One Million Subs Video + Matchmaking Preview #3

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game…

…but, before that, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge a milestone that we hit recently – the Yandere Simulator YouTube channel has now reached one million subscribers!

I would have loved to make a much more elaborate video than this, but I’m sure that you’d rather see me use my time to develop the game instead of creating videos, so I decided to keep it short and simple.

I need to give a huge thank you to Only Wednesday Music, who produced the awesome orchestrated music that you can hear in this video! What a guy!

I’m very happy that there are so many people who enjoy the work that I am doing! I know it’s a bit cliche for me to say this, but now is the most appropriate time to say it: Thank you all so much for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

Okay! Now, with that out of the way, here’s tonight’s preview:

Info-chan has a new item available for sale! For the low, low price of just one panty shot, you can purchase a wireless headset and a wireless earpiece. But…why would you want to have something like that? What purpose could it possibly serve? It’s a secret! I’ve blurred out the item’s description…I wonder if anyone will figure out what it says?

Here’s a screenshot of Yandere-chan wearing the headset, spying on someone from behind a tree. Who could she be spying on? What is she going to use that headset for? Hopefully you’ll only have to wait a couple more days to find out!

176 thoughts on “One Million Subs Video + Matchmaking Preview #3

  1. The text is still readable. “A headset and an earpiece. You can give the earpiece to a ____ and give them advice while they talk to their crush.” Not sure what the ____ part is. Its a bit too blurry.

  2. Finally Translated it (keep in mind i might of not translated everything 100% correctly): A headset and a earpiece. You can give the earpiece to a *Something i cant figure out Possibly a person?* and give them advice while they talk to their work.

  3. I think I know what the headset is for! And if I’m right, that souns like a fun way to interfere with other people’s love lives, YandereDev. Congrats on 1 million subscribers. I hope as development goes on, the fanbase continues to grow, until you have enough people willing to buy the final product that it’s a huge success.

  4. The blurred part says: “A headset and an earphone. You can give the earphone to a suitor and give them advice while they talk to their crush.” In the pic, Yandere Chan is watching a student talk to their crush, and she’s giving him/her advice on the headset.

  5. “A headset and an earpiece. You can give the earpiece to a and give them while they talk to their crush.”

    Idk what that word says but i’m sure it’s give it to a rival or whatnot, just staring at it for about fifteen seconds I realized I was sorta able to make out what some of the words were. MIND YOU- I can be totally wrong. x’D But considering what the updates about I bet Yan-Chan is watching a convo from behind the tree and giving (advice?) to the rival on what to say to their crush to pick up on them.
    Totally a guess, so sorry if i’m wrong but please don’t go yelling at me i’m wrong, i’m well aware I could be. xD

    P.S. I’ve been following the “games” development for about a year now and didn’t even realize it’s been that long till yesterday. xD Congrats on gaining 1 million subscribers, i’m quite excited to see who the rivals will be so it can finally properly be called a game. ;3;

    • I’m all for equal representation but having a dude kidnapping girls, taking their panty shots, and stalking them is just not going to work in this society. Like as long as we live in an unequal society the only way we could have a male yandere is if senpai and all the rivals were also male. I wouldn’t be surprised if the media had a backlash against yansim if you could play it with male on female violence.

  6. I bet the suitor gets a earpiece, and you talk to him through it, opening up a Dating Sim like mini-game where you have to pick the correct phrase from several options to further their relationship with your current rival. It will probably be done under a cherry tree, but under a new cherry tree, surrounded by red flowers, as shown in the preview.

  7. So I looked closely and was able see what the description said. It reads “A headset and an earpiece. You can give the earpiece to a student and give them advice while they talk to their crush.”

  8. It seems to say “A headset and an earpiece. You can give the earpiece to a rival and give them advice while they speak to their crush.” Based on this, I think Yandere-Chan is spying on two people and giving one of them advice so that they can either not get together or get together. I think it may be the choice of the player, or it may automatically get the couple together. I can’t wait for this method to be implemented!

  9. Wow, i can read it! It says “A headset and an earpiece. You can give the earpiect to a suitor and give them advice while they talk to their crush” Thats going to be so cool! I am going to love to make oka ruto and kokona get together! I ship them both!!!!

  10. omg! I GOT IT! “A headset and an earpiece. You can give the earpiece to a rival and give advice while they talk to their crush.”
    this is actually a common theme in tv shows. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody used this once as well as Drake and Josh and movie-wise I recall A Cinderella Story 3: Once Upon a Song using this technique. I like the familiar feel but I hope it can serve another purpose in the game. Perhaps something a little bit more…devious…heh heh heh…
    One idea would be to level up a stat that would cover being able to amplify the sensitivity of the microphone on the headset so that you could listen in on the ear piece after planting the mic where you can hear interesting intel to gain knowledge that could benefit you by taking down a rival without having to hide in the room to eavesdrop.

    ‘but where would you have to do something stupid like that?’

    There is quite a multitude of ways to implement this technology to reach your Yandere ENDGAME and I would like to see how this could be explored further as Yandere Dev is really imaginative with the methods of rival disposal and could yet surprise…again…*sigh* you think I’d learn how “creative” *cough, cough* devious *cough, cough* The Creator can be by now X#3

  11. Maybe the headphones are used for the matchmaking method, once you get the person your helping to fall in love with the other person you use the headphones to help communicate with the person while they are talking to the other person.

  12. I figured it out what it says. Hint, it’s something to do with Yandere-chan. xD If ya want to know just read it, carefully. it’s just a bunch of letters being dragged (emphasis on dragged) out. It took me a minute or two to figure it out. not that hard actually. Set some harder challenges Yandere Dev, I think that challenge was WAY too easy. 😛

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