Matchmaking Preview #1

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game. Tonight’s preview is…this!

Speaking to a student and asking them to tell you all of their likes / dislikes / interests / opinions doesn’t seem like very fun gameplay, and stalking students can be a slow and tedious process, so I’ve come up with a different way for players to learn more about the students of Akademi High. After you befriend a student, you can ask them to walk around school with you. By walking past certain places (like the Occult Club) or things (like the kitten) you will hear them voice their opinion on whatever you’ve just walked past. This should be a much more fun way of filling out the Topic grid.

If you befriend your rival and then walk past a student, your rival may look directly at that student, blush, and emit hearts. If she does this, it means that there is something about that student that she finds attractive. In the above screenshot, you can see Kokona expressing attraction towards a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Does that mean she’s attracted to blondes? Or, is she attracted to blue eyes? To find out, you should bring her near another boy who has blonde hair, but does not have blue eyes. If she blushes at him, it means she’s attracted to blondes. But if she doesn’t blush, then maybe she’s attracted to blue eyes. However, if she doesn’t blush around blondes and doesn’t blush around blue-eyed boys, either, then she must be attracted to something else about the blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy she was blushing at!

Hopefully, this “cross-referencing which students she’s attracted to” process will be a fun way to deduce what your rival finds attractive, which is a key part of eliminating her via matchmaking.

I’ll be back with another preview tomorrow night! Thanks for reading!

213 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #1

  1. Quick question—in the “Final Version,” will a given student always have the same preferences or will their preferences be randomized between games? (E.g, if in one game you discover that Kokona likes blondes, will you be able to use this information in the next game you play, or will you need to figure out her preferences again?)

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