. Yan-chan also won’t be able to partner people together who aren’t rivals, so it’s very unlikely.

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